A Kiss in Ba Sing Se

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Chapter 53

Some Place Else

The press of his lips seemed to feel decidedly different now even as the disorienting sensation of flying had ended and they were standing on what felt like something other than normal earth.

For the princess, their tongues felt as if they had melded together in her mouth, stronger than any sensation she had known before. Waves of heat and ecstasy pulsed through her entire being until he pulled back.

The field they were standing in was soft and moist, but with a firmness that allowed her to image through her bending what felt like an eternity in all directions. She started the get dizzy, leaning heavily upon the airbender.

"Are you okay, my love," he asked, steadying her by her shoulders. "It's a bit strange when you first come here... throws ya off, but you'll get use to it in a few minutes."

"Strange, is that what I'm feeling?" she replied as she stepped away from the Avatar. "It's more like I'm a part of this place! It s-seems to be talking to me Twinkle Toes, telling me all about where I am, actually who I am!" she announced as she spun around with her arms out.

He looked closely at the lightly glowing form of his lover. "What do you mean... talking to you Toph?" Aang asked as he started to look around at the alien surroundings.

"I-I can sense an-and feel... all this, life... all around us," she replied, shaking her head slowly, trying to sort out the new infusion of senses. "W-where are we... what happened to us Twinkle Toes? I don't think we're in our bodies anymore."

Aang slowly scanned the rolling, multicolored landscape and kaleidoscopic sky, "No... we are definitely not in our bodies Toph," he confirmed, looking down at his own radiant hands. "And I think, we're in some... strange part of the spirit world, but it looks totally different from any part I've..."

The earthbender suddenly shrieked, "OH NO AANG, Katara went off the deep-end with jealously and killed us both! Oh Earth, Oh Earth... nonono, I'm too young to die! Why me... I just got over puberty and was almost old enough to drink! Why, oh why do the beautiful have to go so young!" she wailed dropping to her knees. "WAHHHH, I won't get to push out our little air headed babies Twinkle Toes... WAAAHHHH!"

The nomad couldn't decide which was worse, the re-enactment of his triumph over Ozai that he saw on Ember Island or this overly melodramatic scene. He could almost hear the sad music playing in the background.

"Listen my love," he spoke soothingly, "... this is no time to panic. We are not..."

She was now on her hands and knees pounding the ground,"Oh, mommy, daddy, I'm so sorry for not being the perfect daughter you always wanted me to be! Maybe in the next life, I'll be more like Sweetness, minus the homicidal rage! I promise. WAAAAHHHHH!" she cried loudly.

"TOPH! Get a GRIP!" he yelled down at her.

Her crying stopped abruptly as she slowly faced up towards him, "What is it Twinkles Toes! Can't a beautiful, intelligent and gifted young woman mourn her own early demise? I'm not an Avatar who gets to keep my identity an-and council my next life. I was the world's greatest earthbender and only metalbender, but now I'm... worm food! WAAAAHHHHHH!"

Aang rolled his eyes as he shook his head at the continued theatrics.

"Hey, don't roll your eyes at me... you, you meat-head! This is the first time I remember being dead. I have the right to be sad," she exclaimed as she pointed a finger directly at him.

Aang was amazed as he realized that she was staring directly at him. Looking him in the eye through those cloudy, glowing orbs.

"You saw that my love?" he gasped in shock.

"Of course I did you moron. I thought the Avatar would understand at least that much about the spirit world," she retorted in a mocking tone.

"Understand what?" he asked still puzzled.

"Second sight... in the spirit world, everything uses second sight, because... you don't got no body!" she half-sang.

Aang nodded his head processing her explanation, "Oh... of course I knew that," he lied, trying to hide his embarrassment.

Those same expressive eyes in the physical world, seemed to be that much more piercing here in the spirit realm.

Toph turned a knowing glance his way, "Sure you did Twinkle Toes. Just like you know we're dead... goners, demised. Cut down in our prime and our love by that vengeful woman!"

"Toph, listen to me. You are not demised... I mean, WE, are not dead Toph," he said, stooping next to her. "We are simply in the spirit world. I have to admit, it's unlike any place I've been to before, but I know we are not dead. And I can tell you, we're here for a reason. The spirits usually have one," he explained trying to calm her.

She sighed as she pulled up a clump of what would pass for grass. "Face it loverboy, the reason we're here... that crazy water witch probable ice harpooned the both of us! Shcick... right through the pumpers, just that quick! She sent us here to this... Land of the Dead! No doubt, she wanted to end only me, but in her madness, didn't have the finesse or the patience to wait until we ended our beautiful kiss! Oh... I'm really sorry about that too Twinkles, at least you'll..."

Aang was now losing his patience with her. "Arrgghhh... Toph! You are not dead! I am, I am not dead! We are not dead!" he reiterated.

She didn't seem to be listening. "So you don't think it was her wicked ice harpoon? How do you think she whacked us? Water slice, like chopped off our heads, because I didn't feel a thing. She's really good at that too. Or maybe she quick froze us... you know rock solid! You've been frozen before... did you come to the spirit world then?"

Aang shook his head, "Forget it, I think it's more important to find out why we're here... but I don't recognize anything from my other times. There aren't any spirit animals around either. The sky is different, the trees with leaves like gems, even the ground feels... weirder than normal, for the spirit world I mean."

She pointed up to the ever-changing sky, "See, Land of the Dead, just like I said. You've never been there, right?"

"Technically, I've been there thousands of times," he corrected her. "I would recognize this place if it were what you called, "The Land of the Dead," plus when an Avatar dies, the other past Avatar spirits welcome him into the next world. Look... no welcoming party!"

Toph suddenly looked afraid, "Th-then could we be in that... oth-other place Twinkle Toes?" she breathed out apprehensively.

She was starting to freak him out as well. "Other place Toph?"

"You know, where the bad people go... Hades... the Netherworld... Lost Valley! OH Earth... I not only get dead, but I went to hell for taking my best friend's guy!" Toph began to pound his chest. "What did you do to me? You were suppose to be Mr. Morals and Light. How could you lead a hapless, innocent, blind child like myself astray? Now I'm doomed for eternity... or at least to come back as some bug for Momo to eat! I hope I taste good, my little friend... WAAAAHHHHHH!"

The Avatar slapped his forehead hard, he saw no alternative but to distract her as he fell upon her.

The Countess arrived in short order to the suite as she surveyed the scene. Her steely glare had everyone almost as frozen in place as the spellbound couple.

"What happened here?" she asked in an onerous tone, not seemingly directing the question towards anyone.

Katara timidly approached the royal, "Uh... we were..."

She abruptly stopped as a hand was held up in her face.

"Please ambassador, this is a palace matter. I expect an answer from my subordinates... if you would please return to your place," Lili stated, pleasantly but firmly, her palm almost touching the waterbender's nose.

Katara spun about, "Well, I'll let you handle this one than Mei Mei... since you started this shit," she said with a huff as she went back to stand by her brother. "The nerve..." she whispered under her breath, crossing her arms as she rolled her bright cerulean eyes.

"Easy sis," Sokka whispered over to her.

Fong stepped to Lili side, "Your majesty, they were playing a game at Lady Mei Mei's suggestion and…"

The countess held up her hand once more, "Which game… and only Lady Mei Mei answer this time," she ordered.

The usually brash lady came timidly forward, her head bowed.

"Well Lady Mei Mei, explain yourself. What happened here and why are they like... this!" the usually composed countess screamed. "What is this, devilish light that seems to have control of them... and why are they... kissing in public! Quite inappropriate, inappropriate!"

Mei Mei humbly knelt upon her hands and knees, placing her forehead to the floor. "Forgive my poor judgement your majesty! I-I thought the game harmless! We... Lei and I, have played this many times with the other courtesans with no ill-effects... I swear! I promise, I know not what happened to make this occur," she swore vociferously, keeping he face down.

"We are not speaking about some common courtier and courtesan here! This is the Avatar, the last known airbender and hero of the whole world! Not to mention her royal highness, the only child of our new king and queen you decided to make pawns in your raunchy and apparently not so harmless game! Are you understanding me Lady Soo Hahn?"

"Yes... yes your majesty," the cowering woman responded in a trembling voice. "Again... I meant not harm."

Lili pointed down at her, "What you meant, is of little concern now isn't it? You know as well as I, spirits are all too real and unpredictable. I should cane you..."

"Please no," she began to beg, laying fully upon the hard cold floor. "Anything... anything but that your majesty" she tearfully implored her. "I-I am a bender, my feet... they are my connection... my way to feel the earth... please cousin... I am sorry. The reeds... my back... whatever you wish... but not the canes!" Mei Mei cried in a voice that caused even Suki to feel sorry for her. "You know... they will never be the same after that! Have mercy Lili... have mercy!"

"What is this... cane, she's speaking about?" Zuko asked openly.

"Please your Highness, this is a Earth Kingdom matter," the countess countered as she stared unmoved at her sobbing cousin. "I would request that..."

"No Lili, we will not stand idly by and let you abuse this woman! In fact, how can you expect us to standby and let this woman be humiliated like this!" Katara shouted as she pointed her finger into the royal's face. "Dammit, this is your cousin, your own flesh and blood! No matter how vain and vulgar she can be... she doesn't deserve this kind of treatment... and whatever that cane thing is... shame on you!"

Suki now broke in, "I've seen this... when I was a guard in the Earth Kingdom. It was called... caning, or the blinding for benders. They would put their feet in stocks and beat them with bamboo rods sometimes until their feet were bloody. It was said, many couldn't even bend after that!"

"How horrible!" Katara gasped. "And you would do this to your cousin! What kind of a person are you! Do you even know what it's like to even have someone threaten to take away you're..."

"ENOUGH!" Lili shouted at the top of her lungs. "I did not say I would! I said I should! It was simply an idle threat! I would never do such a thing... even to this fool! She is simply trying to shame me into not doing what she knows is coming!"

"Would it help if I told you that you were my favorite cousin," Mei Mei sighed as she hopped to her feet with a impish grin.

"No," the first lady said as glowered at her. "Clench your teeth... you know the drill, three strikes," she said as she slipped on the black leather gloves that she took out of her pocket.

Lei seethed in deeply,"Curses… this is really gonna hurt, a lot!" she whimpered looking away from the scene.

Aang's lips pressed into hers even as a hand cupped Toph's full bosom, pushing it up and towards the center of her chest.

Her dress simply vanished to both their astonishment at the touch of his firm grasp.

"Now... that was convenient," she groaned deeply delighting in his touch. "My turn," she said, reaching for the standing pillar in his pants.

She smiled as his pants seemed to vaporize as quickly as her dress did leaving her holding his pulsing and glowing treasure.

"Does it always glow?" she asked as she traced the contours of it with her fingertips, mapping now sight to touch.

He appeared to be more sensitive than in the physical realm as he shuddered. "Uh... nnno. No glowing. I guess... wow... that feels really good. I guess thatsss... a Spirit World thing. I've never done this in the... ohhhh... Tophy!" he moaned in a long sigh.

A mischievous grin lit her face. "Oh? I guess I get to take your cherry in two worlds!" she laughed as she gave the head a bit of a twist. And if this feels good... I bet, I can do something that will feel even better!" she breathed out sexily.

Before her statement ended, she was already in motion pulling back the cowl and latching on to his exposed tip like an elbow-leech.

Aang's mouth stood open in an almost silent scream except for a barely perceptible high-pitched whine that normally would be impossible for a man to make.

As she started to bob her head and move her tongue about, washing over his glowing protrusion, he let his hands nestle deeply into her thick raven hair, rising and falling to her rhythm.

This was truly the most intense sensation that he had ever felt. He suddenly realized that he was in a cycle of perpetual orgasms. All different, but all fulfilling. Unlike the physical one which was always highlighted and ended by ejaculation, these felt like multiple ones that caused his whole body to quake and spasm. Instead of semen, chi force shot out of him and into her. Toph's normally jet black hair was awash with golden illuminated strands that multiplied each time he released into her mouth. She seemed to be drawing out it out of him at will.

"T-Toph... what are you doing to me?" he gasped, unable to focus.

She paused for a moment, kissing the top of his gland. "Drinking you all in... and it's good!" she snickered before laying into him once more.

The princess suddenly found herself on her back.

"My turn," he breathed out in a rugged voice, spreading her legs roughly.

This time it was her turn to be amazed as his face disappeared between her thighs with only the glowing arrow that topped his head pointing to the sweet fragrant hall of delights he was indulging in.

The teeth rattling backhand administered from the countess had sent the mouthy earthbender off her feet and flat onto her face, 180 degrees from where she once was facing.

Gasps of astonishment filled the air at the sheer force and speed of how the effortless appearing strike was delivered.

"Damn, did she just do a full 540 in mid-air?" Sokka asked in utter amazement.

Zuko nodded, "I didn't think that was humanly possible. Is her neck broken?" he added staring at the motionless form on the floor.

Mei Mei lifted her head, trying to shake the cobwebs that now filled her thoughts away. The taste of blood filled her mouth and the whole side of her face hurt. "I thought...ugh, you weren't gonna take it easy on me this time," she joked as she spat out a wad of blood unto the gold-veined marbled floor. "I'm glad you like me too... Lili. Where'd you go? Not that this view isn't bad," she said with a smirk, eyeing the concerned waterbender. "You know beautiful, you are one fine piece of work. I would suck your daddy dry just to get to a taste of your sweet sticky stuff," the still dazed earthbender exclaimed as she licked her bloodied lips. "Mmm, I bet you'd flow like honey."

Katara's look of concern suddenly shifted to one of execration. She stepped back as she folded her arms over her chest. "It appears she's fine... just as vulgar as ever," she sneered cutting her ice blue eyes away. "I thought you might have knocked some decency into her Lili. Apparently I was wrong... very wrong!"

"Ahhh, don't be like that milady. I was just admiring your apparent fine lineage. Your brother is also a splendid specimen, as I'm sure you know," Mei Mei said wind a wicked wink.

"What's that suppose to mean!" Katara snarled, clenching both fists and teeth. "If you think Lili hit you hard, you haven't been hit by me!"

The Toph look-a-like sat up, "Oh, kitty can growl... isn't she cute? Don't you think she's adorable Fong? That's right, you're not into your own kind are you? Your loss. A night with a steamy woman like this and you'll wonder why we even need men at all, isn't that right Lei?" Mei Mei goaded further.

"Enough of your incessant bantering!" the countess shouted. "I don't know why you want to antagonize and instigate a fight with the Ambassador at a time like this?"

"Oh well, I tried... no one can say I didn't try," Mei Mei exclaimed as she stood shrugging her shoulders.

"What are you babbling on about now Lady, explain yourself plainly!" Lili ordered.

The earthbender simply pointed in the direction of the once frozen kissing couple. "Them... I was just thinking, if milady took up my invitation, she wouldn't mind so much what they were doing now," she explained with a wryer grin.

Katara suddenly felt as though the bottom of her stomach had dropped away. She began to slowly turn about.

"No sis, don't look!" her brother tried to warn her, all too late.

The sight caused her to gasp aloud as she dropped to her knees, "How could you Toph! How could you!"

Cords of multicolored, coherent light moved around and through the inverse lying couple. Each attending to the other, creating a cycle of ecstasy.

Her taste wasn't anything like he had experienced in the natural world. It drew him to want more even as she apparently wanted more of him in the same manner. Her moans combined with the suckling noises she produced vibrated through him through him like a bass tone.

It was more than her rich flowing flavor that took over his senses. It seemed to contain her emotions and desires for him. Each lick seemed to echo 'I love you' through his entire being. He wondered if she felt his true feelings resonating through the streams of chi that erupted unceasingly from him.

"Toph," he finally gasped as he tried to roll away.

"No... come back here," she demanded as she locked her mouth upon him once more.

"W-we have to stop. We have to," he huffed, fighting the renewed sensation. "Please Toph, we have to get back to our own world... please... stop!" he pleaded even as the orgasm shot through him.

She sat now sat up, "Fine... but we're dead, what's this getting back to the our world business Twinkle Toes."

He stared at her for a moment. "Toph, my love, you know we're not dead don't you? You've known it from the moment we've arrived here. I don't know how I know... but I know," he stated in abject surprise.

The princess looked away. "I thought this would happen, and I think this is why we're here Twinkle Toes."

"Why we're here? Do you know why we're here Toph?" he asked standing and as he did, his airbender garments appeared.

Toph hugged her knees and turned away from him, "How should I know why we're here... dunderhead! Isn't that the stupid Avatar's job!"

"HEY, HEY! KNOCK THAT OFF YOU TWO," Katara yelled waving her finger at the writhing, groping, clothed couple.

"Please Ambassador, calm yourself, " Lili pleaded, ", we don't know the motivation behind their actions in the spirit world. We have to trust that they are doing whatever they must to survive right now. Remember, in the spirit world, neither of them can bend."

"Look at them Lili," Katara cried bitterly. "One moment, standing there kissing, as if that wasn't bad enough, but now. Now, look where their faces are and his pants are soaked! Just look at his hands, they're are all over her... OH BY THE GODS! What could be causing such a reaction and where did she ever learn to do such a thing!"

The countess had to shield her eyes at the proactive display. "I don't know milady," she lied trying to think of a way to cover them over. "But I don't relish this sight either. My only guess is that the spirit of the game is making some lewd demand of them in exchange for their freedom or safety!"

"I didn't know the little princess even knew how to work his staff like that," the half drunken knife thrower laughed as she awoke to the scene. "But I would think they'd get a room, at least take off the clothes if they're gonna make a show of it."

"They're in the spirit wold Mai," Zuko informed her. "They're not doing this because they want to."

The snockered woman peered closer, "They don't look too coerced to me... in fact, I wish I was being forced to have such a bad time," she chortled ending with a loud snort.

Zuko grimaced deeply. "Mai, that's enough! Have you no feelings for what Katara is going through watching this?

She rolled her head on her shoulders to gaze over at the distraught waterbender instead of just turning it.

"Oh yes, Miss Perfect must be totally beside herself to see she's not the one with the Avatar's face up her crotch. Though I don't know what their getting out of it with all their clothing on... even though she's made quite the mess of him," Mai pointed out taking another sip of her peach brandy. "Excellent technique I must say, wouldn't you agree Z?"

The Fire Lord's face turned beet red as all eyes in the room locked unto him. "Th-that's enough already Mai! I-I think you should leave!" the Fire Lord shouted pointing at the door.

"And where should I go at this hour?" she asked with a long yawn. "Technically, this is my lodging."

"No one is going anywhere until this situation is over," Fong stated as she held up a hand. "No one enters or leaves. We cannot have the reputation of the princess sullied in this manner."

"See, there you have it. I stay and maybe pick up a few pointers as well, would that please you?" she exclaimed sardonically.

Zuko pinched the bridge of his nose. "What would please me right now Mai... my dear, if you would stop drinking! You're being rude and insensitive! Can't you see no one is joining in with you on this..."

"I see her point," Mei Mei suddenly broke in as Lili shot her a hard glare to silence any further comments. "Sorry... your Highness," she apologized dropping her eyes.

Zuko took in a deep breath, "You see, well with one expected exception, no one else is taking any pleasure in their dilemma. Can't you gauge the atmosphere here?" he asked sincerely.

The gloomy lady gazed at the floor. "Apparently I can't. I guess I'm just a failure as a person aren't I Zuko?"

Before the monarch could answer, attention was drawn back to the entranced couple when Aang stood and Toph shifted to a seated position, hugging her knees.

The waterbender covered her mouth, as she looked closer at the petite princess' muted green eyes. A tear brimmed and flowed down her cheek. "What is that evil thing making you do Toph, my baby girl? I swear, once you're back here, we'll burn this thing!"

"Aye," Lili agreed. "Having them commit such lewd acts in public is more than anyone should tolerate. Truly this a wickedness beyond compare."

"B-but if you burn it... my 200 gold, all gone! That's a full week of entertaining boring old royals!" Mei Mei bemoaned.

"Do you want to play around some more?" Aang asked, hoping to change the sullen mood.

"I guess we should stop Twinkle Toes," Toph sighed as she stretched. "We both know what it would lead to if we get started again."

"What would it matter my love?" he asked with a shrug. "We're in this world. It's not as if we're gonna be doing it in our real bodies... in front of everyone."

"I don't know Twinkles. I remember when we went to Roku's island with you. You sure did, well your body did, some really strange things," Toph recalled with a smirk.

Aang's gray eyes opened to the size of tea saucers, "Does that mean we have been giving them a show over there?"

She started to rub her temples, "Maybe... how would I know, you're the frick'n Avatar. I was caught up in the moment," she sighed looking away from him. "Damn, your too sexy for words! Is this really how you look or how you want too look?"

"What are you talking about now Toph?"

"Well, I heard in the spirit world, you can take on different looks. Old people can look young or you can even look better than you do in the real world. So I was asking, is that your real face?" she rephrased.

"I think it's my real face," he answered feeling his chin. "At least the times I've seen it, it always looks like me."

She smiled shyly. "Cool, then you are a hottie, not that it matters. But what probably does matter is where you just had that handsome face..."

He let a hand rub roll over his bald head, "I-I know Toph, I know. You said it was okay," he gasped trying to catch his breath. "Maybe that kind of stuff doesn't get through?"

The princess' shoulder's slumped forward. "Oh, I'm sure it made it, the worst always gets through! Suga is gonna kill me for sure now," the princess groaned. "Kissing was bad enough, but now, what is she gonna think of this and where you were kissing me! Goodbye cold, cruel world, hello Land of the Dead fo sure!" Toph groaned as she tensed, not knowing what was going to happen next. "Am I dead yet?" she asked, relaxing a bit.

"No your Highness, you are still very much alive," a small voice answered from behind Aang.

The princess relaxed, brushing over her clothes,"Whew, I guess she let that slide by."

They both looked to see who was speaking to them. The creature was about a meter tall with the body of a woman. The face, however, resembled that of a doe with golden fleece and large blue-in-blue eyes. Its ears sat more atop of its head and resembled those of a cat. She, that was evident by her voice and form, wore a simple, coarse cloth tan robe with a blue belt around her narrow waist. Aang noticed the long cat like tail swishing about from behind. It appeared her entire body was covered in the golden fur from the uncovered areas. Four small horns protruded across her forehead.

Aang extended a hand to Toph to help her up from her seated position, "Bending doesn't work in the..."

Even as he was still speaking, the spirit earth beneath Toph effortlessly lifted her to her feet, "What was that Twinkle Toes?"

"Huhhhh... no way!" he uttered, totally dumbfounded.

"Shut your mouth Aang," Toph instructed him with a grin as she pushed up on his chin. "That look is quite unbecoming of the Avatar."

He looked to the spot she had been sitting. "But how... I mean... we are in the spirit world, an-and bending is not suppose to work here!" he yammered in shock, trying to bend every element he knew. Nothing budged, not even a millimeter.

Toph giggled, "Here Aang, you need a seat," she said, as she kicked her heel against the ground causing a small pile of earth to rise up beside the startled monk.

Anag sat upon it shaking his head, "This is impossible... it's not suppose to be like this!"

"What's his problem?" the spirit creature asked Toph.

"He's always like this with new things, take's him awhile to adjust... but he'll be fine. It's been a long time since I've been been here, where are we again?" Toph asked as she casually brushed back her still glowing hair.

"She always asks the same thing when she comes," the spirit expressed with glee to the still perplexed Avatar with a sharp tooth grin. "This is the 11th level of the spirit world, very close to your own realm. The world of near dreams."

"Oh, that's right," Toph said with a nod. "That's why all our senses are so heightened Twinkles and it feels so... dreamy."

"You are very astute, Princess Toph, or should I say, Earth Queen Bei Fong," the being exclaimed with a low bow.