((Mac's POV))

It's been a three months since I fell down. It's been eight years since I fell in love.

After that long a time, I had begun to let him go, let Harm slip away, and replace him with Mic. The tears that slipped down my face when Harm went down in the ocean reminded me that Mic wasn't what I wanted. There was no replacement for the Flyboy I'd fallen for years earlier. I only loved Mic as a friend. I was never in love with him. I was, however, in love with Harm. Don't get me wrong- I still am, I was just too scared to admit it then. I suppose the reason I never did give up on Harm is because I'm a Jarhead. Stubborn. I knew what I wanted and I was determined to get it.

Now I got it - I'm Harm's Jarhead. His Marine. He's my Squid. My Flyboy, my Stickboy. It's time for me to forget my past- all the events I wished wouldn't have happened- the alcohol addiction, death and my loneliness. I sigh softly, letting my thoughts slip out of my mind and turning my attention to a new topic. Keeping my eyes shut I decided nothing sounds like a good subject to ponder.

With my thumb on my left hand I slowly push the gold ring on my fourth finger back and forth. I'm almost used to it's presence. Turning a little to the left I curl up against the warm body next to me. Jingo peeks at me groggily before returning to his nap. Smiling faintly I realized I turned the wrong direction. Flipping over onto my other side as carefully as I can, I snuggle up closer to the other living creature in my bed. My eyes wander over Harm's face and eventually meet his azure eyes, which have been open for quite some time, or so he tells me.

"You look beautiful," he whispers.

"Tell me something I don't know, Flyboy," I retort quietly, closing my eyes again. An arm is suddenly wrapped around my shoulder and I feel safe. "I love you," I say, barely audible.

"Mmm… I love me, too," comes Harm's reply, which, even at five in the morning remains cocky. Jingo rearranges himself on the bed, moving toward the end of it.

"Just for that you can sleep on the couch tomorrow," I murmur to my Squid.

"I agree. It was rude of Jingo to move like that. You sure you want him on the couch though?" I roll my eyes.


"Yeah, Mac?"

"Go to sleep. Your comebacks are getting worse than usual."

"I see I really am loved around here." Forgetting about sleep at the snide comment I sit up.

"Oh, really?" I inquire, nudging Harm into a sitting position. "Then what's this- hate?" I pull him into a passionate kiss that lasts a remarkable amount of time.

"Hmm… I'm not quite sure there… I think I'd have to do that again to make an accurate conclusion. At the moment I can only speculate what that was. I think I need to cross examine." Harm's azure eyes hold mine steadily. I see mischief in those baby blues. Not that that's a problem.

"No objections. Everyone knows Marines are better at kissing and other such things along those lines. Better than any Squid."

"Give me some proof to back that statement up, counselor," Harm says smiling. I wipe that smug grin off his pretty features with a second, more powerful kiss.

At this rate who knows how far I'll have to go to make a point. Being a lawyer is tough.


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