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Bella pulled away from the kiss and slid to the floor. "We really do have to get the luggage."

"You're right." He sighed running his hand though his hair and making her mouth water.

"I always am." She smirked.

"Oh someone's getting cocky." He picked her up and through her over his shoulder.

"Emmett Cullen put me down." She shirked trying to hold on.

"And why should I?" he taunted.

"Because if you don't I'm cutting you off." Before she knew it she was back on her feet and laughing at her pouting boyfriend.

"That's just cruel Bella."

"Oh you poor baby." She patted his cheek. "Now let's go and get the rest of the stuff. A sullen Emmett followed Bella out of the room and down to the parking lot where she delegated him to carry the heavy things which mainly meant Alice's shoe collection.

"Stupid shoes." Emmett grumbled. Bella tried not to smile as they walked back into the dorms. "Don't think I don't see you over there." He glared at her. She just smiled at him even wider. She opened the door for him and he sat down the bag with a thud. "Really Alice you packed all of them all of them." He glared at his baby sister who was snuggled up to her boyfriend on the couch.

"Hey I need all of those." She protested. "You can put them in my room."

"Yeah no I don't think so." He shook his head. "I got them this far now you can take them the rest of the way."

"Where is Edward when you need him I mean he could be helpful." Alice crossed her arms and pouted before turning to Jasper. "Jasper take my shoes to my room." She gave him her bambi eyes and he sighed getting off of the couch and picking up the bag.

"Dang it Emmett wasn't exaggerating." He cursed.

"You two are acting like you've never met Alice before." Bella chuckled collapsing on the couch next to Alice. "Boys." Bella shook her head.

"Boys." Emmett mocked. "You know you two would be lost without out us."

"No that's just what we let you think." Bella stuck her tounge out at him.

"Oh Really." He reached out and grabbed Bella tickling her.

"Stop." She giggled trying to pry his hands away from her.

"Seriously you two just get together." Alice rolled her eyes and got up off the couch following Jasper into her room and shutting the door.

"If only she knew." Emmett whispered into Bella's ear before kissing her.

"Not here." She whispered and giggled.

"Spoil sport." He got up off the couch but not before giving her hip a squeeze. "I should get back to my duties I'm sure there are some freshmen that need my help."

"You do that." She rolled her eyes.

"I will." He slapped her butt causing her to glare and smirk at him all at the same time.

"Get out of her perv." She pushed him towards the door. She smiled when she opened it to find Edward and Rosalie on the other side.

"Edward Rose." She hugged them ignoring the presence that was Emmett. "Don't you have a job to do?" she turned to Emmett giving him the look that he knew so well.

"Right I'm off." He saluted.

"What was he doing here?" Rose asked sitting down.

"He was helping us move." Bella sat down beside. "Are you just going to stand there all day." She looked at Edward.

"No is Jasper here."

"In there?" she pointed towards Alice's room but I wouldn't go in there if I where you I can't promise it will be G rated. Actually I can almost promise it won't be G rated."

"What a lovely thought." Edward looked pained. "I was supposed to meet Jasper and we where going to go to the store."

"Store did someone say store." Alice's bedroom door was thrown open and she came bouncing out."

"Great now you've unlocked the pixie stick." Bella sighed. "Alice calm down."

"He said shopping."

"Yes he did." Bella agreed "But you don't need anything."

"I always need things." Alice argued.

"No you really don't."

"Yes I do."

"Fine whatever." Bella threw her hands up in defeat."

"Yes we're going shopping." Alice bounced around the room clapping her hands.

"Why did I agree to live with you again?"

"Because you love me." Alice jumped next to her hugging Bella tightly.

"At times like this I wonder why."

"Because I'm your bestest friend in the world that's why."

"Sure we'll go with that." Bella teased.

"Mean." Alice sniffed.

"Hey none of that or I'm not going with you."

"Come on before Bella changes her mind." Alice pulled Bella up and dragged her across the room.

"Can I at least put on my shoes."

"I guess." Alice conceded.

"Thanks." Bella said sarcastically slipping her shoes on.

"You're welcome. Now lets go."

"Yes you're highness."

They grabbed purses and coats and the four of them headed out of the dorm room and down the stairs. "Where are you guys going?" Emmett asked catching them at the bottom of the stairs.

"Shopping I blame Edward." Bella glared at him.

"I fully take the blame for this." He held his hands up in surrender.

"Ok well have fun with that." Emmett smirked happy to get out of the shopping trip.

"Lucky bastard." Bella growled watching him walk away.

"Do we need to wash Bella's mouth out with soap?" Rose teased.

"Bite me Rosalie."

"Ohh kinky I like it." Rose winked.

"Ok lets go before Edward Explodes." Alice steered them out of the door as they turned to look at Edward who looked like he was trying to count to twenty.

"Poor Eddie." Bella cooed.

"Don't call me that."

"Eddie, Eddie, Eddie." She sing songed. Causing him to growl.

"Only in the bedroom babe." Rose winked. Causing Bella and Alice to crack up. Jasper led them to his car and they all got in.

"Ok buckle up kids." He started towards the mall.

"Yes." Alice shrieked.

"No." Bella moaned. Her first day of college and she was going to the mall what kind of hell was this.

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