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Summary: It hurts to know when she thinks you're joking when you confess. But then, love hurts right? And despite that fact, you still manage to smile for her, and that's the irony of it.

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Rating:Rated T ( For mature teens and older )



"Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there."

Chapter one


6 Years Ago

First time when he saw her was in their University Campus on a particular day. He was talking a stroll in the corridors before his class when he saw a reflection on a window glass of a room. He reached there and looked inside and when he did, it took his breath away. She was in a small room, with huge mirrors attached on either sides of walls . She was practicing her dance lessons, those huge mirrors reflecting her slender form, her body curves perfectly. The way her hands were floating in air on the rhythm of a song was too alluring . She was doing some Ballet moves, Perhaps she was a Ballerina he assumed, Practicing one more time before her final Performance. He was closely watching her every move through a small window attached to that room. She was simply Breathtaking . Swaying like Silk, from her curvateous body to her long raven hair and from a stern look in her Amber eyes to the way she was lifting her foot in a precise manner, She was Breathtaking and so was her dance. Swaying, moving and taking rounds. She lookes as she was in her own world, melding with the Rhythm of song so naturally that it looked like she was being controlled by some devine power.

He was watching her blissfully, so lost in his own thoughts that he didn't noticed her stop right infront of him. Emerald eyes met Amber and they both looked at each other for a long time , then she snapped and angrily shut the window close right on his face.

He was amused by her action, also that she didn't notice him till now and the way her amber eyes were fixed at him. So many emotion were depicting in those beautiful eyes – shock, anger, and a bit of embaressment , as if he had seen her taking a shower or something.

And that's how Usui Takumi met the super hot bombshell of Seika University, Ayuzawa Misaki .


The other day, he heard some guys talking were talking about her as she made her way through the university gates, Escourted by her driver straight into the Lecture Hall. She sure was rich, Daughter of the famous business tycoon – Ayuzawa Sakumo and her mother, Ayuzawa Minako – a world famous fashion designer. Beside her family background, she was the former student council president of seika high, a great Athelete, Perfect in academics, a ballet dancer plus those physical attributes she inherited from her parents, a complete package ! well, she achieved those things not because she was the daughter of the famous business tycoon of japan or because of her mother's popularity, she achieve those things just because of her hard work and her skills. She was that kind of a person who doesn't get enough of what she had. She possesed a "never say naver" kinda attitude. Very proud of herself one must say because she earned what she had become now unlike some rich spoiled brats who would just throw their parents money and get what they wanted.

She was popular in school as well as in college. Girls used to admire her and boys , well boys were as always used to throw their heart in her feets, always asking her for dates, giving her gifts and compliments but she used to refused them all, Thinking these sort ofthings are too troublesome to handle for a girl like her, resulting into many broken hearts and tears .

Well in popularity wise both of them were same, He concluded .


First time when he talked to her was when he saw her on the rooftop, crying and sobbing silently. Ducking her head in arms so that no one will notice. But he did and approached her, she was sitting on the floor, head now leaning againts the wall. His right hand reached into his pockets and he slowly offered her a candy. She lifted her head, her eyes fall on him, then on the candy, then again on him and again on candy .

"is it poisoned?" she asked in a hoarse voice (courtesy of her crying) raising her burrows in confusion. He just looked at her amusingly and shake his head with a chuckle. She was looking damn cute with her puffy red eyes. After minutes of staring contest with him, she accepted his offering and said a quick thanks to him. He sat beside her, looking above in the skyans said "Usui Takumi, nice to meet you again miss ballerina" he said in a monotone. She looked at him confused, of course she had heard his name, he's pretty popular in their campus and damn this guy for sneaking in her practice room and later on teasing her like this. "Ayuzawa Misaki" she said it with arrogance and proud, "nice to meet you too perverted alien" she said coyly. He looked at her again and smiled "pleasure all is mine".


After that encounter, he couldn't remember how they became friends, no….. Best friends to be precise. So close that people around them even thought that they were couple. She used to call him by different names and he used to tease her all day. For everyone, they both were perfect for each other. So compatible in every aspect- be it in academics or sports or their unbeatable musical skills and even when it comes to mischief, like bunking leactures and classes together. They used to visit a place a little far away from city, which he found ages ago. A field full of flowers and surrounded by trees, an abandoned field. No one used to came to that place except those two. He told her once that 'whenever she feels sad,gloomy or unhappy… never hesitate, just come here and you'll find me'. After he said those words, she tackled him from behindand they both fell into the ground. She on top of him, grinned happily "you're such an alien you know right?" and hugged him tightly, squeezing him. "yeah, I know" and he did the same.


Chapter 2 preview : As he turned to leave, not before he reached two or three steps aways she called "TAKUMI" and he stopped, confused he looked behind and turned. She was there, standing in the rain and she looked at him in such a way that he had never seen before.

She smiled sadly and said "I'm getting married".

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