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Dear Lady Selena,

By the time you get this letter, I would already be dead. Some of my secrets are spread out among people I trust and those who should know the truth of what I know and what is being kept from them. There is so much that you don't know about the people around you and your past. I m so sorry that you have to live like that. Please I beg you to keep this part away from Daithe and Lucius, but I believe that Iris had something to do with Alexandra's death. I don't know exactly how because I got sick after the conversation I overheard. I will tell you about that when I write the next letter.

So I went digging around for information with a little help from an unexpected source; however, I will explain that a little later. I found out about one of the biggest secrets was Maxwell my son, for he is not Daithe's son, but Iris' true son. I don't know how she did it but the next thing I knew I was pregnant with twins and horribly sick. Archimedes was the one who figured out why I was so sick and how it came about. When the twins were born, the truth came out and if it wasn't for Archimedes, Daithe would have believed the lie that she spun. Archimedes had to make it seem that everything was going as she planned. He had make that I couldn't carry the children to full turn. After that I can't remember what happen. The next thing I knew that Daithe knew the truth regarding the children and he played like he didn't expect anything.

When the twins was about to be born, Iris came to the castle; however, was stopped by Daithe himself. He was so angry for her betrayal. He banned her from his castle. From what it was told that he will let her know when the children will be born; however, the twins came early. After the boys were born into their realm that is when she found out that they were boys. She did not claim Max because he is not a girl. She denounce Maxwell as her son and Daithe blood adopted Maxwell; however, as you figured that is why Max is not Veela but dark elven like you. However, do not worry you are no relationship to him I don't think. But I do believe Iris was adopted by your great grandmother Zahra. I mean is that she is not the true queen of the dark elven realm. Only blood relation and a daughter of the true bloodline can rule over the Elven realm.

You probably wonder why the only thing you can remember is the time at Hogwarts and nothing before that. All I can say is she had your mind erased, I don't really know why but I did some digging. After the situation with Lucius, I began to remember who you were before you came to Hogwarts. I remember you played with Kieran and the other dragons when I stayed in your realm and that includes Lucius and Maxwell. What I can tell you is that your parents were part wizard. I remember an image of your mother due to you looking just like her. Your mother was ½ wizard and ½ dark elven. Your father was ½ veela and ½ wizard and both of them went to Hogwarts. I didn't think nothing about it until I saw you get closer to Lucius when you Iris sent you to Hogwarts. That's when I knew I needed to dig a little deeper. So when you got sick I withdrew some blood from you. I put your blood on the bloodline chart and this what it showed:

Great Grandparents: Zahra Georgina Evans ( D aughter of Greogric Gryiffindor ) and Seithos Salazar Black - ( S on of Salazar Slytherin ) .

Grandparents: Evans/ Potters- (Wizards) Jacquelyn Natasha Evans -Black and Julius Maxwell Potter

Parents: Alexandra Evan-Potter (Elven-wizard) and Octavius Snape (Wizard -Veela s )

Daughter: Selena Alexandra Potter-Snape (Dark elven, wizard, and Veela) also the descendants of Salazar Slytherin and Gregoric Gryiffindor) Salazar Slytherin is an Veela and Gregoric Gryiffindor is an dark elven-wizard.

Cousin/ Blood Brother: Severus Tobias Snape (Dark wizard and Veela) who is also the descendant of Salazar Slytherin. He is the son of :

General Archimedes of the Veela Dragons and the nephew of King Daithe.

I don't know the exact history regarding Octavius, Alexandra, Iris, and King Daithe but it is history that they don't want to bring up. Have you ever wondered why you don't remember the first 13 years of your life? Or why Archimedes is so angry, or why Iris teamed up with Molly Weasley to keep you away from my son and Bill Weasley? You hold the tri-core and so does your sister son as well? Lucius' memory isn't the only one that has been wiped out and replaced with lies and deceit.

There is more to come. I will send you more when the time comes. Please forgive Lucius for any transgression that he may committed. I know he is hurting as much as you do. Please protect out children from our past enemies, ones that hides in the shadows, and the ones in the future.

For I will tell you more when the time is right,

Lord Malfoy.

Alex dropped the letter on the bed and stared at the wall. She felt confused on what the letter meant. She heard rumors but didn't put two and two together. From Abraxas was telling her, there might been a chance that Iris had something to do with her mother's death but it is not like she can remember. She has too much to deal with, and first she must put things back into perspective. She needs to deal with Voldemort, her relationship with Lucius and Bill, her two sons, and only then she can deal with Queen Iris. For now she is going to deal with one problem at a time.

*** Meanwhile***

Daithe drags Archimedes down to the infirmary with Harry in his arms. The king was furious to the point that his scales where showing through his human form and his hair started turning black.

"My lord, please you need to calm down. You are showing your true Veela-human form." Archimedes whispered quickly.

:"Don't you dare tell me to calm. After that fucking little outburst you did." Daithe hissed at Archimedes

"I know, she got under my skin and sprouting that nonsense even though her skeletons still rattles in her closet." Archimedes whispered

"You don't think I understand that. Have you forgotten my little brother what she did to my love Abraxas? She drugged him to the point that she made him sick and he almost lost my son. She raped Abraxas somehow that he had her son.. I have nothing but hatred for that woman." Daithe said as he put Harry on the bed and check all his vitals. He made sure that Harry was comfortable before he had Archie follow him to his quarters to finish this conversation.

"Brother, how long are we going to play this game with her? We both know that the true ruler of our realm is Selena. When she becomes Queen and takes the throne, I can finally be with my son. Do you understand how hard it is to look at my son and can't say nothing to him about who I am?" Archimedes distressed to his brother.

"I understand what you are feeling. Your son don't even know that he is a Veela. He is a true half-blood prince. What is really strange that Harry Potter is his mate and he don't even recognize it. But we need to be patient, she has one-third of her mate with her. She needs to deal with this Voldemort character with Harry first. This boy has been through a lot and he is our family now."

"This Voldemort character is a pest, I can not believe that our sons and grandson followed that twit. Every time, I hear that name my eye starts to twitch. Speaking of grandson, what the hell is wrong with that child? He will be our destruction if he is not put in his place."

"That boy is a problem but I think Selena and Lucius can take care of him. Do you think I should put some words in his ear?"

"No, this is something that his parents are going to have deal with. He is lashing out for attention and now that Mr. Potter here is his blood brother, it is not going to go well for them. What about her relationship with Lucius? I heard that it was complicated but how bad?"

"Very bad, she feels betrayed by Lucius because he joined Voldemort. I can see the magic pull between them but she is too stubborn and hurt to let him yet. However, if they are getting the letters from Abraxas then they are waiting and doing whats in the letters.

"Have you received anything from Abraxas Malfoy?"

"Yes, that is the reason I am here. According to his letter, he is trying to make things right with the twins and I. I haven't heard anything from Maxwell, it just a big mess.

"What is this Ronald Weasley problem? There is something wrong with that situation like he's a puppet or something. Maybe he is under some kind of spell."

"He might be but I think Bill and Charlie can handle him. Bill is the best curse breaker in the wizard world. Don't let his younger brother Charlie fool you. He is no push over especially with his knowledge on dragons. Ronald Weasley is an genius when it comes to strategy. He plays wizard chest like no other. They or we are going to need him if this war going to end.

"I understand that but still the way he is acting is not setting right with me. I'm going to do a little searching around the castle."

"Keep your head down. Be careful, if Harry can figure out out that you are Severus Snape's father; it is no telling who else can figure it out.

With that being said Archimedes walked out the infirmary and head towards the end of the castle.

"Mr. Snape, I know you are there. If you have something to say to me you may as well follow me to my chambers."

With that the two men walked down the hall with their robes bellowing behind them.

**** On the other end of the castle****

Draco was sitting in the Slytherin's common room in his favorite s eat by the fireplace when he started thinking about the turn of events that happen today . It could not gone any better except for finding out the Harry Potter is going to be his blood brother or should he say already is his blood brother. He felt like he was losing everything that belong to him. He lost his mother, who he thought was his biological mother but it turns out she was lying to him and his father for 16 years. Then he meets his biological mother and finds out that she is really a dark-elven princess and she blood adopted Harry Potter, due to what he was going through with the muggle relatives and her promise to her half sister. He took out the letter that was sent to his father by his grandfather and finds out that he was a twin that survived. He had a sister that died at birth. He always asked about the grave in the garden at the manor and his father stated he didn't know, but finds out that it is actually the gravestone of his sister. Grandfather also stated that his father is a veela prince. He is about the lost his best friend because he can't except Potter in Blaise's life. He knows about the heritage of the Veela bloodline, he just wanted to be an ass about it.

H e needed some time to be alone and he refused to be in the same room with Weasley especially after what he and Granger did. He had to admit that he enjoyed the show and the kiss from the muggle. If he was completely honest with himself, he couldn't see why Granger would settle for less. Hearing that she had a crush on him that was something he didn't expect. He believed like everyone else that they were like oil and water or that she and Potter were the new power couple at Hogwarts. Draco started to doze off by the fire when started having trouble breathing and hearing whispers in his head. He started seeing visions in front of him; he couldn't tell if they were real or not.

"Potter, you honestly think you can get rid of me. Crucio!" Voldemort yelled pointing his wand at Harry and screams but so does Draco.

" Everte Statum" Harry/Draco whimpered as Draco struggled to get up and run to the door to only collapse against the wall.

" Oh Mr. Potter, you are going to do better then this. " Voldemort laughed and did another Crucio curse and then said " Imperio ". You are going take this punishment as a man, you will die by hands and there is no one can save you, not even your Veela King or Elven Princess.

Draco opened the door and started to make his way to the infirmary. He was in so much pain that he could not walk down the hall. Everything was getting fuzzy and he did something that he never thought he would do.

" Expecto Patronum , get help for Potter and I" Draco yelled as he felled to his needs and watched two snakes go in two direction to get help as he started going into convulsions. One of the snakes found Professor Snape and Archimedes as they saw the patronus come towards them and that's when they saw Draco.

"Draco.!" Severus yelled as he ran towards his godson. Archimedes was running right behind him with potions ready to be ministered. "Draco, can you hear me?"

"PO...TT...E...R and D...AR..K ...L...O..R..D." Draco screamed as hell pull his godfather's robes.

"Potter, he's in the infirmary."

"NO!, make it stop, the pain is horrible."

"Here, take painless potion."

"NO!, Potter... he's …."

"What about him?"

"Take me to the infirmary NOW!" Draco cried in pain. Archimedes swooped him in his arms and used his Veela's speed to the infirmary. Archimedes used his magic hoping that it would help his nephew but for some reason Draco's elven magic rejected his magic and that never happen before especially if the veela is related to him by blood. Something was very wrong, and it didn't set right with him.

"Daithe, we have a big problem." Archimedes states as he put Draco in a bed. Blood was starting to come out of his nose and mouth. Diathe came running from the back room, when he saw Draco and tried to touch him but it rejected his magic as well. In that instant that this was ancient magic.

"Get me Lucius and Selena now!" Daithe yelled as he turned and saw Harry going into well. " What the fuck is going on?" He tried to touch Harry and his magic was rejected as well.

"The young prince said something about Harry and the Dark Lord. Before that he said make it stop the pain is horrible."

" How in the blue hell did Voldemort get back into Harry's head?"

"Harry has the curse mark of the Dark Lord, so there will always be an connection."

"It doesn't matter, when these boys went through their inheritance any connection with darkness would be eliminated. This connection you have talk ing about has been reconnected. Damn it, I really need Lucius and Selena down here"

"We are here and we heard everything that you have both been saying. Alex stated as she went to Draco and when she tried to touch Draco and Harry, their magic lashed out towards her and Lucius." Something is not right, why can I not feel my sons and why is are they rejecting my magic." Alex started to pace back and forth until Bill put his arm around her from the back and Lucius put his arms around her from the front. Bill put head on Alex's shoulder and looked towards Draco and Lucius did the same and look towards Harry. Their magic whipped around the whole room. It had a pleasant feeling to it.

"Why does Draco have a blue strain of magic running through him?" Bill asked as he raised his head off of her shoulder.

"So does Harry, but he also has a black strain wrapping itself around the blue strain." Lucius said as a whisper and he shuddered as he who's strain that was. Bill turned around and looked at Harry and realized what was going on.

"Someone put a spell on Harry. It's more like a curse that binds Harry to his enemy."

"When did this happen?" Daithe said as he began to pace back and forth.

" Does it matter? I want my sons to wake up and be pain free. Elven and Veela magic is not suppose to harm it own." Alex said almost in a panic. Bill and Lucius held her tighter. Bill could feel Alex's anxiety and anger starting to simmer. Severus ran his fingers through her hair but she wasn't having it. "I don't want to be calm and it feels like you all are suffocating me. Now move."

"No, don't let her go. Not until you come to the realization that now we have more than one enemy in our mix. She's using your family against you, I didn't just come here for my sons, I am here to make sure that she doesn't get away from her past transgressions."

"I don't care about the past right now. I want to help my sons, let them have a normal life and protect them from idiots like Voldemort and Iris, who are only concern about what they think that is right. My children and other children in this world and the next didn't ask for this drama; however, they are fighting our battles."

"Listen to me, the spell that is used is ancient and only way to do this is to use the magic of Zahra Georgina Evans."

"Oh hell, the last time I tapped into that magic I almost wiped out a city with my anger. That is why Bill made my this necklace around my neck to keep me calm. Furthermore, how in the blue hell are you going bring out this suppose to power of Zahra Georgina Evans."

A loud scream stopped everyone in their tracks. Draco tried to get out of the bed while Archimedes tried to hold him down; however, Draco's magic push Archie out of the way while he was making his way to Harry. He grabbed Harry's hand and laid in the bed with him. Meanwhile Daithe use his match to push the men away from Alex and that's when he snatched off Alex's neck and kissed her on the lips. In that instant, the magic in that room increased and it was extremely hot.. His eyes were slitted like a dragon and his who demeanor changed. He deepen the kiss until she was limped in his arms, then all of sudden the magic just stop and Daithe went back to original form.

"Daithe, you naughty naughty veela. Bring me into this world in the body of one of my true descendants."

" I don' mean any disrespect Lady Zahra, I came to you to help the next generation of our line. Their magic won't let us help them, with this spell/curse is something that we cannot comprehend."

"Nonsense, if Alexandra was in full power and mated with her mates, she could have taken care of this. But she is being stubborn about one, and afraid of the other one hurting her again."

"I understand this, but can you get rid of this spell/curse. My grandchildren are in a lot of pain and it hurts me to see them in pain."

"Of course it does and it should. From what I can see here, she did use a black eleven magic mixed with dark veela magic. I can reverse the effects of this spell; however, but he needs to control th ose emotions . I can't banned this Voldemort from this young's man mind due to the connection that they have; however after this he will have a deep connection to the boy next to him as the blonde headed boy is the protector. There would be nothing that this brown hair young man can hide from him." Zahra went next to Draco's ear and whispered something that only he could hear. She went to Harry and said something in Ancient Elvish, put both of her hands on the side of Harry's head there were no longer blue strains in their magic core. The boys laid calmly and went into a deep comfortable sleep.

She stepped away from the boys and turned towards all the adults in the room.

'I have one word of advice, get you act together and help these boys fight this Voldemort. Stop worrying about the problems that you are having in your lives and help these boys. Train them in Elvish and Veela way of life. Daithe, you should know better. After being reunite with your son, you should be helping him clean up this mess that you help cause. Don't interrupt, I don't have my time. Archimedes, your emotions in check and talk to your son over there. Give him the knowledge that he needs to survive. Finally, you two I think she calls you Bill and Lucius, clean up any unwanted guests that you have in your lives and that is only when you are able to fully happy. I'm going now and by the way don't tell Selena about me. Her and I will meet soon on our own terms.'

With that being said Zahra disappeared and Alex looked at everyone when she felt a big rush of power coming from the boys. She turn ed to them with a sign of relief, she smiled She went to Diathe and gave him a hug.

"Whatever you did, thank you." Alex said as she touched both of the boys hair.. "Whatever happen here, we won't speak of it understand?" Everyone said yes and that's when Dumbledore and Lady Iris spirit came through the room.

"Selena, what's going on? For a while I lost connection with you and the boys. Is everything okay?" Lady Iris said with a little hesitation in her voice. She notice d that the future princess hair was moving with any help any wind.

"It's one thing to fuck with me, lie to me, use me, and even fucking manipulate me. But when you fuck with my children or anyone from my bloodline, that's when you cross the line which you done that one too many times in the past to get where you at today." Alex stated but it was not her voice

"I don't have no clue on what you are talking about."

"You lying, manipulating, cheating bitch, you honestly thought you can hide from me in the wizard world. You honestly thought I couldn't get to you, foolish girl." Alex laughed and turned to the spirit of Lady Iris and stared in the eyes of the dragon. Every veela in the room growled excepted Daithe, who was still holding the necklace. He was walking towards Alex but didn't get to far. "Don't put that damn thing back on this neck until I get to say what I have to say.

"Who are you?" Dumbledore asked as all the sparkle in his eyes went away.

"I am the dragon and spirit of Seithos Salazar Black. I am known more as the First King of the Veelas and the Dark Elves ."