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Summary: Kuroko dreams to marry his stepbrothers. As they grew up, Kuroko realized it was impossible. But it didn't stop him from loving them in a way it was forbidden. He knows it's wrong and he wants closure. But, what if his brothers were as confused as he is? GOM+Kaga/Kuro AU

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Kurosaki Hanako was a lucky woman: She survived a terrible accident that kill hundreds of lives, including her parents, when she was little and she still managed to smile and stay strong against the hardships of life even if she was orphaned. She became a very successful and talented writer; more than one billion copies of her novels were sold in Japan alone and most of her books were nominated and awarded by the prestigious Japanese Literature Critics Society, as well as translated to different languages and sold around the world. She is frequently featured in many international magazines for her literary works of art and for her inspirational life story. She is friendly, kind and quite desired, having to attract several men into courtship and make many friends and admirers in a snap. She is lucky enough to win a car in a lottery and kami-sama somehow bestowed her infinite amount of luck in bets and card games to win. However, despite all of her luck, she could not find the right man for her.

She dated and married several men, but in the end, they all ended up in messy break-ups and sudden divorces. Of course, it affected her, but she never let it affect her work. Instead, she put all of her heartbreak pain in her novels, which became famous for the inspirational stories and mutual connection to the readers. And because of those novels, she met him, Kuroko Takesugi. He was a kind and interesting man, working as an architect. They met in a book signing event at Tokyo and they fell in love at first sight. After dating for half a year, they decided to get married and had a son who they named Kuroko Tetsuya. However, because of a terrible incident, Kuroko Takesugi died and left (former Kurosaki) Kuroko Hanako as a single parent. She put all of her pain and sadness, as well as the joys and hope of having her baby in her novels, which became more popular the extent it was translated to English, French and German.

She nursed and raised Kuroko Tetsuya by herself without any major problems, and four years later, she met another single parent in the Single Parent Association conference at Kyoto. His name was Akashi Saito, a very cunning, smart and handsome man owning a billionaire company and a single father of five kids, who were his biological son and the other four children that he personally took under his wing. The two other children were from his relatives while the remaining two were from his friends, who met a very terrible fate.

Hanako was so fascinated of this man . He told stories of his children as if he was so at ease in taking care of five despite being a single parent. He compensated the mother's love and affection his five children needed by hiring personal nannies to take care of them and spending more time with them despite his busy work. In time, Hanako dated Saito, and the two discovered that they had so much in common and they had this special spark to keep them from separating. During the course of their relationship, Hanako and Saito's five children befriended, played and loved each other like siblings.

After two years, Hanako and Saito decided to get married and combined their respective families into one. The children didn't seem to mind –they even love each other's company more. They lived in one of Saito's mansions in Tokyo, where Hanako still kept writing while Saito managed his business. The two, even though tired from work, still had this spark and romance in them and both are much indulged in their honeymoon activities very often which left the kids clueless of what they're doing in the kitchen, living room, bed room, swimming pool, balcony and garden. Fortunately, the nannies were there to keep the children from watching the activities further.

Though the children are at the same age, they still established the hierarchy of the eldest to the youngest based on attitude, maturity and capability.

The eldest of them all is Akashi Seijuro, the biological son of Akashi Saito and Saito's ex-wife. His crimson hair, facial features and body build came from his father's side and the heterochromatic eyes from his mother –one red and one yellow. He was chosen as eldest because (of his intimidating aura, smarts, and his trusty safety scissors) of his maturity and natural leader presence. Though he is outranked by his other brothers (except for Kuroko) in height, he is still respected as the head of the brothers and he has this uncanny ability to maintain order in this chaotic family. He loves shogi, basketball and horseback riding and is highly-skilled in all of the three. Nobody messes with him and no one can deny him, and everyone submits to his will because he knows best.

The second eldest is Midorima Shintarou, an adopted child from one of Akashi Saito's friends and Murasakibara's brother-in-law before a terrible incident. Though Murasakibara and Midorima were not related, their parents (or in this case Midorima's mother) were both single parents until their parents met and fell in love. Their parents eventually married each other and Murasakibara and Midorima were automatically brothers by law. But, because of a terrible plane crash that killed both of the parents, Akashi Saito took the two children under his wing. Midorima has his jade green hair and emerald eyes from his biological mother and the height and body build from his biological father. He was chosen as the second eldest because (Akashi said so) of his maturity and intellect that fascinated Akashi. He is the second tallest of them all, and he is respected by Akashi and sometimes by his other brothers. He has this obsession with horoscopes, Oha-Asa, and lucky items, but despite his eccentric obsessions, he is the sanest of them all. He loves horoscopes and basketball, which he is skilled at as exhibited by his ability to shoot beautiful three pointers that have never missed. He stands as a mother figure for all of them.

The third eldest is Murasakibara Atsushi, an adopted child from one of Akashi Saito's friends and Midorima's brother-in-law before the terrible incident. Though the two were not related, their parents (or in this case Murasakibara's father) were both single parents until their parents met and fell in love. Their parents married each other and Murasakibara and Midorima were automatically brothers by law. But, because of a plane crash that killed their parents, Saito adopted them and took under his wing. Murasakibara has his bubbly purple hair and deep purple eyes from his biological mother, and the height, body build and that lazy and carefree expression from his biological father. He was chosen as the third eldest because he was the tallest of them all (and because Akashi said so). He acts as a kid with a loose screw, and has an obsession with sweets and snacks. He plays basketball, which he is very skilled of as demonstrated by his defense and dunks. He may act like the youngest of the brothers, but he is the main muscle of the family and he would protect anyone that dares to hurt his family (and defy Akashi).

The fourth eldest is Aomine Daiki, an adopted child from Akashi Saito's cousins. It was discovered that Aomine's family was not fit to raise a child for the parents showed signs of alcohol and drug addiction, so the government took Aomine away from them before they could hurt him. Aomine was immediately sent to Saito, who gladly took the child under his care. Aomine has his navy blue hair; dark cerulean eyes and body build from his biological father and the tan skin from his biological mother. He is aggressive, immature and hotheaded, and he was chosen as the fourth eldest because he was better than the fifth eldest and he can understand and take care of youngest brother the best. He loves cute girls and basketball, and is a very versatile and skilled player of the sport (Though they won't admit, out of all the brothers, he is their ace player). He is the most compatible with the youngest brother in basketball, and because of that, he became the official partner of youngest brother in the game. He constantly argues with the fifth eldest (and to everyone), but, despite that, he has a soft spot for them in his heart (especially for the youngest brother), and when certain situations come, he definitely acts like an older brother and, alongside Murasakibara, would protect them.

The fifth eldest is Kise Ryouta, an adopted child from Akashi Saito's sister. Saito's sister was left by her boyfriend when he found out she was pregnant with their child. Saito's sister decided to keep the baby and Saito was happy to support his sister. However, she died while giving birth and Saito decided to keep the baby to honor his sister. Kise Ryouta has the cream-colored soft skin and the captivating golden eyes from his biological mother and the body build, facial features and the golden hair from his biological father. He is chosen as the fifth eldest because (he was the most annoying of all the brothers) of his immaturity, childish attitude, and unnatural obsession to fight with Aominecchi and follow the youngest brother like a dog. Despite this, he can be serious, mature, fierce and competitive when situation calls for it. He loves basketball and his youngest brother, whom he will do anything for. He is also skilled in basketball and in any other sports, but basketball is his forte and most favorite sport (and he keeps playing it because his brothers play it). He has the ability to copy the moves of the players and execute them more fluidly and more powerful. He may be annoying and obsessive, but he cheers everyone when they're down (or makes them forget the problem because he is so annoying) and when he gets serious, he surely gets what he wants for his family.

The youngest of them all is Kuroko Tetsuya, the biological son of Kuroko (now Akashi) Hanako. He has the blank gaze, facial features and height from his biological father and the powder blue hair and azure blue eyes from his biological mother. He is chosen as the youngest because his brothers treat him like a princess and frequently spoils him a lot. He is silent, blunt, straightforward, and he has the weakest presence that spooks everyone in the family. He loves basketball and his family, and he would do anything for his family so they could be happy. He can't play any other sports because of his poor body build and the lack of skills, and though he plays basketball, he is not good as his brothers. He is an expert in pass and steals, and his compatibility with Aomine made the two partners in the sport. Though he seems to be the underdog out of all the brothers, he is the one that keeps them from killing and maiming each other and he brings peace and tranquility to the family. He doesn't know it, but his brothers simply adore and are overprotective over him, and he himself also adores his brothers and is overprotective over them too.

They are the infamous six brothers of the Akashi family. Though they are now related and registered as Akashi's sons, they still recognize and call each other by the last names of their biological parents. The five older brothers have one thing in common: they love Kuroko Tetsuya. The affection was reciprocated by Kuroko himself but… It wasn't meant to be in that way. By blood or not, law dictates that they are brothers and relationships more than that is forbidden and unethical. Kuroko Tetsuya loves his brothers in a way it was forbidden, and it all started because of a simple and naïve dream that should've been forgotten years ago.

Grade One
The Stepbrothers are now eight years old (or nearing eight years old)

First day in Elementary School was…not really what Kuroko expected it to be. Earlier, Saito and Hanako told the boys that Elementary School would be fun, with lots of games to play, activities to do, and new friends to play with. The boys were okay with it: Akashi needed more followers anyway, Midorima only wanted to be properly educated –he kept on denying he didn't need friends but clearly he wanted them, Murasakibara didn't care either as long as he had sweets and snacks with him, Aomine took this chance to find new friends to play basketball with, Kise was okay because Kuroko was going to be there, and Kuroko wanted to have proper education and make his mother proud of him. But once they step foot in Elementary school, it didn't go the way Kuroko expected it to be.

Immediately, Akashi gained more followers than expected and he became class president. Midorima was constantly praised by the teachers of his knowledge and his classmates were amazed by his intellect that they wanted to be friends with him (which the green-haired boy did like but didn't say it out loud). Murasakibara made friends with Akashi's new followers and he was even given some snacks by them. Aomine also made new friends through basketball (mainly because they were amazed on how skill he is) and they were playing basketball at the courtyard right now. Other students were fascinated by the blue-haired boy's skill that they stayed on their spots and watched. Kise gained new friends as well, thanks to Aomine, and is playing with them alongside the blue-haired boy in a basketball game. The yellow-haired boy, without knowing it, was instantly popular with girls, and female students watched and cheered for him (much to Aomine's dislike). Kuroko's stepbrothers were clearly enjoying themselves, but he wasn't.

The teacher made an attendance check and almost marked him absent because she didn't notice him. When she did, she shrieked and shouted 'Ghost!', which the other students sitting next to him responded by screaming and running to the farthest corner of the classroom. When the class calmed and settled down, some students asked him if he was a ghost and if they could touch him, while the others started bullying him about it. After recess, he sat alone in the swing as his classmates played with one another because they forgot about him. At lunch, a bully stole his sandwich, but, thankfully, didn't steal his vanilla milkshake. He certainly loves those shakes. And at the afternoon class, the teacher played a game, which didn't include him because she forgot about him again, and he didn't want to upstart another mass panic, so he stayed behind.

When the boys came home, Saito and Hanako immediately asked them how their first day in Elementary School went. Akashi told them that he was president of his class, which the parents were really proud of and applauded him for that. Midorima told them that he was called 'Class Genius', and though, he omitted the part where he had made many friends, the parents knew about it and praised him nonetheless. Murasakibara told them he made new friends and that they weren't bothered by his height, which the parents were very glad since Murasakibara was a favorite target of the bullies, and gave him affectionate pats on the head. Aomine told them he also made friends and were praised by teachers because of his basketball skills, which earned him a playful fist bump from both of them. Kise told them that he also made new friends and girls kept flocking around him, which Hanako giggled and Saito chuckled at the retort. When it was Kuroko's turn to tell his story, he was silent at first. Saito and Hanako became worried when their son wasn't talking, but Kuroko stared at them with blank eyes before telling them he had fun. Saito and Hanako sighed in relief.

Though, the parents were fooled, his brothers weren't.

"We know you're lying Tetsuya" Akashi said as he crossed his arms. Kuroko's stepbrothers cornered the poor boy at the empty hall way after dinner. Though his brother's stares were menacing, interrogative, curious and piercing, Kuroko remained his usual blank expression. "What happened in school today, Tetsuya? And don't try to lie to me. It's futile."

"What does futile mean Mido-chin?"

"It means it's useless, nanodayo"

"Nothing happened, Akashi-kun." Kuroko replied. "Would you please get off me, Kise-kun, you're squishing me"

Kise, who was hugging the bluenette's waist like Kuroko was his lifeline, shook his head and hugged the boy tighter. "No! Akashicchi said that I'm allowed to hug you today and I'm making this moment last!"

"Tetsuya" Akashi began, his piercing red and golden eyes flickering with a demanding glint. "I think you forgot to attach a proper suffix on my name."

"What is a suffix Mido-chin?"

"It's a word you attach on the end of another word, nanodayo"

Kuroko paled. He knew it was useless to defy Akashi. Though it was embarrassing to say it, he had to. "Akashi-niichan, nothing happened."

"Hey, I want Tetsu to call me Onii-chan!"

"Me too, me too~! Suuu~"

"Be quiet, nanodayo!"

Akashi sighed "…You're lying Tetsuya again. Haven't I told you its futile?" His gaze on the youngest brother tightened. Kuroko paled even further. Aomine, noticing this, sighed. He slung his arm around Kuroko's shoulders, bringing the younger brother closer to him.

"Come one, Tetsu, aren't we your brothers? You can tell us anything" Aomine said as he ruffled Kuroko's hair using his free hand. Kuroko always felt at ease when Aomine ruffles his hair, even though sometimes it hurts. Kuroko felt he was slowly giving in. With a few more ruffles, Kuroko sighed and leaned at Aomine. He clutched the fourth elder's dark blue shirt and pressed his face against Aomine's chest. Aomine made a horrid expression as he felt something wet stain his shirt –and it's not because he was worried of his shirt, no, he was worried that his Tetsu is crying. Kise noticed this and latched himself off the bluenette. Midorima and Murasakibara watched timidly as Akashi leaned over to inspect Kuroko.

"Are you crying, Tetsuya?" Akashi asked. No replies were needed as the brothers saw a droplet slid down Kuroko's cheek.

Akashi clenched his fists. How dare someone make Tetsuya cry! Oh, he will be hunting that person down and make him pay! Let the man hunt begin!

Midorima shifted his glasses. Someone made Kuroko cry, and that was inexcusable. Since Akashi would be hunting down the said person, he would be helping by telling the authorities of the crimes of the said person and ensure that he or she would suffer the consequences of his actions by the wrath of justice!

Murasakibara frowned. He hates seeing Kuro-chin cry. It makes him sad and angry at the same time. He wanted to crush the person who made Kuro-chin cry. After Aka-chin and Mido-chin were done with the bully, he'll crush him, hard.

Aomine patted Kuroko's back. It made his blood boil the thought of Tetsu being bullied. Tomorrow, he would definitely search for this person and punch him square in the face. And then he would let Akashi and the others deal with the bully, and make sure that this bully won't ever mess with them ever again.

Kise bit his lip. He was really angry now. No one makes Kurokocchi cry, no one and no one will! He'll definitely be the first one to shower this bully with his rage. Whatever his brothers had in store for the bully, they can wait. Kise will be Kurokocchi's hero this time!

"I didn't make any friends. They all played without me." Kuroko finally replied, making the other boys' anger level go down a bit. His voice was so soft and quiet, and they could hear the sad tone behind it, which made their anger diminish completely. "I wish I had many friends like all of you. I'm lonely in that school…"

The brothers stared at him, all having sorrowful expressions. When Kuroko was sad or in pain, they were also sad and in pain. They couldn't bear to see their youngest brother be sad like this. It made their stomachs twist and turn in a bad way, and made their chest so tight they couldn't breathe. They all love Kuroko so much that they even share their feelings with one another. The brothers remained silent in the hallway as Kuroko remained clutching onto Aomine.

After a few minutes, Kise was the first one to react. He hugged Kuroko from the back and brought himself closer to the boy. His hug, this time, was gentle and loving. "Ne~ it's alright Kurokocchi. You don't need friends as long as I'm here! I'll make you happy for the rest of your life!" Kise exclaimed.

Aomine, who just realized what Kise had said, snaked his arm onto Kuroko's waist while the other arm was wrapped around Kuroko's head rather possessively. "Like you can!" Aomine shouted "Tetsu, I can make you five times happier than this dork" Kise and Aomine then had a stare off, sparks flying everywhere.

"Get your hands off Tetsuya, you two are suffocating him" Akashi said as he removed Kise's and Aomine's arms from Kuroko's petite body. Once Kuroko was free from their grasp (and Aomine and Kise were wrestling and tumbling on the floor), Akashi took Kuroko's hand and kissed it. Kuroko's eyes widened as Akashi smiled at him rather sweetly, still holding Kuroko's hand.

"Don't listen to those fools, Tetsuya. You know I'm the one who's best for you" Akashi said softly, though, still has that commanding tone present in his voice.

"Uhh…" Before Kuroko could even speak, a stick of vanilla-covered pocky was shoved in his mouth. Murasakibara hugged Kuroko from behind, nuzzling on the shorter boys head with his nose. Kuroko would've spit the pocky out since it was shoved onto his mouth, but since it was vanilla flavored, he didn't mind and indulged on the sweet stick.

"I want to make Kuro-chin happy too" Murasakibara whispered. His lazy gaze turned towards Midorima, who was watching the whole thing with a frown on his face. Murasakibara tilted his head on the side, wondering why Midorima was kind of upset (Better yet, why he wasn't stopping the two idiots from killing each other behind him) and, after a few seconds, figured out the reason. Murasakibara smiled slyly.

"Mido-chin is jealous~ He wants to make you happy Kuro-chin, but he's too shy."

Kuroko's gaze turned towards Midorima, who turned away from the gaze, blushing. Avoiding eye contact, he strode over to Kuroko, brought up a small blue bird plushie that has identical blank eyes of Kuroko's, and placed it in Kuroko's free hand.

"It's not that I want you to be happy or anything…" Midormia muttered, shifting his glasses. "Oha-Asa says that good things will come to Cancers who make Aquariuses happy. By the way, this is your lucky item for the day"

Kuroko, who already finished the pocky in his mouth, looked at the blue bird plushie in his hand. He then looked at his brothers and smiled. Though it was only a small movement of his lips, the smile was able to make Aomine and Kise stop from fighting and all of them turned and stared at Kuroko. Akashi only widened his eyes at the sight, Murasakibara stopped from eating and continued to stare, and Midorima adjusted his glasses which now have cracks on the lens because he gripped it so hard.

"Everyone…" Kuroko began, his smile dazzling his stepbrothers. His big, blank azure eyes, which were usually emotionless, were now half-lidded and have sparks of joy and emotion in it. The hallway seemed to be brighter and warmer than ever before, making the older brother's stomach twist and turn like they were in a roller coaster and their hearts jump out of their chest like fireworks launching into the night sky. "Thank you."








A high-pitched shriek echoed in the empty hallway.

"KUROKOCHI, YOU'RE SO CUTE~!" Kise shouted as he lunged himself at Kuroko, gripping his waist. "It almost makes me want you to be my waifu~! Wait, that's a great idea! Kurokocchi, want to be my waifu? I'll make you the happiest waifu in the world if you say yes!"

"DIE KISE!" Aomine shouted as he lunged himself at Kise. He pulled the blond away from Kuroko and latched himself on the boy. "There is no way Tetsu will become your waifu!" Aomine smirked coolly and possessively hugged Kuroko "Tetsu is my waifu. He clearly wants me."

"Yeah and pigs fly!"

"What did you say, dork!?"

"Shut up, both of you!" Midorima said as he smacked the two boys "You don't even know what waifu is! And waifu's not even a word! If you must know, the correct word is 'wife', and you can't make Kuroko your wife. You have to marry him and take responsibility and EVERYONE knows you two are the most irresponsible!" The green-haired boy sighed as he adjusted his glasses. He placed his hand on Kuroko's head, timidly ruffling the bluenette's locks "Don't listen to them Kuroko. If you must know, I'm the most responsible here –it's not like I want you to be my wife or anything…I just want you to know that I'm a perfect match…and Oha-Asa said that Cancers are really lucky and most compatible with Aquariuses so…"

Murasakibara pulled Kuroko to himself, removing Midorima's hand on Kuroko's head. "Mido-chin is a liar! I watched Oha-Asa today and she didn't say anything like that!" the purple boy huffed. "If you become my waifu Kuro-chin, I'll give you this premium vanilla flavored pocky" the older brother waved a box of vanilla-flavored pocky.

"Don't bribe him!"

"I can do what I want to do! Mido-chin is just jealous because you don't have any pocky to give Kuro-chin!"


"You're too dark, Aominecchi, you can't have Kurokocchi!"

"What does my skin color have to do with Tetsu!?"

"You'll make Kurokocchi ugly if he becomes you're waifu!"

"Yeah, and you'll make Tetsu's ears bleed!"

"Eh~ Mine-chin has a point"

"Just give up Kise. You don't stand a chance, nanodayo."

"So mean!"

"I don't care what you say Midorima, Tetsu is my waifu"

"How many times do I have to tell you, WAIFU IS NOT A WORD!"

"Mine-chin is so full of himself. You're too short"

"It's because you're too tall!"

"I want Kurokocchi~"

As the four other boys continued to bicker at the far corner, Akashi took this chance to claim Kuroko all for himself. His arms wrapped around Kuroko's slim waist as he rested his chin on Kuroko's shoulder. Kuroko tilted his head, facing the crimson haired boy, who was smirking slyly.

"You're going to be my wife, won't you Tetsuya?" Akashi mumbled. His voice was smooth and soothing, though, it had this cold and stern tone to it. It made Kuroko quiver a bit.


"You know you can't say no"


"OI! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING AKASHI!?" Aomine shouted. "Get your hands off my waifu"

"Waifu is not a wo- You know what, forget it!" Midorima exclaimed. He let out an exasperated sigh as he glared disapprovingly at Akashi "…It's not that I want to Kuroko as my wife or anything…"

"Aka-chin, you're so sly!" Murasakibara sulked, gripping his bag of chips he fished out of his pocket. "Kuro-chin was supposed to be my waifu…"

"KUROKOCCHI!" Kise screamed as he hurled himself to red-haired. He grabbed Akashi by the ankle, crying and sobbing. "I'll hold Akashicchi off; run, Kurokocchi!"

"What are you doing Ryouta?" Akashi whispered coldly, his voice freezing everyone in the hallway. His gaze pierced into Kise like knives as dangerous glints sparked in those sinister heterochromatic eyes. "Tetsuya is my wife, so beat it."

"No fair! Why do you always have to get what you want? I want Kurokocchi! You can have Aominecchi!" Kise bargained, now holding Kuroko's ankle.

"Like I have any interest in that fool."

"WHO'RE YOU CALLING FOOL?! And neither of you can have Tetsu!" Aomine said as he rushed and grabbed Kuroko's left arm. "Just say the words Tetsu and I'll carry you to some place faraway"

"You'll have to go through me, first" Murasakibara said as he grabbed Kuroko's right arm. "I'll crush Mine-chin"


"Ryouta, get off Tetsuya"

"No~! I want Kurokocchi! We were meant to be together."

As the four brothers argued, Kuroko squirmed under their grasp. He was getting really annoyed. He didn't mind the commotion, though, it would be best if they didn't put him in the middle of the crossfire. What's more annoying was how Midorima was throwing hateful glares at his four brothers, and Kuroko was the only one affected by it, even though it wasn't meant for him. The way the green-haired boy was glancing was really disturbing –Midorima's expression was scrunched up as if he was trying to swallow the icky cough medicine Kuroko's mother would give him and a strange and dark aura was surrounding him and slowly occupying Kuroko's breathing space. Midorima looked like he was arguing at himself, which was very unusual of him, and he really looked like he wanted to join the other four in the crossfire. Kuroko was silently praying that Midorima won't and he, as the sanest of the five older brothers, would stop this commotion.

As Midorima kept glancing and looking away, he noticed how Kuroko looked more and more uncomfortable in the situation he was in, and later he might get suffocated. Midorima took a deep breath before he turned his attention to his four other brothers, who were still bickering at each other.

"Excuse me!" Midorima shouted, enough for the bickering brothers to turn their attention to him. "Would you please stop this nonsense? Why don't you all ask Kuroko if he wants to be your wife? You're all arguing about your possession over him, yet he doesn't get a say about it!"

The bickering brothers latched off each other's throats and looked over Kuroko. Kuroko flinched at their gazes.

"So, what'll be Tetsuya?"

"Who do you choose Tetsu?"

"Only one of us is bound to have you Kurokocchi."

"So, choose wisely Kuro-chin."

"The decision will decide who you'd be with, Kuroko, nanodayo."

Kuroko blinked. They all looked serious about this. The youngest brother thought this was only a joke or a show of brotherly affection. But, this was different. They were fighting for him, they all wanted to be with him, and they wanted him to be happy. Kuroko was really confused. This wasn't simple brotherly affection no longer, no, it was something else. This was like his mother's and Saito's affection and love for one another. The thought of his brothers fighting for him, wanting to marry him and became their wife, and providing him selflessly the joy and love they could give made his heart pump faster and his cheeks warmer. He couldn't choose one –he doesn't want to leave the other four behind. Kuroko loves all of them, and he wants all of them to be happy too.

"I'm sorry, but I can't choose" Kuroko mumbled. "I want everyone to be happy, and I don't want anyone to be left behind. If you want, I will be the wife to all of you, so everyone can be happy." The youngest brother smiled. "I'll marry all of you so we can all be happy."

Suddenly, the four brothers felt they were floating, and flowers, butterflies and pheromones were in the air. Kuroko was glowing in front of them, and his cuteness combined with his beautiful words made them want to throw up rainbows or dance kumbaya right now. They were really happy, so happy that they can't express it in words or in expression. They just felt like standing there and stare at Kuroko all day, repeating the words he just said over and over again in their mind. They really don't like sharing, but it's better than nothing.

"You're so kind, Tetsuya. I don't like sharing, but…if that's what you want" Akashi said as he kissed Kuroko's forehead.

"You are so cute, Kuro-chin. If you were a dessert, I'd lick you up!" Murasakibara said as he licked Kuroko's cheek.

"…What're saying, Kuroko. It's not possible…Nonetheless…" Midorima muttered and as he sneaked a kiss on his hair "I'll have to take that offer…"

"If that's what Tetsu wants, then I guess I could make an exception" Aomine mumbled as he kissed Kuroko's other cheek.

"Ne~ Kurokocchi!" Kise exclaimed as he kissed Kuroko's nose. "You'll never regret this decision!"

"We love you Tetsuya/Kuro-chin~/…Kuroko/Tetsu/KUROKOCCHI!"

Kuroko blushed. Hearing those words made him fluffy and fuzzy inside. He liked and disliked the feeling: he liked it because it feels good inside and he disliked it because he didn't know what kind of feeling is this. Nonetheless…he loved them too, so it doesn't matter. All that matters is, he's happy and they're happy and everyone's happy.

"I love you all too…I promise I'll marry you and make you all happy."




















"Ne~ They're so cute, aren't they, Saito?"

"Indeed they are…however…"

"Let them live on to this fantasy a bit longer. I'm sure this won't turn into something unexpected."

"…I suppose so."

Kuroko dreams to marry his stepbrothers. As they grew up, he realized it was impossible. But it didn't stop him from loving them in a way it was forbidden.

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