Okay I honestly don't know where this came from. This is one of the most random things I've ever written. Anyway enjoy my weirdness and I do not own Fairy Tail.

This is the awesome Natsu Dragneel's list of different ways to hug Lucy

Really Flame brain? How mushy can you be?

Shut up stripper! Mira asked me to do this.

Since when are you taking orders from Mira?

Since she started to go into Satan soul mode so shut the fuck up!

Hug number 1. The casual arm around the shoulder.

Okay so I basically do this as a greeting or when a strange guy is close or when she's acting weird or when I feel like it...

Or all the time. Admit it you just want your hand to be near her boobs.

I DO NOT! Shut up or I will send you flying.

Grumpy are we? Move on.

Hug number 2. The I'm so sorry hug

You can actually be sorry?

Yes I can. And besides do you know how awful it is when Lucy is mad at you?

No I don't because I'm not an idiot like you.

I will resist punching you because Erza is looking this way and I do not want to stain this paper.

Ugh she's looking... Anyway how does this hug look like?

Um... I hug her from behind and nuzzle her neck a bit. She pats my hair after awhile to show that she has forgiven me.

Oh my god you just wrote that mushy stuff to me. Are you sick or something?

I must not stain this paper, I must not stain this paper.

Hug number 3. The I'm so happy to see you hug

I've seen that one. You came home from a mission once and Lucy ran to scold you about injuries but you just picked her up and spun her around.

Yup that's the one. The spinning also makes her laugh and forget about my injuries for awhile.

Who knew you had a brain?

Who knew you have some balls?

Hug number 4. The it's okay you can cry hug

Lately I've been using this hug much...

I'm not surprised. Lucy's had a rough time since we came home from Tenrou island.

Sometimes she wakes me up with her crying.

What? You sleep with her?

Yeah so what? And don't tell Erza! Understood?

Okay okay, understood. So you comfort her after nightmares?

Mhm I usually sit with her in my arms until she's asleep again. The good part is that she cooks a really delicious breakfast in the morning to apologize over the fuss.

Geh you'll really do anything for food.

I wouldn't kiss Erza for food.

What the fuck? Your brain is messed up. And no leave that to Jellal.

Why? Would he do that for food?

Never mind you dense idiot. Move on

Hug number 5. The do not come near her hug

Possessive are we?

Fuck you. Would you like it if some stranger was drooling all over Juvia?

I have Lyon for that but don't change the subject here!

Heh and you're calling me dense.

So this hug is basically you crushing Lucy to your body while glaring evilly at random guys?

Pretty much. Lucy get's mad at me though but it's still worth it.

It must be. To have her boobs all pressed up to your

GODDAMNIT GRAY! Leave Lucy's boobs out of this!

Admit that you like it.

... I do...

Hug number 6. The dry/warm Lucy up hug

Damn it's nice to be a fire dragonslayer.

You act like a heather for her?

Or a dryer if it's rainy.

She must love being around you during the winter.

Because I'm so warm and toasty.

I can't believe you said that. Wait... Does this mean she will hug me during the summer?

If you as much as touch her I will tell Juvia that you would like 30 babies.

Okay okay! Christ! For her best friend you're pretty territorial.


Hug number 7. The drunken hug

Flame brain...


It's extremely hard for you to get drunk.

Shh. Don't tell Lucy that.

Sometimes I think you know much more about romance and sex than you show.

Yeah but it's easier playing dense.

I'm fucking speechless.


Hug number 8. The I love you hug

Man this must be the best hug ever. It varies from simple greeting hugs to "afterglory" hugs and


What is it Gray? You look like you've shit yourself.

You just mentioned "afterglory" Don't tell me...

Shit shit shit! Never mind that! And never mind this hug, I'll just erase it.


Come on Stripper. You know it would have happened sooner or later so can you just keep your mouth shut about this for a little while?

I'm so telling Mira.

GRAY! WAIT SNOW CONE! Shit... Lucy's gonna kill m...

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