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Amulet of the Bat

Chapter 1: Failed Mission

It was a dark night as a terrified panda ran through the woods. "Have to hide have to hide," he said breathing heavily. Sweat poured down from his face as his eyes were filled with terror. He still couldn't believe this was happening never in all his life did he think this would happen. A month ago everything was fine so peaceful. Had did it lead to this? He ducked behind a tree as an eerie shadow flew over the pale moon. He held his breath till the figure left and he continued running through the woods. The panda's jade orbs scanned the area seeing no intruder and ran across the meadow. He came to a huge building that was the famous Jade Palace. The panda's name was Po and he was the legendary Dragon Warrior. He protected the Valley and China from the forces of evil. Still he never thought he would have to protect the Valley from this person.

Po looked around the corners and saw nothing as he went inside. He had to find it and once he did he would save the very person he had to fight. Unbeknown to him a strange being landed on the roof and sniffed the air. "Found you," said the figure in a velvet voice. Looking through the halls he saw no intruders as he made his way to the Hall of Heroes.

Many ancient artifacts were on display or kept locked up. He saw what he came here for. On the floor by a cabinet with relics was an old red box. It was wide open with red velvet on it and the edges were painted gold. Some weird writing was on the lid and Po could barely make them out. He glared angrily at this box that was in his paws. If he didn't need the inscriptions so badly he would destroyed it by now. This stupid box was the cause of all his problems and it took someone very dear to him. But once he read the inscriptions he will get his loved one back.

Just then his ears picked up a noise and hid in the shadows. The door opened and revealed a shadowy figure. "Oh Po, where are you?" asked a velvet voice. Po began to sweat again as his heart began to beat louder. He was afraid it would pop out of his chest and kill him instantly. Just then he didn't hear the voice anymore and soon felt a presence behind him. "Hello Po," purred a voice.

"Hello Tigress," he said sadly. He turned around and backed away from the person he once called a friend and the love of his life. Her name was Tigress and she was the leader of the Furious Five. At one time she and Po were lovers. He still couldn't believe this person before her was the same Tigress he loved. She had orange fur with black strips with golden eyes but now her eyes were blood red. Two huge bat wings were on her back as they folded around her neck. She wore a black tunic and around her neck was a golden amulet with a bat on it with two red rubies for eyes.

"Po, why did you run from me?" Tigress asked in a hurt tone.

"So I could help you Ti," Po told her. Praying he could reach her and save her.

"Silly panda I don't need you to save me. But it is nice you want to," Tigress purred stepping closer to him. Po stepped back trying to hide his fear.

"You are afraid of me? Don't be scared Po, I would never hurt you I love you and I just want to keep you safe," Tigress told him giving him a loving look.

"I am not afraid of you Tigress but if you want to keep me safe then take off that amulet," Po told her.

"No if I do then I will be weak again and you and our friends will be in danger. Join me Po and we will rule the night together," Tigress told him smiling.

"Sorry Ti but I prefer the day and this is for your own good," Po told her and began to read the inscription on the lid. "Tala, incanda solon," Po began. The amulet around Tigress began to glow and its hold on Tigress was weakening but Tigress pounced on Po the box sliding away from him.

"Sorry dumpling can't have you do that," she purred and brought out her claws as she pinned Po to the ground so he couldn't move. He wiggled with all his might but he couldn't get free. "Once you are bitten you will be forever by my side," Tigress told him.

"Tigress please don't do this," Po begged.

"Don't worry Po it will only hurt for a second I promise," she said and used her tail to hold his head to the side. Licked his fur back to expose the skin and revealed two bat fangs. She knelt down and Po closed his eyes preparing for the end. He had failed to save her.

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