Title: Falling In More Than One Way

Rating: PG (language)

Author: Scribe

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1930 local

Mac's Apartment

Georgetown, VA

Mac sat on her couch flipping through the channels on TV. She stopped suddenly to watch an advertisement. Oh great, she thought, I've resorted to watching paid infomercials to occupy me. The stubby man on her television screen babbled on ceaselessly. Throwing the remote down next her, Mac slowly pushed herself up. An ice bag fell onto the floor flopping open, letting chilled water from the melted cubes soak into the carpet.

"Oh crap," Mac cursed lightly under her breath bouncing up on one leg. Favoring her left ankle she hastily shoved the melted ice into the ripped Ziploc bag. Pushing herself up with the aid of her coffee table she bounced into the kitchen and deposited the bag in the sink. Dropping down in one of her kitchen chairs she sighed to herself. She had just returned from an evening jog. Mac had only jogged half the path though, the last half she hobbled. Not looking ahead of her she had tripped over a crack in the pavement, sending herself flying down unexpectedly. Unfortunately she had landed smack dab on her left ankle.

Biting her lip now, Mac rose wobbly up from her oak chair and limped over to the couch. Ignoring the wet spot the dropped bag had made she laid down. Groaning she buried her head in a pillow. All the lights were off in her apartment. She felt lonely now. Sleeping was out of the question - Mac couldn't. Right now she was left to Jingo's company and her thoughts.

"How am I going to get through work tomorrow?" She asked herself, mumbling into the bolster. Mac's stomach growled noisily. "And I haven't even eaten dinner yet. Uh." Digging down into the back of the couch she retrieved her cordless phone. I'd order pizza but I don't think I can eat one, she mused.

Hitting the talk button she dialed a familiar number. She felt brave tonight, or maybe it was just the aspirin.


"Harm, hey," Mac said with a touch of pain in her voice.

"What's up, Mac?" Came the normal response.

"I know this must sound a little strange but I was wondering if you'd mind coming over for a while and keep me company," Mac blurted out before she had second thoughts on her decision.

"Of course I will Mac. I'll pick up a pizza on the way over too, okay?" Harm replied, glad Mac had reached out to him for support.

"Thanks, Flyboy," she said quietly. "Harm?" Her throat caught.


"Never mind, I'll tell you when you get here. See you in a few." She hung up the phone before she could ruin her whole relationship with the man.

* * *

2010 local

Mac's Apartment

Georgetown, VA

(Rabb's POV)

I take a deep breath as I shut my car door behind me. I'm not used to Mac coming to me for help but the plea is welcome. Well it wasn't quite a plea but I don't mind either way. Holding on to the pizza box I enter the apartment building, heading towards the elevator. Closing my eyes briefly as I wait for the next "ding" to sound telling me I'm on Mac's floor I hope to myself everything will go smoothly.

Stepping off the elevator I strut over to room 201 and knock on the door.

"It's open," comes the reply. Cautiously putting my hand on the doorknob I turn it, entering quietly. Mac's lying on her couch in front of the TV.

"Don't Marines get up to say hi to their friends anymore?" Friends. Curse that word.

"I would but I can't," came Mac's reply. "I sprained my ankle."

Concern fills my mind.

"Are you okay? Which one is it, let me take a look." Mac motions at her left ankle now and I forget all about the pizza as I lay it down on the coffee table next to her. Her ankle is swollen and bruised but doesn't look serious. I grimace. "That's got to hurt." No kidding, Squid. What other dumb comments can you make. Mac replies with an "mmm".

"I had ice on it earlier but it fell off."

((Mac's POV))

I must be the master of stupid comments tonight. Oh hell. Harm's here and that's all that matters to me right now. Screw the ankle. Wait, what's he doing now. Flyboy just got up now and he's looking at me strangely. He's propping my leg up with a pillow. I start to protest but he gives me that look again.

"Fine, baby me," I grumbled.

"My pleasure," he replied. Man does he have cute eyes. I'm staring again but then what's new? I suck my breath in a little as he rearranges my injured leg again and he apologizes. "So what were you going to tell me on the phone?" he asks. Dang, I thought he'd forget. I can't tell him now. I just can't! The moment isn't right. "Well are you going to tell me or do I have to start playing 20 questions?" My eyes have turned serious and Harm notices. "Mac?" he asks again, more quietly wondering what brought about the sudden change. Silence stretches out between us for a few seconds longer before I speak. Why this comes out now I don't know. But it does. Emotions are one thing I usually keep to myself. Today is different evidently.

"Will you hold me?"

* * *

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