Hello again! After taking a break and writing a bunch of smutty extra scenes (Extras - The Anomaly) I have news on a sequel!

But first of all, how incredibly cool that people are still discovering The Anomaly and even following and faving and leaving some new reviews for me to obsess over :)

A big hug and thank you to all you amazing readers that have made writing fanfiction such a wonderful experience!

Now onto the sequel to The Anomaly:

Darker Wet

I won't post my summary here because I keep tweaking it. Basically it picks up in Alaska with Khan and his family. It features his old Augment crew, some new OC's, Spock still trying to bring Khan to justice and a threat unlike anything else Khan has had to face.

Khan and Beth and their marriage are going to be tested in both exciting and terrible ways. There is real danger here, and darkness, and my usual quotient of creepiness, but I think it will be a fun adventure and I hope you'll check it out!

There seem to be some Sherlock fans among the Khan fans (I wonder why!) so some of you might also be interested in a new Sherlock mystery I've started for Christmas:

Stranger Things

A disheveled young woman arrives at 221B demanding to see Mycroft. Sherlock and John direct her to a nearby homeless shelter, but when it becomes clear she's not safe there John decides to take her in, against all of Sherlock's protests.

Extras - The Anomaly

This one is not that new, but just in case you didn't know about it :) It's not so much a story as a place to put alternate chapters and extra scenes that don't quite belong in The Anomaly or Darker Wet. Very M-rated, sometimes disturbing.