Trouble in North Africa

"Sir! Sir!" Yelled a young lieutenant. The year is 1941...or so it seems... The location is near Egypt in North Africa. "What is it lieutenant?" Asked Erwin Rommel himself.

"We found something, something massive!"

"Well what is it?"

"A temple of some kind!"

"Interesting we will search it immediately!"

The lieutenant gets into his panzer 4 as Rommel gets into his captured half track and they set off.

"Captain Marseille is our escort sir!" Said the driver

"Good tell him to land once we reach this temple" replied Rommel

"Yes sir!"

They reach the strange temple and Marseille lands

"So this is that temple I keep hearing about." Says Marseille

"Apparently Captain" Rommel replies

"It looks like it was blown up!"

"Maybe it was."

"Well lets go!" Marseille said as he pulled a PPK from his holster

The group walks into the temple finding strange carvings all over the walls

"What the hell is this?" Said one of the soldiers

"Who knows" replies Marseille

"Do you see anything sir?" Asks one of the soldiers

"'s a coffin of some kind with more carvings!" Rommel replies

Everyone is looking at the strange coffin.

"It's metal!?" Marseille says surprised

"It's purple!" Said another soldier

"It's impossible!" Says Rommel

Rommel stands in front of of the group and gives a short speech

"Gentlemen we are clearly facing beings not of our time. We must be carful and can't break ANYTHING. A collaboration with the British would be very helpful now but can not be done. We must do this ourselves. Now we must open the strange coffin.

The men all grab it and pull hard.

"What the hell is that thing!" Screams one of the soldiers

Inside the purple pod lies a grey skinned, multi lipped, massive being in worn out golden armor...

"We are facing beings not of this world..." Rommel said...