Hi! Welcome to the sixth story in my Lunar Cycle, involving my OC/Time Lady Evelyn 'Evy' Daniels (AKA Luna). Evy is the Link of the Doctor, a woman compatible to him in every way through any regeneration as he is her Link as well. This will be a revision of Series 7 and so, the first stories in this series (The Hidden Lady of Time, Alone No Longer, Together At Last, Linked Through Time, and the Beginning of a Family) should be read before this one to fully understand who Evy is, her special talents, and her relationship with the Doctor (exactly what Linking is/Links are).

A description of Evy...she's a Time Lady currently on her 11th body. She is a slightly short (about 5'5") blonde woman who wears her hair in a high ponytail, with one strand that tends to fall out of it. She has hazel eyes and a button nose. She tends to wear 'western' style outfits, namely a pair of pants tucked into knee high boots, a tank top, and a jacket over it. She was also given a 'holster' belt by the Doctor as a Christmas present to keep her very own sonic in, completing the look. I picture her as looking similar to Emilie de Ravin.

We also have another OC character, Little Jonathan Ianto Smith, or LJ, the son of the Doctor and Evy. Also known as the Time Lord Sigma...or, as his Older self appears quite a bit, just...J. Though his title is also the Captain after his favorite uncle ;) LJ is a baby at this point, having been born at the end of TWORS (in this series, The Graduation of River Song). He is only a few months old at this point, with brown hair, blue eyes, a tiny button nose, and, of course, the Doctor's sense of adventure :) LJ, as his parents can speak Baby, will have commentary and thoughts about the adventures as they go on. Until he says his first word of course ;)

~8~ scene change

'italics' telepathic communication

Italics, LJ speaking Baby

This story will be updated daily, with two chapters per episode for the whole series as there are no 2-parters (usually 1 chapter per episode in that case). However, since we are starting with Pond Life (surprise!) This is the only single chapter :) The chapters will also follow mostly the Doctor/Evy's (Thuna's) POV but include some scenes where the Doctor or Evy are mentioned/talked about.

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who...or else the Doctor would have a baby boy (-cough- a Mini-Him -cough-) running around :)


Pond Life


Amy and Rory leaned on their kitchen counter, listening to the latest phone message from the Doctor, Evy, and LJ, that little boy was growing up so fast!

"Hello Ponds!" the Doctor cheered.

"Yes, hello Amy, Rory," Evy laughed, "LJ stop that!"

LJ squealed.

"Taking a leaf out of Evy's book and thought I'd check in," the Doctor continued, "How are you?"


The Doctor opened a door to a bridge that had magma over it, LJ strapped to his back, peering over his shoulder and cheering excitedly as Evy moved behind them, her back to his, her sonic out as he carried a surfboard, rolling her eyes at their son and his enthusiasm.

"Doctor," Evy stepped back as the doors were pounded on, her sonic flashing, "Best be quick, I can't keep the Sontarans out for long."

He nodded, looking down at the lava before tossing the surfboard into it, hopping on, "Come along dear," he held out a hand to help her on as the Sontarans entered, the three of them 'hanging ten' as they fled.


"Not much to report," the Doctor added.

LJ gurgled.

"Yes, yes, dear," Evy answered him, "We surfed the Fire Falls of Floridal 9. It was the Doctor's fault."

"It wasn't deliberate," he argued, "It was just…the easiest way out…"

"We also met Mata Hari in a Paris hotel room," Evy sighed.


The Doctor was sitting with LJ in his lap before a fire, Evy beside him, toasting a crumpet on a poker in her hand, LJ starting to doze in the warmth of the fire and his father's arms, when the door opened and shut behind them. They looked over to see a woman enter in thick fur coats...only to drop them to the floor.

The Doctor quickly covered LJ's eyes when he saw the woman was naked, before covering his own eyes with his other hand lest he get smacked by Evy.

He only peeked through his fingers when he heard the door slam and saw Mata Hari and her coat were gone and Evy brushing her hands off, pleased.

Where'd the furry lady go? LJ looked up at his father who could only laugh and shake his head.


"What an interesting woman," he remarked before, "Ow!" a smacking sound resounded.

"You deserved that one," Evy countered.


The Doctor, with a ball cap on, his hat backwards, was rapping in a booth to some music as Evy and LJ sat in the back with the producers, LJ clapping in her lap at his daddy. She shook her head, if LJ liked THAT for music as a baby…she could only imagine how his dancing would be as an adult…


"The Doctor got to 'lay down some backing vocals,'" Evy remarked.

"We should be with you any day now," the Doctor told them, "Literally any day. Helmic Regulator's playing up. Can't get the temporal steering right."

Evy scoffed, "You couldn't get the temporal steering right BEFORE the Helmic Regulator started 'playing up.'"

Amy and Rory sipped their wine, imagining Evy using quotey fingers at that.

"Yes...well..I...shut up."

"Excuse me?"

They could practically hear the eyebrow raise in her voice.

The Doctor was quiet a moment, no doubt gaping like a fish caught out of water, "Oh dear!" he changed the topic, "Look at that. We appear to be colliding with Ancient Greece."

"Oh Doctor," Evy sighed, "See you later!" she called out to them before the phone call cut.

"The Doctor and Evy," Amy toasted to her husband.


Amy and Rory were sleeping soundly, when the wheezing of the TARDIS was heard downstairs. There was stomping on the stairs and the door flew open, the Doctor running in as they leapt up in bed, gasping. He quickly covered his eyes, and LJ's as he was attached to his front via a papoose, "Stop everything!"

"What's going on?" Amy asked, putting a hand on her heart.

"Doctor!" Evy called, entering, "Bedroom!" she gestured at the formerly sleeping couple as he lifted his hands to look at them.

"We have a RULE about the bedroom!" Rory grumbled.

"No one on this planet is safe right now," the Doctor ignored him, "We have to solve this before it's too late. Get your clothes on. If we move fast enough we at least stand a chance…"

Evy put a hand over his mouth to stop his rambling, "You have no idea what he's talking about do you?" she asked them.

"No," Amy shook her head.

"No," Rory agreed.

The Doctor rolled his eyes and pulled Evy's hand off his mouth as LJ giggled, "Oh Helmic Regulator! Again! Too early!" he turned to walk out.

Did we get it wrong daddy? LJ asked him.

"Yes boyo," he patted his son's head, a thick tuft of chocolate brown hair growing, "It's the wrong point. As you were!"

"Sorry," Evy smiled at them before heading out after her boys.

"Wait," Amy called, "You can't just go like that. What's happening? Don't WE need to know?"

"Popped up in the wrong order," the Doctor popped back in with Evy and LJ.

"Easy mistake to make if you're him," Evy nodded at the Doctor as she sat on the edge of the bed, "He does it ALL the time."

"I'm not THAT bad!" he insisted.

"There's nothing wrong right now," she assured the Ponds.

"Yes, nothing to alarm you, forget we were ever here," he reached out a hand to Evy, helping her up, "We'll be back soon enough, I would have thought."

"Everything's FINE."

"Pretty much," the Doctor added, wincing as Evy smacked him behind the head, LJ laughing at that, "I mean...um..."

"Don't worry about the future," Evy said pointedly.

He nodded, "The future's really…" he paused, trying to find the right word, "…safe. Really, really safe."

Evy smacked him again, "You had to say THAT?"

"What? You want me to say it's dangerous?"

She rolled her eyes, "I think you should have stopped at not worrying! Now they're going to."

He looked over to see the Ponds staring at him, "Sleep well!" he said quickly, grabbing Evy's hand and pulling her out, not willing to risk spilling something again.

Rory and Amy flopped back down, hearing the TARDIS dematerializing, "I really hate it when he does that," he remarked.

Amy sighed, "Evy's got her hands full with LJ, can't always stop him now."



Rory tied his dressing gown around him as he made his way to the loo, yawning, one morning…

Only to run back out with a "WOAH!"

He turned, seeing Amy coming to use the bathroom as well, only to try and block her entrance, "Out of the way Mr. Pond," she moved to pass him but he shook his head, "What? Why not?" he sighed, opening the door to show her the Ood sitting on the toilet...clearly having just come from a play date with LJ or something.

Its orb was colored on with crayons to look like Earth, its face drawn on with scribbles in markers and there was food all over him from either being thrown at him or spit up on him.

"May I be of any assistance?" it asked, its voice garbled as it seemed the line connecting it to the orb was gnawed on, LJ was probably teething.

"Ood on the loo," Rory sighed.

"Yeah…" Amy nodded.


"Ood!" the Doctor cheered over the phone as they finally managed to contact the TARDIS, more than a month later, "Yes! I was wondering where he'd got to. I thought he'd just gone for a walk in the TARDIS."

Evy hummed, and they could hear a faint patting, as though she were burping LJ, "Must have wandered off when you tried to make him LJ's nanny," she remarked, to the Doctor not them, "I told you he'd be fussy about it."

"I thought I could give you a break," the Doctor countered.

"YOU help me more than enough dear, we didn't need a nanny-Ood."

"I just wanted to give you some you-time, let you relax, let us both relax and have us-time, knowing LJ was safe and in the TARDIS and being looked after."

"That's endlessly sweet, but I'd rather have family-time than me-time," Evy laughed as LJ burped, "There we go. And besides, LJ doesn't like anyone but us looking after him."

LJ squealed.

"Right you are boyo," the Doctor laughed, "He wants to be raised by the best."

"To BE the best," Evy added when the baby babbled in Baby, "He's got your ego it seems..."


"Hey!" Amy cut in, "Doctor, Evy if we could focus, please?" she glanced at the Ood as it placed a hot breakfast before her and Rory as they sat at the kitchen table.

"Must have wandered out..."

"Escaped," Evy coughed.

"When we popped in the other night," the Doctor continued, ignoring her, "If it was the other night..."

"We rescued him from the middle of the Androvax Conflict and were taking him back to the Ood Sphere. Is he being a nuisance?"

Amy and Rory exchanged a look at how the Ood had done nothing but chores, making the bed, hanging laundry, cleaning windows, making their lunches…

"He, um, seems to think that he's our butler," Rory remarked.

"He's conditioned to serve," the Doctor explained, "You know. The best thing is let him do just that."

"But if it bothers you we can swing by and pick him up tonight," Evy offered.

"Whenever tonight is," the Doctor agreed when a warning bell started to ring, "Oh no, got to go. The power drain's threatening to cause the TARDIS to implode. Oh no that's bad. Why's it doing that? No, no, no, no, no, don't do that!"

The call cut with LJ cheering and Evy laughing as the Ood handed them both coffees, "Your infusions. How else may I be of service?"

"I feel so guilty," Rory murmured.

"Just eat your breakfast," Amy told him, the two of them smiling at the Ood awkwardly.


Two ladders were leaning against the TARDIS one slightly drizzly afternoon. On one, Evy was leaning over, half braced on the top of the TARDIS, her hands around LJ's waist as he sat on top of the old box, the light between his little legs wanting a first hand, up close, look at what his father was doing. On the ladder, the Doctor was...changing the bulb, a red phone tucked into his shoulder, pressing it to his ear, "Ponds!" he called, "Us again. Sorry about the gaps in communications."

"We picked up the Ood while you were out and brought him back home," Evy added, "Got him reconnected to the hive mind."

"Helmic Regulator's still not working. Got hit by an arrow at Hastings Hill. Also, took LJ on his very first horse ride through 11th century Coventry. Lovely place."


The Doctor and LJ sat before a Chinese man in a hut, noodles hanging up around them, LJ trying to eat them but they kept flopping and slipping from his grip as Evy stood behind them, shaking her head fondly.


"Also, I think I may have accidently invented pasta…"

"Is everything alright?" Evy asked as she carefully took LJ in her arms, climbing down the ladder as the Doctor did the same, taking the phone from him as he carried the ladders back into the TARDIS, "With the two of you?"

"Of course it is," the Doctor called, coming beside her, "Ponds, always fine. Just…just worrying unnecessarily. Anyway just call us if you need us, ok?"

"Bye guys," she finished, hanging up as she pulled the phone from her ear. She sighed, handing LJ to his father as she flashed the phone with her sonic, tugging it back as LJ reached for the funny-sounding wand.

They'd given away too much just then, best to not worry the Ponds.


Amy entered the kitchen to see no phone messages and sighed, "We need you raggedy man, impossible girl. I need you."

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