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When School finished the Sibuna members raced home to figure everything out. They ran into Anubis house and saw Jerome on the couch watching TV.

"Hello" Amber said in a baby voice, walking over to Jerome.

"Hi" Jerome smiled at Amber.

"Do you want to come up stairs with us?" Amber asked holding out her hand.

"Okay" Jerome replied as he hopped off the couch and held on to Amber's hand.

just as Sibuna were walking up the stairs Mara and the others walked in.

"Aw, who is this?" Mara asked in a girly voice.

"This is JJ, he's my cousin" Fabian said as he pulled Jerome closure to him and further up the stairs.

"Aw he's so cute" Mara smiled and Fabian gave her a half-smile.

"Well we should go now" Fabian said as he picked Jerome up and carried him the rest of the way up the stairs.

"You are heavier than you look" Fabian said as he put Jerome down and closed the door.

"Okay first things first" Nina said as she sat up on the bed "We need to find a way to get Jerome back to normal."

"We could go back into the cellar tonight and look for something that could change him back" Patricia suggested.

"But we have no idea what we're looking for" Fabian said.

"Do we have to change him back, he's so cute" Amber said pinching his cheek.

Amber was sitting on her bed and Jerome was sitting on Amber's lap as she played with his hair and gave him hugs.

"Yes Amber we have to change him back" Nina said but couldn't help but smile at Amber and Jerome.

"We also need to figure out what these drawing mean" Fabian reminded everyone.

"Ask Jerome, he drew them" Patricia said looking at Jerome, who was being cradled by Amber.

"Jerome?" Fabian said walking over to him and kneeling in front of him "Can you talk about these pictures?" Fabian asked slowly. Jerome sat up and took the pictures "What's that a picture of?" Fabian asked pointing to the picture of Victor.

"My nightmare" Jerome said quietly.

"What was your nightmare about?" Amber said feeling sorry for Jerome.

"Victor and the bad people" Jerome replied.

"Who are the bad people?" Fabian asked trying to get more from Jerome.

Jerome just shook his head and buried his face in Amber's shoulder.

"Don't push him to talk" Nina said when she saw how upset Jerome had become.

Fabian nodded before going back to his seat on the bed.

"what are we going to do?" Fabian sighed.

"I don't know" Nina answered.

Just then the door opened and Alfie popped his head round the door.

"Hey is Jerome in here?" He asked and Jerome's head shot up.

"Yea, he is, and just so you know Alfie we're going to get him back to his own self again" Nina said feeling very guilty.

"Do you want me to look after him for a while?" Alfie asked "Me and Mick were going to play football, maybe Jerome would like to play?"

Everyone looked at each other before agreeing, it was obvious Jerome didn't want to talk, so they had no choice but to let him go and play.

"Make sure you keep an eye on him" Amber said in a mothering voice "and don't play too rough" Amber said as she let Jerome run over to Alfie "And make sure he wears a Jacket, it's getting cold out there."

Alfie nodded as he took Jerome's hand and closed the door.

"Amber" Patricia laughed, shaking her head.

"What?" She asked.

"You need to stop babying him" Nina explained "I know he's cute but you need to remember it's still Jerome, he's not really a five-year old boy."

"I know that, I'm making the most of this, since he could turn back into the old Jerome at any second, why not enjoy cute five-year old Jerome while we can" Amber explained.

"Let's just focus on the drawings" Fabian explained.

Alfie kicked the ball towards Jerome who kicked it back. Mick was at the side watching.

"So that's Fabian's cousin?" Mick asked Alfie.

"Yea" Alfie said hoping he believed him.

"He looks nothing like him" Mick commented.

"What are you talking about? Of course he does" Alfie laughed nervously.

"blue eyes and blonde hair, brown eyes and brown hair, that kid is nothing like Fabian" Mick explained

"Well... they're cousins not brothers, so of course they're not going to look exactly a like" Alfie argued.

"Yea, I guess you're right" Mick said as he was about to join back in, when Mara appeared.

"Hey what are you guys doing?" Mara smiled.

"Playing football with Fabian's cousin" Mick answered.

"Aw isn't he the cutest kid you've ever seen?" Mara said as she watched him kick the ball.

"Cuter than me?" Mick asked.

"Much cuter than you" Mara laughed. Mick laughed with her before dragging her into the field.

"Come on, come play with us" Mick said as he pulled Mara over.

"Hey JJ! pass the ball!" Mick shouted and Jerome kicked it hard, Mick stopped the ball with his foot before signaling to Mara to kick it "Kick it to JJ" Mick said as he stood back.

"Mick, I stink at sports" Mara said turning to Mick.

"Come on Mara!" Alfie shouted and Jerome jumped up and down ready to receive the kicked the ball hard and it soared through the air.

"Nice shoot, Mara" Alfie shouted.

The ball started to come down it bounced near the trees and kept bouncing into the trees. Jerome who was closes ran to get the ball.

"Should we let him go in there alone?" Alfie asked as he ran up to Mick and Mara.

"He'll be fine" Mick scoffed.

"Yea but we're supposed to be looking after him" Alfie said as he watched Jerome ran into the woods to get the ball.

"Alfie's right someone should help him get the ball" Mara said and at that Alfie started to walk to the trees to help find it.

Jerome ran into the trees and started looking for the ball, he walked toward some bushes but couldn't find it. Jerome walked a little farther, with every step he heard the leaves crunch beneath his feet.

He finally saw the ball next to two trees and ran to get it, he stopped when he saw a man step out from behind the trees and put a foot on the ball.

"Are you looking for your ball?" He asked sounding nice, Jerome didn't like talking to strangers especially ones dressed from head to toe in black, Jerome nodded slowly.

And the man smiled, he knelt and picked up the ball.

"Hello my name's Rufus what's yours?" Rufus asked as he knelt in front of him and held out the ball. Jerome took the ball before answering.

"Jerome" He answered and tried to walk away.

"Wait, where are you going?" He asked.

"To my friends" Jerome said quietly.

"Well wouldn't you rather come with me?" Rufus asked with a smile "I have lots of sweets in my car, would you like a sweetie?" Rufus asked and Jerome quick shook his head.

"JJ have you found the ball?" Alfie called from the trees.

Jerome was about to shout back yes when Rufus covered his mouth with his hand and pick him up by the waist.

Jerome kicked and screamed but Rufus was too strong and he couldn't say a word with his hand over his mouth, with all Jerome struggling he dropped the ball.

"Come on Jerome, it's okay" Rufus said as he tried to calm him and stop him kicking him.

Rufus carried him to the front of the car and strapped him in. he closed the door before getting in at the other side, Jerome had tears running down his face as he tried to open the door, but there was a child lock on the door.

Rufus quickly drove away before anyone saw him.

"JJ?" Alfie shouted. As he went farther into the woods to find him he started to whisper "Jerome? Jerome where are you?" Alfie walked a little more until he found the ball, next to the ball where some new tire tracks in the mud. Alfie was panicking as he looked around for Jerome, but it was too late Rufus had him and was taking him away from Anubis house.

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