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A/N: So the break from the pilots is shorter than expected! Thanks to an unexpected flash of inspiration, we'll now turn to Asuka, shortly before she makes her first appearance in the series.

Growing Up

Mein Gott, it's such a pain being stuck in this half-way place between child and adult. I'm smarter, prettier, better than the vast majority of adults, let alone my so-called peers. But just because I'm a few years younger they all look down on me.

Asuka, you're too young for that. That's for grown-ups. I'll tell you when you're older. You'll understand when you're older.


As if more time spent on this planet actually translates into greater maturity.

When I was younger, I couldn't wait to have my first period, the proof that I was finally an adult. I naively figured a little blood and a few cramps each month would be a small price to pay in exchange for no longer being treated like a little kid.

Well, younger me, the joke's on you.

Tampons are an annoying necessity, but not so bad once you're used to them. The cramps, on the other hand, are complete bullshit. And the way the hormones mess with my emotions... ugh.

I hate being female sometimes.

The pain and irritation might almost be worth it if the other side of the equation had come through, but guess what? All these stupid so-called "grown-ups" still won't recognize me as an adult.

To them I'm still just a little girl.

I am not a little girl anymore, damn it! I have to put up with these stupid hormones, not to mention bearing the future of humanity on my shoulders, so treat me like a fucking adult already! Is that so much to ask?

Being a kid and growing up... it's hard and nobody understands. Least of all the people who've already been through it. How idiotic is that?

Well screw them anyway. I don't need anybody but me.

Tomorrow we're shipping out for Japan. I'll have plenty of time during the trip to show Kaji just how grown up I am. And when we get there I'll show the other two Children what it really means to Pilot Eva.

I'll show them all.

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