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Warning: This isn't for the light hearted!

"Natsuuuuuuu," whined the blue exceed as he flapped around Natsu's head, his feathery white wings pushing against the air to keep him in flight. His eyes held concern for his partner and in the end he gently rested himself onto the table to stare at the dragon slayer.

"Natsu?" Happy inquired, tilting his head gently to the side as he further inspected the pink haired boy. Natsu completely ignored him, his eyes trained to the mahogany table; it wasn't until a certain mage walked thought he guild doors that he looked up.

Abandoning his partner, Happy madly flapped his wings, ambushing the blonde in the chest, his head buried in her cleavage. The celestial mage smiled gently and ran her fingers through his blue fur as she approached Natsu. Happy briefly warned her that he was off…but she ignored it and approached him anyways.

"Hey Natsu," she said with a bright smile as she sat across from him. His eyes, which were usually happy, were now cold..dark…but lit with intrigue, not a friend interest but a predator. Lucy slowly placed Happy down, recalling Happy's previous statement about the pink haired mage being…not himself. That was an understatement. She shifted gently to lean onto the table, her elbows supported her small frame while she unconsciously pressed her breasts into the table's surface. "Natsu?" she inquired and her worried voice had now caught some of their other teammates.

Natsu remained perfectly quiet…his eyes were wide open and still had that predator gleam. "Hey, flames for brains," the ice mage called out as he sunk down beside Lucy…although he didn't want to show it, he was slightly concerned. Finally the fire mage spoke, "nothing," he said with a devious grin…his teeth flashing, exposing his dragon fangs as he eyed Lucy. The look caused shivers to cascade down her back…but she couldn't look away, it was if she was in a trans.

Natsu POV

I had woken up this morning in a cold sweat…however I wasn't weak, actually it was quite the opposite. I felt an overwhelming sense of power…and my senses had heightened, more like quadrupled.

The smell of the forest was overbearing…and I could hear the distinct trickle of water from the faucet in the kitchen…followed by the melodic rushing of a stream about 5 kms away. Not in my 17 years of living had I experienced such a sensation. I moved from the bed and onto the floor, I felt each muscle work…but also my own blood rush through my body as it prepared for transition from sleeping to awake mode.

I closed by eyes and I heard breathing…soft breathing and what was interesting was…it didn't make me feel warm and goofy…it made me feel hungry. My black eyes looked to the creature and I licked my lips…if I hadn't removed myself from the situation…that cat might be in my stomach…and not sitting across from me. Which was another odd feeling…I no longer had this longing attachment to my nakama. Friends I would have fought tooth and nail for…and tried to brighten their day when they looked gloomy…now their despondent faces did nothing to me.

Not a single emotion was emoted. Well that's a lie…the woman who sat across from me looked fantastic. I had never considered her before…but her scent…was amazing and I could tell she reacted to my smirks…as the scent of want wafted from between her legs. I took note on how she pressed them together…in an attempt to ease the frustration. Oh he could ease that. When the ice dork showed up, I finally gave them an answer…nothing was my cool response. I could hear each of their heartbeats…and the sound of their blood rushing through their arteries…I am not sure what had happened, but it was if I was a dragon.