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Regina Mills was one tough nut to crack. Emma simply meant to ensure Henry's happiness and well being, and the mayor threatened to destroy her. So the bail bonds woman decided to piss Regina off by staying a week, only a week, in Storybrooke, Maine.

As the sun disappears under the horizon, the town's streets begin to empty. But while driving to the Bed and Breakfast, Emma stumbles upon a car in distress sitting on the side of the road, and decides to park directly behind it. A woman is leaning against the blue Mercedes bearing brown eyes and golden brown locks, looking highly annoyed and disinterested in whatever is going on. She stares at her perfectly manicured red nails which match the red business dress under a long beige trench coat. Another woman, who appears to be in her late teens is standing at the front of the car with blond streaked brown hair and green eyes, talking to a man working under the hood of the car. Emma steps out from her vehicle and approaches the trio carefully.

"Is everything alright?" Emma asks, with a polite smile. "Do you guys need any help."

"We're fine." snaps the woman in her early thirties. The teenager beside her laughs and rolls her eyes.

"Yes Laurel, we're absolutely fine!" The girl mocks with an English accent. She shifts uncomfortably in her electric blue top and black leather pants and then looks back under the hood.

"Actually." A rather smooth accented voice begins. A man raises his head from behind the hood. He has strikingly blue eyes with thick dark brown hair and an evenly shaven scruff. He seems Emma's age and wears a tight enough t-shirt and well fitted jeans to show off his fit form. "I wouldn't mind a hand." He walks out from the front of the car. His hand is covered in dirt and oil. Wait! His hand. Emma steals another peek and the man indeed has only one hand. She couldn't see it before as it was covered by the sleeve if his black leather jacket. In place of his left hand is a black prosthetic. He notices her long glance at his left hand and lets out a low chuckle, bringing her attention back to his oh so perfect face. "Chris Jones." He introduces himself.

"Emma Swan." She offers. She can't tear her gaze away from Chris's blue sphere's it would be too painful to.

"This is my sister Gwen." He motions to the teenage girl. "And my fiancee Laurel Harvart." He nods of to the extremely annoying woman. Damn, why are all the good ones taken? Emma thinks. No Emma! You can't think about that. You're here for Henry.

"Charmed." Laurel states eying Emma like a lioness protecting her prey.

"Nice to meet you." Emma smiles, trying not to give Laurel the impression that she's after her fiancee.

"You're not from here are you?" Chris inquires. "I've never seen you in town before."

"Oh no. I'm just visiting."

"You're Henry Mills' mother aren't you? His real mother?" Gwen inquires. Emma's eyebrows raise, but she calmly smiles in response. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to probe. I've babysat Henry before, he's a good lad."

"Yeah, it's your only income." Laurel states with a bitchy grin.

"Laurel, why don't ypu go back to flicking the dirt from under your nails. It's the only thing you can do, after all." Laurel huffs in frustration and shoots a dirty look to Gwen.

"So." Emma says breaking the bickering. "How can I help."

"Well, our bloody battery seemed to have died. You don't happen to have a booster cable, now would you?" Chris asks, staring into Emma's green irises with his own blue marvels. Stop looking in his eyes!

"Uh, yeah, let me just bring it up." Emma turns around and opens her car up to retrieve the cable. She doesn' t notice that Chris has followed her, and jumps at the sound of his voice.

"Nice bug." He jokes.

"Nice Mercedes." She shoots back with a smile.

"It's one of the many perks to managing the docks, Swan." He lets loose another charming grin. Was this guy really flirting with her... in front of his fiancee? And the fact that he has caused her arms to form goosebumps, thankfully safely hidden away under her prized red leather jacket, is freaking her out. Not to mention its causing Laurel to shoot daggers in their direction. She finishes powering up the Jones' ride, when Gwen approaches her.

"So where are you going to be staying Emma?"

"Probably at the Bed and Breakfast down the road."

"What a coincidence," Chris grins. "That happens to be close to our flat." Its a cheeky cocky grin but its also flirtatious and inviting. Emma stop staring! The blonde woman thinks. Look away or walk away, just stop staring. You don't want his fiancee to... Oh look, here she comes now!

"Sweetie." She coos wrapping her arms seductively around Chris's waist, clearly vying for his attention. The man's smile falters as he responds to Laurel's touch. Emma notes how Gwen seems to highly dislike her brother's fiancee. "You promises that we'd go to dinner. I don't want to be late." She leans her head against his ear and whispers, loud enough for Emma to hear. "Plus the sooner we get going, the sooner we can leave and retire to more mature activities."

Is she for real? Does she really that insecure that she has to result to throwing herself at him in front of me?

"Don't worry, love." He says giving her a smile. He looks uncomfortable and a little taken aback by Laurel's sudden change in behavior. "I just need a minute to finish up with the car."

"Don't be too long." She smiles, making her way to the passenger seat but not before giving Emma a dirty look.

"How long are you staying in town lass?" Chris asks, turning back to Emma.

"A week."

"Only a week?" He smiles waggling his eyebrows. She closes the trunk of her bug and looks back up at him.

"Yeah, just a week." She gives him a calculated look, trying to figure out what his intentions are. Gwen stays silent, watching the two of them stare at each other silently.

"I guess I'll be seeing you around then Swan." Jones winks, after a moment.

"I guess so." Emma smiles. The man and his sister go back into the vehicle as Emma returns to hers. Chris looks back at Emma a few times, and in turn she watches him as he enters the front seat of his car. Shaking her head, she starts her yellow car up and drives off to Granny's, as the Mercedes makes its way to its own destination.

A few minutes later and Emma arrives at the Bed and Breakfast. The wooden stairs of the porch creek against her dark leather boots as Miss Swan enters the building.

"I should have went to Boston!" A woman in her early twenties screams. She looks like a model from a fashion magazine, wearing tight clothing a vibrant red scarf with equally vibrant red streaked hair set against the natural dark brown strands. Behind her an elderly woman shouts just as equally loud as the young girl until the two see Emma at the counter.

"I'd like a room." Emma states. The elderly woman, Granny, gives her a discount on the square view. But as the bail bonds woman gives Granny her name an older man steps into the infrastructure.

"Emma." He says. "What a lovely name."

"Thanks." Emma says back, a little creeped out.

"It's all here." Granny shoots. She hands the a man a roll of cash from behind the counter.

"Yes of course dear." The man smiles and then turns back to Emma. "You enjoy your stay, Emma." He emphasizes her name bringing chills down her spine, right before walking out. The young woman named Ruby peers out the window to insure that he left. She appears terrified as she moves the fabric of the sheer curtains back over the window.

"Who was that?" Emma asks.

"Mr. Gold." Ruby replies with a hint of fear in her voice. "He owns this place."

"You mean the inn?"

"No the town."

"So Emma how long will you be staying?" Granny asks, returning to the log book.

"A week." Emma replies, stating the same thing she told Chris. "Just a week." She finds herself thinking about him again. Dark hair, blue eyes, an amazing body, an accent that makes her weak to her knees. If only he wasn't taken. She thinks. No Emma! He's engaged, snap out of it. You're not here to start a relationship, you're here to piss off Madame Mayor and ensure Henry's safety! Granny hands her the keys to her room, snapping her out if her daydream.

"Welcome to Storybrooke."

Maybe Storybrooke wasn't so bad after all.

Mr. Gold left Granny's Bed and Breakfast, and now heads towards the old cannery by the docks awaiting two people regarding an important meeting. It's completely dark as Gold awaits for his companions to arrive, his hands resting at the top of his cane for support. A few minutes pass by when he hears the sound of boots against the planks.

"You know this meeting will be a lot more productive if you two come out in the open instead if hiding in the shadows." He snaps.

"What?" A female voice comes. "Not enough light for you, oh powerful Dark One?"

"Miss Jones." Gold acknowledges the girl, Gwen Jones. She emerges into tge moonlight followed by a tall man in a suit. "Jefferson."

"Mr. Gold." Jefferson nods his head.

"How about we get to the bloody point" Gwen states.

"Never subtle I see, Wendy." Jefferson sneers.

"Yes." Gold cackles, much to the woman's disgust. "Why is it that the Mad Hatter, Rumplestiltskin and Wendy Darling are the only ones who can remember their true identities, aside from the Evil Queen of course."

"Oh Rumplestiltskin." The young woman laughs, crossing her arms. "That has been a question we've asked ourselves for twenty eight years."

"But the reason why we are all here is: Now that the savior is here, " Gold interrupts. "How do we get her to break the curse?"

"What?" Confusion crosses over Jefferson's face.

"Didn't you notice Jefferson?" Gold laughs, taking a step forwards. "Emma, the savior is in town."

"And all we must do is help her break Regina's curse." Gwen adds in.


"It all leads back to her little boy: Henry." Gold says. "He can make her believe."

"Good, because the sooner that happens, the sooner I'll be with Grace."

"And the sooner I'll be able to search for my son."

"The sooner my brother will be out of the claws of that evil bitch."

"Good now that we have that settled." Gold states. "I have more important business i must attend to." As the three turn to part ways, Gold grabs Gwen's arm suddenly. "Don't forget Miss Jones. You owe me a favor for not ridding the town of your precious pirate Captain."

"Don't worry, imp." She says, yanking her arm from his grasp. "I didn't."

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