A big hug and thank you to all you amazing readers that have made writing fanfiction such a wonderful experience!

Here are a few bits and pieces inspired by The Anomaly:

Darker Wet

A sequel to The Anomaly. Khan is keen for another child to expand his young family, but when a contingent from his Augment crew arrive on Earth seeking his help, Beth's head is turned and danger isn't far behind.

Extras - The Anomaly

This one is not so much a story as a place to put extra scenes and random snippets that don't quite belong in The Anomaly or Darker Wet. Very M-rated, sometimes disturbing. It includes:

- Details of Khan's and Beth's night in the cave on Centula. We know he had her five ways during the night. These are those five ways ;)

- In an AU set during the Eugenic Wars, a teenage Beth tastes the "Forbidden Fruit" with Khan and Matthew, his clone from Darker Wet.

The Miracles of Khan

Something different, written for Christmas. Mostly features Khan, but Beth and the twins appear at the end. Khan doesn't really understand Christmas, but when he saves three men from a sinking boat in the Mediterranean Sea, he's full of the Christmas Spirit. We get to see another side of him - he's basically a saint so a bit OOC :)