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Waking up without the presence of his warm body fit snugly next to her was painful enough. And then there were the sorry looks from almost everyone she knew from the diner. Apparently he had been seen walking with her earlier.

You should be happy Emma, this is what you wanted after all, a heartless voice echoes in her brain.

What is even more infuriating, is the set of couples at the diner that morning, holding hands, looking deeply into each others eyes... like lovers. Like how they were...

Breathing in deeply, she rises from the stool and pays Granny for her coffee and omelet -never as good as Chris's- just as Regina walks in with Henry by her side. Her son gives her a warm smile while his adoptive mother glares at her with dark cold eyes.

Emma will get her son back... no matter what it takes.

But for now, she smiles back at him, ignoring the mayor and leaves the Diner, hoping for a better day.

On her way out, she bumps into someone. She almost thinks she that it's Chris as her eyes meet black leather, but as they travel up, they come face to face with those of the visiting writer.

"You look like a woman on a mission." August says with a smile.

"Just trying to get to work." She says simply, she turns around trying to dodge him and head to her car.

He runs up in front of her, trying to get her attention.

"Which reminds me, did you get any leads on Gwen Jones's abduction."

"If I did, why would I tell you?"

"Hey, I'm just trying to help." He shrugs. She is not mad at him, but she just wants him to get on with his point, so she can get on with her life.

"Are you saying that you have more information about what happened that night."

"I am saying, I am all for helping. I could be of use to you... you know being a writer and all."

"I'll think about it." She says. And then turns around leaving the writer slightly happier than when he woke up.

But neither of them are aware of a pair cerulean blue eyes watching them sadly.

When Emma finally arrives at the station she can't wait to get her hands dirty and work on this case and solve it once and for all. It has been over a month since Gwen was abducted and her memory wiped clean. Her first instincts lead her to believe Gold is to blame. Everyone fears him and he seems to show a strong dislike towards Chri... Mr. Jones. Emma needs to get her mind off of him.

Think about the case Emma...

Jefferson was her second suspect, but Graham cleared him... no motive and a strong alibi... he was going down the Rabbit Hole, the cameras prove it. Even with a room filled with ropes and chloroform, none of it contains any links between him and the victim. Jefferson is simply insane, but not the captor. Regina keeps popping up as the suspect, because if you analyze her she has everything... motive and ability. She could have gone after Gwen because of how Graham is interested in her, and she definitely has the resources. Not to mention Graham and Henry are adamant that Regina did it... but there just isn't any proof.

Her thoughts effectively snuff out the flame that is Chris Jones in her head as she walks into the building. A leather jacket hangs at the coat rack, so Graham must be in.

A tie lays on the floor, bright red against the pale tiles. Yeah, Graham is definitely in, she thinks with a groan bending down to pick it up. But as she moves further, she sees more clothing. His boots, a woman's electric blue leather jacket, jeans, his gray vest, a pair of pleather pants and a deep red silk shirt spread carelessly across the station. With a pencil she knocks off the leopard bra from her computer monitor and almost vomits at the sight if it's lacy companion sitting inside a box of donuts... She is going to kill him.

Turning her head around she sets her sights on the guilty party sleeping in the cot inside the jail cell with the victim of her case sighing dreamily onto his chest. Sleeping with the victim... Bad form. Thankfully, the flimsy joke of a sheet is loosely wrapped around their bodies, protecting Emma's eyes of even more damage.

What if Regina found them like this?!

She would kill them and then her...

And Gwen thought she and Chris were scandalous...

Seeing this reminds her if the days Emma shared with Chris. Content. Happy. Sated. Complete.


God! Even something like this reminds her of him.

He was perfect. Perfect face. Perfect body. Perfect voice. Perfectly skilled at, well everything. Perfect gentleman yet a perfect cocky hard ass when the times called for it. He is perfect. But he is not hers. Focus Emma! He ruined your desk, and the station... Kick his ass!

"Deputy Humbert! This is hardly appropriate!" She yells at the top of her lungs, drawing a completely surprised Gwen and Graham from their slumber. While Gwen yanks the sheets to cover her form, the deputy lands on his ass, and Emma has to say, it's a pretty fine ass, she gets what Gwen sees in him.

"Emma... Sheriff!" He jumps up, covering his front with his gray plaid boxers... unlike Chris's black ones... Emma Swan, you stop this right now! "I... this is not what it looks like!"

"Excuse me?" Gwen snaps appalled. "Not what it looks like? It's exactly what it looks like."



"Stop!" Emma intervenes. "This is way out of line! What if someone else caught you? Regina? Leroy, the janitor? Marco? Chri-s?" Gwen immediately catches how Emma stumbles on the last name. "Now get out of that cell and clean this mess." The Sheriff motions to the scattered clothes and Gwen's not so innocent lingerie lingering about Emna's desk.

"Um...One problem..." Graham scratches his neck nervously. "We're sort of locked in."

Are you kidding me?

"What do you mean locked in?" Fume spurts out Emma's ear.

"Meaning, we stripped before entering this abode, and all our movement may have caused the bloody door to swing shut." Cocky... just like her brother. "Sheriff." She adds politely.

"The keys are on you desk Emma..." Graham gives her a puppy dog look.

Hands on her hips, she defiantly glares back. "I don't know... maybe I should leave you two like this."

"No no no... Emma please... I got you this job... Please!"

"Who knows maybe Regina can let you out... or your brother.." Emma nods to Gwen, who gives her a death stare, still sitting comfortably on the bed, wrapped in the cotton.

"Speaking of Chris." Gwen begins with an evil smirk. Emma freezes. "How is he? I haven't seen my brother since last night."

"I don't know."

"Why not?" Gwen persists, her face growing more serious.

"Because he is with Laurel, where he belongs." Emma glares back at the girl. This is none of her concern. Graham just sits there awkwardly holding his boxers in front of him.

"So you just gave up?"

"I did what was right." Emma snaps.

"What was right? Are you mental?" Mental? Go to hell! You have no right to judge me, when you were sleeping with your boyfriend while Chris needed you.

Emma marches towards the cell and angrily shoves the key in the slot. "You want to get out, fine." The metal door swings upon. "Get out, but I don't want to see you here again."

"Emma..." Graham tries to reason. The Sheriff bunches their clothes in her arms and launches them at the couple.

"Get dressed Graham, we have a case to finally solve."


"Hm?" He whips his head around to see a concerned Laurel peering at him. He was thinking about that dream. That intoxicating, however odd, dream where he is actually Captain Hook making love to... Princess Emma? And then he saw her today with that August, talking. It looked like he was asking her. Could it be that she would move on from him so quickly? He thinks what they had was special, memorable... love. But why did Emma call him Killian in his dreams? It was not the first time and Gwen had called him by that name once or twice, not to mention that Peter Pan book in which she scribbled it a few times...

Killian Jones.


Captain Hook.

It's ridiculous really. Instead of sulking over an erotic dream, he should be thinking about how close that man, the writer, August was to his Swan. Well, actually he shouldn't be thinking about her at all. She is moving on... and so should he. He needs to stitch the tear in his heart and give ot to someone else. The mother of his child for example...

But he can't.

Because he is irrevokably in love with Emma.

"I was wondering, if you wanted to go for dinner. Granny's seems to have some pregnant friendly meals." Laurel repeats once she has his attention. Emma, Emma, Emma. Actually, she thinks she has his attenrion.

"Lass, I don't think that would be the best course of action."

"Why not?"

He sighs.

"I can't start dating again so soon... I mean..." Emma, Emma, Emma... "I meant what I said, I will be there for you and the baby...but..."

"You're still in love with her?" He doesn't know whether it's anger or sadness in her amber eyes, but it is frightful.

"Yes." He swallows.

"Chris," she begins. It is obvious that she is trying her hardest to contain her rage, her hormones, as she puts on a sweet smile. "I know that you don't want to rush things because it seems unfair to Miss Swan, but this is your new beginning with our child and I." She tenderly touches his cheek as she leans towards him on the couch. "If you want to be here for us, you have to forget her." She kisses him on the lips.

This is his new beginning. With Laurel and their baby.

He tenses into the kiss. It feels so wrong yet a small part of him is enjoying it. Enjoying the intimacy, the feeling of being close to someone.

"Forget her." She whispers, deepening the kiss and he accepts her invading tongue.




God! He misses her, he needs her. Laurel is just reminding him of that. Of his and Emma's kiss, their passion.

Emma owns his heart.

He tries, he really does, to accept this kiss to just go along with it. Neurons fail to envision Emma in place of Laurel, something he tries to do while closing his eyes in order to kiss the mother of his child properly.

But her taste is wrong.

Her touch is wrong.

Her smell is wrong.

Yet he continues to kiss her. Not in the way he should, but he does.

It's when Laurel reaches to rid him of his shirt that he rights himself, halting her of her actions.

"What?" She asks when he breaks the kiss.

What. Is. Wrong. With. Him.

A beautiful woman who is pregnant with his child tells him that she loves him and wants to be with him and yet he is pushing her away. All for another woman who wants nothing to do with him.

"I'm sorry." Chris apologizes, straightening himself. He feels guilty because he is putting stress on her, but this is so wrong.

"It's okay." She shrugs it off, but her face says otherwise. Controlling herself she reaches out to rub his thigh and smiles. "How about I bring the food to us. Dr. Whale says I need to get fresh air anyway."

Dr. Whale... of bloody course.

"Sounds like a lovely plan." He fibs.

She leans in and kisses his cheek, and he swallows hard at the contact.

"Be back soon sweetie."

He smiles.

She leaves.

And as soon as she does so, he bolts up, heading towards his bedroom where he retrieves the swan necklace. A symbol of his love for Emma. God! He loves her! Why can't she love him back?

But she made her intentions very clear.

If Neal came back, I would go back to him.

I don't want you.

I am not interested in you Chris! We were just a fling, nothing else. It was good while it lasted, now move onto something more serious

I will never love you.

And I hate you.

Each word cuts deep into his heart, opening up the wound even more... allowing him to bleed out faster.

I love you Swan.

The station is silent after Gwen left, and while Graham is out getting lunch for him and Emma, Emma sits at her, now clean desk, looking at the case file.

August found Gwen in the woods and Emma and Graham searched there but found nothing. Maybe they didn't look far enough or deep enough into the woods? There must be something out there, something that they are missing. Gwen's old journals said nothing about hearts or involvement in gangs... not that there are any in Storybrooke... and these journals, instead of posting the date wrote something like October 28 Year One. Year one of what? Even more helpful, when asking the girl who wrote them she looks at Emma like she is the insane one.

Huffing, Emma leans back in her chair.

At least you're not thinking about Chris.

Great... now you're thinking about him.

Thankfully, a sharp slam of the station's door pulls her away from her thought, revealing an angry pregnant blonde.

"What do you want?" Emma hisses at the woman.

She has everything she can ask for, a kid on the way that she will raise with the devoted father, one who is the most perfect man she has ever met. So why is this woman here, looking angry as hell.

"I. Want. Chris."

"You already have him! I left him so he can raise your child with you. He is yours." Each word is a painful reminder of the truth, a painful reminder that Emma herself fated their relationship to drift.

"How did you make him fall in love with you?" Laurel asks, her nose wrinkling in disgust at Emma. Love, love, love. He loves you! And you let him go!

"I didn't make him do anything." What is wrong with all these Storybrooke women? Why can't they leave me alone? Why can't they stop reminding me?

"He is hopelessly in love with you! Why? Why can't he love me like he loves you?"

"Maybe because you betrayed him."

"No! It's not that. He ever acted with me, the way he does with you." Pregnant hormones surge to the surface feeding off of Laurels jealousy and frustration. "What makes you so special?"

Green eyes squint at amber ones.



"Don't think you can go back to him. He is with me now." She warns, turning around to leave the Sheriff in utter loneliness. And Emma doesn't know whether to welcome it or to break down into tears.

Leaning further into her leather chair, she holds back tears that are scratching to break free. Chris loves her and wants to be with her, and she is preventing herself from finding happiness with him. What is wrong with me?

Maybe her motives are based on some selfish desire to maintain some self preservation. Maybe she wanted to let him go before he could let her go.

"What have I done?" She says to no one.

"What are we doing here?" Graham asks eying the writer carefully. "And with him no less."

The police cruiser is parked near the entrance to the precious little town by the toll bridge, where the sheriff, her deputy and the visiting writer stand, armed with flashlights and walkie talkies. Since August stumbled onto the mysterious appearance of the missing Gwendolyn Jones, the local police department along with many of the friends and family of the victim -Chris- had searched the whole wooded area near that location, and found no evidence of captivity within that area. Therefore it had been, for a while now, concluded that the amnesiac Gwen Jones had been imprisoned within the town and then either escaped or was dropped off in the woods closest to the roads of the town.

Until now.

Because in Emma Swan's mind that just does not add up.

Because they checked every single building in Storybrooke, even Regina's mausoleum due to some determination on Graham's part.

"Look." Emma turns to her deputy. "We checked every possible place Gwen could have been held captive, but we didn't check here."

"Emma, we did check, there's nothing here. It's all forest."

"We didn't go deeper in. We need to rule out every possible case, even if it's the middle of nowhere." It is kind of surprising how much she's pushing this. Surprising to herself and to Graham.

"Is there a reason why you're so committed to this case all of a sudden?" He inquires.

"What are you talking about?" She rounds off on him.

"Well, it's just that a few days ago, you were fine with putting me in charge of this case, and now you're taking the reigns."

"I just... I... I have more time on my hands, that's all." Translation: I'm single, lonely and desperate for something to do with my time that will clear my mind of Chris. Thankfully Graham decides not to further pursue the matter. "And August is here because we can trust him. And we need another set of eyes."

Graham mumbles something inaudible and walks forward, leading the group in the forest.

Trees compact the area, making it hard to maneuver through or spot anything for that matter, but Graham can track anyone in this chaotic green scenery, and Emma is an expert on finding people. If anyone can spot clues or some creepy kidnapper's hideout, it's them. August wisely keeps quiet once he realizes the deputy's great distrust in him and follows both law officials as they trek deeper into the woods.

"Okay, so we need to find an area where the trees are less dense." Graham says. "Somewhere that would allow a car or truck to drive through, because there is no way someone carried Gwen all this way through a hazardous terrain."

"Should we split up?" August asks.

"No, if there is someone out here, the last thing we need is to split up." Emma explains. Abruptly, the woman stops and then slowly walks closer to a wider path. Once her destination is met, she bends down and examines the leaf covered earth. Pushing away some of the clutter, she spots grooves embedded in the mud. "Tire tracks. They're not too old, either."

"Do you think someone drove her from the town here." Graham cocks his head.

"No." August states, walking along the tracks. They end suddenly at a random spot, but as August continues on, with the two astounded officers pursuing him, the trail would have lead to a road near the toll bridge.

"So the tracks somehow disappear?" Emma asks.

"Those tracks were made by a car that never left the forest." Graham says.

"What does that mean?"

"It means." August begins, carefully determining every possible scenario in his head. "That if this is the car that carried her, then the perp must have drove with her on the road in another car, parked at the edge of the road, then carried her to this car and drove the rest of the way."

"And if we follow where those tracks lead, we should find where Gwen was abducted?"

"Exactly." Graham replies , then looks at August carefully. "Maybe it was a good idea for you to stick around."

Emma rolls her eyes.

Cocky male egos...

"Let's go solve this case then boys."

Back at the Jones's Residence, Chris is on the phone dealing with some local fishermen. He is going to have to confiscate Arnold Smith's fishing boat, for the bumbling fool in a red cap can no longer afford to pay for docking there. He feels sorry for Smith, he really does, but it has been weeks of second chances and he needs his pay. Just as he is about to delivery the blowing news, Gwen comes in, with a lovely glow of green encompassing her face.

"Mr. Smith, I am going to have to call you back." Chris says hanging up the phone. "You alright lass?"

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" She walks over to Chris on the couch and drops down beside him, leaning her head on his shoulder. "Sorry about Emma." She feels him tense at her name.

"It wasn't meant to be." He murmurs.

"Are you sure about that?"

"She hates me little sister. I have hurt her beyond repair."

"Surely she knows it isn't your fault."

"Well, either way... she wants nothing to do with me."


"I brought us lunch!" A shrilly voice announces as the door slams open. Both sibling shift their eyes to a blonde haired pregnant woman holding a bag of take out. Immediately, due to his undeniable chivalrous nature, Chris sprints to the door and relieves Laurel of the bag. Gwen can't fault that. The woman is pregnant with her niece or nephew.

But why he is embracing Laurel's return into their lives, after her countless betrayals and the loss of the love of his life... well that is unexplainable.

"Since when do you have the keys?" Gwen scowls. "I clearly remember locking the bloody door."

"I gave her the spare this morning."

"Seems like you two are a little too cozy for comfort."

"Well little Jones, we're having a baby. I think having a more intimate relationship is definitely in the cards."

"I don't need a bloody reminder."

"Speaking of intimate. I doubt you have the right to judge future Mrs. Humbert."

"What!" Chris drops a plate. Thankfully it doesn't shatter.

"The whole town knows of your little get together, your walks of shame, late nights at the station."

"Ruby..." Gwen curses.

"I'm going to kill that bastard."

"Lay off brother." She warns. "He won't be interested in me any longer. Not with the way he looks at his Sheriff. And I know they have history."

I'm losing her to Humbert... again. He thinks. But then again, you lost her before that. But no way in hell is Graham going to hurt my sister in the process.

"I need to go have a chat with our deputy."

"Damn it, brother!"

But it's too late, because the two women are met with a slamming door.

It's not right to hit a pregnant lady, but it does not stop Gwen from imagining it.

Over and over again.

The tracks are long and cover a great length deep into the forest, in areas no one even knew existed before. Even if they could belong to any vehicle, one that even was not involved in the abduction, at least Emma and Graham are ruling out all leads. But unfortunately for them, the tracks suddenly disappear.

"What the hell!" Emma is furious, and she does not even know why.

"It's a dead end." Graham states blankly.

"It doesn't have to be. The tracks could have eroded." August states. "Or maybe someone cleared it away. If we continue down this path we might find some more."

"It's a dead end!" Graham repeats, frustration overloads his system. "I can't believe this." After weeks, he was so close to solving this , to proving Regina kidnapped his Wendy and wiped her mind clean, tarnishing her, ruining her.


"Emma, don't Graham me...

"Graham!" Her eyes dart to a furry figure standing on a rock. A wolf. His wolf. His brother.

"What is that?" August gulps.

"A friend." The deputy smiles and follows the wolf deeper into the forest.

Emma gives August a worried look but motions for the writer to follow suit, because this wolf seems docile enough not to harm the three of them. Last time it brought them to the mayor's family mausoleum, this time Graham and Emma are lead deeper into the woods, where a small cabin lies.

This cabin does not resemble the one stumbled upon by Mary Margaret and David, no that was a romantic little structure. This one is run down and old. The windows are stained with dark glass the wood rotting and poorly kept together. One door is bolted shut at the front, with a very unkept path. And next to the cabin is a black van, with painted windows and tires that are definitely guilty of creating those tracks.

Without hesitation both Graham and Emma whip out their guns and slowly walk forward.

"August, stay close." Emma says.

"What about the..." August looks everywhere for the gray wolf with one eye black as night and the other red as blood, but it is nowhere to be seen. So he walks near his two companions, making sure he's as vigilant as ever.

"Do you think this is where Gwen was kept?" Graham asks in a hushed whisper.

"It looks sketchy enough for something like that to happen. Not to mention it's nicely hidden away from prying eyes." Emma answers. "The only question I have is who owns it, and why isn't it in the records?"

Reaching the door, Graham tries to turn the knob, but it is locked tight. Emma rolls her eyes and holsters her gun, while removing two hairpins from her pocket with her other hand.

"Where'd you learn that?" August asks, mildly amused as she fiddles with the lock.

"Sometimes you have to do what you have to to survive." Emma says indifferently. Triumph washes over her as she hears a click and the door opens with ease. "What the hell?"

Chris marches towards the sheriff's station determined to put Graham in his place and tell him to step aside from Emma... and his sister... but mostly Emma. Because even if he sounds like a selfish bastard, if he can't have Emma, then he'll be damned if any other man could. He knows that he should probably stay away from his Swan given the tension, the hate, the love. He should probably go back home to his future... the woman he is to marry... Laurel. But Humbert needs to be told off. He needs to stay away. Especially if he wants to be worthy of his sister.

Banging against the door he dreads what would happen if Emma is the one to greet him, but also silently hopes for it. No one is coming and the door is locked, so it's not like he can just prance right in there.

Bloody hell, the door is locked... that better not think what I think it means.

After unclenching his fist, he retrieves a paper clip and begins picking at the lock. He doesn't remember where he learned how to pick a lock, it's just a weird trick he knows, just like the weird trance gold and money briefly put on him or his odd obsession for rum, or his fetish for leather.

What I would do to see Swan in nothing but leather... Stop it Jones! You're on a mission here!

The door unlocks and he swiftly enters the station, ready to catch Humbert in the act, to have some reason to punch him in the face. Months ago, they were best buddies. What the hell happened? Well best friends do not sleep with each others sisters for one.

"Graham! You bloody bastard show yourself!" He hollers. But there is no human around. Just a sickening box of donuts with a leopard lace thong lying within it. And damn him for doing the laundry, because that's where he's seen those panties... in the hamper of his home. They belong to his sister.

Bloody hell!

It is dark. Very dark. And not just because of the lack of light. No. This cabin is the darkest, most disgusting pit Emma has ever seen. It reflects pain and suffering and the torment someone has went through. Three sets of flashlights shine through revealing the exerts of a horror story. There is rope. Tons and tons of yellow rope, with dark brown stains upon it. Blood. Blood that has been there for days, weeks or even months. The rope lies on the filthy floor boards littered with dead grass, some mud and plenty of dust... and more old blood stains. There lies a small cot with filthy sheets that are decorated with holes and rips and stains of sweat which have yellowed the white. Moving the torch a bit to the right, the light reflects off of something metallic. A bowl, filthy of course and used more than once. Beside the cot is a small wooden stool used as a poor excuse for a table where a cup lies, stained with a green substance. Some of the green stains a part of the floor, indicating that it had been forced down someones throat and coughed right back up.

"Oh my God..." Emma chokes. To think that this may be the place that Chris's little sister was trapped in horrifies her. No one should have to go through that especially if they are only twenty.

"Do you... do you think... Gwen?" Graham shudders. The woman he might be in love with, forced to undergo this torture, and why? Because she remembered? Because she defied her majesty? He is going to kill Regina and whatever bastard helped her do this to Wendy.

"I don't know."

"Whoever owns this place didn't bother to hide this." August notes as traumatized as the others.

"That's because they didn't think they'd be caught." Emma says. Gathering her senses, she turns to Graham. "We need to get DNA samples, confirm whether or not this is where she was held hostage." Shutting her eyes she gets the rest of her thoughts out. "We need to talk to Chris and Gwen. They have to know."

"Do you want me to call them?" Graham asks.

"Yeah, I'll get the evidence filed. Let's put this son of a bitch behind bars."

They take a few shots of the crime scene then collect some evidence, swabbing at various surfaces and dusting for prints. Walking outside, Emma finds an oddly shaped peg in the dirt. Only, it's not a peg.

"Is that..." Graham leans down next to Emma, looking at the... "A heel?"

And it looks exactly like the heel of a pair of boots Regina would own.

At the town hall, Mayor Mills gets ready for a lunch out with Kathryn and her new boyfriend a gym teacher named, well, Jim. It is depresding that this woman is her only friend and even more depressing that she failed to keep Kathryn and David Nolan together. Now that damn charming man is living with his real wife and daughter, and that fact sickens her. But something that does put Regina's mind at ease is the mere fact that Emma Swan is ruined. Her lovely boyfriend has fallen under the clutches of another and it is fueling Regina's ego. Chris Jones and the product of true love are not getting their happy ending. And if all goes to plan neither will David and Mary Margaret.

As she thinks about this, her scarlet lips curve into a smile. She straightens out her grey dress and heads out the door, purse swinging with each step.

But as the door swings shut, a small foot wedges itself between the doorway.

Henry hurriedly slips inside the mayor's office, because he knows his mother isn't going to be long and his cause is important. This is for Operation Cobra, Operation bring back all the happy endings.

He has seen his mother fiddle with her collection of skeleton keys before, they unlock everything. So maybe, just maybe they could help Emma with the operation.


Just maybe.

The results are in, the hospital confirms it. So now is the dreaded moment where the law enforcers must contact the victim and her family. But when Emma, Graham and August return to the station, they encounter an angry as hell Chris sitting in the Sheriff's chair. Because there is no way in hell that he is going to sit in the deputy's chair... who knows what he did there.

"Chris?" Emma sounds like a puppy hiding from a storm, all weak and vulnerable. Pull it together Emma! You hate him and he broke in! "What do you think you're doing here?"

"Sheriff Swan." He acknowledges, trying to maintain formalities and not swoop her in his arms, taking her far away from here. It is as if he completely blanked st the reason why he is here. Jones, you bumbling idiot, she doesn't want you, so snap out of it. "I need to speak with your deputy... regarding his littering of your desk." He motions to the lace still decorating day old donuts.

Emma gives Graham a death glare clearly saying 'Told you to throw that out.' August simply leans against the wall, not wanting be anything more than a witness to what ever is about to unfold.

"Look Chris, Gwen and I were going to tell you about us..."

"Really? Is that before or after you were going to break her heart."

"Wait, what?"

"Honestly Emma, you're moving on, I'm happy for you, but Humbert? At least check and see if the waters are clear before you dive in."

"What is that supposed to mean Jones?" Emma growls.



Not Chris.


God she really hates him doesn't she?

"Emma and I are nothing more than friends. I care about Gwen, I would never cheat on her!" Graham exclaims.

"Oh and I'm supposed to trust your bloody word? This is my sister! My baby sister, you don't deserve her!"

"Enough!" Emma shouts. Her voice bounces off the walls piercing the ears of everyone in the room. "This is a sheriff station, not a bar! If you want to escape from your lover and get into a fight, go to the Rabbit Hole! Leave."


Go home.

Don't let me go.

Laurel needs you.

I need you.

Your baby needs you.

"As you wish, Miss Swan." He turns to leave but his course is blocked by August.

"Actually, weren't we about to call him anyways?"

Damn it, that writer is right.

He runs as fast as he can along the sidewalk, relaxing slightly as he sees Emma's bug still parked beside the station. With a smile, he sprints through the doors, his eyes landing on Emma, Chris, Graham and August circled around a desk filled with papers and photographs. And those photographs contain images Henry never thought he would have to see.




"Henry! What's wrong?" Emma jumps, automatically trying to cover up the pictures on the desk. While doing so her hand accidentally brushes past Chris's causing a shiver to course through her veins. This jolts him out of his stiff stature and causes him to briefly forget the horrifying images he just saw.

"Wh-what's that?" Henry shakes.

"It's nothing my boy." Chris says quickly, hoping the ten year old won't dwell on what he saw. "You need not worry." Emma silently thanks him with kind eyes and turns back to her kid.

"Henry?" Emma pushes, looking at her frightened son.

"I found something that can help." He says, reaching into his bag. "For Operation Cobra." He pulls out a large set of at least twenty keys held together by one large ring. "They're my mom's and they open everything."

Everything... Regina you crazy bitch.

Chris is giving in, Gwen is getting jealous and let's face it, cursed Gwen is kind of bitchy. How do you like Grendy? Who do you think kidnapped Gwen? Next update.. is a while from now... and it's not because I hate you, it's because there's this thing called degrees and marks that are just a bite in the ass, and last time FF made me almost fail two courses, so I'm laying low this time. Have a great New Year! Don't forget to check out my new one shot! Review?