~Chapter Nine: Demon's Rage ~

--"My friend once blamed me with something he did wrong,
--And I was angry at him for a while.
--Then one time, I blamed him for something I did,
--So then he was angry at me for a while.
--We promised to not blame each other after that.
--But then another time, he blamed me again for something he did wrong,
--I got angry, told him off, then punched him in the nose."

'My last friend sucked' -CAZ


He sat down on the the other bed, gazing guiltily at the shocked girl in front of him. Her expression had changed now; eyes were round as if she found something odd or new in her mind.

"I'm sorry, Tifa, for not being there when you were hurt," he sent to her in a whisper that seemed to surpass the droning of the rain against the loud beats of the radio.

Her face soothed into a soft expression as she gently lifted herself by her hands to sit straight on the bed before him. Her eyes set downcast, her eyebrows furrowed into low bridges of hurt and pain, and her cheeks ran rivers of grief, "Vincent, it's not your fault," her voice broke into a subdued, choking sob before wiping her eyes of the moisture that blurred her vision. Carelessly, she wrung her hands on the front of her dress angrily, a sudden act Vincent thought was odd.

From that single act, he could feel that Tifa was just not devastated over the new found memory that refreshed her mind about the day she fell over the tall cliffs of Nibelheim, but she associated fury with that day.

"I know what happened," she let out suddenly, her hands tightening around the cream-colored cloth, "It suddenly came to me, Vincent, I know what happened that day."

Maybe that would be the time when he would stand up and praise her for the succeeded task to recover her memory, but something told him that this event wasn't at all much to be praised for. Tifa had found out something, that evidently was upsetting her, angering her, making her hurt even more. Vincent could tell this by how she confessed to remember what had happened in the past, and it sounded like it was something she would never forgive it done, or would never want to remember it again.

"I followed him, and I ran into him in the caves," her tears rose in her throat as she cleared it, while more ran down her pale cheeks and spilled over her hands around a ball of cloth. She swallowed a lump down her throat, yet more resurfaced as she came to face the truth, "He got angry at me for following him, and he pushed me."

As Vincent watched her break down in front of him, her hands clutching more of her dress tightly, the information given to him was more than enough to rile up anger through his whole body. Now, Chaos wasn't just tapping and grumbling inside him to be let out; he was clawing his way out with ease.

The he she spoke of, was none other than the so called 'best friend' she had titled. And the nerve of the man to offer help when he was the reason of it all; it passed him like a deathly stench. He could feel it now, Chaos was almost out, and he didn't try to force it back. He knew nothing could settle the raging demon within him until it had made contact with the man who did this, and this was what it would intently do.

Tifa had caught it, she could see in Vincent's eyes that he was struggling inside, and it made her afraid. She hadn't meant her confession to bring him into the clutches of Chaos, or hope anyone would get hurt. She stood up suddenly, right after Vincent jumped to his feet to turn to the door, and grasped his arm back as he turned away.

"No, Vincent!" her tears spilled at the thought of Chaos bringing up destruction in the quiet Rocket Town, and the friend she thought she had, killed by the shared fury from her, "You can't do that, it wouldn't make anything better!"

He pulled away from her hands with a swift pull, his cape floating to the floor in breeze as he turned to face her, eyes phasing into shiny crimson orbs, and his face fading into a sick violet, "It would make me feel better, Tifa; it would make me feel like I finally helped you."

Her heart skipped a beat in his words, and she already knew the man had done enough for her all this time, but it was too late for her to explain for the man before her formed into a tall, muscular demon with hellish wings.

A low growl escaped behind the gates of vampiric teeth he held in his mouth, and the act made her back out to sit on the bed behind her once more. Though the look he gave her looked as if he was going after her, she knew he was only waiting for a response from her. She didn't give back any, only a look of reserved disapprovement that didn't stir him to give his reasoning a second thought.

With a swift move to the door, he tore the wooden board open and escaped to the halls where the others gasped at the sight of his demonic form. Worried faces turned to him cautiously, and red eyes caught a pair of blue-mako ones.

Vincent hurled his head back and let out a furious moan before his body moved speedily to his victim, clutching him with one outstretched arm, and lifting him high into the air before dragging him out the front door and into the rain.


They gasped in surprise and fright as the creature hurled Cloud into the muddy streets of Rocket Town.

Cid, Barret, Shera, Yuffie, and Nanaki all stood outside the front door, witnessing Chaos in rage over Cloud.

Sputtering to his feet, Cloud gaped at the tall demon, "What the hell do you think you're doing, Vincent?!" he was then clutched into the demon's arms once more and hurled to the floor, kneeling as Chaos' face twisted into anger in front of him.

"Why did you push her off the cliff!?" he lifted him from his feet and gave him a swift hurl to the floor before forcing him back on his knees, "Answer me you stupid human!"

Cloud grasped the clawed hand by the wrist as his eyes slit into his own pronounced anger, "She was in the way of things, and I didn't mean for her to fall into the cliff!" his words only caused Chaos to growl out in disgust as his hands spun back and into the ground once again, where Cloud groaned under the pressure suddenly impacted against his whole body.

By this time, neighbors watched through the protection of their own homes as the violet demon began to approach the helpless man on the ground; the look of murder intense in his eyes. Back at the Highwind home, the spectators had heard the reason of the fight, and none of them had every intention to stop Vincent in his quest to hurt Cloud. As Vincent took hold of the limp blond, a shattering voice from the front doors of the home made him turn around.

"Let him go, Vincent!" Tifa stood a fair distance away, her hair drenched quickly with the rain, and her fists clutched by her sides angrily. Her expression was clear as day that she didn't agree with his way of reasoning at all.

In quick strides, Chaos watched her move towards him, her eyes blazing over him, "Put him down," she commanded.

Chaos made a guttural groan to deny her command, and for a second they contested over a silent gaze fight.

"You put him down," she repeated through gritted teeth, and in moments, Chaos placed the blond man down without his gaze ever leaving the furious woman.

With a groan, he stepped back as she assisted the blond man to his feet; his mind racing with jealousy, greed, guilt that Tifa still cared for the man. Chaos was never more wrong.

"Tifa, I'm so glad you're here! You know I didn't mean to push you off! I-I--"

An angry fist reeled back, lunched forward, and created a bony and painful blow into Cloud's face. The bystanders by the Highwind home gasped as Cloud's body lifted a good six feet away from Tifa, and landed with a sick thud to the mushy dirt path.

"You stupid bastard!" Tifa cried out as she ran to his pained body. She kicked him in the side harshly; strong enough to have him turn from his stomach to his back. Moving over him, she cradled her legs on his stomach as she bent down and lifted his collar to meet him face to face.

"All those times when I tried to get your attention; I waited to see if you would notice me!" she threw another punch in his face, bruising his eye above the bruised cheek created earlier, "Now I know I could never win you, can I?! Aeris, even when she's dead, is always going to be way better than I'll ever be! You'll never care for me, that's why you pushed me off the cliff!" Tifa shook him hard, his head lolling along the anger she made known, "You wanted me out of your damn way! You wanted me to stop trying to show that I loved you!"

She stood up in disgust, a fresh new set of tears flowing down her cheeks as she looked over Cloud with a cold-hearted expression in her eyes, "Maybe Aeris was better than me, but you were my best friend," she began in a whisper as Cloud laid on the ground with stained eyes refusing to look up at her, "All you had to do was tell me you didn't love me, and I would have stopped. But you just ignored me, and when you had the chance, you'd just push me off the cliff in hopes that I'd leave you alone; like I wasn't ever anyone important in your life."

The audience behind her; Cid, Shera, the others and Chaos, stood in silence with sympathy for Tifa; words escaped their throats as they tried to say something to the scene unfolded.

Tifa stood over him, seeing if the man was going to say anything back. And when she knew he wasn't going to, the sheer annoyance of it caused her to throw a swift and hard kick to his side. And as he rolled, coughing up blood on the puddles of mud around him, Tifa left his pained figure, turned around, and headed back to the house without another word or another glance to Cloud or to any of the others.

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