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Chapter 1:

Hermione was walking down the library aisle; it was late – past curfew so she was on her own. Suddenly she found a strong pair of hands at her hips, and felt a breath close to her ear.
"You're out late." A whisper which sent pleasant chills down her spine.
Turning she looked up into his eyes, emerald-green behind his glasses.
Whispering back she moved closer. "Sorry if I made you worry" she said.
Wrapping his arms around her he swirled his invisibility cloak around them.
"Come on" he returned, "Filch knows you're in here, he's just waiting outside. We'll slip past and get back to the tower.
"But I need to res-"
She was cut off by Harry placing a finger to her lips, she was overcome with a desire to take that finger into her mouth, but managed to stop herself.
"You, 'Mia need to get some sleep." He cut in. She knew it was true, she had been pushing herself again.
But she couldn't shake the feeling that her Harry . . . :Her Harry? Where'd that come from?: she thought, before shaking the feeling off and carrying on the thought that he would somehow end up in this tournament, it would be just his luck. So she had set out to research it, find all information she could. She would help him once again, she couldn't do anything but for her best friend.
"OK" she whispered.

On the way back to the tower Hermione was filled with conflicting thoughts.
:Why does it feel so right having him hold me? Why can't I stop thinking about him?:
As they made their way silently to the tower, she held on to his arm, wanting to feel his warmth, she always felt safe with him near. She knew no matter what he would be there for her.
This led her to another thought, why did she want this closeness? Why did she always desire to be near him.
She stumbled slightly and before she could do more than sway he caught her again.
"Thanks" she whispered looking up to him. For a moment she had the fleeting thought of what would it be like to kiss him?
"No problem" She heard, his deep voice sending another thrill down her body with another feeling of need for him.
:Oh gods, I can't be . . .: it was then she realised as he held her steady as they approached the portrait of the fat lady that she loved him.
:Great! I fall for the one boy I can't have: she thought. Once in their common room they parted ways with a quiet "Goodnight." Again there was that almost overwhelming temptation to kiss him, want him to be hers, more importantly she wanted to be his.

As she made her way up to her bed she went and got undressed and into bed before pulling and sealing her curtains and dropping the illusion on herself.
Looking at her hands that were now more catlike before running her hands over her furred body she thought back to their second year. How the polyjuice transformation had become permanent.
Now without the illusion if she stood in front of the mirror, she had catlike ears poking out the top of her head, masked mostly by her bushy uncontrollable hair, slitted cat eyes, thankfully she had retained her original eye colour, and a short muzzle with a row of sharp teeth
Moving down her body was a fine pelt of fur that was all she normally needed to wear, clothes now made her uncomfortable,, slipping her hands over her breasts she wondered would anybody ever desire her as she now desired Harry?
Further down poking out the base of her spine was her tail, the one thing about this transformation she liked, as she wrapped her tail round her stomach to gently stroke it, she found it soothing.
:He'll never want me now: she thought with tears in her eyes.
Rolling over with that thought she curled up on the bed much like a cat would and allowed herself to cry to sleep.

Harry had gone up to his bed and stripped off before getting in bed, he hated wearing clothes to bed, it made him too hot in the night.
Looking up to the ceiling he wondered how he could get Hermione to open up more to him. He knew she let him call her his pet name of Mia as he had said it sounded perfect for her, a perfect name for a brilliant friend. The smile she had that day had lit up her entire face, that was back in first year.
He knew she was hiding something but couldn't figure out what it was. He had managed to put a few clues together but still wasn't sure.
for one she never had milk on her cereals anymore, it was always cream. Ron who was clueless, couldn't tell the difference between the two, but Harry who had worked in a kitchen most of his life spotted it instantly.
There were the times when they studied together and he would gently stoke her hair to help keep her calm and he would hear a quiet purr coming from her.
To not cause her embarrassment he always stopped when anyone was around.
And then there were the mealtimes. If there was any fish on the table people already knew to hand it down towards them. All this said to him she had been more affected by the polyjuice two years ago than she let on. He didn't know why she hid it, but he was going to somehow prove to her that no matter what the problem he would be there for her. It had taken him a long to realise his feelings for her, but the ride on Buckbeak last year with her arms around him had cemented his view, he loved her and he was going to tell her tomorrow.

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