I own this particular story but I do not own the original DGM storyline and characters, that belongs to its respective owner Hoshino Katsura. This is merely a short one-shot that I felt like doing.


In honor of our loved ones who would make 1,000 sacrifices just for us. Whether they be parents, friends, or something else. I hope you enjoy this one-shot, even though its probably not that good.


A loving smile graced the lips of an elegant woman, her dark hair touched gently by the winds around her. The sun adding radiance to her form like an angel upon Earth as she embraced two new lives. During the time they had been within her, she anxiously awaited for them so she could have this moment among many to come with them. Her stomach would twist but she felt pleasure in knowing that they were there in her womb. Now here she couldn't take her eyes off of them.

Their bodies. So tiny and fragile.

Their faces and smiles so heartwarming.

Two precious lives that she would love forever until the end of time.

Admiring the golden field she knew so well now she sung them a lullaby to help them sleep.

Then, the boy falls asleep

The flame inside the breathing ashes,

And one by one

Mother couldn't wait to experience everything with them, be by their side. Laughing when something funny happened or laugh at something completely ridiculous, feel sad but having the honor of cheering them up, holding their hands when they are scared, playing with them in these golden fields filled with beauty.

Many dear profiles appear

Thousands of dreams

Drop to the earth

What will they be when they grow up? Surely they would be something great. And surely they will both be surrounded by many friends. Someday they may have their own families when they both become two fine adults.

They could all enjoy a picnic together.

On the night when silver eyes flicker,

The shining you is born

Even though countless prayers are

Returned to the earth by the passing millions of years

Mother would become a hero if need be in order for them to always be happy. Sacrifice everything in order to assure that their dreams come true and they don't have to go through hardships, because its hard to say but this world wont always be kind. Destiny constantly throwing new obstacles in everyone's way and adding new difficulties. War, famine, disease, and many other things can make the world a frightening place. However. Moving forward is less difficult when you have loved ones around you, the mothers heart would be at ease as long as they were never alone.

I will continue to pray

Even gone she will always pray for their happiness and watch over them.

No matter what, continue to shower this child with love

And kiss on the connected hands

The two precious lives made a small sound as they seemed to hold one another's hand as they started to drift to sleep, the other hand touching the mothers hand lightly as she smiled at them. Singing in a gentle voice that was carried by the wind so it could reach the heavens.

Her lips kissed the top of their small heads once she finished, then she held them closer as she whispered.

"Mana…Neah…I love you".

The following song within is the "Musicians Song" that powers the Ark. I got the translation from so sorry if the translation isn't 100% accurate.

Anyway...yeah I hope you enjoyed this one-shot :)