Ok so I'm an awful person. Alexis and Sam are at GH and wittle Dan Dan is getting all these tests done and I'm sitting there thinking ''I bet Mafe is making out right now.'' So I decided to write this.

Rafe POV.

I opened the door knowing who was behind it. In walked Alexis, Spendellei[I'm going with it. No idea how to spell.] and my amazing Molly.

''Surprise!'' They all shouted. It was Danny's first birthday and we had planned a surprise party.



''Oh my gosh. I can't believe Franco is alive.'' Molly said as she clutched Danny to her and rested against the door. I walked quickly over to her and pulled her into my chest and wrapping my arms around her and Danny.

''Who is the guy?'' I asked. She explained everything about this wacko. Wow is all I've got to say. Molly put Danny in his Pack and Play and we sat on the couch. I pulled her close to my side and wrapped my arm around her. Then Sam and Alexis walk in the living room. Me and Molly both stand but I keep my arm around her. They pick up Danny.

''What are you doing?" Molly asks.

''We have to take Danny to GH for his check up.'' Alexis says. Sam looks like she's been crying. Sam took Danny and his bag and rushed out the door.

''Mom, whats wrong?" Molly asked.

''I'm sure everything is gonna be fine sweetie.'' she said kissing Molly's head.

''Take care of her, Rafe.'' She said looking me straight in the eye.

''Yes ma'am.'' I said even though on the inside I'm just like, da fuq? But whatever. I love Molly, so of course I will take care of her. Once they leave Molly turns to me.

''What was that all about?''

''I don't know.'' I say confused.

''Why would they just get up and be like 'hospital sounds fun'?'' She asked.

''They said Danny had a check up.''

''But just out of the blue? Something[At first I typed somethong] doesn't add up here Rafe.''

''It does seem weird maybe with everything going on she forgot to tell us.'' I suggested.

''I don't have a good feeling about this.''

''Come here.'' I said opening my arms for her. She buried her face in my chest and I wrapped my arms around her. I rested my chin on her head.

''I'm sure whatever is going on with everything that it will all end up ok. With this wacko, Danny, Silas, everything will be ok.'' I said turning my head to side so my cheek was resting in her hair.

''Rafe?'' she asked.

''Yeah babe.'' I said picking my head up and looking down at her.

''Promise if Silas does take you away that you'll come back to visit?" she asked.

''If he does take me away then of course I will come back. I could always run away and hide in your room like I did before.'' I said smiling and rubbing her back.

''I don't want you to leave.''

''Like I want to leave? There is so much love and support here.''

''I love you.'' Molly said looking up at me with that hard look in her eyes.

''I love you too.'' I said I put my left hand in her hair and my right hand around her waist. She wrapped both her arms around my neck.