The class was dismissed and the room quickly emptied. Only one girl remained sitting at her desk. She neatly packed away her materials and books before striding over to the desk.

Yukio looked up, asking calmly. "Yes, Miss Shinoda?"

She smirked at him mischievously, taking a moment to lick her lips and play with her hair. "We're alone. You can call me Hana," she purred.

The teacher pushed up his glasses and cleared his throat. She moved to walk around the desk. He about to stand when suddenly, she was in front of him. She placed her hands on the chair on either side of his head, leaning down and trapping him.

"Hana…," he warned seriously. "What-"

The kiss was soft and teasing. Yukio was frozen. Her tongue traced along his lips playfully and her fingers had moved to muss with his hair. Slowly, he melted into the embrace, his hands finding her lower back. She whimpered quietly as he lazily began to pull her closer. He broke away.

"Wait," he ordered shakily, his face flushed. He moved back from her, his eyes locked onto hers. He sounded more confident this time. "We shouldn't do this."

She moved to straddle him in his chair. He hissed when she rolled her hips into his. Her uniform skirt rode up with the action. "Hana," he growled, his eyes closed.

The temptress lightly kissed up his neck, licking and nibbling as her hands worked on undoing his jacket. Her mouth paused at his ear as she ground her hips into him again. He rubbed up her thighs as she did. "Tell me to stop," she whispered, undoing the last button.

He broke them apart again and Hana pouted at the lost of contact. She reluctantly moved from his lap and Yukio threw his jacket off. She was about to leave and gasped when two strong hands pulled her back to his lap. He positioned her over his hard length once more, bucking up experimentally. The heavy layer was gone and she could feel so much more of him. She closed her eyes, enjoying the intimate contact and cursing whoever invented clothing in the first place.

When she looked up, his eyes were boring into her. She watched helplessly as he smirked and licked his lips. His fingers ran lightly up from her thighs to her waist making her shiver. "Where were you going? I never said stop," he teased.

In a second, his lips were crashing against hers. One hand held the back of her head, his fingers tangled in her hair. The other gripped her waist as he thrust up, pushing her down to meet him every time. Before she had lead the pace, slow and teasing. Now that he was in control, their lips and tongues met savagely. He sucked in her bottom lip, worrying it before releasing her. He nuzzled her head over, trailing kisses across her jaw to her neck.

She wanted more, needed more. His shirt had come untucked and she snaked her hands underneath. Her nails raked across his back when he bit down playfully on your collarbone. Hana closed her eyes, enjoying his attention. Something started beeping. Distantly, she felt her tie coming off and her shirt being pulled open. Everything felt hazy and the annoying sound only got louder. Her eyebrows furrowed in frustration.

"Ugghh," Hana groaned in annoyance, her eyes still closed. She reached out blindly for her alarm clock from under her covers.

"Morning," her roommate greeted with a yawn.

"Morning," she repeated, yawning as well. She sat up and rubbed her eyes, placing the clock back on her nightstand. She pouted, throwing herself back into her bed and wrapping up in her blankets. "Why did I have to wake up?" she complained.

"Nice dream?"

"Yeah," Hana agreed wistfully.

Her roommate grinned cheekily, waggling her eyebrows suggestively. "Who was it about?" She dodged a pillow. "Hey!" she laughed. Her hand went to her heart. "I'd tell you if I had a sex dream."

The girls changed into their school uniforms and headed out.

"I did not have a sex dream, Tari," Hana defended in a whisper. She looked away and grumbled quietly, "It didn't get that far…"

Tari threw her hands up excitedly. "Oh my god! I was kidding!" A few other students looked in their direction. She calmed down and leaned towards her roommate. "But since it's true, who was it?" she whispered eagerly.

The raven haired girl pulled at her hair nervously. "You know… I don't remember," she lied. Hana pretended to think hard. She pictured his turquoise eyes burning through her as she straddled his lap. Her cheeks flushed. "Nope. Can't remember."

"Aww, that's too bad," Tari sighed. "I have to say I'm glad. I was starting to think you were asexual or something," she confessed.

Hana narrowed her eyes at her. "Just because I'm not as boy crazy as you, doesn't mean I'm asexual."

"Jeez, I'm only teasing. So serious," the other girl tsked. She stopped walking and pulled her bag up her shoulder. "Well, I'll see you later," she said with a wave. "Let me know if you see your dream guy!" she called out with a wink, causing Hana to blush again.

"Tomorrow, we'll be going over cures for some basic ailments," Yukio informed his class. "I'll provide each of you multiple doses of various medicines as well as one infected sample which will serve as your "patient". It will be your job to both successfully diagnose and treat the disease. Now…"

He turned to directly face his brother. "…I expect that this experiment will not be taken lightly." Rin glared in response.

The younger brother spoke out to the class again. "In some cases, the wrong medicine or dosage is capable of killing a patient faster than the disease itself. Keep in mind you will each receive only one sample. Your sample's death will count as an automatic failure."

A bell chimed in the distance and everyone started to clear out. Groans and worried murmurs filled the room.

Last as usual, Hana moved from her desk and made her way out. See, that wasn't so bad, she told herself. She made it through the whole day as if nothing had happened. She walked by Yukio and smiled up at him. He smiled back as he shut his suitcase and followed her into the hall.

Besides the two of them, the corridor was left empty. The other students always rushed out for lunch. Most days, he would walk with her into the courtyard before they'd go their separate ways. They didn't talk to each other much, but that was fine.

She glanced up at him, taking in his profile. Her head tilted to the side while she grinned at the two little moles on the cheek she could see. Funny, she thought. They formed an almost perfectly straight line. He turned and she met his bright, turquoise eyes.

"Yes, Miss Shinoda?" he asked happily.

An innocent question, but the first thing that came to her mind was…

"We're alone. You can call me Hana."

She looked straight ahead, hiding her face in hair. "Nothing," she answered quickly.

"Is the lab on your mind?" Yukio ventured, concerned. She felt him lean over and could hear the grin in his voice. "I made it sound worse that it actually is. I'm sure you'll do fine."

Hana let out a small laugh as they reached the door. Yukio held it open for her and she nodded in thanks. She still wasn't facing him and he wished she was. He could tell she was smiling again and he loved the way her eyes lit up.

Something caught her eye and she created some space between them. Yukio followed her gaze to a trio of girls. The group didn't look as if they noticed either him or Hana.

Hana shrugged her shoulders, explaining apologetically, "Don't want to ruffle any feathers with your fan club over there."

Yukio pushed up his glasses, shaking his head. He sighed, "I tried letting them all down easy. I honestly don't know why they're interested."

The girl to his side laughed and mockingly sympathized, "Poor tall, dark and handsome doesn't know why girls flock to him." Hana continued to giggle until…

"You think I'm handsome?" he smirked.

"I-I think you're tall." She blushed as she bowed slightly. "Goodbye, Mr. Okumura."

The corners of his lips held a fleeting smile as she left. Yukio sighed and turned to find someone in his way. Startled at first, he quickly shot the obstruction an unamused look.

"She's cute," Rin nodded in Hana's direction. "Who is she?"

"She's-" Yukio started flustered. He straightened. "She is a student of mine," he answered formally, walking through the courtyard.

"I knew that!" The older brother rolled his eyes, flicking Yukio's glasses. "We're both in your class. And unlike you, I have eyes that work!" Rin rolled his shoulders, shoving his hands in his pockets, grumbling, "I meant her name and where she's from and stuff."

The younger sighed, answering, "Her name is Hana Shinoda."

"And?" Rin questioned curiously.

"She has higher marks than you in my class."

Rin's enthusiasm fell, but he continued, "That's it? That's all you know about her?"

"Yes. I make it a point not to fraternize with my students."

"But we're fraternizing right now," Rin gestured between them. He narrowed his eyes, pointing an accusing finger at his brother. "Isn't there anything about her? Anything you can think of?"

Yukio huffed in frustration, clenching his fists, countering defensively, "Why do you want to know about her?"

Rin shrugged his shoulders, answering nonchalantly, "No reason."

The older brother thought back. Rin doubted that anyone else had noticed. Everyone else was probably paying attention to the lesson. Their loss, he thought. Because his brother having a crush on someone definitely trumped whatever the stupid class was about.

He saw how Yukio smiled at her. It was nice to see his brother actually interested in a girl. His baby brother occasionally called on her in class. Yukio looked so happy even just walking with her. Yeah, the demon thought smugly. If they thought he didn't notice their little walks, they were dead wrong.

Rin had been sure that eventually Yukio would confide in him, his own twin brother. At the very least, give him details! But nope, nothing.

Now, Rin was not patient, but he had waited. And he had waited long enough. Something was going on between those two. He was sure of that. It was time to get to the bottom of it.

Hana scrolled through text books while Tari nibbled a sandwich. The girls sat in the grass, enjoying the sun and the view.

"Oh! Look at him," Tari pointed though the distance to another boy. "He is cute."

Hana glanced over for her friend's sake, but really didn't have any interest. "Uh-huh."

Taking another bite of her lunch, the redhead's eyes narrowed in suspicion. She pointed weakly behind her, not even turning around. "Or that guy."

"Yeah, cute." Hana was reading, turning the page without a care.

"You suck!" Tari complained, pushing her friend over. She pouted in frustration. "Are you a lesbian? You could tell me."

Her sincere testament had garnered the attention of the campus. People around them turned to watch the bickering pair and Hana turned bright red.

"I could point out hot girls too," Tari offered, standing up and scanning the campus. "How about her?" She crossed her arms, holding her chin in thought. "Killer body, long legs… Of course, if I knew your type, it would he-"

"Stop it!" Hana pulled the redhead back to the grass. "I'm not a lesbian. I'm studying."

Tari blew her curly hair out of her face, taking a seat. "You're always studying."

"I like studying," Hana countered evenly, missing her roommate roll her eyes.

"Hey, Hana!" A boy waved over to the girls, jogging up to meet them. "Excuse me. You're Hana Shinoda, right?"

While Hana was engrossed in her texts once again, Tari looked the boy up and down, smirking in approval. Shaggy hair, unkempt tie, chain on his pants. He's a bad boy, huh?

"Why, yes, she is," Tari smiled. She roughly elbowed the raven-haired girl, making sure she put the book down. "Hana, you have company."

Hana scowled at her friend before looking at her visitor. "Oh, Rin. Hi," she greeted, a bit confused. "Do you… need something?"

The boy lost some of his nerve under their watchful eyes. "Uh, yeah. We're in the same class. Mr. Oku- Yukio's class on... Well, you know what class it is. I just... um."

"Is this about the lab tomorrow?" Hana questioned slowly, ignoring her roommate's increasingly excited smile.

The demon clapped his hands together, pointing at her. "Yes! The lab! I need to study for the lab."

Tari hooked her arm around her roomie's shoulders, responding excitedly, "Well, Hana just loves studying." The redhead made a point of hug her friend tighter for emphasis. "So it's a date!"

"No, it's not." Hana's green eyes shot daggers at Tari before she turned to Rin. "Won't Yukio help you? He made the experiment."

"Pfft." Rin's scowl was genuine. "Four-eyes doesn't help me with anything, especially when it comes to 'his class'." He waved his arms mockingly.

"Well, I'm sure Hana could free up some time," Tari grinned.

"No, sorry," Hana shrugged her shoulders in mock sympathy at her friend. "The lab's tomorrow and you're having your dance group meet at our room tonight…" She turned to Rin quickly, her black hair falling behind her shoulders. "So there's that."

The demon took a moment, fantasizing about the dance group. Wait, focus! The whole reason in getting Hana alone was to talk to her about her relationship with Yukio. He shook his head. Yukio had some… thing tonight. Rin couldn't exactly remember what. But in any case, his baby brother wouldn't be back to the room until late. "We could study at my dorm."

Hana wanted nothing more than wipe the stupid smirk out off of Tari's face.

"You could study at his dorm," the redhead repeated. She flipped her hair, taking the last bite of her sandwich, brushing off her hands and standing up. "Sounds like you two have everything figured out. I'm gonna get out of your hair."

As soon as Tari was behind Rin, she pointed excitedly at the boy, mouthing 'so cute' and 'call me after'. Hana was not amused. When Rin wasn't sleeping in class, he most definitely wasn't paying attention. Yet here he was mysteriously looking for an emergency study session and not with just anyone, with her specifically.

"So… we're on for tonight?" he asked hopefully, shooting her a crooked grin.

She sighed, standing formally. "Sure."

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