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It had been a few weeks since Mizore had joined their group of friends and while she hadn't opened up to them as much as Naruto had hoped she would, she was able to be around them without any major difficulties. Currently Naruto was finishing an article pertaining to the rise in missing students and how the weaker yokai should start to work with a pack mentality to keep each other safe when he heard knocking on the door. Frowning he saw Gin open the door and after a brief conversation he turned.

"Hey Naruto, someone here to see you!" he shouted. Blinking Naruto stood up and walked over to the door and saw Ruby standing there with a smile.

"Ruby-san!" Naruto said in shock as he saw the older witch.

"Naruto-kun." Ruby nodded "The headmaster sent me to get you." she explained, causing Naruto to blink at this statement.

"Ok." Naruto nodded as he created a Kage Bunshin to finish his article "I'll be back later!" he called to the girls who all were focused on their work and only gave nods or ok's as their replies. Naruto and Ruby walked through the hallways before Naruto spoke.

"So you're working for the headmaster?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. I needed something to do and the headmaster offered me a job working as his assistant." Ruby explained.

"Lot of work?"

"He works me like a dog." Ruby said, a blush hitting her face as Naruto looked at her and decided not to say anything. Soon they were in Mikogami's office and he motioned for Ruby to leave.

"Naruto. I need your assistance with a matter." Mikogami began as he handed the blonde a folder. Naruto opened it to find several different pages, including two that were copies of a newspaper article detailing two small towns that had the entire population completly disappear.

"What's this about?" Naruto asked.

"A problem that could reveal the entire Youkai world to humanity if we do not act quickly. We do not know who or what is causing this, but in the last two weeks two entire towns have had the populations completely vanish, not so much as a trace of them. I was sent this by a youkai that works in the police department near both the towns, and they are getting concerned. He asked me to investigate this and stop it before it gets out of hand, and thus I am sending you."

"Why me?" Naruto asked.

"You're a trained soldier that has served actively until these past few months and I sincerly doubt that you have been idle during this time when you are not getting into fights with the other students and faculty." Mikogami grinned "And with your training you'll be able to track down who ever is causing this and deal with the perpatrator or perparators quickly and quietly."

"So how long do I have before they attack another village?" Naruto asked.

"The attacks seem to happen late sunday night, so you have until sunday morning to deal with it."

"So a little more than a day and a half." Naruto nodded as he looked in the file again "Do I have a cover or am I camping?"

"I have a cover for you, including currency to cover your expenses." Mikogami shrugged "Will you do this?"

"Yeah... I assume that you want them alive."

"Yes. They need to be punished by our authorities without giving away anything to the humans. Capture them, kill only if absolutely necessary." Mikogami nodded.

"Got it." Naruto nodded as he closed the folder and started to leave "I'll be on my way in a few hours."

"Thank you." Mikogami nodded as he resumed his work. As Naruto left the office Ruby handed him a briefcase containing his identification that included a passport, currency, and a cell phone that would according to her reach the headmaster directly. Naruto was soon packed up and outside his dorm when Moka and the other girls came running up.

"There you are Naruto-kun!" Moka smiled and then blinked when she saw the backpack and briefcase "Are you going somewhere?"

"Yeah. Headmaster has an assignment that he needs me to do in the human world." Naruto replied as all the girls stared at him in shock.

"Why?" Kurumu asked finally.

"Because he wanted me to handle it." Naruto replied as he walked towards the bus stop.

"How long will you be gone?" Mizore asked.

"For the weekend. I should be back sunday night." Naruto answered.

"What are you doing there?" Yukari asked.

"That's classified." Naruto stated as he stopped by the sign and looked at the four girls that all had worried expressions on their faces "Come on now, you all know that I have done some dangerous things before you all met me."

"That was before we met you though." Mizore stated.

"Yeah. We don't want you to do dangerous things on your own!" Yukari agreed.

"Part of my job." Naruto chuckled as the bus pulled up "Here's my ride. I will see all of you on sunday." He gave them all a quick hug before climbing on the bus and taking a seat. Soon the bus pulled away and was entering the portal that would take him to the human world. As the bus pulled up to the bus station in the closest city Naruto climbed off and nodded towards Bus Driver.

"Don't take any risks now." he said as he blew out some smoke and closed the door. Naruto only nodded as the bus left and he made his way into town. He was walking through the streets, trying to find the nearest hotel when he was suddenly getting the feeling that he was being followed. Pausing he entered Sage Mode and focused around him before he finally picked up on who was near him.

"You can come out now." he sighed as he turned behind him to see five guilty looking faces "You four I am not surprised that you followed me, but you dragged Ruby into this too?"

"I agreed to help..." Ruby replied sheepishly.

"Ugh, what am I going to do with you guys..." Naruto sighed.

"Love us?" Yukari said hopefully, really meaning her and Moka.

"Whatever you want to me?" Ruby replied.

"Ravish me?" Kurumu offered.

"Make a baby with me." Mizore stated

"Not be mad?" Moka said last as Naruto looked at each one of them before he pointed at Moka.

"And we have a winner." he chuckled as he started walking again "Well come on, let's go get a hotel room."

This earned some cheers from the girls as Naruto finally found the hotel in town and walked in, motioning for the other girls to move off to the side and wait.

"How may I help you sir?" the man behind the desk asked as Naruto set the briefcase down.

"I need a suite if you please." Naruto stated calmly as he took out his I.D.

"One moment." the man smiled as he started typing on the computer, and Naruto soon noticed that the youki he was emitting was starting to affect the man as he was working much faster than normal to get Naruto out of there "We have a suite available for a few days. How long will you be staying.

"Until Sunday morning." Naruto replied calmly.

"I see. Any guests that we should be aware of?"

"Yes, my boss plans on sending a few of his adopted children to see the town, so it's my job to show them around." Naruto replied as he just kept his eyes locked on the man's "They should be arriving later today, there are five of them."

"Of course sir. So one room, for six people." he quickly typed away the information before printing out Naruto's paperwork "Just sign here and let me get a copy of your I.D."

Naruto passed him the plastic rectangle and quickly skimmed the paperwork before signing it. Once the man returned he gave Naruto the price for the room, which the blonde paid easily before taking the three card keys that he had been given.

"Please enjoy your stay." he smiled as Naruto nodded and walked away, with the girls soon running over to him as he walked towards the elevators.

"So what floor should I hit?" Kurumu asked as the elevator door closed.

"Top floor." Naruto replied. Once they reached the floor Naruto led them to the door and slid the key into the scanner and opened the door to reveal the large spacious room. The girls eyes all widened as Naruto walked in and set his bag and briefcase onto the couch.

"How much did this cost?" Ruby finally asked as the five walked in.

"Headmaster gave me the money, so I figured we might as well relax in style." Naruto shrugged as he sat down before taking out the file and reading over everything again.

"So are you going to tell us what you are doing?" Moka asked as all the girls tried to take a look at the file.

"Capture mission." Naruto replied as he set the folder down and quickly explained what he was supposed to do. The girls all looked at Naruto with worry in their eyes before Yukari pointed something out.

"Those towns all had at least two hundred people in them, and there are no signs of a struggle. That means that what ever happened was fast, before anyone knew what was going on."

"My thoughts exactly. Meaning that they either have a powerful ability to manipulate people/capture them all at once, or that there are more of them than the population of each of these towns." Naruto nodded as the girls all looked at him with even more concern "What?"

"Naruto, do you honestly think that you can fight off hundreds of youkai by yourself?" Ruby asked.

"If I have to, yes." Naruto nodded as he met her gaze calmly "I've seen worse odds than this, I can handle it."

Before any more worries could be added on Naruto stood up and started exploring the giant hotel suite. There was a kitchen attachment with a fully stocked fridge and a price guide of how much it would cost to use the various items. The bathroom was a good size as well, with a large jacuzi tub that could easily fit all of them. Last was the bedroom that Naruto saw had a large bed with a night stand with a phone and alarm clock.

"That's a big bed." Mizore stated from behind him as she walked into the room.

"That it is." Naruto nodded as he was about to leave and saw Mizore make eye contact with him.

"Maybe we should break it in." she offered with a small blush which Naruto quickly had a full blown one on his face.

"Ah... No." Naruto chuckled "None of that will be happening."

"None of what?" Kurumu asked as she walked in and saw the bed and then gave a smile towards Naruto who had a sinking feeling that he knew where this was going.

"If you don't want the ice queen, how about you let me help you use that bed." Kurumu smiled wickedly as she moved towards him.

"I believe I said no." Naruto said again as he started to back away from the sucubus.

"Said no to what?" Moka asked as she walked in with Yukari and Ruby, who saw the bed and saw the way Naruto was keeping back from the sucubus.

"Is this normal with you?" Ruby asked as she looked at Naruto.

"As much as I wish I could deny it, it is." Naruto replied as he flickered from sight and appeared at the doorway "I will let you ladies decide where each of you is sleeping, and no I will not be sharing the bed with any of you."

This earned a few moans of complaint from Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari as Naruto left the room. Later that night, after Naruto ordered some take out and they had all eaten Naruto explained to them his plan for tomorrow.

"We are going to go to both the villages and look for clues, see if we can find something that the police may have overlooked or not realized that it was evidence." Naruto explained "If all goes well I can pinpoint the general location and from there go in and deal with this problem."

"And if we can't find any evidence?" Kurumu asked.

"Then we go to plan B, which is having Kage Bunshin scour the area until they find something." Naruto sighed "Only problem with that plan is that it forces us to lose any chance at stealth that we may have."

"I see." Ruby nodded as she had been planning on asking why not use that plan to start with. With that Naruto told them to get some rest as the girls had drawn straws and Moka, Kurumu and Ruby were sharing the bed, while Mizore and Yukari had the couches while Naruto said he would find his own arrangements. The next morning the girls awoke to Naruto already working out, doing push ups and muttering a number as he did.

"Nine hundred ninety-seven, nine hundred ninety-eight, nine hundred ninety-nine, one thousand." Naruto grunted as he finished and stood up, shaking his arms that had a coating of sweat on them.

"You're up early." Mizore grumbled as she walked towards the bathroom.

"I could say the same for all of you." Naruto chuckled as he grabbed the hand towel that he had laying on one of the kitchen chairs he had pulled nearby and wiped the sweat off his body.

"Yeah, but you went to bed after us." Moka noted with a yawn.

"Everything is relative I guess." Naruto replied as he walked towards the backpack and pulled out some clothes "Well once everyone is ready we will head on out, grab some breakfast and then get to those towns."

There was a chorus of mutterings about cheerful morning blondes as they all started getting ready. After close to an hour the six of them were in the back of a cab the size of a van taking them to the edge of the first town. Once he had dropped them off Naruto walked into the town and began searching the area. The girls kept their eyes open as well, but they had no idea what Naruto was looking for and decided that it was best to stay out of his way. After close to an hour of him walking around he stopped and frowned at something on the ground.

"What is this?" he muttered as he gently moved aside some fallen leaves to see a partial claw print.

"That looks like a lizardman print." Yukari stated in worry.

"And they rarely work alone." Naruto nodded as he searched some more and found some more evidence of what he was looking for. Nodding he moved to the edge of the village and found the general direction that they had come from and noted it in his mind. A few hours later they reached the next village and again Naruto found more of the lizardmen footprints and soon picked out the direction that they had come from.

"Map please." Naruto said as he crouched on the ground, as Ruby passed him the map "Ok, here is the first village." He began, circling the first one "And here is the second." Circling that one as well "Now in the first one we found the footprints heading in this direction." he then drew a line going out at a diagnol, towards the second village "And here we found footprints going in this direction." now he drew a line going towards the first village.

"They are somewhere where those lines cross!" Moka exclaimed.

"My thoughts exactly. I could be more sure if there were more villages, but that would also mean that there are a lot more missing people and that the human world would be on high alert. But now we have a reasonable area to start searching." Naruto explained as the girls nodded at this as Naruto started walking through the fields and towards the potential threat. As they reached a hill Naruto motioned for the girls to stop as he crouched down and took out binoculars that he had brought with him.

"Found them." Naruto noted as he passed the binoculars to the girls who all saw the large camp of lizardmen.

"That is a lot of lizards." Kurumu muttered.

"Yeah." Yukari nodded, shaking a little as she still remembered when the lizardmen at Youkai Academy had tried to eat her.

"Ok... You all stay here. I'm going in." Naruto stated as he started to stand up.

"WHAT?!" they all hissed.

"They are going to sense me coming before I get too close anyways, and if they see only me they will think that I am announcing my presence and likely let me closer." Naruto replied as he looked at the girls "But if they see me with a large group of women then they are likely to think that I am bringing them a gift. So you all stay back and let me handle this."

Each of the girls looked at him and tried to come up with some kind of retort but the blonde's reasoning was too sound for them to argue. Walking down the hill Naruto watched as the camp of lizardmen sprang into activity as they sensed the enormous youkai that he was emitting, and soon five of them were moving towards him, stopping just far enough apart that they were not in striking distance.

"What do you want?" the first one hissed.

"I am here to speak to whoever is in charge." Naruto stated "Take me to him, or I will use your skull as a goblet."

The lizardmen all exchanged glances before hissing angrily at him.

"We do not take threats kindly stranger."

"It is not a threat, only a statement of what will happen if you seek to delay me." Naruto replied.

"And if we decide to call your bluff?" the third one asked with a grin. Naruto only sighed as he flicked his wrist and a kunai embedded itself into his left foot, pinning him to the ground as Naruto took two steps forward and set a lance of fire through his right arm, searing it off of his body. The lizard screamed in pain as he watched his arm fall to the ground and looked at the blonde who had a bored expression on his face. The other four backed off and nodded for the blonde to follow them. Smiling Naruto grabbed the kunai from the foot of the other lizardman and walked with them into their camp where he was taken in front of a massive beast of a lizardman who only hissed angrily as he saw the blonde.

"Why do you bring this stranger before me?!" he roared.

"He says he has a message for you great one..." one of the five said, bowing low "He is a mighty youkai and we did not want to throw our lives away in vain to stop him from delivering it."

"Is that why one of you is missing an arm?" he growled.

"It is." Naruto replied "They thought to challenge me, and I showed them what would happen."

The giant lizardman and Naruto held each other's gaze for a few moments before the larger youkai grunted.

"Then speak."

"I have been sent by my superior to inform you that you have drawn the attention of human athorities to you. We know that it was you and yours that caused the disappearance of the humans in two whole towns. Due to this you have brought a great and terrible danger to all of the youkai, for if you are discovered then it is only a matter of time before the rest of us are. That is why I have been dispatched, you are to surrender and await judgement peacefully. Or you may resist and you will still face judgement." Naruto explained as he saw the lizardmen in the group around him start to birstle with anger.

"You think to threaten us?!" the leader roared in anger as he stood, grabbing a large mace and swinging it at Naruto, faster than the blonde had expected and was thus only able to get his shadow up in time to stop him from being crushed as he was sent flying from the camp. Twisting in the air he landed on his feet and skidded to a stop as he saw the entire horde of lizardmen start to form in front of him. Naruto cracked his neck as he stood up to his full height and started to slowly walk towards them.

"I feel like Madara Uchiha." Naruto thought to himself.

"The comparison is very apt given the current situation." Jubi noted.

Naruto soon moved into a jog and then a run as he pumped chakra into his legs, just before jumping right into the middle of the crowd, landing on top of a lizardman and hearing the crunch of bones as he hit. Twisting to avoid the fist of one of the lizardmen near him he grabbed the arm and swung him around, smashing him into several of his fellows and then letting him go flying into a nearby tree before turning and working his way through the crowd. Naruto moved like the wind, never standing still and always flowing around the next attack and often using one lizardman against another. After knocking more than sixty of the offenders unconscious he saw that a larger lizardman was moving to smash him with a massive tree trunk that he was using as a club. Grinning Naruto moved under the blow, Rasengan forming hin his hands as he did and right as he swung it down Naruto smashed the sphere of chakra into the offending lizardman and watched as he went flying backwards, crushing several of his fellows as he did. Turning Naruto dodged the claw of the next lizardman and brought up a knee to strike his stomach before punching him in the face and watching the light leave his eyes as he passed out. The fight raged for close to an hour with Naruto mowing down the various lizardmen until he finally was face to face with their leader, the last one standing as he grinned.

"You bastard!" he roared as he swung his mace at Naruto who jumped on top of the weapon and then up into the air where he formed the Odama Rasengan and grinned as he brought the massive sphere of chakra smashing down on top of the lizardmen leader. Once he was certain that they were all unconscious Naruto removed the cellphone that he had been keeping in his coat pocket and opened it up, holding down the number 2 speed dial button.

"Hello?" Mikogami said as he picked up after the third ring.

"Mission accomplished." Naruto stated "The offenders were a large group of lizardmen, close to two hundred and twenty of them."

"I see. And they are all still alive?"

"Some have some broken bones and will not likely be walking or moving anytime soon, but they are all alive to face justice." Naruto confirmed.

"Excellent. On an unrelated note, would five young women happen to be with you that shouldn't be there?"

"As a matter of fact they are." Naruto chuckled.

"Then please make sure that they come back in one piece. I will have Nekonome administer their punishments when they return."

"Of course. I assume that you will be contacting the necessary authorities?"

"Yes. Leave the cell phone at the scene and they will trace it."

"Right." Naruto nodded as he hung up and created a small army of Kage Bunshin to tie up the lizardmen. As they worked Naruto set the phone on the ground and walked back towards the hill where the girls had been watching with wide eyes.

"Whoa..." Yukari whispered as they finished watching the fight.

"I knew that he was strong, but that..." Ruby said in complete shock.

"Is anyone else slightly afraid of Naruto now?" Kurumu asked.

"No..." Mizore stated as she stared at the blonde who was talking on the phone at that time "But I am very turned on."

"You crazy stalker!" Kurumu shouted.

"He is very powerful." Inner Moka noted with a satisfied grin "He would make a most interesting mate."

"MATE?!" Outer Moka mentally exclaimed.

"You can't tell me that you aren't attracted to him. He's handsome, strong and doesn't flaunt his powers or his abilities. He has all the right qualities in him to be an excellent mate."

Outer Moka couldn't think of a response, or have time to give one as Naruto walked back up in front of them.

"Well now that we've dealt with that, let's go back." Naruto grinned as the girls all nodded before bombarding him with questions about how he had done that, which Naruto only replied that it was a trade secret. Soon they were all back in the hotel room and after a few hours all the girls were asleep while Naruto sat against the wall, soon falling asleep where he was then in front of the Jubi.

"Hello ningen." Jubi chuckled from it's seal as it looked at the blonde.

"What do you want?" Naruto asked with a frown "This is the first time you've brought me here when I'm asleep."

"I have put some thought into some matters and decided to discuss them with you." Jubi replied calmly as it let it's eye fall on him "So will you have a chat with me?"

"Why not. This could prove interesting." Naruto replied as a chair materialized behind him.

"Excellent." Jubi nodded "First to discuss is our most recent encounter with hostile youkai."

"What about it?"

"Don't you find it odd that such a large group of lizardmen were moving about, or that they worked so stealthily when their leader was a complete imbecile?"

"Actually I did." Naruto replied "You think a consipiracy?"

"More like an organization. There are plenty of youkai that would love to eradicate all the humans, as you have seen from your time in Youkai Academy. It isn't too much of a stretch to think that they would group together and then begin destroying the humans."

"Valid point." Naruto nodded "I'll bring it up with Mikogami."

"Good. Next is something that we should discuss. Your abilities."

"You are actually going to talk to me about that?" Naruto asked with a questioning look.

"It's overdue." Jubi sighed "I realize that neither of us have exactly been helpful to the other, and if you are to survive fights against various S class youkai that I am sure that you are going to be attract than you need to understand what you are fully capable of."

"Ok..." Naruto nodded, not quite trusting the Jubi but willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

"Now as I explained when you unlocked your new Ice powers, Love is what triggers these new abilities to form. However once they form they are genetic, meaning that they will be passed down to your children if they have the proper conduit for it."

"So if I were to have kids with just a regular shinobi than..."

"They would be born with a strong afinity towards fire, shadows and ice." Jubi replied "It's how the elemental release was created. Your kind had chakra to a slight degree to begin with, not like you do now of course but it was there. After the Rikudo Sennin beat me and sealed me inside of him he felt a great love for the world and everyone in it. He wanted to make a better world and a better place for his descendants. From that he was gifted with the five basic powers of the world, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth and Water."

"Wait, how are those the basic powers of the world?" Naruto asked.

"Fire is the molten core that keeps the planet alive and allows things to grow. Wind to create the atmosphere that allows everything to breathe. Lightning to help create the magnetic field around the planet that stops the sun's rays from killing you. Water to sustain life on the planet. And Earth to allow life to grow. These are the five basic elements of the planet and from there all other elements are formed. Since the Rikudo Sennin loved the planet and everything it entailed he was granted the powers of the five life giving elements. These were passed on to his children and continued to be passed on, with the occasional genetic mutation creating new abilities." Jubi explained.

"Ok..." Naruto nodded soaking as much of it in as he could "So why are these powers triggered by love?"

"Balance. In my released state I am a force of pure destruction that can alter the very landscape with minimal effort, so to balance my powers nature has it when I am sealed that balace is a force of creation." Jubi replied.

"But how was I suddenly able to use Ice, I mean I just met Mizore."

"Naruto... Love is not bound by logic or reasoning. Your mind might be saying that this isn't right, that it's going to fast, but you Heart doesn't give a crap. It wants her and wants to protect her. When the Ice started you had just seen the marks on her from the idiot gym teacher, and your heart went into a primal rage at someone you loved being hurt. It triggered a new power to be formed."

"So this could happen again?!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Yes." Jubi nodded "People fall in and out of love all the time, it doesn't change the fact that there was still love there. Adding into the fact that it is possible to love more than one person."

"MORE THAN ONE?!" Naruto shouted.

"Geez you're loud tonight." Jubi grumbled "Yes more than one. Just look at the loli witch."

Naruto stared at the Jubi for several seconds before just shaking his head and laughing "I can't believe you just called Yukari that."

"It's true." Jubi protested as Naruto laughed more before getting a grip.

"Ok... Now do I lose these powers if I fall out of love with them?"

"No. Once you have them they stay with you." Jubi replied.

"Alright... This is going to make my life complicated." Naruto sighed.

"Please, like your life was simple before I was locked in here." Jubi snorted as he turned away from the blonde "Now get out of here, I don't need your stupidity rubbing off on me."

Naruto simply decided to ignore the giant demon as he exited the mindscape and went into the peacefulness of sleep.

The next morning the girls were up before Naruto and the five of them were all shocked to see him sleeping against a wall.

"Have you ever seen Naruto-kun asleep before?" Yukari whispered.

"No... He's adorable." Kurumu gushed as they all stared at the sleeping blonde.

"Ugh... No soy sauce..." Naruto muttered in his sleep as he moved a little.

"That was weird..." Ruby stated before staring at him "But still adorable."

This was met with nods of agreements before Kurumu moved to get closer. Just as she touched Naruto's shoulder his eyes shot open and he had her pinned to the wall with a kunai at the back of her neck, ready to stab right through. There was a stunned silence as they all stared at the blonde who blinked a few times and then released Kurumu.

"Sorry about that." Naruto said as he yawned "Kind of a reflex."

"What kind of person has the reflex to try and stab somebody when they are touched in their sleep?" Yukari asked in shock.

"Shinobi." Naruto replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. The girls all just shook their heads as Naruto walked into the kitchen and was quickly making himself some coffee.

"You guys all ready to leave?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah." Moka nodded in return.

"Good. You can take the bus back with me, you're already busted." Naruto stated as he poured his coffee and saw the looks of acusation aimed at him "Headmaster already knew that you five had left, he just told me to make sure you got back alright."

There was a general mumbling about that as they got their bags ready and Naruto finished packing. Soon they were out of the hotel and back on the bus for Youkai academy. As they arrived Naruto saw Mikogami and Nekonome waiting for them and smirked as the girls looked terrified. Once they were off the bus Nekonome took the five girls with her as Naruto walked with the Headmaster.

"Your work was outstanding." Mikogami noted.

"I try." Naruto replied "But this feels way to organized for just a large group of lizards."

"Agreed." Mikogami nodded "It's why I am having some contacts investigate this matter and see where it leads. If it is an organization, than you have made yourself some powerful enemies."

"With the way I live my life that isn't a surprise." Naruto chuckled as they walked. Once they got to the school Naruto walked into the newspaper room to find that the girls were sitting in there, having to write five thousand times "I will not leave school grounds without permission again". When Naruto saw this he almost burst out laughing but stopped himself when he saw all five of them look at him and decided to sit in the room and work on his homework, after all he couldn't leave them by themselves.