Epilogue 1

Three years later ...

Edward was lying on the sofa with baby Charlie fast asleep on his chest. Rosie was playing in the corner with her favourite doll and he could hear Bella clattering around in the kitchen preparing Sunday lunch. Alice and Jasper were staying with them for a few nights as they were on a short visit from New York before heading off to Paris and Barcelona, but they were in town at the shops at the moment buying yet more clothes for Alice, but also on a mission to find some decent wine to go with dinner.

The television was on and Edward was watching the film, 'Singing in the Rain' for the very first time. It was the part where Lena Lamont was telling Don Lockwood that she had got Kathy Selden sacked from her job as a chorus girl after she had thrown a cake in her face at the after-show party.

Watching the film, it occurred to him that Tanya had suffered from the same delusions about their relationship as Lena had with Don, and had been just as vindictive towards her adversary, which was why Kate had hummed the theme tune all those years ago. He chuckled to himself at the memory, then felt sad that Kate had her life cut short by the fire and did not live to see her daughters grow up. He had thought about trying to track down Kate's family, but then realised if he had succeeded in finding them, what could he have said to them?

He hadn't thought about Kate for a long time because he had been so busy with filming and helping Bella with their growing family, but he wondered whether she was still helping people who were at the end of their tether, like he had been all those years ago. He had been tempted to go back to see the house, but he now accepted that her note to him saying goodbye was closure, even though it took him many months to get over the shock and to accept what had happened.

Alice and Jasper burst through the door at that moment and collapsed on the sofa opposite him. Alice had finally given in to practicality and had started wearing flat shoes so her feet were okay this time, but shopping was still an exhausting business and Jasper had had enough.

Bella came in with a tray of pre-dinner drinks and sat down to look at all the clothes Alice was pulling out of several different shopping bags. She had left a small bag until the end and she pulled out a tiny white baby outfit that was on a little hanger.

Bella took one look at it and said, "Alice, it's lovely, but it's far too small for Charlie; he's three months old now."

Alice grinned and looked at Jasper who grinned back.

"It's not for Charlie; it's for me!" she squealed.

Rosie looked up at the 'grown ups' who were now hugging and kissing one another and she wondered why Mummy was crying. She rolled her eyes towards heaven, as three year old's do, and carried on playing with her dolly that was pretty and soft and cuddly, and most definitely nothing like a Barbie!