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LustCraft II

By The Banana Slug

CHAPTER 17: Wet Emerald Dream

Moonglade, it was a secluded area that was a safe haven for all druids, and a realm of Kalimdor closest to the ethereal plane of the Emerald Dream. This plane is very special to all druids, whom revere it greatly and use it to strengthen their spirits and abilities.

One of these druids was a druid of expert skill, a Night Elf woman that sat alone in front of a lake. She was a dark purple-skinned female elf with well-rounded breasts, purple hair down to her shoulders, silver eyes, and soft lips with green markings over her eyes. She wore a green dress that flowed to her ankles, showing off her bare feet. A brown corset held her dress as it pushed her breasts up to give her cleavage more viewership.

Her name was Nayda, daughter of Shidre, and a member of the Cenaurian Circle. In the past month, she has been getting the same dream about a Green Dragon appearing before her in a misty forest. And every time, Nayda would feel a deep emotion as he stood not so far away, and it was attraction.

It disturbed her greatly. she didn't understand why she felt those things for something so…'beast-like'. She wanted so much to find out why such thoughts rang through her mind when that dream entered her head, she wanted these answers revealed, but for the time being…it would not.

She'd stand beside her bed as she thought this, getting ready for bed and dreading feeling those strange desires again in her sleep. Biting her lip, Nayda starts undressing, looking back as she starts untying her corset. Her fingers slowly undoing the knots and loosening the corset, with Nayda breathing as she lets it drop down along with her dress.

Naked, her breasts jiggle as they become free, all as she enjoys the feeling of the silk touch her skin as it goes down. She closes her eyes as her soft rear-end and her womanhood were bare before climbing into bed.

She slips into the covers, her naked body hidden as she tries to sleep in this hot summer's night. Even in night, the heat seemed to enter her home, making it all the more uncomfortable in her covers.

Nayda tosses and turns, grunting as she tries to concentrate on sleeping. However, after minutes of this, she grunts as sweat begins forming on her purple body. With a roll of her eyes, she yanks the covers down to her waist, her breasts exposed as she rests the side of her head against the pillow. Those large mounds heaving as she breaths, feeling tired as she was still trying to beat the heat.

In her great struggle, the covers annoyingly slip to her thighs and exposing her sex every shamble in the bed. She keeps on slipping them back up, but after six more times of this, she gave up and kicks those covers off and sleeps butt-naked and exposed as she sighs nervously.

Nayda was having an urge, with her body sweating as she bites her lip and opens her eyes. "…What am I to do?"

She slips up her bed and lowers her hands down her body, her arms squishing her breasts together as she begins caressing her milky thighs. Her hands dangerously close to her crotch, Nayda moving around as much as she did trying to sleep.

Letting out a soft moan, she moves her hands over to her throbbing slit. She begins masturbating slowly as she keeps her head up, rubbing her slick purple lips as she arches her legs in her pleasure. Her mouth opens up as she starts to feel the surges from her sex as it feels so good, her mind clouding over from the pleasure.

Picking up speed, she yelps and whimpers as she shifts to her side, with her back curved, her head down, and her limbs close to her torso as she rubs her slit faster and faster. Her button repeatedly pressed as she clenches her eyes, grinding her teeth as she moans as hushed as she can.

When she finally comes, she lets out a long groan, shivering as her body felt a blast of pleasure as her sex juice squirts from her slit and coats her fingers. She keeps rubbing the sex until her orgasm dies, leaving her panting and tired as she was left spent and pleased. Nayda groans as she sets on her back again, panting as she starts to get tired…and finally enters the Emerald Dream…

She stands in the middle of a foggy forest, standing like a statue as she looks around and sees trees as large as mountains in the distance, a sky of great green nebulas, and a large shimmering pond at her left. The Emerald Dream was beautiful, it was a world not touched by the lesser races of Azeroth. There was no sign of industry, no sign of blight, it was perfect. Even so, why is Nayda so nervous?

It has been mentioned before, as her constant visitor flies in from the distance. He was large, a green dragon with huge wings that create a gust of wind with every flap of his flight.

She stands there as this massive dragon stops and drops down in front of her, with Nayda staring at his yellow eyes with a nervous pout. The Night Elf gulps and asks, "Why are you here, dragon?"

"I was wondering…when we'd be connected enough to speak…" spoke the dragon, "My name is Mythos, I have been seeing you for some time, Nayda." He steps closer, with the nude elf stepping back, "I have been perplexed, you have been giving me feelings I have never had for…something not of my own flight."

"Feelings?" breaths out Nayda, "You, you mean…what do you want with me…exactly?"

Mythos sighs and replies, "I am…not sure…these urges I have for you do not seem right…but even so, I can't help but desire you."

"Desire me!?" she yelps out, her hand against her mouth with her eyes wide with shock, "But…I…" Nayda gulps and says, "I have…them too, but they aren't…right. You're a dragon, and I'm…a Night Elf…"

"That may be, but what is the exact problem?" he asks of Nayda, "Is race the only division between us?"

"Well, it's…more than that," she breaths out, holding herself as she looks up at him bashfully, "I wouldn't mind something like a human or an orc…but I am unsure of something on…four legs…"

"Hmmm, you think me nothing more than a savage beast, Nayda?" he asks of her with a raise of a brow.

"What!? No! Well, yes…but I…uh," she stammers out, blushing nervously as her worries ended when the dragon starts laughing heartfully.

"Hmhmhm, I am not offended by your words, Night Elf," he makes clear, "many dragons think that way about you mortals, it is only normal for a race to think such a way to anything not like them…"

Mythos steps closer to her, but Nayda doesn't step back as she looks up at him, with her arms at her side as she lets her breasts be an object of admiration. "I am no beast, Nayda, for I speak, I converse, I reason…as you do," her dragon explains, "so this is not some bestiality that many would dismiss this as…it is simply two members of a sentient race…becoming one with one another…"

"But why? Why am I feeling these feelings…for a dragon?" she pleads to him, "Why do I wish…to be your mate…even…now…" Her voice cracks lighter as she looks into his kind yet intimidating eyes…

"The Emerald Dream is a strange world, perhaps this is true love, perhaps it is our own libidos calling us together and allowing us to placate them together," he explains, "whatever it is…it calls to us, and the urge to mate…is overwhelming…is it not?"

"…It is, by Elune…it is…" she breaths out, stepping to her dragon and touching his face. She caresses it as the dragon looks at her eyes, sitting down as he breaths calmly. His long tongue reaches down and touches her face, before going down and touching her soft breasts. Nayda moans as she continues to caress his head, letting her mouth drop as he licks her chest, the breasts jiggling with every lap as the bristles touching her nipples. Nayda groans as she falls to her knees, the dragon licking her nipples as she starts rubbing his neck.

The tongue slides up her neck, against her chin as she moans and holds her tongue out. Their tongues bat together as she looks at him with heated passion, her thighs rubbing together as she shivers on her knees. She was getting more and more aroused, she wanted her love inside her.

Nayda looks down, and doubt enters her mind. It was large, long, and black as it looked equine and slumped against his huge ball sack. The Night Elf grunts and lets out, "…Mythos…will it…fit?"

"If you wish not to mate…I will not pressure you," he says to her.

"Uhhh, let's not be so hasty, Mythos," she lets out, crawling over to his crotch, continuing with a nervous smirk, "let us just see what we can…do with this thing."

The night elf grabs his erection with both hands, her soft purple palms grabbing the shaft and rubbing it up and down. She watches as his skin moves around in her tight grip as she jerks her mate off, rubbing him slowly as Nayda begins to close her eyes. Opening her mouth, she moves forward and begins licking the end of it. Her lovely tongue caressing the head as she gives it soft kisses every few seconds.

Her dragon would groan as she pleasured him, looking down and staring at her large rear-end as he watches this lovely elf do such lovely work. Nayda moans as she moves her hands down, his shaft pressing between her breasts as she puckers her lips in mixed emotions.

She stops and licks her lips, sliding back and saying, "I…I don't see why we can't…try…" With that, she slips to her back, her legs arched as she lifts her rear up eagerly and awaits her lover to penetrate her body. Nayda was shivering as Mythos moves his cock forward, watching it getting closer and closer to her soft pussy.

She winces as it presses against her folds, her legs shivering as she grips the grass tightly. Nayda moans loudly as the cock jabs into her, slowly moving inside her as she grits her teeth and clenches her eyes shut. "Uh! UH! Oh! By Elune!"

She pants as her dragon begins pumping inside her, humping her naked body as she looks up at his scaly chest. Nayda watches with a torrent of sweat as she was fucked by this dragon, feeling that cock ram inside her as she keeps her legs arched and her ass up. She'd feel his shaft rub and stretch her walls, adding a bit of pain as she ignores it as best as she can, and feeling those huge balls smacking her butt. Nayda's teeth shatter as the dragon fucks her smaller body, the dragon himself snarling in pleasure.

"Mythos! It's so amazing!" she moans out, "Go faster…please…"

He does so, but thinks against it for some seconds as he goes fast inside her tight crevice. The pain began to subside, and all there was to feel was pleasure as she presses a finger against her face.

"Oh! Elune be praised!" she cries out, "I never…knew…AAH! OH! YES! YES!" A smile forms on her face, with Nayda putting her elbows against the grass and getting a better look at the cock entering her body over and over. Her body was fucked so well, with Nadya seeing it go deep into her throbbing sex as she could hear her lover pant and groan.

"Muh…uh…Mythos?" she whimpers out.

"It's…it's coming…" he growls to her with a shudder in his voice.

"Let it come, Mythos! I'm yours! I'M YOURS! AAAAH!" she yells out, feeling her mate hump her with gusto, watching as his cock throbs from getting closer and closer to climax.

She cries out as he roars in his orgasm, watching as cum splatters from her pussy and against her thighs. Her naked body quivering as she clenches her eyes, letting out a shrill moan as her body trembles heavily from the orgasm they shared together…

Her eyes open and Nayda finds herself back in her bed, with the sunlight hitting her body as she breaths heavily. On her bed, the night elf was sweating as if she was lying in the middle of the Barrens, her sex wet and throbbing as it drips from immense pleasure, and a relieved feeling to her body.

She ventilates heavily, looking at the ceiling as her chest heaves from her breathing. Her eyes half open, her lips open with her tongue lashing out and licking them. Nayda groans as she rubs her head and bites her finger, closing her eyes and takes a deep breath of pleasure.

Nayda sits up and rubs her forehead, breathing out with her other hand against her thigh and close to her wet sore folds. She looks up and says with relief, "…What a lovely dream…"

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