A/N: In this story Charlie knows about the wolf pack because Jake phased in front of him when he got mad about Edward.

Chapter 1


When Edward left things were very hard for me. It took me a while to even be able to get out of bed. Jake was my savior and helped me get back to the real world. We hung out almost every day and talked on the phone whenever we didn't hang out. When I found out Jake was a wolf things were bad. He stopped talking to me and again I had no one. Eventually he was able to get around Sam's gag order and I guessed that he was a wolf. Things were a little better after that, I soon found myself falling in love with him. I knew about imprinting and although I knew there was a risk that he would find the one I followed my heart and we started dating.

We would hang out in La Push with some of the pack. Paul was the only one that never came by when I was there and luckily I never had the pleasure of meeting him. After all I was the vampire girl and he wouldn't dare hang out when I was there. He kept telling Jake to just fuck me and move on, but Jake was too much of a gentleman to do that to me. The day I lost my virginity to him I was scared to death I would never hear from him again. I was wrong and should have given Jake more credit.

A few months later a new girl from Maine moved to Forks and we became friends instantly. Sabrina and I had a lot in common. We both loved Jane Austin and just chilling out watching movies. She filled the void that Alice left and I was happy not to feel that pain. Little did I know she would be causing more pain than I could handle.

It was a usual rainy day in Forks and I decided to go visit Jake. It started to downpour and I ran out of the truck towards Sam and Emily's house when I knocked into a hot brick wall. I looked up and realized it was Paul. Great the one person on this reservation that actually hates me and I just ran into him. He looked up and our eyes locked and Paul just stopped in his tracks.

"What the fuck" he screamed. "No! No fucking way! Why does this world hate me so much."

"Paul?" I asked. "Are you ok?"

"Fuck off vampire bitch. You don't belong here. One day Jake is going to meet his imprint and once again you will be the loser. I need to fucking go leech lover. Get out of my way!"

He pushed me aside and ran faster than I have ever seen any of the boys run before. It was like he was running from me as if I was a curse. I talked to Jake about it and he just said Paul was an asshole and needs to make everyone as miserable as he is. I let it go and avoided him as much as I could. Later that week Jake told me he hadn't phased when he was around since the day we bumped into each other. Paul was hiding something.

Summer was right around the corner and Sabrina wanted to go to the beach. I called Jake and invited him to go. He said Jared and Kim would also meet us there. I was so excited. Sabrina would finally meet Jake.

We got to the beach just as the others were arriving. I had noticed that Sam and Emily had decided to tag along. I loved Emily and although Sam could be an ass I knew he had my best interest at heart. He used to tolerate me but I really think he liked me and just wouldn't show it.

I ran up to Jake and hugged him as he swung me around and kissed me. It had been a few days since we saw each other and I missed being in his arms.

"Jakeā€¦I want you to meet Sabrina. I told you about her. She just moved here a few months ago from back east. Sabrina this is Jake."

They looked at each other and their eyes met and Jacob stopped dead in his tracks. I knew right there and then that he imprinted. Life as I knew it was over. I finally find a best friend and she is destined to be with my boyfriend. I started to walk backwards not being able to keep my eyes off the two of them. I didn't notice how close I was to Sam and bumped right into him and Emily.

"Bella? Are you ok sweetheart? Bella?"

"I have to go. I'll see you soon. I love you Jake. I will always love you my sweet Jacob. Please take care of yourself."

"Bells what are you talking about?" He said not being able to take his eyes off of Sabrina

"I know what happened Jake. There is no need to try to deny it. Just promise me you will be happy"


"No Jake this is for the best"

I turned to run away and Kim and Emily followed me. I would have never stopped to talk to them if I hadn't fallen while I was running.

"Bella stop please" Emily called

"Why Em? So I can stay here and turn into Leah? I can't be like her. I can't become what she has because of an imprint."

"Bella!" Kim shrieked

"I'm sorry Em I was not trying to hurt you. He imprinted. I saw it. Just look out for Jake for me and when I get settled I will call you."

"Bella what are you talking about when you get settled?" Kim asked me.

"I'm leaving. I am going to go live with my mom."

"Bella you can't do that. There are so many things you don't know about. Please come home with me and let me explain."

"No. I love you girls, but no. Take care"

I was half way back to Emily's to get my truck when I heard him.

"So leech lover where are you going in such a rush? Jakey break your poor cold heart?"

"Paul please I can't deal with you today. Just leave me alone"

"Awww vampire bitch what's wrong?"

"Fuck off Paul."

The last thing I wanted to do was cry in front of Paul. For some reason as much as I hate him I have always felt some weird connection to him. I ran from him back towards my truck and slid down the side and lost it.

"Bella? Bella why are you crying?"

"Paul go fuck with someone else. I fucking hate you. After all these months now you care? Bullshit! You mean nothing to me. You are an insensitive prick and you will always be alone!"

He looked at me like I just broke his heart and ran to the trees and phased. That was weird. He doesn't give two shits about me and never did. I didn't give another thought about it. I got into my truck and went to my dad's to explain to him what happened. He knew all about the wolves thanks to Jake. He also knew what imprinting was and warned me about getting my heart broken. Surprisingly he didn't tell me I told you so. He just held me while I cried and called Renee to let her know I was moving back.