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Raven hated patrols.

She didn't even see the point of them. Sure villains lurk around at night but that's why they had a huge computer at the Titans Tower for. The computer told them of villains coming in both day and night.

But Robin just kept pushing them to do patrols.

"Patrols help us find any villains or criminals that don't show up on the radar and also give the citizens a better sense of sense of security and safety." Robin told Raven one day when she asked why they do patrols.

Robin and his stupid safety and security rules.

But regardless to any protests she had about the idea, Raven still had to do patrols. And on her patrol night Raven stumbled upon something peculiar even for her.

She saw what looked like a thief clad in black and green struggling to get out of someone's window.

'Great' Raven thought irritably. 'Another petty thief that's two nights in a row!'

Now mind you Raven actually loves her job as a superhero. Fighting super villains gave her a great workout and helped her to sometimes let out her emotions through her powers. But Raven never liked dealing with petty thieves. They never stopped trying and just grated on Raven's nerves.

It looked like this thief would be doing the same.

With a sigh Raven flew to where the thief was struggling at in the window. As Raven got closer she realized that it wasn't the window the thief was struggling with. In fact it was a brown and black small dog biting on the thief's pants leg and preventing the thief from leaving.

"Damn dog get the hell off me!" The thief yelled as he tried to get away. But sadly the puppy wouldn't budge.

When Raven was close enough to see the thief's face she saw that he was actually kind of cute. He had gorgeous jade eyes and great hair that was the right shade of emerald.

'Wait what?' Raven thought. 'This is a criminal even if he is a petty thief. These thoughts are not allowed!' And with that Raven shook her head to rid herself of those thoughts as she prepared to make her presence to the thief known.

But it looked like Raven didn't have to make her presence known for the thief noticed her presence.

"Hey sweet thang!" The thief said to Raven eyeing her up and down.

'Ugh another sweet talker' Raven thought 'Let's just get this over with before I lose what little patience I have.'

"Look bud I'm not in the mood right now so I'm going to get you out and drop you off at the jail." Raven said to the thief

"Aww no need to be so harsh to me pretty lady I'm hurt!" The thief exclaimed playfully

"I have every right to be harsh at you considering you're a thief -a bad one at that- and I'm a hero!" Raven said

"Wait you're a hero?" The thief asked Raven confused

"Yes I'm a hero idiot! Now stop talking so I can get you out." Said Raven as her little patience started to thin out

"Idiot!?" The thief exclaimed angrily "I'm no idiot! I happen to be Beastboy greatest thief of all time!" The thief exclaimed rather proudly

"Yeah so is that why you got yourself stuck in a window 'greatest thief of all time'?" Raven said sarcastically

"No!" Beastboy exclaimed "I'm not stuck I just have a dog biting my pants leg that's all"

'I don't have time for this childishness' Raven thought

"Alright look I'll get the dog off of you but after that you are going to jail no buts about it"

Beastboy snickered "Haha you said butts!"

Raven sighed after getting the dog off of him "Grow up will you!"

"Sorry miss but I can't do that now if you will get me down please?"

"Alright" Raven said and proceeded to help Beastboy only to drop him on top of the dumpster.

"Ouch!" Beastboy exclaimed as he hit his head on the dumpster "I meant help me down gently!"

"Oh I'm sorry you should be more specific great thief" Raven said sarcastically as she made Beastboy handcuffs using her powers

"Dude cool powers!" Beastboy said in awe

"Yeah whatever let's start walking" Raven said brushing off Beastboy's comment and the pair walked silently to the jail.

Five minutes passed and the pair continued to walk silently well that is until Beastboy decided to interrupt the silence.

"So 'superhero' I didn't catch your name I mean you know mine it would only be fair to give me your name right?" Beastboy asked

"Well if you must know my name is Raven and that is the only question I'm answering from you tonight." Raven said irritably

"Well I think Raven is a pretty name for someone who is so pretty." Beastboy said flirtingly

Raven blushed at the compliment 'Maybe this petty thief isn't that bad' Raven thought 'Oh who am I kidding all petty thieves are bad!' And with that Raven continued to ignore Beastboy.

But it looked like Beastboy would just not take a hint for he continued to flirt with Raven and get her to talk to him.

"So Raven are you a parking ticket? Because you've got fine written all over you!"

Raven sighed and continued to ignore Beastboy.

"Okay Raven how about this. You shouldn't wear makeup. It's messing with perfection!"

"I'm not wearing any makeup genius" Raven said to the annoying thief

"Yeah but that's not the point." Beastboy said "The point is that you're so beautiful that you don't need any makeup."

Raven again blushed at the comment. "Alright look Beastboy" Raven said "You have been talking all during the walk can you please shut up!" Raven finished angrily

"Ok Raven" Beastboy said sadly "I'll be quiet"

'Finally!' Raven thought and they continued to walk

While walking Raven couldn't help but notice how sad Beastboy looked now that she told him to stop talking and she felt a little guilty. 'Guilty?' Raven thought 'I have no reason to feel guilty over this petty thief! But he does look sad'

Finally the pair walked to the jail and Raven turned to Beastboy so that she could remove his handcuffs. While removing his handcuffs Raven decided to try and cheer up this petty thief she met.

"Beastboy?" Raven said

"Yea Raven?" Beastboy answered sadly

'Don't back out now Raven' Raven thought to herself

"I guess I'm sorry for being a bit too harsh to you even though you were being extremely annoying" Raven apologized

Beastboy smiled "That's ok Raven I guess the pickup lines were too much huh?"

"Definitely" Raven agreed

With that Raven took off Beastboy's handcuffs and handed him over to the police.

"Oh and Raven?" Beastboy said to Raven's retreating backside.

"What Beastboy?" Raven asked

"I wasn't kidding about you being beautiful because you really are." Beastboy said with a wink and was taken by the police officer.

Raven blushed at the compliment. 'Maybe all thieves aren't petty' Raven thought and with that she took off into the sky back to the tower.

As she got back to the tower Robin asked her how her patrol went.

"You know what Robin maybe these patrols aren't so bad." And with that thought she went to her room smiling a little leaving a happy yet confused Robin.

Well there you go guys this was actually my first one-shot and I'm pretty proud of it! So let me know what you guys think and there will be more stories in the future.

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