She didn't know why she thought she could hide it from her. With her powers and personality of course she was going to just find out eventually. Annie was sure to notice her frequently disappearing after classes and coming to the room a tad late. Maybe it wasn't that she was trying to hide it, maybe she just couldn't bring herself to tell her… but why? Weren't they best friends? Didn't they tell each other everything?

"You didn't have to try and hide it from me you know…" Annie's eyes looked a bit distant and hurt as she glanced downwards.

"I… I know that. I just… I was afraid that… that… I didn't…" Kat wasn't sure what she wanted to say. She felt her throat tighten and a whimper struggle forth. She buried her face in her palms and sobbed, "Do you… do you think I'm weird?" she choked out with a naïve tone and cringed at how childish she sounded.

She felt Annie's slender fingers grip her shoulders, "O-Of course not, Kat! Don't be so… I would never think such a thing of you."

Kat sniffled, "Really?"


Kat's sobbing slowed as she felt Annie massaging her shoulders and after a time felt brave enough to peek out at the face of her concerned friend. She blushed deeply half out of embarrassment of the outburst and half out of being discovered in the first place, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

Annie brought her hands from Kat's shoulders and grasped her tear-soaked palms – rubbing them with her thumbs, "I'm sorry for being nosey…"

Their eyes met earnestly as they always did and after a time they smiled and laughed.

"Though I'll admit I was a little… surprised… you've always talked about boys quite a lot."

Kat sat on her bed and Annie followed beside her, "I surprised myself."

Annie hummed softly, "Paz… I wouldn't have ever seen it."

"I sure didn't…"

"And you… you like her?"

Kat paused for a bit staring into the fidgeting fingers that rested on her lap, she blushed deeply and smiled to herself, "Yeah." She said wistfully.

Annie took in her expression for a moment before squeezing Kat's shoulder and smiling, "I'm happy for you, Kat."

Kat placed her palm on top of hers, "Thanks, Annie."

Annie lay awake in bed and stole a glance at the dozing girl beneath her.


She felt a pit in her stomach recalling Kat's expression and tone. She turned on her side and pulled the covers up over her shoulders and buried the uneasy feeling deep within herself.