A/N: So after only a few days of not writing, I can stand it no longer. There are two stories that are currently competing for dominance in my head, and so the only solution I can think of is to just start posting both. This one is a sequel to my previous story, In Darkness, and it is highly, highly recommended that you read that story first in order for this one to make sense! Now the other story that I'll start posting within the next couple days will be a completely separate story that will not require any previous reading.

But anyway, this first chapter is just a short Prologue to our new story. Enjoy!

And now, once again, Merlin found himself wondering how on earth he managed to get himself into these situations. How was it that he always seemed to stumble across so much trouble? It wasn't as though he went looking for it.

Okay, maybe that wasn't entirely true. Because for these past two weeks, he had been playing a very dangerous game. A game that Merlin was pretty sure he was about to lose.

At least, dangling by his fingernails over the side of a cliff was not exactly filling him with hope at the moment. He could hear the raging river sweeping along below him. So far, far below him. His heart was racing. He knew that a fall from this height would almost surely kill him. It would be nearly impossible to avoid landing on one of those large, jagged rocks.

And standing above him, leering down at him with a look of triumph and pure hatred, was the enemy. The man who was about to kick his hands away from the edge of the cliff where he was holding on for dear life, and send him to his death.

So maybe he had been looking for trouble. But it wasn't as though he really had much choice. It was all part of the job. To protect Arthur. To keep him safe. Although, Merlin thought bitterly, he had failed in that duty. The King was in terrible danger right now and here he was, moments away from death.

"I'm happy to be your servant, 'til the day I die." The words that he had spoken to Arthur all those years ago echoed in his mind now. When he had said them, he had been so sure that the day he would die had already arrived.

Perhaps now it really had.

A/N: Sorry for such a terrible cliffhanger (no pun intended...well, actually...). Anyway, it'll be a little while before we get back to this scene, as we are going to go back in time a little bit to see what led up to Merlin's current predicament. I hope you will enjoy this new story! Until next time! :)