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New Shinkoku: A measure of humility

Chapter 1: The beginning of a tale

Underground Cavern, Konoha

In the darkness, solitude, and safety of the earth's cavity amongst the stone and dirt, he was left to ponder things that most his age would only understand on an instinctual level at the utmost level when the closest ones resembling a family gave no answer to it: The nature of aggression. Was it the only reaction people could give to that they couldn't tolerate? If so, what couldn't they tolerate?

He went about it in every manner that held any sense to him: Blond hair was obviously not an issue, there was an entire clan and even a Hokage who held such differently colored hair than the masses. A similar case went about regarding his eye color as well. His age wasn't much of an issue as far as the eye could see considering others much younger and much older than himself were accepted with open arms. His whisker marks, never fading from his cheeks even with the lack of care towards washing them, were probably a factor if he hadn't encountered those with more extravagant monikers permanently fastened to their skin in some manner. Him being born of no family didn't seem to be a direct issue as far as he knew given there were other like him who received far greater receptions, and truly didn't seem any better than others however in regards of their treatment towards him.

So if whatever the cause for his alienation wasn't physical in nature, then what was it that had the majority of the village hold him at an arm's length in the most mild of cases? What was it his eyes could not see nor his ears hear? What was it that lay beyond his senses and his ability to deduce no matter how limited it was?

A bone weary sigh escaped him as no answer was made evident to him let alone an idea to help narrow his field of investigation. His body, ever fatigued from wandering and his melancholic mood, ached as he rose up from his seat cloaked in the natural shadows of the earth and made his way to the surface for yet another continuation of the world as he knew it much to his lack of understanding it. Years of exploration have long since rendered any need of a light to guide him as a useless gesture to navigating his way through the essential labyrinth beneath the village.

His advanced stuttered to a halt when something alien in itself crept through the darkened corridors and chambers of his sanctuary from the world- muttering. Distorted voices to be exact as the sounds of a conversation crept through the stone pathways and its rooms carved out by time. Driven by the need to prepare for the worst, his ears became strained to make out the fragments that were the most intelligible for him to hear. "You sure he went in here?"

"Yeah, can't imagine why though. You'd think that creature would be smart enough to choose some place where it could escape more easily."

"Heh, the Fourth probably weakened him so much that it affected its ability to think."

A well guided foot took a step back as a precursor to a retreat into the network of caves behind him. He knew full well what they were talking about and as to what they were thinking. Though the venture into his sanctuary was new, the concept of ending his life with whatever weapon that was the most readily available was as new as the fact that sun rose and set each day. It wasn't as commonplace as a cold stare of indifference, that much was for sure, yet it wasn't so uncommon as to not recognize the signs that not only served to warn him in advance but to deepen the mystery of his situation. This was not the first occasion he had overheard someone mention him as some kind of "demon" of no gender given the constant reference of him as an "it."

Regardless, he dove ever deeper into the maze that had until now provided him with a modicum of safety... in truth it still could, but there were variables he had no means of knowing of till it was either too late or he had found a hiding spot to grant him cover; he could make use of the map that had long since been ingrained into his mind, but he knew not of his latest threat's number or what they brought with him. There was also another matter that made the current problem at hand all the more somber, would help arrive? In the past, events like this in principle were put down long before any injury worse than a scratch from a knife had been afflicted...

Of course all of those rescues were in locations where any patrol of the masked shinobi would've found...

Even if they did know where he was at this point, he would have to survive until then with only his own cunning to protect him. Unfortunately he had few options. He knew of only once exit and that particular portal was on the very same path his pursuers were on, so at most he'd have to wait them out before daring to brave that means of escape with only the hope that there were no guards left behind to stop him. Only a handful of the caverns had more than one pathway that he could utilize, but if they came in numbers then it would be a bit of a risk to move about so quickly. As for the caverns themselves, again there was only one exit as far as he knew...

The only other option he had was a complete gamble. There was but one section he hadn't went near as of it... and there was a light of a light blue glow being emitted from the end of it. While he was not especially fond of the darkness, the fact that there was a light was enough of a tell that someone or at least something was down here with him and content with staying in those unexplored section of caves. There could even be a secondary passage to the surface down there for all he knew, or perhaps someone had taken to living here whereas he only used the space to be left alone no matter how depressing it was...

There wasn't much choice. Aimless feet diverted from the beaten path to climb the less familiar stone and in moments he encountered that tunnel with the light staring back at him at its respective end, hesitance well on its way to halting this foolish idea in his head had it not been for the scrapping of sandaled treads as numerous pursuers now lurked in his darkened den to find him. One uneasy step after another propelled him forward to gain distance between him and those who searched for him, hastened ever so greatly as the luminescence illuminated his form and his raggedy wear for all to see should they have been present and not minded such a dim showing.

As he drew closer he noticed a missing telltale sign regarding what had him worried long before this moment: There was no life. He could not hear any signs that would indicate someone was before him nor of any shadows of even a rodent scurrying past the source hidden by the small depression in the ground that seemed to have housed the source of the light, marking a second oddity when the source appeared to be alone; he was stranger to the concepts of electricity and lights in its varying forms, he may not understand the finer points but a light bulb or the like on the ground as opposed to the ceiling or the walls for that matter yet they were all in groups when a general area was concerned.

Taking only a swift glance back to ensure he hadn't been found just yet, the boy focused all his attention to the newfound object laying on the floor. It was a sphere of silver plainly enough, etched in thin grooves that ran as thick as hairlines darkened just enough to be noticed more easily when they were grouped together before diverging to their own paths that ran as either some form of circle or half of one at that. In but an extreme few patches of these circles a nodule of black glass arose, tinted faintly in a hint of blue thanks to the light this strange sphere emitted for reasons unknown. Risking but another glance to ensure his safety, the boy bent over and claimed the sphere in a tentative grasp with only a plot to use it as a distraction making it worth the potential risk.

"It could be this way!" In a startled twist to face the passage he was in moments before, his thumb accidently brushed a hidden switched built into the sphere, subsequently causing the more dull glow to turn ever brighter at a frightening rate that before the boy knew it... he was gone in a muted flash of misted silver light that bore no noise greater than a breath being expelled.



The boy whipped his head about as his shadowed world turned to daylight in what appeared to be the tilted ruins of some kind of building that had this floor consisting of now fallen consoles and machinery that bore some scars from an explosion and later an impact. An entire wall to whatever the room was missing, permitting a skyward view of a clouded sun... and strange blots of darkness blacker than any night he had seen that seemed to eat whatever dared to near them, even the very light from the sun.

Shaking his head, the boy slowly made his way towards the destroyed edges of the structure with his feet finding one foothold after another amongst the debris left behind at a deliberate pace. The sphere, still in his clutches, had lost its glow as whatever power that ran it seemed to have been drained by the act of teleportation.

"Nothing to report, Captain." The boy's breath hitched as he listened on, his advanced halted for only a second before approaching the edge once more ever so cautiously. Peeking over the edge, he spotted several figures roughly a story below his ledge that overlook a craggy plateau with a canyon to the left. Save for one, they were diminutive in stature though taller than the boy himself even in their slightly hunched state. They were identical to one another to the smallest details available: Gray skin was their tone of skin with strange ornamentation consisting of lines made of muted gold that ran as thick as a vein, both in the largest record in a human and the smallest, to decorate their bald heads in a pair of lines reaching from the back of their heads to their crown's where it ended in a tight swirl. A single line decorated each cheek at an angle from the eye to the jaw while a single dot of gold sat upon their chins. Each of their eyes appeared to be mechanical in nature with a hollow blue ring to act as an iris. As for their clothing was as golden as their decorum as it amounted to a collar around a dirt brown suit given its own decoration. Each one had an armament of a golden staff more brilliant than their decorum that consisted of a bladed wheel for a head for one end while the other was a sharpened stake that dug into the ground as it rested.

As for the one that stood out, he was at least twice their size and undoubtedly taller than most adults he had seen. He was a samurai of some sort from the way he carried himself let alone the way he was dressed head to toe in deep blue armor trimmed in silver as opposed to gold. A sheathed sword rested on his hip, roughly as long as his own leg in length. His helmet, fashioned much like a stout samurai's helmet and trimmed in silver, was complete with a demon mask fashioned from the same material as his armor that covered the entire face that permitted only narrowed blue eyes, much like the his company, to be seen through. "Check it again, I do not wish for any surprises before the General arrives!" The boy couldn't help but twitch in surprise upon seeing the demon mask actually moving in conjunction with its wearer's actual body without a wrinkle of jostle to blemish it in any fashion.

"OOHWAA!" As suddenly as the cry erupted from parts unknown, a monkey-like creature of blackened skin, red veins that only served to accentuate its grotesque features, and sickly yellow eyes dropped in from whatever hiding place it had resides in, and it came with friends by the dozen. The only variation of some of the monkey-creatures that stormed the hapless soldiers was that the larger ones of the pack, now resembling a small horde as reinforcements seemed to have came out of the woodwork from all angles that even included the roof of the child's hiding spot, were more decorated in crimson fur that held the same ghastly coloring of their vein-like features.


Twisting his head up, he was face to face with the snarling visage of one of the monkey-creatures bearing a savagely ominous look in its pupil-less eye that only reminded him of what he had, inadvertently in its own way, escaped from moments ago. Immediately he fled from his roost with the monkey-creature hot on its trail, slowed down only from having to jump to the ground below before climbing up the ruined structure with a handful of friends following it. Already a wrecked door was found with a large enough fissure in it to allow the boy access through it in a crawl, but it was just a distraction to the creatures as they bulldozed through it. Crushed wreckage was bypassed only to be muscled through by more primitive pursuers. Overturned furniture long left to rust or rot were tossed aside or leapt over as barricades for relentless followers that only knew the path of destruction, a path they followed with fervent conviction in the chase.

It was only a matter of moments for the chase to come to the light of day by whatever luck that graced the boy in finding a passage leading to the world outside, daunted only with the creatures to come hurtling out to chase him as he made his way to the only point of refuge he could find on such short notice... a crevice in the rock wall before him that the building they had left seemed to lay before.

"OHHA!" The limits of the prone boy were being more than tested. Even with their abdominal strength the wrecked vestiges of society were still enough to give him a measure of breathing room, however in the open he held no such advantage as they were quickly catching up... but that crevice, like the door, was enough for someone of his size to slide by and obtain whatever shelter it could grant...

"AAAHAAH!" Spry legs slammed into the ground to the point even his bones warped slightly from the blows that assailed it as the limbs continued their mad dash with the screeching primates continued their hunt with such speed that even the hot breath of the lead "monkey" could be felt in wisps...

By the ever distinctive desire to live, he leapt for the crevice, his arm encircling the strange sphere ever so tighter by instinct...




Something had just announced itself... something the grotesque "monkeys" were not fond off if their already vicious tones made even harsher were an indicator. He wasn't able to tell as he landed inside the crevice with a heavy grunt as he landed roughly into the dirt and struggled to stand despite his spasm afflicted nerves. Whatever that had came had disappeared just as quickly with the mangled bodies of quickly dispatched "monkeys" serving as proof of this new entities' existence... which was further enforced by the sounds of battle as the rest of the horde descended upon this veritable phantom that in essence saved the would-be victim. The boy however didn't dare peek out from his newfound safety, however temporary it was much to his regret given his recent string of experiences.

No time was wasted in searching for another means to escape. Unless he abandoned the sphere, which he clung onto for reasons beyond him, he wasn't able to escape by climbing. At least not in a quick fashion. There wasn't a passage leading further into the crevice that was his current refuge, and he certainly didn't have claws nor any form of a digging tool... leaving the only way out being the same way he came in. With his attention returned to the same entrance that granted him a measure of safety, he bore witness to a strange sight: The monkey-creatures were, for the lack of a better word, evaporating into thin air.

Strange to say the least...

Finally daring to near the chasm's means of entry, the boy peeked his head out to view upon the suspected point of conflict now that the horde seemed to have met the same fate as their disappearing brethren. It didn't take long for the sphere's current holder to find the cause of their demise. Whomever, or rather whatever, it was seemed to be distracted by something to have his back turned on the blond. From what the boy could see, he was of tanned skin and dark brown hair pulled into a bun that sat contently at the back of his head. His clothing, a dark blue shirt and pants mildly resembling a gi bordering on black with small trimmings and ornamentations of quiet metallic silver, was a tad loose but firm in their own right while armlets that went as far as the hands and ankle bracers going to the toes were securely fastened to their respective parts of the body. They were made of the same, if not similar substance that made up the clothing's decoration that did not dare encumber the digits of their respectively guarded part, nor did they cover the underside of their limb's appendage. Two white scarves seemed to be connected to the back of each shoulder that seemed to have gone as far as the back of his knees.

And then he turned...

The most of what the boy could see before retreating into the hollow of the stone was something of a goatee darkening the man's face, not that he truly cared. He had no desire of entering yet another struggle between life or death if he could avoid it. It was reason enough for him to pressed himself against the back of his current sanctuary as the soft crunching of dirt grew steadily louder. He tensed when a set of fingers appeared to firmly grasp the edge of the crevice as a precursor of the adult before coming into view to present not only a confirmation of a goatee but of what appeared to be tattoos on his forehead: A white circle encompassed by a semi-circle which instead of being halved, the bottom half of the larger circle diverted into two lines that connected themselves to his eyebrows. His features were smooth, bearing no blemish nor scar as care went... yet it seemed burdened. His eyes of dark brown, perhaps a tone lighter than his hair, held the same heavy quality his face held. If the boy had to describe it, it would be of a melancholy that no victory can truly relieve, just dampen in affect while it lasted if there was to be any relief to begin with.

Neither said a word as they stared each other down in their own fashion, be it with sense of trepidation or curiosity of that was indeed the case if any. The silence remained strong even as the wind picked up between them. Not even a hitched breath was sparred when the man slowly got onto his knee and offered a hand...


Book of Shinkoku: Exploration

Main type: Unmanned drone

Imperial Eye: Being an advanced society capable of traveling through space (to some degree), it is only natural for some to be curious as to life and worlds elsewhere than their known surroundings. The reasoning however was conflicted during this phase of curiosity and dreaming of expansion to other worlds.

Before the War of Creation had truly begun so to speak, when conflicts between the nation known as Shinkoku Trastrium and the Gohma (to be defined later) had dominated most aspects of attention and worry, the short lived "Age of Exploration" was of debate between those who were naturally curious in possibly expanding their borders and those who were of a military mind seeking possible recruits or weaponry (be it natural or none) to be gathered to fight off the Gohma incursions that grew bolder by the day as well as more dangerous.

The Imperial Eye was the first, and unintended last, of its kind solely dedicated to exploration, minor research, and sample collecting meant to help find, locate, and catalogue worlds foreign to those of Shinkoku as well as make a rudimentary determination as to whether or not the world it was exploring was habitable for their most basic of citizens as well as capable of supporting some, if not a grand number, of their mantra (to be defined later) based needs.

Since the War of Creation they had been all but forgotten by even the most aged of their, Shinkoku Trastrium, kind namely for the fact that few have ever returned at all.

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