Here you go! I'm just gonna go and collapse somwhere now, goodnight!

Okay so now I'm writing a new list of different ways to kiss Lucy.

This is bound to be good.

Go and find your pants or something. It's your fault I'm doing this.

Ah Mira's face was so priceless. It was even worth the kick Lucy gave me.

You deserve more kicks. Okay let's get this stuff over with.

Kiss number 1. The lame pansy ass prince kiss

What the fuck man?

It's the kiss Loke usually give Lucy's hand every time he shows up.

So what is that doing here on this list?

Because I do it too to clear any evidence that Loke has even touched her. Oh but I like to kiss her Fairy Tail mark. It's nice.

Dude you're like so lame at the moment.

Fuck you! That's why I call it the lame pansy ass prince kiss!

Whatever you say Prince Natsu.

Kiss number 2. The thank you kiss

A simple and nice kiss on the cheek. Although it's mostly Lucy who gives me this kiss because she thinks I look cute or something.

You? Cute? Dude are you sure Lucy doesn't need glasses because there's nothing cute about you except your hair.

That's it! I don't care if this paper gets bloody. You're going down snowflake!

I'd like to see you try Pinky!

Why does Erza have to hit so hard?

Shut up and keep on writing while I'm putting ice on my bruises.

Kiss number 3. The Lucy smells good kiss

This is just...

Gihihi is that a blush I see?

Why the fuck are you here Gajeel?

Because discussing your sexlife is way better than listening to bunny girls and the shrimps ranting about books.


Anyway where do you kiss her when she smells good?

Her throat. Her scent is reallyy strong there and it's nice.

You have a throat fetish salamander.

And you have a midget fetish.

Can you two lovebirds stop and move on please?

Kiss number 4. The don't be scared kiss

Lemme guess, you kiss her until she's forgotten why she was scared?

That would be so awkward... Do you want me to start making out with her in front of enemies? Eew...


Shut up metal freak!

Ok my mistake. Then how does this kiss look like?

I kiss her forehead. Simple as that. Lucy finds it pretty calming.

What? Nothing sexy Salamander? I'm disappointed.

As if I would share that stuff with you guys.

Ugh thanks for that mental image. I'm scarred as it is.

Applause for Gray Fullbuster. Our awkward virgin.


Kiss number 5. The simple public kiss

Because neither me nor Lucy are fans of PDA.

Thank god for that. Oh but this is the peck on the lips kiss I see so often nowadays?

Yup. Did you know that Lucy's lips tastes like strawberries?

If he did then that means he would have kissed her idiot.

I bet Erza would be thrilled. She loves strawberries.


Agree with salamander. That image is a bit...

What? I heard Macao and the other geezers discuss it.

Ok I'll be right back I just have to kick some ass first.

Our little idiot dragon has grown up

Kiss number 6. The I want more kiss

Now this sounds interesting.

Why did I even write this down...?

Too late to erase. So you got to tell us.

Ok well this is when we're alone in Lucy's apartment and things are getting serious... It's like a sign to show that I don't want to stop...

Dude there's steam coming out of your ears.

Hahaha you look so hilarious right now!

Screw you Gray! At least I'm getting laid.

Oooh burn! Seriously though. You should go and tell Juvia. I bet she would be more than happy to fulfil your "needs".

I hate you two so much.

The feeling is mutual Ice prince.

Kiss number 7. The good morning kiss

Luce is finally letting me sleep over at her place! This kiss is pretty nice too, it's like the best way to start a new day.

Lucy is tough managing to wake up to your ugly face every morning.


I bet the only reason she lets you stay over is because she's too tired after certain "activities" gihi.

You're like a sex freak Gajeel.

You're both freaks in my eyes.

Kiss number 8. The goodbye kiss

Ok so I both like and dislike this kiss...


Because I kiss her like that when she's leaving or I'm leaving and I hate leaving Lucy!

Damn you're such a sissy. Why do you like it then?

Because that kiss is hot as hell! Until Erza comes in between...

As expected of the heartless Titania. I think she's looking this way again.

Act natural!

You idiots don't know what natural means.

Kiss number 9. The super mushy I love you so much kiss

... This is just priceless.

Tell me about it...

OK! Anyway I use this kiss all the time and it varies a lot too. It's just to show Lucy that I love her. And did I just write that? I'm turning into Loke!

That would be a plus for your looks then


Are you having pms salamander? And I expected more details.

Go to hell. Mira is supposed to read this.


Not a good idea.

... I'll just burn it.

Finally a good idea coming from you.

Poor Natsu won't be left alone. Anyway thanks for reading and I wish I owned Fairy Tail but of course I don't...