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It had been days. Three, to be exact, that Teito awoke with a throb on his stomach. Though it was nothing but a dull pain. Right now it was no more than a sore muscle. But sometimes he found himself rubbing the hurting part unconsciously.

"Is it still hurting, Teito-kun?"

The green-eyed boy looked down to his hand before he shifted slightly to the side to give more space for the flower lover. "No, it's just a habit, Labrador-san." Replied the boy after taking off the hand from his stomach. "Did something happen?"

Labrador passed him a transparent cup. Teito could see flower bloomed in the bottom of the cup, drowned in the pool of sparkling orange water. Soothing smell of wild flower filled his nose, relaxing Teito's nervous nerves.

"Thank you." The boy took the cup and drank it gratefully. He sighed, feeling the tense knot in his shoulder loosened.

"Sorry about Frau. He's not bad, just a bit awkward." Teito frowned slightly. Yeah right. It wasn't a level of awkwardness anymore. But the boy chose to remain silent. "He's…he saw himself in you."

"Meaning that…?"

Teito tilted his head questioningly but Labrador gave a small smile as he sipped his tea. "That's not important. He's concerned about you, so please forgive him."

The green eyes lingered a moment too long at the man. He didn't understand these people. Why bother with an unknown child like him? It wasn't like he had anything to give. At least not anything of value. If there was any, probably only the fact that he saved the blond's life. Not that they knew for he said nothing about it.

"I'm not…" A sigh escaped his slightly pale lips. "I AM angry. Rather, I'm frustrated. I know he meant well. He was trying not to get me killed but Ouka was the closest person I have for a family. She was the only person I had. I can't leave her alone in that place."

Teito felt Labrador moved closer but the boy didn't raise his eyes. He was practically glaring at the small cup in his hands. Mentioning the girl almost brought tears to his eyes. He wanted to go back and get her. He really did. But that Ouka who almost strangled him to death saddened him. They had only each other for so long. Yet she could so easily try to kill him for the smallest issue. What was right or wrong, the lines had blurred along time.

"And I still don't want to meet him." Teito said with finality. Three days after waking up, that blond was the first face he saw. Memories returned, and without thinking much, pillows and all sort of throw-able things went flying straight to the man. Of course, Teito was the culprit. He knew it wasn't the man's fault but still, Teito found the man highly…irritating.

Castor and Labrador, as Teito learned, was the blond's close and trusted friends. The two had taken turn to speak with him because the boy blatantly refused to meet his abductor. Everytime they met, the two always tried to convinced him. Though the boy was still saying no, now he hesitated. They told him many things about himself, the blond man and his action. Maybe that was the reason for his refusal. The more he knew about that man, the more he found himself drawn. And Teito was afraid of it.

Intimacy was alien. And Teito feared the unknown despite being curious at the same time. That actually explained why he felt so drawn to the man. He feared him. Yet he couldn't help but attracted to the depth of those color of azure.

"I - do you think I should meet him?" Labrador paused, his eyes held Teito's as he tried to learn the emotion swirled wildly in those emerald gaze.

"I honestly think you should. You saved his life and in turn he saved yours. I don't think it's good for the two of you to let it stay this way, do you?"

The boy repeated the questions silently. Did he want it to be this way? No he didn't. Even before, when he was still in Teito's care, the boy had longed to speak to him. The man intrigued him. He wanted to speak to him, to know and befriend him.

With his heart finally set and ready, Teito looked up to Labrador, nodding in approval. "I'll meet him."

For the umpteenth time that day, Frau heaved a long sigh. His gaze wandered everywhere but mostly they only stayed on the passing cloud. The sky was blue and the sun was bright. It was another day. A normal one. Except for a certain angry brunette.

"You've been doing that for…I don't know, a hundred times?"

The corner of Frau's eyes twitched and he lazily turned his gaze to his best friend. The gaze never stayed for long. "And you've been saying the same thing for…what, a hundred times?"

Castor habitually fixed his spectacles and replied the King sarcastically. "I'll stop when you stop." In the end, the red hair laughed at the blond's gruff mumbling. "Relax, Frau. The kid's not that blind to not see the truth. And you know Lab's the best at changing one's mind."

Freezing momentarily, the King gave his advisor a shocked look. "What makes you say that?"

"Say what?"

"That I'm sighing because of the kid?"

Castor raised one eyebrow. "You're not?"

"Of course not!" The King paused. "Well, maybe a little bit. But that's not the main reason."

"Well, well, why don't you enlighten me, Your Highness?" Castor mocked with a grin plastered. Request papers were scattered all around the table and floors but none of the two bother to pick or sort them out anymore.

Frau glanced briefly at one paper near his left hand, not reading the content. "Something's been bugging me for a while," he started with a frown. "Don't you feel the timing's been too close?"

Castor need not Frau to explain too detail for he too felt something was amiss. The war and appearance of the children was too much of a coincidence. And Castor felt something or someone was trying to get these children. Though he had yet to know who.

"Indeed." The red hair looked down to the paper he was skimming. Noticing nothing important he should note, Castor moved it on the stack to his left. The papers had reached near half of his upper arm. "We'd better to put a guard or two for the little one. I have a feeling he might be the key to put a stop to this war."

The King looked up to meet Castor's warning gaze. With a shrug he dismissed it. "I know already. Mikage, you there?"

A servant boy, with pale yellow locks trimmed short made his appearance known to the two. He was not much older than Teito but he was definitely taller. The boy – Mikage – bowed swiftly and approached the King with trained haste.

"I need you to fetch Hakuren. Is he around?"

"Yes. The last I know, he was in the library."

"Good. Call him here. I need him to educate one wild brat."

At the King's mischievous grin, Mikage cringed. Hakuren might be the best person to teach any kid for his knowledge was vast. But his personality was his only drawback. He adored the king and thus respected him very much. And though not as much, he showed a lot of respect to the King's two friends as well. Outside the three was another circle. Hakuren was an honest person and his honestly – or brutal honesty – as some might say, often hurt. Mikage had never interact much with him but some who had ended up running away crying. That evil glint in the King's eyes assured Mikage that some drama was about to unfold.

Suppressing a chuckle, Mikage bowed again and left the room in haste. His trip to the library was short and uneventful. It wasn't that he wished for anything to happen. Not yet anyway.

As he passed by several librarians, Mikage nodded a greeting and smiled back at their open disgust. They were usually nasty bunch of people but since he was the King's personal attendant, no one openly bully him but at the same time he was hated. Being of a commoner, it was already a miracle he could find a job in the Castle. But becoming a personal attendant of the King needed more than a miracle. Maybe it was fate at work.

"Kal-san, good day."

"Hi, Mikage. Here to borrow a book?"

The blonde waved at a pink-haired sister, greeting her briefly and then turned back to Kal. "No. I'm looking for Hakuren. Did you see him?"

"Now this is a surprise. That one rarely ever has a visitor."

Mikage smiled sheepishly. Kal was genuinely surprised. The boy had known that Hakuren did not have too many friends. Still, he did nothing to help. Kal's surprise made him feel rather guilty. It was like he was blaming Mikage although the latter knew Kal had no intention to point finger.

"I'm here on the King's order."

"Ah, I see." Kal sounded a bit disappointed. "I'll call him."

On the man's leave, Mikage felt a pang of guilt. Kal was the head librarian for as long as he could remember. Since Hakuren was a constant visitor, it seemed like Kal knew him better than most. Obviously, the man liked the blond boy. Maybe he wasn't as bad as Mikage thought.

To spend his time while waiting, Mikage grabbed a book left by the registration table. It was a thick book with dark brown leather cover and red embroidery, almost like a book from fairy tales. His hand swept over the thick cover, feeling the roughness under his fingertips. Finally, with a swift move, Mikage immersed himself in the book.

History unfolded itself like a short movie played in his head. He smelled smoke and blood. He heard cries and wails. A past he tried so hard to bury came back like a wave crashing into his soul. The fire was hot and suffocating. Mikage felt his breath grew shorter and heavier.

"Run," his mother cried.

Red, everything was dyed in anguish. The sky was burning. Run. Survive. Those words swirled in his head. Pain throbbed. Must run. Must survive. Be alive. And he was shaking. His palms were wet from cold sweat. He felt cold but the fire was too hot. Help!

"Mikage? You okay?"

It was like a bucket of cold water was suddenly thrown and Mikage snapped awake from his trance. Blinking rapidly at Kal, Mikage smiled to hide his nervousness. Hakuren stood a feet behind Kal and looking at him with narrowing eyes.

"Sorry, I was daydreaming," he said hastily and closed the book off. Not too gently, he put the book back on the table. "Let us go, then, Hakuren-san."

Hakuren raised one eyebrow at Mikage. It wasn't annoyed expression. He was perhaps...amused. If Mikage was to guess why, there was no one who truly tried to speak with Hakuren. And Mikage was calling his name like they were friends. At least, the other didn't dismiss him rudely.

They left the library with Mikage taking the lead.

"Sorry, could you repeat?"

Mikage put up a thin smile in the back. He had his head hung low the whole time. The King told Hakuren his new assignment and clearly the latter didn't find it pleasant.

"You are to teach Teito all about this place. While you're at it, put a close eyes on him. Keep him safe."

"Basically, you're asking me to babysit."

Frau grinned, not feeling apologetic at all. "That's about right. I hope there isn't any problem with this arrangement?"

Hakuren's countenance was far from pleased. It any, he was annoyed. But they all knew Hakuren couldn't refuse anything Frau asked of him. Because he is the King. But also because of Hakuren's strange adoration. Mikage would never ask Hakuren why for he would only scowl.

"There's no option to refuse, isn't it?"

Mikage had his head down the whole time but his eyes were gazing straight to Hakuren and the King. Hakuren crossed his hands in front of his chest and didn't bother to hide his pout. Frau on the other hand, was amused. Mikage could see that the two were close enough for Hakuren to show the ruler his discontentedness of the situation.

"No you don't," Frau looked to his side, to Mikage, and motioned him to come forward. Obeying the order, Mikage stood beside Frau, bowing slightly to catch his next order. "Mikage will help you."


"Yeah. You said you would like to talk to him, right?"

"I did. Thank you, sir."

Frau nodded, contented. "You heard the boy, Hakuren."

"Fine." The boy sighed and added in a low murmur, "...looking forward to babysit two brats."

He said he would meet that man. He did. But why didn't that man come to meet him? He had been waiting for two days now.

"Teito, you left the veggies. Finish them."

The brunette looked up from his chair to a young blond. Mikage - that was his name - was Frau's personal attendant. He was a very cheerful - bordering carefree - and happy-go-lucky person. When they first introduced him, they became close almost immediately. Teito resisted for a while but it didn't last long. Mikage was really pushy when it came to this kind of thing apparently.

There was another person. Teito didn't want to think about him, to tell the truth. Their first meeting was a disaster. Hakuren, at first glance, looked like a decent person. He had beautiful long hair that was tied to the side. His eyes were sharp and intelligent. Everything about him screamed elite, except for his vicious mouth.

"Shortie, I'll be your tutor from now on. Be grateful."

Mikage would laugh out loud everytime they talked about how Teito looked hearing that. His jaw dropped, eyes blinking rapidly. Teito was confused. Or shocked. Whichever. The point was, that one was extremely rude. Teito could still feel his face grew hot from anger and annoyance.

Looking down to the plate pushed to him, Teito cringed. He hated the miniature of tree vegetable. Broccoli or whatever the name was. The taste was nothing bad. If any it was crunchy and sweet. But whenever the brunette looked at it, he shivered. It looked like a mass of green and small insects glued together to form a flower. And Teito hated looking at it.

"If you're that disgusted at the look of it, just don't look."

"Easy for you to say."

Laughing, Mikage ruffled his hair affectionately. The gesture made red crept up to his cheek. Warmth bubbled up, tickling his stomach.

"Are you done eating, shortie?"

With Mikage's hand still on his head, the two boys turned to the door. Hakuren was wearing his usual long one piece. Today he wore glasses. He usually wore it on the day he taught Teito. So today the brunette would be insulted again. Mikage lifted his hand and took a step back to allow Hakuren to take the space he emptied.

"I'll join you. Is that okay, Hakuren?"

"Whatever. Won't make any difference to me."

Probably, Mikage was the only person not affected by Hakuren's rudeness. He laughed happily and took a seat beside Teito. The latter put his plates back, on a small coffee table beside his bed and took out his books.

"Where were we last time?"

"Herbs. Poisonous. Aromatic. Lot and lots of plants."

An eyebrow raised. The brunette had vocabulary range of a middle schooler. But his mind absorb everything like a sponge. Hakuren never had to say anything twice for he had no doubt the shortest of the three would recite them easily.

"I'll teach you history today."

For once, Hakuren felt the joy of teaching. If only all of his students were stellar like Teito, his life would be much better. For now though, it was more than enough. His opinion about the boy had improved more than he liked.

It had been raining for days in Raggs. Most days in Raggs were cold from snowing. But with rain pouring so heavily for days, the cold was the most intense. During these kinds of weather, Miroku felt headache was about to hit him.

"The time is nigh."

Sky was gray despite noon. Whistling wind almost sounded like cries and it blew ever stronger.


The man didn't turn to see. Instead he sat by the King's bed, watching the young-looking sovereign. The King had soft brown hair that fell gracefully to frame his sharp face. His eyes were dark brown and beautiful but sadly they were devoid of emotion. The King was no more than an empty puppet, controlled by a puppeteer by the name of Miroku.

"Miroku-sama, I've brought you good news."

At the second call, Miroku finally turned. The man who knelt near the door had bald head and fully covered in dark clothes. Dark sky and lack of lighting in the room made him almost impossible to see. His bright crimson eyes were probably the only sign that the man was in the room.

"What is it?"

The red-eyed raised his head, his gaze bore straight into Miroku's. "One child is in Barsburg."


He licked his lips, feeling the chapped skin and then inhaled quietly. "Several villagers saw a group of people left the frontier village. Amongst them, there was a boy. Roughly fifteen years old, brunette and unconscious. Deeper investigation revealed that some of them witness a blond running out from the forest, carrying that very boy in his arms."

Rumbling of wind hit the windows. Creaking and howling filled the long silence. Miroku crossed his arms, looking down on the man with an undecipherable look.

A minute must have passed, which probably felt like an hour for the red-eyes. Miroku finally inhaled and relaxed his body to the cushion on his chair.

"And the man?"

The red-eyes swallowed. "It-It's highly possible he's the King of Barsburg."


Taking it as a sign to continue, the kneeling man palmed his sweaty hands. "Our men in Barsburg confirmed the fact. We are confident to say that the King has acquired one of the Eyes."

The wind roared louder, as if it was voicing out the growl of Miroku's soul. It was blocking off any sounds. Any. Except for Miroku's. In a low but clear voice, he commanded, "Bring the boy to me. And make sure the King drinks this."

The red-eyes stood hastily and approached the extended hand. Hesitantly, he took the glass bottle from Miroku's hand. It was a transparent bottle with silver liquid gleaming evilly inside. Poison.


"Make sure he drinks this. Am I understood, Aldo?"

Finality in the man's voice no doubt closed off any path of rejection. Knowing he couldn't do anything, Aldo nodded nervously and retreated. He just wanted to go as fast as possible. If this job went well, he might get a fat sum and he would run as far as possible. The war would most definitely broke out. And by the time, he was already gone.

For future luxury, he recited fervently in his head. I have to succeed!

"He said he wanted to meet you."

Castor said one cloudy morning. Frau's eyes widened in surprise. Not at Castor, but more at what he said. Teito's actually asking to meet him. Now that was a pleasant surprise.

"The brat finally made up his mind?" Frau rested his chin on his palm and put off the pen. His fingers had started to get cramp. "About time."

"Like you can say anything about that. You have done nothing to convince him. You must thank Lab for being so persistent."

"I don't know how to deal with that brat." Frau shifted his gaze back to the paper he was looking through. "Though, I'd say it's about time for both of us to stop avoiding each other."

"That about right. I'd permit you to skip signing for...let see, 3 hours top."

Frau grinned back at Castor and shook his head. "I know. I know."

Strange how nervous Teito felt by just meeting a person. He thought he would feel more...curious and excited about it. Like the feeling he had, meeting Ayanami. But he did not feel the same this time. If any, the flutter in his stomach made the boy nauseous. Almost as if he was riding a boat which rocked too much from the wave.

"You sounded like a teenage girl being forced to marry a 50 years old man." Mikage laughed him off. "Or a girl meeting her first love."

Teito coudn't resist to smack the blond's shoulder. His punch was evaded and the blond ran off, still laughing. He left Teito alone to deal with his wrecking nerve. Annoyed still, but silence made him think better. For one, he had managed to reason that meeting the King was inevitable.

"Teito." The boy jumped. Beautiful baritone bloomed into a laugh. Teito cringed and stood from the seat.


"No greetings?" Teito silently stared at the blond. Hesitancy was written all over his face. "Well, sit down." Frau took a seat in front of him and Teito sat back.

He had his eyes bore into the hem of the long one piece. Teito could hear his own heart drummed like there was no tomorrow. Heat radiated of his skin, prickling from every pores. What should he say? How could he start the conversation? The sudden silence was so awkward.

"Thank you...for your help..." Teito trailed off at the end of his sentence, feeling heat slowly crept up to his face. Frau didn't reply and Teito couldn't stop his fidgets. For a while there was only the sound of their breathing.

One long sigh came from the King. Teito's head rose automatically. "I should be the one to say that. You saved my life back there."

"I did not do anything but to hide you."

"Yes and you hide me from people who are trying to end my life. Also, I'm just repaying my debt, so feel free to hate me."

Teito felt his heart clenched painfully. For a few seconds he felt his mouth opening and closing, trying to form words for response. But nothing but silence left him. Finally, Teito pressed his lips into a thin line and looked down again. The edge of his shirt has never been more interesting.

"My mistake," Frau said after an awkward stretch of muteness. "I phrased it wrong. I didn't mean that. What I mean is, that you are free to feel and do anything."

Teito unconsciously released the breath he was holding and relaxed his tense shoulder. Hidden by his long bangs, the boy missed a small smile gracing the King's lips.

"So," the King continued. Teito finally looked up and gazing straight into the man's blue eyes. He was mesmerized, as he did the first time he saw those glittering blue orbs. The lake he saw in one picture book was as blue as the King's eyes. He almost thought that the book was drawn for this man. Though it was nearly impossible for the book was at least several decades old.

Teito tilted his head slightly. Waiting in wonder what the King had wanted to say. He hadn't continued the sentence yet. It looked like he had a slump blocking his throat, preventing words from escaping.

Noticing the look from Teito, Frau opened his mouth. Still no word was spoken. He closed it again, sighing and slumping back in defeat. The brunette put up an amused look. His lips were not smiling, but his green eyes did. In that very moment the time in the world stopped for them. A second they were silently staring. The next Frau laughed while Teito gave shy smiles.

"We should formally introduce ourselves." Frau extended his hand. Teito's right hand hovered hesitantly a short distant away. "I'm Frau. Though I'm sure you have known about that."

Teito frown and glared at his own hand, mentally still debating his decision. Finally he took Frau's hand albeit weakly.

"Teito..." He said softly. "But you know that. You called my name earlier."

Frau gave a short nod. "Nice to know you, Teito."

Darkness crept up, sending shivers deep down in his spine. Barsburg was mostly dry and hot at day but night was almost as cold as Raggs'. Aldo clasped his hands, rubbing them together in effort to warm his freezing fingers.

Again for uncountable times that day, his right hand flew to a deep pocket on his mantle. His fingers probed and pressed the thick fabric, searching for a small object. It was the only thing in his pocket. A small bottle. Poison.

He fished the container out. Shadow fell on his dark eyes, obstructing people from scrutinizing his gaze. All but himself. Aldo knew fear must have slipped away from his carefully masked countenance. He quietly breathe out to calm his nerve.

For all his days working for Miroku, this one job was the worst. He had killed many. Man, women, young and old, ministers or some political figures, but never a King. Yes, a KING for goddamn sake. Just thinking about it made Aldo shivered. If found out, his head would definitely roll off his neck like some old soccer ball. Actually, either way he would still in danger. Did it or not.

Aldo waited and regulated his breath. Inhaling and exhaling was done softly, almost soundlessly. His clenched palm was wet despite the dry cold. After what seemed like an hour, his wait had finally over.


The bald-head assassin did not move his head, though his eyes searched silently for a moving shadow. Swallowed by darkness under one of the big pillar, one man made his presence noticed. Aldo couldn't identify his exact built, face or any other significant feature. But the man had roughly the same height as him.

"I've been waiting. Did you bring the stuff?"

Aldo's hand immediately flew back to the bottle inside his pocket. He wanted to remove this thing as soon as possible. He didn't want to risk getting caught red-handed with a bottle of deadly poison in his jacket.

Didn't want to waste time, Aldo took the small bottle and approached the stranger. Upon closer inspection, he could see the man's trimmed hair, close to skin. His eye color was unknown from the dark, but he had sharp and slanted eyes.

"Here." Aldo passed the bottle to the man. His hand hovered for a few second above Aldo's before taking it. "It's colorless, odorless and very deadly. Make sure you're using it for the right person."

Aldo squinted and saw a small tug on the corner of the other man's lips. "I know."

The longer he talked to Frau, the more Teito felt distinct attraction. Frau was funny. He knew a lot, teaching Teito so much as well. Sometimes, he was a jerk for his fondness to tease the boy. But it was tolerable. Actually, being in his presence made Teito felt feeling he never knew he had.

They were often seen together. Frau would tell him many things which he would later clarify upon seeing Teito's blank look. Sometimes he would grin and excitedly explain many new terms to the boy. To put it simply, Teito kind of had so many teachers right now.

Formally, Hakuren was assigned as his tutor. During break, Mikage would take turn teaching him about socializing. Labrador or Castor would also come to visit and taught him politic and nature. When it was Frau's turn, he learned about himself. He found himself surprised every time he discovered new emotion bubbling out from him like a spring.

He had come to understand that his attraction to the man had formed attachment. It was not the kind where separation might crush his heart. It was not...romance. Not yet. What he felt was more like a warm flutter in his core. Like a trance, mesmerized. Frau's tongue was sharp with rude remark or teasing, but Teito could always see through the hide. Behind each of his sharp words. There was concern, lesson and advice.

Affection was not a new thing for the brunette. Although only by one person, Teito was loved. Dearly. But Frau's obvious affection differ so much. Ouka's love was forceful and binding. But what he felt from Frau was more like a soft, cotton blanket, enveloping Teito like warm cocoon without restricting him much.

Teito looked up to the dawn sky, shielding his eyes with one hand as sun rose. The sky which usually had the same color as Frau's eyes was glowing orange and purple. It was a sight enough for Teito to celebrate his escape more than he could count with all his fingers and toes. His breath was caught in his throat as he pulled down the hand obstructing his eyes.

It was a good sight to greet a new day, he thought with amazed sigh. His feeling was often right. Labrador said that kind of instinct came in pack with great power. The gentle-looking man said it as if he knew how Teito felt. Which he probably knew. The boy would not be surprised if someone told him the man could probably see the future.

Ever since he was told that, Teito never ignored his inner heart's warning. It was a strange feeling that he felt contentment, looking at the sky today but at the same time a tingling made him shiver lightly. Confusion messed with his head today and unfortunately Teito decided to ignore the warning. If he had heed the blinking red alert, he would never had visited the kitchen today and stayed in his room. But he did.

It was early morning and there weren't many people awake yet. The kitchen was deserted. He would have thought no one was awake if not for bubbling pot with soup aroused his hunger. Teito approached the stove and looked inside. The cook was making vegetable soup. Green, orange and brown pieces floated on top, coloring the transparent liquid.

'Probably for Frau.' He pour the soup into two bowls and put them on a black wood tray. Eating alone was kind of sad so he thought he would bother Frau for more stories. He put two soup spoon on the side and walked out of the kitchen.

Reaching Frau's room took not more than a few turns. He had memorized most paths, including some obscured shortcuts. Putting the tray on the floor, Teito rose from his knees and knocked the door. It was a bit too late that then Teito realized that the soup was probably not yet done. He remembered seeing fire was still burning underneath the pot. Immediately, he kneeled back, taking a spoon in one hand and tasted it. That...was probably the smartest and the most foolish thing he had ever done. Smart, because he had saved a Kingdom their King. And foolish for he had put the most deadly poison a human had ever created into his body.

"Ouch," the boy retracted the spoon. The soup was boiling hot and numbing his tongue. 'But that tasted alright...albeit a bit...unique.'

Red droplets fell to his shirt. He had been wearing long overshirt ever since Frau took him here so it was very easy to see the small crimson flowers bloomed on his cloth.

"Eh?" His voice was raspy and his throat burned so badly. With his vision began to sway and shaking hands, he punched the door. It was weak, probably sound more like a loud knock from inside. And he heard lazy, morning huskiness of Frau's voice demanding angrily for the name of his sleep's invader.

"Fra...u..." Teito managed to slip before he saw red spread through his vision and fire burned so wildly in his insides. The last he could remember before everything were swallowed by fire, was his ear-splitting scream, and the the most beautiful pair of of Sapphire stones.

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