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Emily's eyes flutter open as she feels soft kisses pepper her jaw line. She looks down at a smiling JJ and meets her lips in a slow, gentle kiss. When they break apart they both smile.

"Good morning." JJ whispers softly.

Emily grins "That definitely made my morning good."

"We need to change your bandage so how about you take a shower and I'll change it afterwards." JJ says and gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom.

Emily stares at the ceiling and sighs. She really did not want to get up but it had been a while since she had a real shower. Finally she concedes and rolls out of bed and heads to the bathroom. Once inside she sees that JJ had laid out towel, soap, and clothes for her to change into. Emily turns on the water and steps in the shower, moaning in pleasure, the hot water felt so good. Her mind began to wander, she would have never thought that she would wake up with Jennifer Jareau in bed next to her and it was something that she could definitely get used to. She was still somewhat shocked at what happened yesterday and she couldn't help but question if the blonde's feelings were as strong as hers.

10 minutes later, Emily emerges from the shower, dries off and gets dressed. She heads back into the bedroom and sees JJ sitting on the bed. She smiles at her.

JJ pats the bed "Get up here so I can bandage you up."

Emily salutes her "Yes ma'am." JJ rolls her eyes and Emily climbs onto the bed and lays down on her back.

JJ gently lifts up her shirt and removes the bandage, she can't help but gasp at the bright red gas across Emily's stomach. She gently runs her fingers along it.

Emily takes her hand and squeezes it "I'm fine, Jennifer and it doesn't even hurt that bad anymore."

JJ smiles at her and places a soft kiss right above the wound. "You are the only one that calls me Jennifer." Emily blushes "I'm sorry"

JJ silences her with a kiss "I like it when you call me Jennifer." she says with a smile.

She places the bandage over the wound. "There all done."

Emily visibly relaxes and JJ lays down next to her. Emily tilts her head forward and gives her a kiss "Thank you." she says quietly.

JJ runs her fingers down her abdomen "No need to thank me. It was my pleasure."

JJ's fingers stop on a small cursive tattoo on Emily's hip. "What does this say."

Emily sighs "sempre forte, it's Italian for forever strong."

She had gotten the tattoo after she took down Ian Doyle, but no one knew about that, except for those who she had worked with at the time, maybe she would tell JJ, someday, but not today.

"Well it definitely suits you."

Emily was about to respond, but her stomach growls. JJ chuckles "I guess we better get some food in you."

Emily starts to get up "Where do you think you are going?" JJ asks.

Emily rolls her eyes "I'm not an invalid, Jennifer."

"I know that Emily but bed rest remember."

"What if I promise not to do jumping jacks and cartwheels if you let me come downstairs?"

"Fine, but don't think that you will do anything besides sit down."

Emily shrugs "Sure, whatever." Emily holds out her hand and JJ helps her up. JJ turns to walk away, but Emily grabs her arm and pulls her into a hug.

When Emily releases her JJ gives her a curious look "What was that for."

"Nothing I just like hugging you."

JJ grins "I like hugging you too, let's go get you fed."

JJ and Emily head downstairs, and Emily turns to go towards the kitchen but JJ cuts her off "I don't think so, you sit there." she says pointing the bar stools at the island. Emily sighs but doesn't argue.

JJ smiles "Good girl, you might get a treat now."

JJ grabs eggs and bacon out the fridge and puts on some coffee. She turns to Emily whose head is down on the counter.

"Hey Em, how is your pain today?"

Emily lifts up her head and smile "I feel fine, I don't think I need a pain pill or anything."

JJ raises an eyebrow "If you say so, but we'll see how you feel later."

Emily just shrugs "So what are we going to do today."

JJ smiles "We are going to relax and not do anything."

Emily sighs "Oh that sounds so fun." she says sarcastically.

JJ gives her a stern look "You should be grateful that I'm not locking you up in that room and strapping you to the bed."

Emily chuckles "You wouldn't."

JJ raises an eyebrow.

Emily stops laughing "You would."

JJ just grins and turns back to the stove.

JJ grabs some plates and puts the food onto them. She sets one down in front of Emily and one down for herself. "Water or juice."

"What about coffee?"

"Do you really want caffeine, you are already having trouble sleeping."

Emily rolls her eyes "Right how could I possibly forget."

JJ sits down and stares at Emily.

"What?" Emily asks.

JJ shakes her head "Nothing, you are just one of a kind."

"Umm, thanks I guess."

JJ winks "Who said that's a complement." Emily just laughs and goes back to eating.

Emily and JJ have a light conversation until they finish eating. Emily gets up and grabs their plates.

"What are you doing?"

"I am going to clean up, you cooked so it's only fair." JJ starts to argue but Emily cuts her off "A little hot water and soap won't kill me Jennifer."

JJ sighs "Okay but after this we are going to sit down."

Emily rolls her eyes "Really, cause I was planning to go out and run the Boston Marathon."

JJ just shakes her head and gets up to watch T.V. while she waits for Emily.

A few minutes later Emily comes and sits down next to JJ, she kiss her cheek and snuggles into her side. JJ smiles down at her and wraps her arm around her.