8.09 Citizen Fang tag

Conflict and Resolution

Chapter One - Text Message

I knew Sam would go.

Didn't consider the depth of his panic.

He never talked about Amelia.

Just that there was a girl.

And then there wasn't.

What I did know is what would happen if Sam confronted Benny.

One of them would die.

Something I couldn't risk.

Can't take another loss.

Watching a brother die.



Sam was always willing to believe.

He let Lenore go.

Pleaded for compassion.

Told me it's what you do, not what you are.

Why can't he trust me?

Why couldn't he just let Benny be?

Why change the rules for my friend?

The End


January 2013

All standard disclaimers apply.

I hated Sam's ultimatum and Dean's goodbye to his friend. It wasn't right and it hurt all their relationships. I love what Ty brought to Benny and that Dean could form such a close bond with him. Dean's relationship with Benny in no way negates what he has with Sam. Sam is Sammy, #1 in Dean's eyes…always! Happily they eventually came through and came to an understanding…all of them.

I was like Dean initially, never thought Sam would be reliving Jess and her loss when he got that text. I was honestly surprised by Sam's reaction, thinking the message was something supernatural related and running off so abruptly. I thought it was simply a former lover asking for help…probably concerning her husband and a change of heart.

I was shocked that Sam exited the hunt with no explanation, leaving Martin stranded. To me that showed Sam was 'off' a bit and not reacting as a hunter. I'm glad they resolved the issue and we got our brothers back. Two Winchesters in the fight, united in a common cause and being true brothers, is always the remedy for any unrest on the show. Yep, things are always better with Sam and Dean together!