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Seal Goes Wrong

Naruto Uzumaki yawned as he stepped out of the small hut that he made for himself. It had been a few months since the war and ended and spring was just about to begin. The allied shinobi forces had returned to their homes, having been victorious over Madara and Obito Uchiha, though at a cost. Many lives had been lost and Naruto had to once again make a sacrifice for the greater good. Now instead of Kurama the Kyubi no Kitsune sealed inside of him, he now had silent and deadly Jubi sitting in his gut. They had managed to seal away Madara Uchiha and killed Obito but the Jubi had still ran rampant, even with the help of the revived Hokages. In the end Naruto and B had released their demons and let them be absorbed by the Jubi, giving it a level of sentience that it had failed to posses before, but as it was disoriented Naruto had his father Minato Namikaze seal the new Jubi inside of him, protecting the world again.

Naruto had been offered great rewards for heroism, but in the end this new beast was far to dangerous for him to be around anyone. It's power was far greater then anything that he had ever possesed and while he was learning to harness it's powers slowly, along with the new gifts that had come along with it, he still felt as if he was far to dangerous to be around anyone. The only people that came to visit this hidden shack in the woods of Hi no Kuni were Tsunade(when she could escape the paperwork), Kakashi, Sakura, Hinata and to his surprise Sasuke. At the moment Naruto was taking after his father and working on becoming a fuinjutsu master, hoping to find a way to seal the Jubi forever once he passed away. As he sat in spring sunshine he began working on a new seal that would transfer the youki that he emitted somewhere else, and hopefully make him less dangerous to be around, and stop scaring off all of the animals.

"Ok, this should do it." Naruto muttered to himself as he made the last brush stroke "Now to test it."

Standing up he lifted the black shirt that covered the mesh one he wore underenath it, placing the new seal over the seal of the Jubi. Focusing his chakra he activated the seal and felt the youki leaving his surrounding area.

"Excellent!" he cheered, but his joy was short lived as he suddenly felt a tug at the seal and then it became a pull, and finally he was surrounded in a flash of light and found himself standing in an alley somewhere he didn't recognize.

"Well shit." Naruto cursed as he looked around "What the hell went wrong."

"You tried to send my youki away and instead got pulled along with it." Jubi replied calmly, having a faint accent that Naruto could not place for the life of him.

"And you know this how?" Naruto asked with a scowl as he entered the mindscape.

"Simple. I am the Jubi recreated. I was inside the Rikudo Sennin for Kami's sake. I've forgotten more about fuinjutsu then your pathetic species has learned since the idiot with purple eyes died." Jubi snarked off.

"Oh shut it you demented freak." Naruto sighed.

"OI! I am a demon with the power to alter the very landscape, not a demented freak!" Jubi shouted in outrage.

"Yeah yeah, heard it all before." Naruto sighed.

Shaking his head at the eventual headache that he felt forming he decided to start exploring in hopes that he could identify his surroundings.

Tenmei Mikogami frowned as he realized that his plan had backfired. Tsukune Aono had managed to get into another school and the problem with the various monsters at Youkai Academy was starting to escalate, especially the Anti-Schoolers. He had a problem and he needed to find a way to fix it fast before all the hard work that he and the other Dark Lords put into this school was wasted. Frowning as he paced he sensed a presence entering the human world, one that had so much youki that he could feel it through the barrier.

"Bus Driver-san." he said as the mysterious driver appeared.

"Yes Headmaster?" he asked.

"I want you to go and pick up our strange new arrival." Mikogami stated "I believe that this young person could be just the answer I'm looking for."

"Hehehe. Fine by me." the Bus Driver chuckled as he walked off.

Naruto was shocked by how huge this city was. Every single place he looked was swarming with people dressed in such unusual clothes, with loud noises prevading the air and in all honesty he couldn't believe that this many people could live like this in such a confined area. Not even one of the villages he had been to were this over populated. The closest he had seen were festivals, and even then there weren't this many people.

"Where the hell am I?" Naruto muttered as he leapt down from the roof he was on and into an alley before walking through the crowds, trying to pick up any information that he could. As he walked people started to avoid him for some reason and a visible area of space started to appear around him as he walked, showing how potent his youki was.

"You stand out quite a bit." a voice said from the road. Turning Naruto saw a large vehicle that he had been observing driving around on the paved streets, this one large then the others, in both length and height.

"And who're you?" Naruto asked with a frown.

"You're ride." he replied "You've been invited to attend a very special school for people like you."

"People like me huh?" Naruto asked with a smirk "And who said I was interested?"

"No one did. It's an offer only. Why don't you come meet the Headmaster and see if you like it, if you don't then we can see about getting you home." Bus Drive smirked.

Naruto frowned at this before deciding that he didn't really have anything to lose. Walking towards the open doors he soon found himself taking a seat in the first row on the side with the door. The Bus Driver soon drove off, and Naruto stared out the window calmly watching the scenery pass before he decided to ask the Bus Driver some questions.

"Is all of the world like this?" Naruto asked.

"Most of it. Humans have expanded so much that there are barely any places that they haven't destroyed." Bus Driver replied.

"Geez." Naruto sighed "Not many forested areas left?"

"There are some, and lots of them are protected so they won't go away, but the great wilderness has disappeared and been replaced by the urban jungle." Bus Drive chuckled.

Naruto simply shook his head at this before noting that they were entering a tunnel. As they did he could feel the dimensional shift and when they exited they were in a gloomy area with dead trees everywhere and in the distance a building that Naruto could only assume was his destination.

"That's the school?" Naruto asked.

"That it is. Youkai Academy."

Naruto only snorted at the name as the bus came to a stop and he calmly stepped off.

"Well thanks for the ride." Naruto stated.

"Not a problem. Enjoy your stay." Bus Driver grinned as he closed the door and started driving away. Shrugging Naruto began walking down the road and towards the building when he suddenly heard a girl shouting "Look out!"

Turning Naruto saw a pink haired girl, wearing a green blazer buttoned over a white dress shirt with a plaid short skit, and some sort of choker on her neck, riding a bicycle towards him, clearly having lost control. Naruto reacted quickly turning to avoid the runaway bike, and grabbed the back of the girl's neck, pulling her from the bike as it crashed into one of the dead trees.

"Oh, I'm sooo sorry." she apologized "I'm anemic you see and I got very dizzy."

"It's all right." Naruto smiled as he walked over and picked up her bike. As he lifted it onto his shoulder the chain snapped across the side of his neck, letting a small trickle of blood flow out. The girl's eye dialated as the smell of blood reached her.

"Oh, you're bleeding." She said as she went over to him, running a finger through the blood and then putting it into her mouth and moaned at the taste. Naruto blinked in puzzlement before she moved in closer, almost as if to kiss him. Blinking Naruto was about to say something when instead she went for his neck, taking a bite and started drinking his blood.

"WHAT THE?!" he mentally shouted.

"Um... I think you just found yourself a vampire Naruto." Jubi stated "Not a bad looking one either."

"Oh... I'm sorry, you're blood just smelled so good and when I took that taste I just couldn't help myself." she smiled "You see I'm a vampire and we do need blood to survive. I hope you don't hate vampires."

Naruto blinked again before deciding to go with honesty "No, I don't hate vampires. In fact you're the first one that I've ever met."

"Oh that's great! I'm Moka Akashiya." Moka smiled.

"Naruto Uzumaki. The pleasure's all mine." Naruto replied as they started walking.

"So are you a student at Youkai Academy too?" Moka asked.

"I guess. I'm a late arrival so I have to go see the Headmaster first and set things up." Naruto replied.

"Oh, well that explains the clothes." Moka replied as she took in his all black wardrobe "You really look quite mysterious like that."

"Thanks." Naruto nodded as they stopped just outside the school "Well here's you bike back. I'm going to go find the Headmaster. It's been a pleasure Moka-chan, maybe we'll be in the same class together."

"That'd be great!" Moka smiled as Naruto walked into the school, noting the various stares he was getting, mostly from the girls as he walked by. It took some time but he did finally manage to find his way to the Headmaster's office and was let inside to see the mysterious founder of the academy.

"So you're the one who wanted me here." Naruto stated calmly as he looked at the man dressed in white.

"I am. And you are not the average monster." he noted.

"That's because I'm human." Naruto replied.

"Oh really. You give off quite the amount of youki then. Where are you from?"

"Konohagakure no Sato in Hi no Kuni." Naruto replied.

"The Elemental Nations. It has been some time since we had travellers from that dimension." Mikogami nodded as he thought "Then the youki coming from you is likely that of a demon sealed inside of you. Which one would it be, the Ichibi, perhaps the Sanbi, or maybe the Kyubi?"

"Jubi." Naruto sighed "There has been some changes in the Elemental Nations."

"I see. If the Jubi has been sealed then you are in a very interesting positon. How is it that you wound up here?"

"A seal gone bad. I've been leaking so much youki that it's started effecting my surroundings to a degree. So I attempted to make a seal that would divert the worst of it to a different place and in the end I got dragged along with it, or so the Jubi says." Naruto explained "Any ideas on how to get me back?"

"I might be able to manage something. Travel through dimensions is doable as you should know by the existence of this school. However it is not something one undertakes lightly. I will make you a deal young man. If you stay and enroll here for three years, by the time you are done I will have found a way for you to return to your home dimension and establish a means of travel between the two if you so wish." Mikogami offered.

"What are the rest of the conditions?" Naruto asked.

"It's simple really. All I'd like you to do is to help keep the peace here, and deal with any problems that arise that prove to be a threat to the entire school. Otherwise just act like a normal student here."

"So you want an undercover operative?" Naruto stated.

"In a sense."

"Fine, but I have some conditons."


"First, I want ramen for lunch every day, and make sure that it is a least ten bowls."

"Very well." the headmaster nodded.

"Second I will not wear those colors for the uniform. Let me change up the color scheme on them."

"Fine, I will inform the staff that you are an exception to this rule."

"Lastly I will need a room to myself, I like my privacy and I will be working more on my fuinjutsu training." Naruto stated.

"Agreed then. I will have your requests taken care of by the end of the school day, your homeroom teacher will have the key to your dorm. Now here is your class list." Mikogami replied as he handed him a sheet of paper with his classes on them "Enjoy the school life."

"Yeah." Naruto nodded as he turned and walked out, deciding to enjoy his first day in his current attire before donning the new one tomorrow.

Moka was sitting in her homeroom class, which was about the history of monster human relations and how to blend in with them. As the teacher Ms. Nekomone finished roll call there was a knock on the door.

"Oh, come in." she smiled as the door opened and a blonde with whisker marks dressed in black walked in.

"Hi, sorry I'm late. I just finished registering with the Headmaster." he smiled "I didn't have time to get my uniform together."

"Alright dear, I'll let it slide this one time. Now please introduce yourself to the class." Nekomone smiled.

"Hi, I'm Naruto Uzumaki." he nodded to the class as he saw that Moka was in the class. Walking down the row of desks he took a seat next to Moka who smiled at her friend having arrived in time.

"Now then. The point of this class is to learn about the relations between youkai and humans and how to best blend in with them." Nekomone explained.

"Heh, wouldn't it be better to just eat all the men and have our way with the women, screw hiding." a guy sitting two seats in front of Naruto stated, earning several glares from the women but some approved mutterings from some of the other guys. Naruto simply frowned at the guy and resisted the urge to send a kunai through his skull.

"Now that is a quick way to get us all found out and hunted to extinction." Nekomone chided as she continued the class. Once it was all finished and they were dismissed they all proceeded to head for their next classes.

"So what do you have next Naruto-kun?" Moka asked as she looked at his class list.

"Let's see. I've got Chemistry next, that should be fun. Then Math, then Gym. After that is Lunch Break, then my last two classes are English then Cooking." Naruto read off "What about you?"

"I have Gym next, then Math, then English. Lunch Break then Chemistry and then Cooking." Moka read off.

"So we have every other class together." Naruto noted with a grin "Well we better get going. I'll see you in Math Moka-chan." Naruto smiled as he walked off, trying to find the class room. The rest of the day went by quietly for Naruto who enjoyed the mass amounts of ramen that he had gotten for lunch, and shocked Moka with how much and how quickly he ate them.

"That is incredible!" Moka exclaimed after having sucked some more of his blood "I have never seen anyone eat that much so quickly."

"It's a gift." Naruto chuckled as he finished his milk. The two soon went off to the last few classes and after classes were done proceeded to wander around the campus, exploring the entire area. As they walked they got stopped by the guy who had spoken up about eating humans in their history class.

"Hey there Moka, I'm Saizo Komiya. Why don't you ditch this blonde loser and come be with a real monster." he grinned as he leaned in close to her.

"No thank you Saizo-san. I'd rather stay with my friend." Moka stated as she tried to walk away but Saizo lifted his arm up to block her.

"I don't think so. That wasn't an offer, you ARE going to be my woman." Saizo grinned. Before he could do anything else there was a sickening crunch as Naruto had closed the distance between them in a flash, grabbed the offending student's arm and broke the elbow joint so that his arm was bent backwards.

"AGH!" he screamed as Naruto just stared at him.

"The lady said no." Naruto replied coldly "Now get lost before I decide to do that to both arms."

"You'll pay for that." he cursed as he ran off. Moka only blinked at Naruto for the action he took but decided that he had done it to protect her and she could let it slide.

"Sorry about that." Naruto smiled "I really don't like bullies."

"It's ok." Moka smiled as they continued walking. After awhile Moka went off to her dorm to get some rest while Naruto went and found Nekomone and got his dorm room key and walked straight there, finding the room was a decent size with a twin sized bed, a table, and a TV that he had no idea how to use. There was a fully stocked kitchenette in a corner of the room and a closet filled with his uniforms. Instead of the green color he had black with orange ties.

"This will do." Naruto nodded as he went over his school supplies that were on the desk next to the bed.

The next day went similar to how the first one went except Saizo was constantly glaring at the blonde. It was after classes when Naruto went off into the woods that Saizo approached him with a sinister grin.

"You're dead you little shit." he growled.

"Doubt it." Naruto replied calmly as he looked at Saizo "You've been giving me the death glare all day, I just decided to give you a chance to take your revenge."

"Oh I will." Saizo chuckled as he started to transform. He grew in size, now standing closer to nine feet tall, his shirt and blazer were shredded as his arms grew in length and his upper body grew far more muscled, with spikes coming out of his collarbone in a few spots.

"So what in the nine hells are you?" Naruto asked cocking his head to one side "Because you are one ugly son of a bitch."

"DAMN YOU!" Saizo roared as he swung a fist at Naruto who dodged it with ease.

"I mean, you fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down." Naruto continued, dodging another swing of Saizo's arm "And then climbed back up to do it again."

"JUST DIE!" Saizo screamed as he smashed the ground where the blonde had been standing.

"No can do ugly." Naruto replied.

While Naruto tormented Saizo, Moka was looking for her friend having noticed that he left their cooking class right away. After asking around a bit she found that he had gone into the woods and she made her way in, finding the blonde dodging the large monsters attacks with ease.

"Naruto-kun!" Moka shouted, shocking both of them. Naruto who turned to look finally was smacked by a back handed blow from Saizo, skidding to a stop by Moka.

"Ouch." Naruto grunted "That hurt you bastard."

"Are you ok?" Moka asked as Naruto shakily stood up, accidentally grabbing the Rosario as he did and pulling it off. Looking in his hand as he felt something gripped in it and then felt the sudden burst of youki. Turning he saw that Moka was transforming, her normally pink hair turning a silver color and her green eyes turning blood red.

"Hm. So you removed the Rosario." Moka stated looking at Naruto before looking at Saizo "Well big guy, I thought you said yesterday you wanted to make me your woman?"

Saizo at this point lost it and tried to crush Moka who simply slipped under the arm and kicked the monster with such force to the jaw that he lifted off the ground and collapsed unconsious.

"Know your place." she sniffed as she looked at the blonde.

"So this is new." Naruto stated as he ran an eye over her.

"So you're Naruto." Moka noted as she walked around him "You give off plenty of youki that's for certain."

"Thanks." Naruto replied "Same could be said for you."

"But I'm a vampire. We are the cream of the crop, the best of the best. You on the other hand are a mystery." Moka noted "One that I am going to look forward to solving at a later date."

"So noted." Naruto replied "Here."

Moka took the Rosario back and nodded to the blonde "Next time, try not to get so distracted."

Before Naruto could reply she reattached the Rosario and returned back to her usual form.

"Are you ok?" Naruto asked as he caught her before she fell. Moka didn't reply, and simply took a bite into his neck and started drinking his blood. Sighing the blonde let her drink her fill before they stood up and made their way back to the school building.