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I may not be the smartest guy, but I ain't stupid. I knew what I was gettin' into when that doctor chick—Akagi?—from Nerv offered me the chance to be a Pilot. Hell, I'll never forget the look on Shin-man's face when that angel with the glowin' whips laid into him with me and Ken in the plug.

So I knew I was signing up for pain.

Don't get me wrong, it sucks havin' to literally pay an arm and a leg to get Sakura the treatment she needs, but it's worth it though, you know? Even now. So I might not walk again or be able to play B-ball. So what? Sakura will.

Besides, prosthetics ain't the handicap they used to be, so who knows?

I heard what happened, with the angel takin' over Unit 03 and Unit 01 bustin' it up with me inside. If I know Shinji, he's beatin' himself up about it like crazy.

Maybe if I belted him one he'd feel better? He'd have to visit my damn hospital room first though. So far it's been pretty much only Hikari visiting me here… which don't get me wrong, it's great. Her bentos sure as hell beat the slop this place calls "food." They must spend every spare freakin' yen on fixing Evas, 'cause they sure ain't winnin' any awards for cuisine.

On the one hand, I get why he ain't stopped by. He prob'ly feels like crap; prob'ly figures he put me and Sakura both in here and thinks I hate him again, like I did back when he first showed up.

Back before I got to know who he was and what he had to deal with.

But he could at least stop by and apologize if he feels that bad—not that I'd accept it of course, it wasn't his fault. Hell, even the Devil stops in for a minute now and then, even if it's just to check on Hikari.

Honestly, right now—at this exact moment—the worst thing about bein' stuck in this hospital bed with half my limbs missing is that I can't get up and go find him. Tell him to suck it up and be a man.

Tell him I forgive him.

It's okay though. He's my friend and I got faith he'll come through eventually. And I got time to wait. All the time in the world, now.

I ain't goin' nowhere.

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