First off, I do not own Pokemon, nor its characters. I would want to, but I couldn't. Also, credit goes to MicheLleXoo0o for the plot of the story. I was saddened that you did not finish it so I took it upon myself to finish it, although in a different manner. Credit all goes to him/her for the everything.

Ash's POV

It was late in the evening and I was heading back home after some training in Viridian Forest. I'm finally ready to face the Cinnabar Gym tomorrow and I can't wait to get my sixth badge.

"Tomorrow's gonna be great, Pikachu," I told the little mouse pokemon who was clinging by my shoulder.

"Pika!" he responded cheerfully.

I was already just outside Viridian Forest when I saw a familiar silhouette. It didn't take too long to consider my hunch when he called me with his annoying voice.

"Hey Ashy-boy!" Gary called out, sounding as annoying as ever.

Ugh. It's Gary. I want to ignore him because I'm already dead-tired from training so I just smiled as I went pass by him.

"Hey, Ashy-boy, where are you going?"

"I'm going home. I'm tired from training and I'm going to challenge the Cinnabar Gym tomorrow."

"What about a battle first?"

"No, Gary. I just told you I'm very tired."

"Guess, I can't help it. Losers know when they're faced with awesomeness anyway."

Somehow, that last statement of his ticked me off in a most aggravating way. I was certainly pissed off by it. I don't have time to satisfy Gary's ego but since I know I could easily beat him and make his ego explode on his face, I agreed to the match.

"Well, I guess you can't help but lose to me, huh?" he mockingly said. "Go Poliwrath!"

Ha! Big mistake, Gary!

"Pikachu, get in there!"

At once, the battle commenced.

"Pikachu, use Quick Attack!"

Pikachu was covered in a bright light as he charged Poliwrath.

"Poliwrath, wait for Pikachu to get near and use Mud-Slap!"

Damn! I didn't know his Poliwrath has Mud-Slap! Gary must've thought of this firsthand that's why he was so cocky to challenge me. He thought that I would get Pikachu the moment he called out his Poliwrath since Electric-types are effective against Water-types.

And as what I expected, when Pikachu got closer, Poliwrath drew up some mud from the ground and smothered Pikachu with it. The attack was very effective and Pikachu's accuracy fell.

"Now, Poliwrath! Use Dig!"

Shit! It has Dig too?!

"Pikachu! Try confusing Poliwrath using Double Team! Then after he emerges, use Quick Attack again!"

Pikachu followed and he used Double Team. Multiple Pikachus instantly sprang out of nowhere and when Poliwrath finally emerged, it attacked the wrong Pikachu.

"Use Quick Attack!"

"Poliwrath, use Hypnosis! Don't let that Pikachu get near you!" Gary shouted.

But his Poliwrath looked like it didn't know who to target. It looked back at Gary confused.

"I don't care! Just use it and make everything fall asleep!"

His Poliwrath then used Hypnosis and his belly began to swirl. My Pikachu instantly stopped as he saw Poliwrath's belly.

"Pikachu, wake up!"

I started to rush towards Pikachu but then I tripped. When I looked up, I was in front of Poliwrath. And then I saw he's belly. Was it always that mesmerizing? There's something about his belly. Something hypnotic about it... There was nothing I can do. All I can do was to look at Poliwrath's belly as it twirled round and round... round and round...

Gary's POV

"Hey Ash! What's happened to you?" I asked him as he was just there on the ground staring blankly at Poliwrath's belly.

"What's the matter Ashy-boy?" I yelled at him but he looks completely blank.

I came up to see what he was staring at until I saw it. He kept on staring at Poliwrath's belly as if he was hypnotized or something. Even his Pikachu is just staring mindlessly at Poliwrath's belly.

"What the hell, Poliwrath? What did you do?" I angrily shouted at the Pokemon. "Poliwrath, return!"

I recalled Poliwrath and hurriedly went to Ash.

"Hey Ash! Get a hold of yourself!" I shouted as I shook him. I can see his eyes slowly regaining focus when a brilliant realization dawned on me.

Hey. I got this loser by the balls. There's no way I would let this kind of thing to pass up!

I immediately called out Poliwrath again.

Ash's POV

Woah, what happened? It's as if I was hit by a charging Rhyhorn. I feel kind of dizzy and I can hear all sorts of things coming out of nowhere. Who's that in front of me? Gary? Then I saw a bright red light that materialized into a Pokemon... Poliwrath?

"Poliwrath! Use Hypnosis! Now!" I heard Gary say.

I don't know why but after that, I was suddenly forced to look at Poliwrath's belly. That big, round, swirling belly...

Gary's POV

I looked at Ash and I saw his eyes glaze over again. I observed him a little bit more until it finally sank in to me that he was indeed hypnotized. Now, I was thinking of all sorts of ways to torment this loser. I mean, that's the way it should be, right? This loser is by far not better than me in any way. This should be the setting all the way through. Still, I had to be cautious. I don't know anything about this stuff.

"Poliwrath, can you make Ash listen to my orders even if you're not around or you're inside your pokeball?" I asked specifically.

"Poliwrath!" he nodded.

"Then do that," I said.

At once, a bright light flashed from Poliwrath's belly and it hit not only Ash but his Pikachu as well, who was still under the hypnosis earlier.

"Alright, Poliwrath. That will do. Rest for now," I said and recalled Poliwrath to his pokeball.

So now, Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu are now mine to command. I couldn't care less about his Pikachu though so I just sent it back to my house. Now, onto Ash...

"Stand up, Ash," I ordered.

Ash stood up at once.

"So, Ash, you will obey all of my commands?" I asked.

"Yes, sir," he flatly replied.

"Anything at all?" I ensured.

"Yes, sir," he said.

Hm. I have to test this out if this really works first. I have to think of something that Ash wouldn't absolutely do in front of me.

"Okay, slave," I said, "Stick your face in that mud puddle and roll on the ground."

Immediately, he did as he was told. He literally fell face first on the mud puddle and then rolled on the ground. Inside, I was laughing hysterically that I got teary-eyed.

"Why are you doing that?" I asked, still doubting.

He looked at me very confused. Not in a hypnotized way, but like when someone was to give them something and took it away.

"What do you mean, sir?" he asked.

"Why are you doing that? Rolling on the ground with mud all over your face?" I asked.

"Because you ordered me to, sir," he said, still with a puzzled look on his face.

"Why do you follow my orders?" I asked him again.

"Because it makes me happy to obey you, sir. I belong to you."

"So if I told you to admit that I'm the best Pokemon Trainer of all time, you would?"

"Yes, sir."

"And if I told you to admit that you're the weakest Pokemon Trainer Pallet Town had ever seen, and that you wish you could be even half as good a trainer as me, you would?"

"Yes, sir."

"Well, that's not what I want you to do. I want you to tell me how you really feel about me, what you think about me. That's what I want you to do, slave."

"Yes, sir."

He stopped what he was doing earlier and stood up.

"You're the best Pokemon Trainer that I've ever met, sir. I'm nothing compared to you. I always look up to you and admire your strength and your intelligence. I admit that I've been jealous to you all this time and match it with all the things I do but it still pales in comparison to you. Everything about you is so great, so powerful... I've always tried to hide it but now I admit it. You are superior to me in every way. You are very intelligent, very strong, very popular, and very handsome, sir."

What the hell? He called me handsome. What a freak!

"You think I'm handsome, Ash, huh?"

"Do you want me to, sir?"

"Yes, Ash. I want you to think of me as the most handsome man you have, and will meet."

"Then I will, sir."

"Tell me how handsome I am, Ash."

"You're the most handsome man that I have and will ever meet, sir. No one is more handsome than you are."

"That wasn't very convincing enough," I told him. "Show me how handsome you think I am."

I watched Ash as he walked in front of me. He then fell down to his knees and curled to a ball in front of my feet, without even making any body contact.

"I am nothing compared to you, sir. No one is compared to you. I would want to stay here forever, curled down in front of your feet, like the dog, like the weakling, like the inferior that I am. I want to bask in your greatness, your beautiful brown hair, your smooth skin, your wonderful physique, your angelic face, all while I'm down here, where I rightfully belong in worship of a god," he said in his monotonous voice, though I can sense a hint of lust on it.

Narrator's POV

"Woah. What the heck did I do to this kid? He's really under my complete control!" Gary thought as he looked at Ash.

"Still, I have no regrets," he said to himself. "This is the way it should be. I was the better trainer than him anyway, the more handsome, and everything. I am better than him. He should definitely just stay like that, like the mutt, like the slave, like the inferior that he is. I don't care about torturing him, but still..."

Gary still has a shred of guilt that he feels towards what he's doing to Ash. Then, a brilliant idea came to mind. He called up Poliwrath once more.

"Poliwrath, listen to me carefully."

"Poliwrath," the Pokemon said.

"I want you to use Hypnosis on me. I want you to order me to not feel any guilt while torturing Ash. I want you to make me to enjoy torturing him. Make me want to see him being like the slave, like the inferior that he is. And after that, I want you to make me forget of what I ordered you to do. I don't want any regrets later on. And no gimmicks, just that. After, make me put you back into your pokeball," he instructed.

"Poliwrath," the Pokemon nodded.

At once, Poliwrath used Hypnosis on Gary. Gary's eyes glazed over and Poliwrath started issuing the commands he was told to do. After that, he recalled Poliwrath. He then looked back at Ash like nothing happened.

Gary's POV

Damn. I still can't believe that Ash is under my control. However, it's getting pretty late and I'm getting pretty tired as well. Still, I could torture him a little more just before I send him back home.

"Do you want to please me, Ash, physically?" I asked him.

For the first time in twenty minutes, his expression changed. His eyes glistened with excitement and a huge smile can be seen across his face – like every holiday had come at once.

"Yes, sir! Yes, sir!" he happily exclaimed.

"Well, you can't," I said cruelly. I saw his face and it immediately went sour. "You're not worthy of even touching me. And that's going to upset you all night. You will not be able to sleep because you feel so stupid of even thinking that I am going to let you lay a finger on me and to even think that you're even worthy of it. It will take you hours before you can even sleep. Maybe tomorrow, just maybe."

"Yes, sir," he said, his face still deflated.

"And I want you to forget any of this has ever happened when you wake up, I mean, after you've been tormented all night. And I want you to cancel any appointments you have for tomorrow and come back here, at this same spot, at exactly noon. Maybe, if you're lucky, I'll let you touch the bottom of my shoe. Now, tell me that you'd like it if I spit on you because you deserve it, slave."

"I'd like it if you spit on me sir because I deserve it. I deserve to be spit on for being a weakling and a loser."

"Well, I'm not going to. Go home loser!" I said, internally laughing as I saw his face crack once more.

"Yes, sir..." he said, walking away deflated.

I watched him go first, and then went home to go to sleep. Man, it was good to be in control.