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Chapter one.

It's back to school day today. Everyone's been talking about having back to school parties. Everyone had fun in their breaks and everything.

Elena Gilbert, the head cheerleader in her school, has been rehearsing for her cheer leading practice during her break. There's this big competition coming this Saturday and she wanted her team to win. She's in a relationship with the captain of the football team, Matt Donovan. Matt and Elena have known each other since kindergarten, both never thought they would ended up together. They always bickered when they were little, they hated each other. But as time goes on, they grew closer and closer. They're together for almost two years now, and today is their two years anniversary.

Stefan Salvatore is a guy who barely got noticed by anyone. He's just the mascot. A guy in a bulldog costume so yeah. Everyone thinks mascot is just a dumb guy. In fact, Stefan's a smart guy, who always gets an A in every single tests. Though he didn't mind being a mascot being he wanted to be part of this school. He wanted to feel accepted. People called him names. But not all people. Caroline Forbes, she's part of the cheer leading team. She met Stefan a year ago. They were both working on the yearbook and they got closer. Caroline isn't like the other girls on the team, she don't pick on people. She and Elena are best friends since preschool. And Elena have never met Stefan. Caroline cared about Stefan, she didn't care what other girls might think of her being in a relationship with the guy who played the mascot.

It was late at night and Elena's in the gym practicing her routine for her cheer leading. She wanted to be prefect, without any flaws. She's a perfectionist when she's in cheer leading mode.

"Elena?" she heard Matt calling her name but she ignored it. Partially because she's mad at him for not remembering their anniversary. "Elena! Where are you?" Matt called again.

Elena stopped her practice and put on her irritated face and yelled back. "In here!" She rolled her eyes when she sees him walking towards her. "Why didn't you answer when I called you like a minute ago?" he asked.

"Well, Matt I'm sorry because I was so busy practicing." Elena crossed her arms and turned her back on him.

"What's with the attitude?" Matt's getting confused at the moment.

"What's with the attitude? Are you serious?" Elena practically yelled. "Well, I should instead ask you this. What's with you? Did you forgot today's our two years anniversary? Us being together for two years!"

"You're mad at me because I forgot our anniversary." Matt asked in disbelief.

"Fuck yes I am! You seriously gonna blame me for remembering our anniversary?" Elena looked at Matt, waiting for him to answer but he didn't. "Unbelievable." Elena scoffed.

Matt don't want to continue this conversation. "So what do you want now? You're being prissy."

Elena's rage is reaching its limits and she slapped Matt across the face. "I'm being prissy? Whoa! I can't believe this. All I want is us to celebrate our anniversary quietly, romantically. I thought this is how we're supposed to spend our night together." Elena's voice is coming down in a less rage filled tone. "And guys are supposed to be the ones to surprise their girlfriends on their anniversary. Or take them on a romantic date. Watch a movie or something. Take them to a nice restaurants and have a nice dinner. This is what I expect not like this."

"Elena, you honestly think I would do something like this? Of course I'm not going to! I'm the captain of the football team, I can't do stuffs like that! That is so girly for a guy."

"Yes, if you ask. I honestly think that you would prepare all those things for the girl you love, on their anniversary. I guess, I don't want to be with you anymore. I don't know how I ended up being you in the first place. I guess I expected too much in this whole relationship thing."

"So you're breaking up with me?" Elena nodded nonchalantly. "Oh no, you are not breaking up with me. I can't let a girl being the one to dump me."

"Well I guess it's time for you face the reality. I'm going to be the that girl and dumped your stupid fucking ass."

I finished my sentence and walked to the exit, but before I could fully exit, he grabbed my wrist. Hard.

"Hey let go of my wrist!" I tried to yank but I failed. "You're not going anywhere until we're finished."

"It hurts! Let go or I'll scream."

"Scream all you want, no one is here so no one will hear you screaming. You fucking little bitch."

Before I could say anything, there's this guy standing in front of me, pushing Matt on the floor. "She said let go."

Matt gathered himself and stood back up. "Who do you think you are? Pushing me off like that?"

"I don't know. You ask me.I'm just saving a damsel in distress. A lady should not be treated like that." she briefly looked at me to see if 'm okay.

Matt scoffed at him. "A lady? She is not a lady. She's a fucking bitch whom I dated and now she's dumping me. Just because I forgot our two years anniversary."

"No wonder she dumped you. How can a guy forgot their anniversary. You're an asshole. No go away before I break your arm."

"Break my arm? Seriously dude? I played football and I could easily break yours not mine." Matt clenched his hand into a fist and raised up, before he could hit Stefan, Stefan hit him. "Ouch!" Matt muttered.

"Now go." Matt walked away and gave Stefan a glare. But Stefan couldn't care less about it.

He walked over to Elena and check is she's okay. "Hey" Stefan uses his soft and caring tone and asked. "How are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Just a tiny bruised on my wrist. So what are you doing late at night here in the gym?" Elena stared at his mesmerizing green eyes.

"I should be the one asking you that." Elena chuckled at said "I was just practicing my cheer leading routine for this coming Saturday competition. I'm the head cheerleader so yeah. And you?"

"Oh so you're the head cheerleader." Elena smiled at Stefan. "I was just packing some stuffs up for the competition too. I'm the mascot."

Elena looked at him blankly. "You're the one who have been playing the mascot since I don't know, forever?"

"Yeah I am."

There's a dead silence between us but it only lasted for a minute or two. "I, um, need too head back home. So I'll see you again maybe?" Elena asked hoping he'd say yes.

"I guess so, so yeah. I'll see you again."

Stefan and Elena walked to the parking lot together, just in case Matt showed up again. Before Elena reached for car door, Stefan stopped her. "I don't think you should drive home alone Given the circumstances and it's pretty late and dark now."

"Oh no it's okay. My house isn't far from here. It's just a thirty minutes drive. I'll be fine."

"I insisted. I'm not letting a girl drive back home this late. I'll drive you." Stefan gave her this genuine smile that makes Elena's heart race.

"Yeah sure. Thanks!" Stefan reached her car handle and opened the door for her. "Thank you! I didn't know men these days still do that."

Stefan asked "Do what?" although he knows exactly what she is referring to.

"You know, opening the doors for girls."

"Oh that. My uncle taught me to be a gentleman and I'm sticking to the plan of being a gentleman." Elena smiled at his words.

Stefan started the car engine and started driving. The car ride back to Elena's home was quiet. Just small talk. Nothing big. But Elena enjoyed the silence of it. It wasn't long until they reached Elena's home. Stefan walked Elena to her porch. "Thank you for what you did at the gym It was nice of you and thank you for the ride. I really appreciate it."

"It's no problem. But there's one thing though." Elena looked at him curiously. "I still don't know your name."

"Oh, it's Elena. Elena Gilbert."

"Well it was nice knowing Elena. I'm Stefan. Stefan Salvatore."

"So Stefan,I'll see you tomorrow at school? Probably?"

"Yeah sure. I'm sure we're bound to have at least one class together." Elena giggled a little. "Goodnight Elena."

"Goodnight Stefan." she walked closer to Stefan and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. Stefan was stunned buy her action and she noticed. "It was a thank-you-for-saving-my-life kiss Stefan. And goodnight to you too."

Stefan walked back the his car and drove away. Elena went back inside and thought about Stefan. There was something about him that make her wanna know him more. Like something is tying her to him. She couldn't figured out why.

"Elena!" she heard Jenna yelling her name. "Do you have any idea how late it is already?"

"Yeah I'm sorry Jenna. I'm back now isn't it?" I tried to get away without getting any punishment.

"Where have you been/ I was worried sick of you."

"I was at school practicing and I got held away. I'm sorry."

"Now go to bed. You have school tomorrow."

"Yeah sure. Goodnight Jenna." I tell her as I walked up the stairs. "Goodnight Elena."

Elena walked up to her room and went to take a shower before she goes to bed.

Stefan was now back at the boarding house. He couldn't get her mind off of Elena. he remembered how good she smell. Her lavender scent. Her perfect olive skin. her beautiful brown eyes. He decided to he needed to know more about Elena.

"Stefan! Why are you so late?"

"Damon, I was just at school packing stuffs for the competition."

"Well, it's not my concerns and I'm definitely not the one you should be explaining to. Caroline have been calling you and leaving you messages. You should probably call her."

"Yeah sure." I walked back upstairs to my room and called Caroline.

It wasn't long when Caroline picked up the phone and answered "Hello?"

"Hey Care, I'm sorry for not answering your phone calls or replying your messages. I was at school packing stuffs up for the competition."

"Hey, it's fine. I was just checking you in. Get some rest, we still have school tomorrow. Okay?"

"Okay, goodnight Care."

"Goodnight to you too Stefan."

After the phone call with Caroline, I went to take a shower.

They both finished their showers and getting ready for bed. They both put on a smile before they drifted off to sleep. In their minds, all the could think about is:

I will see her again.

I will see him again.

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