AN: Hai guys thx for reading you rox! Im just expeminting here, so dont be too harsh!

My name is Phoenix Wright and Im a defence aterney. I have pale white skin cuz i put on a bunch of fundation everyday with losts of black eyeliner. My heir is jet sable and covering my brown eyes a little bit and its spiked in the back. I have a lip piercing too. I where a balck suit with a red tie since ima a layer duh (its kinda like how Gerard way wuld dress. If u dont no who he is gtfo!) Im a goff obviusly and I hate prepz.

Today is my first case. I have to defind my friend Lerry buttz sinse hes being blamed for a murdre he didnt do. Hes always had bad luck, but I knew he could never hurt anyne. To be honest hes kind of a bitch.

I was in the defence lounge waiten. Suddenly, someoen called me.


"Ah!" I truned around. It was my boss mia. She was berry pretty. Her skin was pale two. She had ruby orbs, black eye shawdow, long black hair wiff red tips, and black lipstikc. She was goffik and a vampire. She whore a black dress with blak combat boots. "You scured me."

"Are you ready for your trail she asked

"I think so." I said. I was nervous so i took out my razor blade and started slittin my wursts to feel better.

"You are so cool to take a murder as your first case."


"Yea its so sexoyy" she winked at me sneakily liking her lips


In a second we were making out in the lobby. Her tongue was done my thoart and I felt her boobs pressing into my chest I was just about to rip off her dress until…..

"Nickkkkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyyyyy!" it was laury. He was also pale with dark umber hair cut swishly over his dark eyes. He was dressed like a punk.

We stopped. "Gooddamnit lorry! you ruined the mood"

"But it was reminding me of my lawtifah!" he moaned slashing his wrists. "You gotta find who cilled her!"

"I will dont worry"

"COURT IS STARTING" yelled the balif guy from the court room.

I swalloed it was time. we walked thru the doors…

To be continued!1