The Banana Slug: Welcome to those who are just coming in, and welcome those who followed my old story. This…is LustCraft II: The Burning Crotch. Pfft. Pfffft.

But yeah, I decided to do a sequel because I just didn't like beating a dead horse on a singular fanfic at the moment. I did the same to BatRolled and I am currently drained of creative juices for that one.

But do you honestly think that you are ready for a plot arc hidden in all these pornographic, dare I say erotic, one-shots?

Do you think of small tiny one-shot stories featuring Sally Whitemane, possibly the most lusted after woman in WoW, getting ravaged in many different ways in some of the ends of Chapters?

You are not prepared…

LustCraft II

By The Banana Slug

CHAPTER 1: Us Dead Sexy!

The Western Plaguelands was a place nothing but death, with dead trees and dead grass stretching over the dead towns. The dead walk all across the Plaguelands, left over from the dreaded Scourge as these monsters growl and snarl, ready to rip the flesh of all who come in their way. Our story begins with two of these undead beings, loyal to the Forsaken and possibly two of the most beautiful corpses one would ever see.

One was our dear friend Anastasia Deadheart. For those who are meeting her for the first time, she is a tall Forsaken woman with short crimson-red hair, large D-cups added to her curvy body, soft pale skin with joint bones showing, lovely ruby-red lips with a stitched-up Glasgow smile on her cheeks, glowing yellow eyes, and a stitch ringing around her neck.

She wore a simple leather top that showed off her cleavage, a black chain mail skirt with black stockings poking underneath, black leather boots, and a single leather shoulder pad that extended down her right hand to form a black gauntlet.

Anastasia was leading a new friend down the cobblestone path, her name was Lillian Guttertongue. Death took her in her late teens, a petite yet spunky little undead tart who sported a judge pout. Her skin was dead-yellow, with large yellow eyes, and black spiky hair with two puffy ponytails on the top of her head. Her arms and legs were nothing but bone when it reached her joints, yet not harming her charming beauty from her small busted form.

This undead teenager wore a large black over-sized belt around her chest covering her perky breasts. Along with that were a large black belt around her waist with a pair of ripped-up shorts underneath, and sleek black boots covering her bony feet. Attached to her belt were two long ebony blades, and a large money sack that she sported foolishly proudly.

"So…where is this surprise you told me 'bout?" she interrogated, not trusting this lovely dead woman at all.

"Just a bit further, Lily," laughed Anastasia pleasantly, "don't worry, it's worth it."

"Alright, alright, just don't call me Lily," snapped the spunky teen, "Lillian will do just fine."

"Frisky little thing, you are," sighed Anastasia with a shake of her head. And so, Anastasia led her to a pair of bushes, with Lillian stopping a few feet away from it, pouting angrily at Deadheart.

"Uh-uh! That is too suspicious!" berated Lillian suspiciously, "I can tell a set-up from a MILE away! I knew when you promised I'd get the Best Sex Ever that it was a major trap! I'm going back to Tirisfal, you horrible bitch!"

Anastasia ran back to her and tugged her hand, calling out in annoyance, "Hang on, love! Just stop and trust me, will you?" Lillian stood there with crossed-arms and a judging glare as Anastasia continued to explain, "Look, I have given you NO reason to trust me, I know. But if you don't take a chance, you'll constantly think of what could have been…the Best. Sex. Ever."

Lillian scoffs and says, "…You talk like a goblin." She sighs and adds with a bit of a flush, "But…you're right. I'll take a chance. One. Chance."

"Once chance, and you'll be thanking me all night," Anastasia finished, resting her hand on her shoulder and led her closer to the bushes with a mischievous smirk.

"I just want to make one thing clear, Anna," barked out Lillian, "I am not into animals, so if this turns out to be a horse or-"

"Ha! No no, nothing so simple," scoffed Anastasia, "or inferior." She parted the bushes to reveal the object that will be Lillian's pleasure. She grunted and froze in shock to see that the "Best Sex Ever"…is going to come from a large fat stitched-up Abomination.

It was a large beast wearing only a stretched purple vest with a large gut and gigantic forearms. It sported a dead half-grin and a large fat gazing eye, with his rotten sparse teeth visible to the young Undead rogue. What she noticed most of all…was its cock.

It was a fat uncut beast that was a fleshy mass of sexual power, nestled between a pair of large fat pendulous balls that were waiting to shoot their white love into Lillian.

She shivered and gulped, turning to Anastasia and asking, "Are you serious?"

The undead woman laughed in response, "Oh, I thought the same thing when I was given to this beast from a pathetic little corpse, Lilian. But you need to trust me, dear. Gumsuck'll make you beg for more. Just by simply the feel of him pushing in for the first time."

Lillian backed away a bit as she saw the Abomination grin at her with a bashful chuckle. "Um, I'm having second thoughts…" she said nervously.

"Nonsense," egged Anastasia, pressing her hand on her back and saying, "take a chance, I promise you won't be disappointed."

With that, Anastasia pushed Lillian forward, causing her to yelp and fall to her knees. She winced as her cheek was touching his limp cock as it slowly grew hard at her soft undead touch.

"Uhuhuh," grumbled Gumsuck bashfully, "no worry…pretty lady…Gumsuck make you feel good…"

She backed away as she saw it point at her in erection, pouting lightly as she stared at it. "Uh, okay, okay," she groaned out, sitting up as she had her legs crossed as she faced this monster dick, "let's…take it slow…"

With that, she reached out and grabbed the shaft of his dick as the Abomination grunted in pleasure. She looked up and said, "Just stand still, let me do the work, 'kay?" Lillian waited for him to nod obediently, with her sighing and closing her eyes in preparation.

She opened her mouth as wide as possible, moving close to it and wrapping her lips around his cockhead as she began suckling and licking it. Lillian grunted and moaned out as she moved her head deeper, gagging lightly as she tried her best to wolf it down.

Lillian groaned as she sucked and licked the cock, lightly bobbing her head as she looks up at the pleased Abomination as he looks down at her with a dumb smile. She closes her eyes as she slobbers all over the fat shaft, groaning as she bobs her head slightly faster as she licks his cockhead.

Anastasia watched from behind the bushes as Lillian began to really get into this sexual perversion with an undead meat sack. As she knelt behind the brown bushes, watching them, Anastasia grabbed her skirt and yanked it down to reveal her bare bottom and undead sex as it was wet with excitement.

Lillian moaned as she began rubbing his giant nuts in her hands, groping them as she bobs her head faster. She whined and gagged as she orally pleased this giant, with him growling as he clenches his fists as he gets ready for his undead cream to shoot out.

Finally, Gumsuck growled as she groaned out at the amount of cum that squirted inside her maw. She did her best to gulp it down as some began splattering out her lips and nostrils, her eyes incredibly wide as she shivers as she groans out in shock.

Gulping enough of his seed, she pulled her head back, where she panted heavily as she shook her head. "By all of Tirisfal, that was…so…bizarre…but so…good…" she gulped and looked up at him innocently, "you won't…hurt me? You'll…try to be gentle?"

After that, she felt his hand reach down and grab her shorts from behind her. Lillian yelps as she is yanked up, giving her a slight wedgie as she is quickly flipped around and falls right out of them.

Lillian Guttertongue whines and pants as she lays on her chest, her small ass bare as she looks up at Gumsuck, who's fat mega-cock was right in full-view as he grunts deliciously. "I…guess that would be…asking too much, hm?"

With that, she'd watch as Gumsuck stumbled behind her as she watches him nervously. Finally, he reaches down and grabs her waist, lifting her up with her ass in the air.

Lillian looks back as he faces her wet pussy in front of his cock, rubbing the cockhead against the wet lips as she shivers heavily. "Oh no! Wait! Oh! It's…really gonna…happen!?"

Finally, she would feel him press his fat girth into her tight slit, with Lillian grinding her teeth as she felt it break through into her pussy. She cried out as he slid into her deeply as she felt that fat shaft rub against her soft wet walls, shivering at the feeling of it all.

"AAAAGH! Oh my! Oh!" she cried out, instinctually patting her ass on his lap as she cries out, "So big! So big!"

Then, she begins yelping over and over with every pump of his cock into her sweet pussy. She lets her mouth hang low as she feels that big cock go back and forth into her, feeling his fleshy fat lap hit her soft ass over and over as her legs touched the ground with her face and hands touching the dead grass.

Gumsuck laughed happily as he patted her faster over his cock, with Lillian Guttertongue screaming in the pleasure of such a dick inside her slit. Flesh clapping together as she nods her head back and forth as she helps with her own hip movements to slide it deeper into her soft sex.

As the abomination was fucking the daylights out of the teenage Forsaken, whom was crying out oh so loudly, Anastasia was watching naughtily as she rubbed her wet pussy lips slowly.

"Mmmmmm, nice, simply nice," she moaned out, biting her lip as she masturbated slowly as she rubs the lips gently. Her metal chain mail skirt was hanged around her leg as she slowly rubbed her slit with her metal gauntlet hand. "Oooooh," she groans out, sliding a finger in as the cold steel rubs against her pussy walls.

Lillian was licking her lips as he felt his fat cock ram wildly into her soft lips, feeling his fat nuts swing around and hit her stomach as she looks back with a lustful gaze. "Come on, you big hunk of meat, fill me with that cream! Oh! Yes! Oh damn! Yes! Yes! Ooooh! Yes! Yesyesyesyes YES!"

The undead rogue cried out as she felt his cum splatter inside her sex, spurting out her lips as she felt it seep down her legs and her stomach. She moaned as he gently let go of her waist and let her let her ass rest up in the air, sighing in pleasure as she lets her rested face rest on the ground as she lets her ass wave a bit.

As Gumscuck stood there with his arms dangling around, Lillian panted happily as she slowly got up and turned around to the Abomination. She moans as she smiles lovingly as she grabs his still-hard cock, and Lillian then began rubbing it wildly as she licks her lips.

"Come on, big boy," she says with lust, "gimme one more hump. Please."

Gumsuck chuckled bashfully as Lillian giggled invitingly, letting go of the fat shaft as she slid down to her back. Lillian Guttertongue grabbed her belt-like top as she undid it and smiled seductively as she revealed her small perky breasts to him.

As Gumscuck would kneel down in front of her, Anastasia would continue to masturbate at this. She was on the ground, with her skirt on the grass as she kept her head up to watch the perverse sex-show.

Both hands were sliding inside her undead sex-lips as she slid around them wildly as she panted and whined in pleasure. Anastasia smiled widely as she felt her fingers dig deep into her wet pussy, groaning out in pleasure as she rubbed her wet inner walls and her soft undead button.

Lillian watched as she looked at Gumsuck grab her waist and lifted it up, she grinned as she felt his cock-head press against her pussy-lips. "Aaah! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!" released from her lips as she felt that fat cock slide inside her once again, laying down and letting that fat cock pound into her sex.

Lillian let her head back as she felt Gumsuck hump her like a wild animal, feeling fat balls pat her ass over and over as her body flinched with every pound. Her small breasts jiggled with every thrust, all with her laying there with her mouth wide open.

Gumsuck groaned as he fucked the pretty undead rogue, feeling her legs dangle around and rub against his side as the cock slammed wildly into her pussy. "Oh! Ooooooo!" she cries out so lovely, "Oh yeah! Come on, big guy! Give me everything you got! Every single one!"

Lillian looked up at him, panting and smiling as she saw the fat dick slam into her pussy over and over again, disappearing over and over again as flesh clapped over and over together as she moaned out in pleasure.

Her eyes rolled up as she bit her lower lip, feeling his cock ram wildly into her lovely wet slit. Lillian writhed around as she felt his dick inside her, her body tingling greatly from the wave of pleasure that rushed throughout her soft body.

"Oh yes! Oh! OOOOH!" she cried out in immense pleasure, "Oh goodness! Give it to me, you fat love-machine!"

Lillian kept herself up with her hands on the ground as she watches as he pounds wildly into her, feeling his massive cock as she cried out with her eyes clenched and dug her fingers into the dead Earth.

As she was fucked, the naughty Anastasia masturbated rapidly as she watched her lovely Abomination fuck her friend. She watches his balls jiggle and hit her ass, and her writhing in pleasure as she moans out so lovely. Anastasia's mouth hangs open as she gets closer and closer to coming to the sight of this undead union.

Finally, the young rogue cried out and threw her head back as the Abomination would shoot his massive load into her small pussy. The cum splatters out her sex as the beast growls in sexual pleasure, with Lillian crying out in pleasure as the white love gushes out her pussy.

She groans as he slowly slides his slowly limping cock as she watches the semen spills out her slit as she sighs and smiles lovingly to him. "Oh wow….you are…so good to me…" she cooed out to him, "I have to say…best sex ever…"

Anastasia sighed as she just finished masturbating, panting heavily as she kept her left hand on her crotch, with her fingers in deep. Her sex juices dripped from her wet slit, her fingers covered in her juices as she moaned happily and sat up.

"Mmmmmm, well, that was great," she sighed out, "I just hope Lillian won't-"

However, she was suddenly gagged by a cloth around her mouth, causing her eyes to widen incredibly as she was quickly yanked onto the ground. As she laid there without her needed pants, Anastasia would spy the kidnappers to be wearing purple robes and come from many different races of Azeroth.

Few held out a large burlap sack as they dragged her into it, with Anastasia crying out muffled screams as she tried to crawl away. But the robed men were too strong for her as she was pushed into it and was forced into the darkness as they tied it up.

The robed men quickly looked around before dragging her away, making sure the Rogue and the fuckable Abomination didn't notice them with their kidnapping. They would disappear into the forest as the contents of the bag would continuously writhe around, with Anastasia's muffled screams inside of it.

Oblivious to the recent kidnapping, Lillian Guttertongue and Gumsuck would still be in romantic bliss. Lillian laid naked on his giant stomach with her arms around his fat neck, smiling and giggling as she nuzzled against her chest.

As she was laying on him, she would feel his fat hand on her ass, rubbing it slowly as he groaned happily. "Oh, by Sylvanas, you're incorrigible!"

Gumsuck chuckled happily as she giggled back, wiggling her ass as he rubbed it. "Mmmm, three's always been my lucky number." With that, she panted out as Gumsuck turned his head to the bushes and looked curiously at it, then saying lustfully, "Go ahead, you ol' zipperneck, I'm so ready for-WAH!"

Lillian then fell off his stomach as he gets up and looks at the bushes nervously, with her on the ground on her ass as he rushes over to them in fright. "What's wrong?" she let out curiously, "Is she gone? I'm sure she'll be back!"

Gumsuck nervously breathed out as he looked through the bushes, with Lillian watching from her naked stupor as he begins walking away, looking around in fear as he starts leaving her.

"Where're you going?" she called out as he began to drift away, before yelling out angrily, "Oh you men are all alike! Two to four quick ones and your off! To boast and brag!"

She then yelled angrily at him with a point at his distant form, "YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!" And as he leaves her sight, she breaths out with a rub of her arm, "Oh, I think I love him…"


Sally Whitemane, an evil woman and member of the Scarlet Crusade, wearing her skimpy red outfit with her asscheeks, in full view as she held out her staff with her white hair flowing in the wind. She faced her opponents in the hills of Arathi as she unwittingly walks into a 'sticky situation'.

"Stand back, you vile heathens!" she demanded angrily, "Or I will roast you alive!"

The ones who laughed back were a horde of vile Forest Trolls with green skin, red mohawks, black war-paint, and wearing absolutely nothing. Their long green dicks hung down and pressing against their dark green sacks as they snickered vilely at her.

"Ya be silly woman!" one hissed, "We like dat 'bout ya!"

"You sicken me!" she snarled, casting lightning at them as the five Trolls parted and rushed at her. Sally cried out as her arms were held back by a troll as she winced and blushed at the feeling of his green dick between her asscheeks.

"Oh…oh, By the Light," she breathed out, feeling it harden between her soft cheeks. She then looks to her front and sees the other Forest Trolls sporting erect cocks as she shakes her head in shock. "You…you vile barbarians!"

With that, she'd feel a hand reach out and grab her outfit, and with a swift yank she was nude. Sally breathed nervously as her breasts jiggled from her breaths as her soft white pussy was in plain view.

"What…you…you all can't do this, I…GAH!" she suddenly cried out with a grind of her teeth as she felt a long fat troll shaft slide into her soft anus. She began to tear up and sweat as he slowly humped her.

Sally looked and began to struggle as a Troll ran up and grabbed her waist, and sooner than she could yell out, Sally Whitemane would feel troll dick inside her pussy and her asshole.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh! Oh!" she would soon cry as the trolls began fucking her standing as she looked in disgust and pleasure. Sally Whitemane would wince and bit her lip as she was double-pounded, her breasts jiggling as she would feel two dicks inside her body.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! AAAGH!" Sally cries out as she feels semen splattering out her pussy and ass, dripping out of her as she looks at the white troll juice seep down her legs.

They would let Sally fall onto the grass of the forest, on all fours as she panted loudly. Before she could prepare for it, she'd feel another dick slide into her cum-stained pussy. Whitemane would cry out as the beast humped her body wildly as she felt like an animal in heat in this position.

"NAH! OH! YOU! VILE! BRUTES! You brutes! You brutes! You viscious brutes!" she screams out as she blushes heavily. In her sexual rage, she didn't notice a troll plopping in front of her with his long green penis rubbing against her face, causing her to wince and whine in disgust.

Sally Whitemane would be forced to wolf down the cock and gag and moan at the dick ramming into her mouth wildly. Her eyes rolled up as she was fucked in two sides, her breasts bouncing wildly as her ass would jiggle with every impact of troll dick.

Her chin was impacted by large dangling balls, with her eyes tearing up as her gag reflex would cause her to groan and cough on his dick as her tongue was forced to taste his green weenie. It tasted horrible.

However, the taste of troll sausage was replaced by troll spunk. As her pussy was flooded with more semen, splattering out as her throat was also flooded by the white cum as she was forced to ingest it.

As soon as they pulled out of her, she fell to her side and coughed up some of the white love out her mouth and looked weakly at the last troll, who sported the longest penis she has ever seen.

"By the Light…have mercy," she pleaded to him.

"Nada, me pretty hoo-man gally-gal!" he growled, grabbing her arm and forcing her on the floor as he instantly flopped on her.

"AAAGH! STOP! BLAST IT!" she cried out, feeling the troll hump her wildly as he gave her such a wild dicking. Flesh clapping together as she felt his rough chest rub against her soft sensitive breasts, with him looking away as she panted and groaned with her eyes shut.

"Uhn, oh! Ugh! Don't…UGH! Damn…bloody!" she whined out, before she felt him slide out her sex. Sally watched in disgust as the Forest Troll began wildly masturbating over her, his fat palm rubbing his long shaft as she saw his fat balls dangle and jiggle from the palm slapping his lap.

"Filthy little beast!" she snapped, then closing her eyes as she felt him spray his load all over her chest. After she thought he was done, she looked down only to be splattered by the semen in the face.

"AAAAAH! Oh…ugh. That…ugh…that is disgusting," she grunted in hate, "…I can't…ugh…I think…I think I am going to vomit."

And after that day, High Inquisitor Sally Whitemane would not kill two trolls everyday, but ten after that.

The Banana Slug: Mel Brooks references…