No yaoi or harems will occur in the story. Inspired by Advent of Shadow's 'Betrayal' and permission was asked to use some of their story in this one.
Summary: Betrayed by his village after the failed mission to retrieve Sasuke, Naruto sets out to find a new home, and a new life, for himself. Watch as he shakes the very shinobi world to its core with two of his fellow Jinchuriki and former enemy.
Pairings: Naruto/Fu and Gaara/Tayuya.

Chapter 1: The Suggestion

October 3rd, a week after the failed, 'Sasuke Retrieval' mission had happened. It was also nearly a week before the thirteenth anniversary of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's attack on the Hidden Leaf Village and one would find Tsunade Senju sitting in her office with a worried expression upon her face.

Tsunade was the single greatest medical ninja in history, one of the only three students ever taken on by the man known as 'The Professor' and the 'God of Shinobi', the only female among the Hidden Leaf's Sannin, and Hokage. She had earned several nicknames and titles over the years as well, including 'Princess Tsunade', the 'Slug Princess', the 'Slug Sannin', the 'Legendary Sucker', and most recently, the Godaime Hokage.

All in all, no one could claim that she lacked intelligence, skill, or incredibly lousy luck. In spite of the first two, and possibly as a result of last one, she was at wits end in regards to the most recent turn of events.

Sitting in front of her on the desk before her was a message from her "advisors." She mentally scoffed at the notion of her late sensei's old teammates. They did not so much advise her as tell her what she needed to do. They thought that because they were nearly two decades older than her and had served as advisors in the last two of the Great Shinobi Wars that they knew better than she.

She wanted to dismiss the message before her… but she could not do so. The message was mainly in response of the recently failed mission to bring Sasuke Uchiha, who recently went rouge, back to the village before he could leave the Land of Fire to join Orochimaru in the Land of Rice.

'At least they aren't trying to blame the team for the failure of the mission.' Tsunade thought as she shook her head. The prospect of the team failing had been a rather high probability from the start. The mission had been lead by Shikamaru Nara, a recently promoted chunin, and he had only had a total of four Genin ranked subordinates for the mission. There were only three possible scenarios that Tsunade had foreseen for the nature of the mission.

The first was that Sasuke Uchiha had been kidnapped and the retrieval team would have had to fight those that kidnapped him. That was the most unlikely possibility though. Sakura Haruno had been knocked unconscious by the Uchiha on his way from the village, after all.

The second was that Sasuke Uchiha had left of his own free will and was headed to join Orochimaru alone. That was the second most unlikely possibility though. How would Sasuke even have known where to go to join Orochimaru? Not even Jiraiya knew where their former teammate was holed up at that moment.

The third was that Sasuke Uchiha had left of his free will and was headed to join Orochimaru with an escort of the Snake Sannin's subordinates. That was the most likely option. It had made perfect sense, after all. That was what had ended up happening too.

By the descriptions that Shikamaru had given her in his mission report, Tsunade had learned that the escorts that Orochimaru had sent to bring Sasuke back were the same shinobi that erected the barrier that prevented ANBU from aiding the Third Hokage in his fight with Orochimaru during the invasion.

The thought of four mere Genin and a single chunin fighting Orochimaru's body guards made her sigh again. That had not been expected at all.

The fact that all four of the escorts, along with the reinforcement that had ended up showing up, were dead was even more surprising. That was not nearly as surprising as the fact that the entire retrieval team had survived, along with the unofficial reinforcement that had come on his free will and the sand siblings who went after them.

Tsunade knew that the main reason that the entire team came back alive was actually a result of her own doing. She had asked the Hidden Sand Village to send reinforcements, which they had done without question. It was the least that they could do after Tsunade had let them off without major reparations for breaking the alliance between the two villages and invading the Hidden Leaf Village.

Still… she wished that she had been able to send a jonin with them at the very least. Her thoughts went back to Naruto Uzumaki at that point.

Naruto had been able to come face to face with his teammate, and they had fought at the Valley of the End. Naruto had fought to bring his friend back, and Sasuke had fought to get away so he could obtain power.

She shivered as she thought back to the report that Naruto had given her. Apparently, he had used enough of the fox's chakra for it to become visible, while Sasuke had used the second stage of the Curse Mark, just as his escorts had used in their fights against the other members of the retrieval team.

The thought of Naruto under the fox's influence fighting Sasuke under the Curse Mark's influence actually made Tsunade a bit nervous. She did not even want to imagine a fight between two shinobi using such foul chakra.

There were other details that worried her too. The main one was that his 'best friend' had used the Chidori, a high level assassination jutsu, on him.

'And that ties into this, it seems.' Tsunade thought, looking down at the message once again. She mentally cursed at the fact that the advisors had access to the mission reports. The message was quite simple. The advisors were suggesting that the entire retrieval team be given mental evaluations to ensure that they were all stable and fit for the life and duty of a shinobi.

Tsunade knew the truth though. The advisors were not concerned about the mental stability of Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi, Kiba Inuzuka, Neji Hyuga, or even Rock Lee. They wanted to see if the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox was mentally stable.

'And with mental stability called into question, I'm going to have to order the evaluations to be done.' She knew that they would be able to force the issue if she did not order the evaluations to be done. With the support of the clan heads and the Jonin Commander, the advisors would be able to overturn the Hokage's vote. 'Grandfather wanted to make sure that the Hokage could not actually become all powerful. Grandma said that he feared that someone would one day become Hokage that did not believe in the Will of Fire, after all.' Tsunade thought with a heavy sigh.

She knew that the advisors would gain the support of all of the clan heads and the Jonin Commander if she refused to order the mental evaluations. It was a logical thing to do, after all. Despite the fact that it was, indeed, a logical response to the mission, Tsunade had a feeling that it would go very badly for Naruto.

'I guess the only thing I can do is hope.' Tsunade thought sadly as she removed six pieces of paper from her desk drawer and began to write notes to each member of the retrieval team. She included one to Lee due to the fact that he had ended up aiding in the mission, despite the fact that he had not even been cleared for duty.

Once she wrote all six of those notes, she withdrew two more pieces of paper from the desk drawer. She proceeded to write one note to Inoichi Yamanaka and one to the advisors. Upon finishing those final two notes, she put each of the combined eight notes in envelopes and addressed them. She then made a hand gesture, which caused two members of the ANBU Black Ops to appear before her.

"Neko, I need you to take these six messages to their intended recipients." Tsunade said, handing the notes that were addressed to the retrieval team to the purple haired kunoichi. Once they were taken by the aforementioned ANBU, Tsunade handed the final two to the brown haired male. "Take the one addressed to the Yamanaka clan head straight to him. I want the note to the advisors left in their joint office downstairs."

With that, Neko and Tenzo disappeared, leaving Tsunade alone in her office again.

"And now, we wait." Tsunade said with one final sigh of the night. In twelve hours, the mental evaluations would begin. A thought crossed her mind at that point, causing her to smile briefly in amusement. Naruto would be very annoyed as soon as Neko gave him the note. He had just gotten out of the hospital, and it seemed that he would have to return the next day to have a session with Inoichi. Oh yes, she would be incredibly annoyed as a result of that.

-Naruto's Apartment-

Naruto was barely released from the Hospital just earlier today and was now enjoying his favorite past time, eating Ramen. Despite getting egg on by Sakura about him losing Sasuke to Orochimaru, Naruto was proud of himself for matching up to Sasuke's ability to the bitter end. As Naruto was about to indulge on the noodles a knock on his door stopped him; looking at his bowl of ramen to the door, Naruto thought of what should come first.

The knocks on his door became more aggressive, causing Naruto to look hesitantly at the entrance to his home. Naruto got up and reached for his Kunai/Shuriken pouch and took out a blade that he hid in his sleeve. Answering the door, Naruto just barely missed the boot to the face that was intended for the door. Naruto stumbled back and quickly threw the kunai at his would-be attacker, only for it to clash with a Katana that was swung at the same time.

While that happened Naruto covered his eyes and waited for something to happen; he was defenseless and sitting on his ass so whoever was at his door was bound to take advantage. When nothing happened, Naruto looked up to see an ANBU standing at his doorway with their hand out. Naruto saw that it was the Neko-ANBU who had purple hair.

"Sorry about that Uzumaki-san." Naruto grabbed the ANBU's hand and stood up. Before he could ask why they were there, he was handed the message that Tsunade wrote for him earlier. Giving it a questionable quick look over, Naruto looked at the ANBU to see no one standing there. Looking at the note Naruto raised an eyebrow at it.

Naruto Uzumaki,

You are in need of a mental evaluation from the Yamanaka clan. As my advisors have looked over the reports from you previous mission, they have suggested that I give everyone an evaluation, I trust that you will arrive at the Hospital for you evaluation tomorrow.

In short, I am ordering mental evaluations to be done on the team that went to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha. The evaluations will be to determine if the members of the team are mentally stable and fit for the duties and responsibilities of a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village. I'm sure you can guess why I need these evaluations done, seeing as you and your friends took part in the mission.

The other shinobi that need an evaluated are Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi, Kiba Inuzuka, Neji Hyuga, and Rock Lee.

If you have any questions, contact me tomorrow morning. Oh, and I already sent messages to the others to tell them about the evaluations. They will be at the hospital at eight in the morning.

Thank you for your time,
Tsunade Senju, Godaime Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village

Naruto looked over the note again and let out a sight as he ate his ramen; this was not something that he expected to happen. Seeing as he had no choice but to follow Tsunade's orders, Naruto finished up his meal and got ready for bed.

-Yamanaka Flower Shop-

"Do you have a message for me?" Inoichi Yamanaka asked, glancing at the doorway of his study the instant a new chakra signature appeared. He was one of the best sensors in the village, so it was incredibly unlikely that anyone would be able to sneak up on him; unless he was distracted, of course.

"Lady Hokage asked me to present this to you." Tenzo said as he approached the Yamanaka clan head with the note.

Inoichi's study was exactly as one would imagine a study to look. The walls were lined with bookshelves, and the only actual furniture in the room consisted of a comfortable chair and a desk. It was brightly lit too, which one would expect from the owner of the most successful flower shop in the village. While Tenzo took note of his surroundings, Inoichi seemed to have something on his mind.

'That's strange. Why would Lady Hokage send me a message so late at night? I never leave the village to go on missions, and if I was needed for an important interrogation, then the note would be from Ibiki.' Inoichi thought.

Breaking away from his thoughts, Inoichi took the note and began to remove it from the envelope. By the time the note was out of the envelope and unfolded, Tenzo had already left the estate. Inoichi did not notice though. He had already begun to read the note.

Inoichi Yamanaka,

I am in need of assistance from the Yamanaka clan. As the head of your clan, I trust that you can provide the assistance that I need.

In short, I am ordering mental evaluations to be done on the team that went to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha. The evaluations will be to determine if the members of the team are mentally stable and fit for the duties and responsibilities of a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village. I'm sure you can guess why I need these evaluations done, seeing as your best friends' sons took part in the mission.

The shinobi that I need evaluated are Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi, Kiba Inuzuka, Neji Hyuga, Rock Lee, and Naruto Uzumaki. You may use any means necessary to evaluate them. I understand that it is much quicker to use your mind jutsu to evaluate one of your patients

If at all possible, I would like you to be the one that evaluates Naruto Uzumaki's mental stability. I have two reasons for this request. The first is because I trust you more than any other Yamanaka. The second is because Naruto needs to be handled very carefully. I'm sure that you can imagine why.

For the others, you are free to delegate the tasks of the evaluations as you see fit. Keep in mind that Choji Akimichi and Neji Hyuga have yet to be released from the hospital. They are close enough to being released that the evaluations may be done without worry though.

Now, I leave the rest up to you. If you have any questions, contact me tomorrow morning. Oh, and I already sent messages to them to tell them about the evaluations. They will be at the hospital at eight in the morning.

Thank you for your time,
Tsunade Senju, Godaime Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village

Inoichi took a deep breath as he finished reading the note. It was not exactly what he was expecting, but it was perfectly doable. He immediately went to the task of finding the shinobi to perform the evaluations.

He had already decided that he would only have two helpers in the task. He was certain that Shikamaru and Choji were mentally stable, so he would have one of his subordinates do a standard mental evaluation on them. He would have the same person evaluate Neji due to the fact that the young Hyuga prodigy had recently undergone thorough mental evaluations from his cousin, Santa Yamanaka.

'Speaking of Santa… I'll have him evaluate Kiba Inuzuka and Rock Lee. I don't even want to see what's inside the mind of Might Guy's favorite student. That would give me nightmares for a few months at the very least.' Inoichi thought.

He was exaggerating in his thoughts about the nightmares, in all actuality. He was perfectly capable of sealing away any of his memories that were too frightening. He actually forgot who Guy was as a result of that, but that had been back when he had first met the green spandex wearing shinobi.

Inoichi rose from his chair at that point and headed to the basement of his home. It seemed prudent that he look over the files of each of the young shinobi. Well, he thought it was prudent that he looked over the files of the ones that had actually undergone mental evaluations before.

-Root Headquarters-

It would not be learned until much, much later that on that fateful night, Tsunade and Inoichi had not been anywhere nearly as alone or unwatched as they had believed. It was actually relatively amazing what an elder shinobi could do with a crystal ball, after all.

A ghost of a smile appeared on the face of a man that had not truly smiled since his youth as he deactivated the crystal ball.

'It looks like they are playing right into my hands. Tsunade should really learn to keep an eye on all of the players, not just the ones that are being obvious. She was never much of a politician, or she would have known that.' Danzo thought from his base underneath the Hidden Leaf Village. Oh yes, he was indeed a player on the board. Being the true shinobi that he was, few people would ever know that he even struck. 'This is going to be almost too easy...'

-Naruto's Apartment-

Naruto was currently laying in his bed and looking out his bedroom window and watched the stars that were in the sky. For some reason he got a feeling that tomorrow was going to be a turning point in his life. What made him restless was the fact that it wasn't going to be something that he was going to enjoy. Staring at sky Naruto closed his eyes and wondered what waited for him in the future.

-Konoha Hotel-

Gaara was currently on the balcony of the Hotel room that he and his siblings were offered when they brought some of the other from the Sasuke Retrieval Team back to Konoha. As soon at Naruto came back, Gaara was going to leave Konoha so he could start his duties as the new Kazekage of Suna. Upon seeing Naruto though, he reconsidered staying so he could catch up with his 'brother' about what had happened during the mission. It's been a week and tomorrow would also be the day that he would go meet with Tsunade and talk about a new alliance for them.

Looking at the Stars like he used to do when he was younger and still a psychotic, killing, person; Gaara wondered if tomorrow was going to be interesting, not only for him, but for everyone else as well.


In the area of trees one could see a certain swearing a red head leaning against a tree that wasn't cut down and fallen on top of her. Looking around her surroundings, she was glad that she was taught how to start siphoning her chakra through-out her body to keep it operational for at least two weeks. Rubbing a hand over the back of her neck and feeling it as smooth as the rest of her body, she let out a sigh as she stared at the night sky, wondering if something would happen to her tomorrow or in the next few days.


A certain Mint-haired girl was currently looking out her window at the stars. To the village that she resided in…she was seen as a monster, a freak of nature, someone that would forever be alone in the world. At night she could e whatever she wanted to be, but during the day she was nothing more than a pest and monster to everyone. Before she went to bed, she looked at the stars…her only friend that would be there for her when she was feeling sad. As she closed her eyes, she wondered if something would happen that could get her away from this village.

None of them knew that what they sought would be something that would alter their live for better…or for worse. Only tomorrow and the coming days would tell for them for sure.

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