~Chapter One: Prologue~

She was too far away now.. I can't reach her. The whole problem has been driving me on and on to the brink of madness.

It was a devastating... cruel punishment for a woman of her kind..
A woman as rare as her...

From the time I met her, she had always been a ray of sunlight, in the whole group, to my eyes. A ray so bright, it would still flicker brightly in the night. Brighter than any star.
And now she flickers dim... to her end almost. Yet still in her innocent eyes, she looked as if her light may shine on.

How cruel has fate been to her.
First the breaking of her heart..
now this?

Couldn't her fate be more destructive to her soul?

I eye her from across the room, watching her idly trace the rings of the wooden end table, yearning to learn their meaning, why they were made, and why were they there. I couldn't stand it.. the pathetic shield that had clasped around her mind, blocking her of her most precious times. It was out of my power to end it all for her.. if only it were that easy.

My eyes followed her as she began to fiddle the small vase of flowers on the end table, smiling friendly at them, her eyes glimmering with astonishment.

"How pretty!" she exclaimed softly, "Do you have more, Vincent?" her serene face flushed slightly of pink as she leaned over the end table to smell the delicate petals of the blood-red rose.

In my mind entered a vision of a child who would most likely say something as that, and pity for her washed over me.

"They grow outside." I replied, not disturbing my gaze to her.

I watched her turn to me with confusion.. she had so much confusion nowadays..

"Grow?" she asked softly, quirking her eyebrows in a matter of wonder.

Pity washed over me again. I exhaled under the broad band of cloth covering my mouth, "I'll explain later."

"Oh.." she looked to her feet, occasionally shuffling her short yellow sun dress around the tops of her knees, "I'll stop asking now."


"No, it's okay." I tried to reassure as comforting as I can, but the woman sat down on the couch across me, staring still at her feet.

Pity. Guilt. Pity. Guilt...

"Do you... Why.." she stuttered out, moving her eyes carefully to me, "Who are you... really?"

I gazed at her eyes.. Worry. Confusion. Hopelessness.

"A friend," I replied and gave a nod, "I am a friend."

"Oh." another from her. She returned her gaze back to her feet. After her eyes noted the floor below them, she leaned forward to trace the marble patterns of the floor in silence.

Pity. Guilt. Pity. Guilt...

"Are you hungry? Would you like to eat?" I casually asked after noticing our silent communion not to mention the dusky skies outside.

Her eyes snapped back to me..
and kept still until she looked as if realization had finally struck her.

"Yes, please." she answered softly, following me up on her feet.

I moved an arm to her, indicating that she should head out the door before me. She moved to the door, watching my gaze nervously. She stopped suddenly when she was halfway out and reached to tuck a strand of her chocolate hair behind an ear before muttering.

"I'm sorry.. I forgot what that meant for a while."

I nodded, understanding her case, "It's okay, Tifa."

She briefly smiled then.. the beautiful way she carried her happiness.. before walking out the door and to the kitchen.

A/N: Wierdish prologue.. Anyways, in case you haven't caught on.. it's a Tifa/Vincent fic. Tifa right now has amnesia because of reasons that will be explained later. So this is pretty short.. it's just a small teaser. So..did I get you to 'crave' for more?

Disclaimer: FF7 is not mine! >. all you should know that!