Fox, Weapons & Wind

By: Sheltie

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A/N: well here it is what many of you have been waiting for. The very first chap of this story. This is the final finished product. There may parts in this that I've either taken out or added, extended or changed from what was originally in my Naruto Ideas story. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

Five-year-olds Naruto Uzumaki and Tenten were in the middle of packing. They were going on a trip with the Sandaime Hokage to Suna for some kind of peace treaty or something. The two kids were too excited about leaving the village to even listen to what the old man said after he told them they'd be going to Suna. The two kids were just happy to leave the village for a while. They've never been out of the village before. So this was exciting.

Naruto and Tenten lived together after they were both kicked out of the orphanage. Now Tenten wasn't kicked out because any kind of bad behavior, but she kicked herself out when the orphanage kicked her best friend, Naruto, out. She even stood firm whenever adoption day came. She wasn't going to leave her best friend behind. Whenever he was picked on by the other kids Tenten would stand by him and defend him even if it meant she was caught in the crossfire.

Naruto and Tenten were attached at the hip and nothing was ever going to change that no matter what people did or said about Naruto. Tenten never budged at all. She and Naruto met one day after Naruto ran away from some of the older kids that were beating him up. Tenten took care of his wounds and vowed to be there for him from now on and thus started their friendship.

Naruto was given the smallest and draftiest room in the orphanage. They gave him the thinnest mattress as well as the most tattered blankets to sleep with. Tenten stayed with Naruto in his room never caring about how cold it was in there. She helped him steal food so he could eat since they staff barely ever fed him right.

So when the two got kicked out and the Sandaime found them several weeks later scrounging in the trash for food he gave them a small two-bedroom apartment in an apartment building he owned. Naruto and Tenten were the only tenants in the complex, but that suited them just fine. They did however have to learn how to be handy since the apartment building was quite old and had many problems.

The landlord was stingy and didn't want to spend a lot of money on the place. So with that the two kids learned how to do minor repairs on many things along with a little plumbing and carpentry. They got a certain amount of money from the orphan fund to take care of their needs. Tenten did the shopping due to the fact if Naruto did then all they'd have in the cupboards would be instant ramen. Though Tenten had to make sure she went to shops that didn't overprice things since she was a friend of the 'demon'. There were a few that tolerate Tenten and that pleased her just fine. She was able to buy the groceries needed for herself and Naruto.

Naruto for his own enjoyment had a small window box garden that he tended to. Tenten preferred to practice throwing kunai, which the Sandaime had gotten her and Naruto. Naruto wasn't much of a housekeeper and that meant Tenten had to take on the role and made sure Naruto cleaned up after himself. Sure they had their fights with one another about cleaning up the place, but in the end always made up and worked together to clean whatever mess they had. It manly consisted of Tenten nagging Naruto til he did it and he'd do it since Tenten got very scary when angry.

"Naruto, are you sure you have everything packed?" Tenten asked.

"Of course Tenten" Naruto said confidently.

"Really then, lets take a look" Tenten said.

"What!?" Naruto exclaimed.

Before he could stop her Tenten looked through Naruto's pack and frowned. The boy sure didn't know what to really pack. She sighed and dumped out everything out and packed for him.

"Hey, I had that done" Naruto whined.

"A pack full of ramen cups with only two pairs of clothes isn't the correct way to pack" Tenten said in a chiding tone.

Naruto pouted.

So Tenten got to work packing the proper things Naruto needed. She sometimes felt like she was as much a mother to Naruto as a best friend at times. She had to make sure Naruto ate well enough and not just eat ramen all the time. He seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with noodle and broth concoction. She limited him to going to Ichiraku's only three times a week. She wanted to limited down ever further, but in the end they compromised. If Naruto ate more non-ramen foods then he could have ramen three times at Ichiraku's.

"There, now you are packed" she said wiping her brow as she finished packing Naruto's pack the right way.

"Yeah I am packed, can we eat now?" Naruto asked holding his grumbling stomach.

Tenten sighed.

"Fine, but no ramen" she said.

Naruto pouted for being denied what he deemed 'food of the gods'.

/Scene Break/

Naruto was a bundle of energy and would've ran circles around the Sandaime, the Anbu guard and Tenten if it weren't for Tenten reining him a bit.

It took two weeks for them to get to Suna since they had to cross the desert and neither Tenten nor Naruto had ever been in such heat. Naruto complained about the heat and sand for a while til Tenten threaten to gag him with the very sand around them, which made him shut his mouth and complain in his mind for the rest of the time. As stated before he knew very well that pissing off Tenten wasn't a smart idea at all. Sadly he learned this lesson the hard way with Tenten unleashing her wrath upon him and him fleeing for his life. When they got to Suna they went through the gates after showing the guards their passes then headed to the Kazekage tower.

There they met the Kazekage. To the shock of the Hokage and Anbu escort Naruto bowed respectfully to the Kazekage. This was shocking since Naruto rarely if ever showed any respect to anyone really. Tenten knew Naruto had manners, he just rarely showed them to anyone.

"It is nice to meet you both. These are my children," the Kazekage gesturing to the three kids standing behind him, "Now, Lord Hokage, I believe we have an alliance to renew."

"Yes we do" the Hokage said with a nod.

The two Kages headed to the council chambers while the five kids went off to have fun.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto said with pride.

Tenten sighed and shook her head at her friend's enthusiasm.

"My name is Tenten" she said.

"My name is Temari, this is Kankuro and Gaara" Temari said.

Temari was the eldest of the three siblings. She had dirty blond hair which she wore in four ponytails with green eyes. To her right was Kankuro, the middle sibling, he wore an odd cat suit that had small points that looked like ears. He wore make-up, I mean, war paint on his face. Last was Gaara, the youngest. He had short red hair and a blank look. He had dark circles under his eyes.

"It's nice to meet ya. Why are you wearing your sister's make up and where is the nearest ramen stand?" Naruto asked.

It's not make up, it's war paint!" Kankuro shouted.

Temari giggled at this since it was true that Kankuro would steal her make up at times when he needed that perfect color.

Tenten giggled then smacked Naruto in the back of the head causing Naruto to rub the 'wounded' spot.

"Why'd you do that Tenten?" he whined.

"Because we're not going to spend all day eating ramen. We should take in the sights" Tenten said.

Naruto grumbled a bit.

A small chuckle was heard and everyone turned. They found the source of the chuckle was coming from Gaara. Temari and Kankuro were shocked since they never heard any kind of amusement from their little brother before. Heck, they never saw their youngest brother show any emotion really at all. He usually kept a blank face and said very little.

"If you wish to see some sights then allow me to show you" Gaara said politely.

Tenten smiled and nodded with Naruto following suit.

Gaara led Naruto and Tenten with his two elder siblings wondering what changed their brother.

As Gaara showed Naruto and Tenten around and told them about certain spots they all got to know one another. Temari latched onto Tenten since she didn't have many female friends at all with being the daughter of the Kazekage and having a brother like Gaara, who was called a demon around the village. Not many other girls wanted to hang out with her. Tenten was the same though she had no female friends due to her association with Naruto and that she hated how girly the girls her age were. Kankuro kept wondering what was going with his little brother. Gaara seemed to open up to Naruto and they found an instant connection with one another. Tenten saw this and smiled. She knew Naruto had an amazing ability to make friends with just about anyone. It was one of his gifts.

In the end the five kids became friends with one another and they just knew that this friendship would last.

/Scene Break/

A couple of weeks later the Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and Kazekage, Kenchii Sabaku, were taking a break from renewing their alliance between their respective villages. It was slow going since the Suna council was dragging it out as much as they could. Both leaders were tired and annoyed by the Suna council's behavior and it took all of their patience and willpower not to kill them all.

"Tell me Lord Hokage, the boy you brought. He wouldn't be the Minato Namikaze's son would he?" Kenchii asked.

Hiruzen nearly chocked on the tea he was drinking. He knew the Kazekage was smart, but he didn't think he would figure that out. You didn't become a Kage of a village by just strength alone.

"What makes you ask that?" the leader of the Leaf village asked.

"It's just that he looks very much like the Namikaze. Take away those whisker marks and he's a miniature version of Namikaze," Kenchii said casually.

Hiruzen had to think carefully about what he'd say next.

"I am also asking since he and I have a contract with one another. Our children are supposed to be engaged to one another," Kenchii said.

Shit! Minato, what have you saddle me with? Hiruzen thought.

"Here's the contract for you to see" Kenchii said as he pulled scroll from his pocket.

Hiruzen read it and found it was legit. He now had to wonder what to do next. He could ignore this, but what would the consequences be. Not only that, but Naruto was already engaged to Tenten even though both kids didn't know it yet. That contract was set up by his mom and Tenten's parents. Tenten's parents also came from Whirlpool where Naruto's mom hailed from. Tenten's parents were some of the best weapons smiths/users ever though they died during the kyuubi attack as collateral damage. It was very sad.

"I think we've much to discuss Lord Kazekage, but I think it is best we talk about this once we have a treaty solidly in place" Hiruzen said.

Kenchii nodded. It was best to get the treaty out of the way before they had this discussion.

/Scene Break/

It has been several weeks now since Naruto and Tenten arrived in Suna and they were now used to the hot dry weather though they longed for home from time to time. They missed the trees and the gentle cool breezes that felt great on a hot day. The desert dry heat was not something they really cared for, but they could handle it a lot better now. They did have the Sand siblings, as Naruto called them. Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro. The five were almost as thick as thieves now since they barely spend time apart.

Tenten and Temari got along since they both wanted to be strong kunoichi when they got older because they wanted to prove that they were just as good as the guys. Naruto and Gaara were practically brothers as Naruto somehow was the only one not to be afraid of the redhead. Gaara showed his first smile and laughed his first laugh with Naruto and the path that destiny had written for the redhead was now changed. Kankuro moved in-between the two sub groups since he really had no place, but that didn't matter to him much.

At the moment the five were lounging around the Kazekage mansion. Temari was reading a scroll while Kankuro was working on his puppet on the floor. Gaara was lying on the couch, Tenten was flipping a kunai in the air and Naruto was lying on the floor staring up at the ceiling.

"So what should we do today?" Naruto asked.

"I want to do some training. I got some kunai and shuriken I want to throw" Tenten said.

"Training sounds good to me" Temari said.

Gaara just nodded and Kankuro shrugged. It didn't matter for the middle sand sibling.

"Right, to the training grounds!" Naruto shouted.

The five made it to the training grounds they claimed as their own. It helped the Sand siblings that their father was the Kazekage and no one said no to them really. When they got there Tenten pulled out her pointy objects and began to throw them. Temari joined in with her own kunai. Tenten helped Temari with her throwing since the Suna girl wasn't as good as Tenten was.

Kankuro was still fiddling with a puppet he had made. Though it was crude, it was his first puppet he had ever made and wanted to try it out. He was still trying to figure out the kinds of weapons to use. He couldn't add poisons in yet since he could get his hands on any. Plus he didn't know much about poisons either.

Naruto and Gaara decided to have a little taijutsu spar. The two didn't really know any kind of style or form of fighting. They just went at it though made sure not to really hurt the other.

"You've gotten better Gaara" Naruto commented.

"So have you Naruto" Gaara said as he dodged another punch.

Though Gaara had his sand to protect him he didn't want to rely on it so much. Thus when he sparred he kept his sand use to a minimum as much as he could and worked on evasion and dodging as well as close range attacks. He knew that his sand could be disable by the use of water and didn't want to become depended on it.

The Anbu watching them smiled under his mask. The five would be very strong shinobi no doubt.

/Scene Break/

Finally the treaty was near completion. It took longer than what both rulers had thought it would take since the Suna council was dragging their wrinkled old feet every step of the way wanting more and more out of the treaty than what Konoha would allow. But now there was a proposal that would work for both villages.

"Lord Hokage, I believe it is time we continue what we were discussing beforehand," Kenchii said.

"Yes, I suppose so" Hiruzen said with a heavy sigh.

The two leaders sat down and took the cups of tea they were served.

"I must first tell you that what I am about to tell you is very secret and not many know about this and I fear what will happen if it leaks out" Hiruzen said seriously.

Kenchii nodded. He understood the gravity of the topic that was to be discussed.

"You have my word that I will be the only one to know. Though I believe I will need to tell my daughter since it involves her as well as her two brothers" he said.

"That is fine as long as it doesn't go any further than just them" Hiruzen said with a nod.

Kenchii nodded also.

"Good" Hiruzen said.

He then told Kenchii all. How the kyuubi was sealed inside Naruto and how Naruto is not only the heir to the Namikaze clan, but the Uzumaki clan and how he already has a betroth for the Uzumaki side. Kenchii listened shocked and amazed that the boy came from two very powerful shinobi. The lad was going to be a terror to his enemies once he gets older. Not to mention a great ally to those he sided with.

"Well, this is much more than I ever expected, but I feel I must tell you that my youngest, Gaara, also houses a biju too. The one tail Shukaku" Kenchii said.

Hiruzen was shocked; though he knew Suna did have a biju of their own he didn't think they would have in a child, let alone in the Kazekage's very own son.

"I was against this if you must know, but the damn council forced me into it" Kenchii spat.

Hiruzen nodded. He understood the pressures of the council. He had to fight tooth and nail to keep Naruto from being executed just after the sealing and then he had to fight to keep Naruto from being turned into a weapon. Heck, he's still fighting both battles every day.

"Now that we've relieved our burdens I think it is time we find a way to make this work, hm?" Hiruzen said.

"Yes, this can and will strengthen the bonds between villages" Kenchii said with a nod.

So the two kages began discussing a plan involving the future of the five kids.

/Scene Break/

The five kids stood in the Kazekage's office all wondering what was going on. Naruto was more verbal in his curiosity and Tenten had to silence him before he drove them all crazy with his guesses. The Sand siblings all silently thanked Tenten for this. They all liked Naruto, but he could be a pain sometimes.

"I am so glad you all could make it" Kenchii said sitting down at his desk.

Hiruzen was sitting in a guest chair and smiled his grandfather smile at the five kids.

"Now, before we start we both want to stress on how important what we're about to tell you and make sure you understand that this is very secret and cannot be told by anyone else" Kenchii said seriously.

The Sand siblings nodded. They understood totally.

As for Naruto and Tenten, well, they were confused.

"Um, what would happened if we told?" Naruto asked.

"Usually the penalty is death," Kenchii said plainly.

Naruto paled and gulped. He now knew how serious this was. He may not be the brightest bulb, but he understood enough mainly thanks to Tenten hammering it into him. Tenten hearing this nodded though she was a bit pale too.

"Good, Lord Hokage?" Kenchii said nodding his head to his fellow leader.

"Naruto, I was going to tell you this once you reached the rank of jounin or at least chunin since I felt that you'd be strong enough by then, but certain things have made me move up my schedule. I know who your parents are," Hiruzen said.

Naruto's eyes widen and he felt Tenten grab his hand to calm him.

"Who are they?" he asked in a small voice.

"Their names were Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki" Hiruzen said.

Tenten's mind worked fast as she tried to place the two new names. It was like a lightning strike, it came to her that fast.

"You mean to say Naruto's dad was the Fourth Hokage also known as the Yellow Flash and his mom was the Red Hot-Blooded Hanabero!" Tenten exclaimed.

"Yes, that is correct" Hiruzen said.

The Sand siblings were shocked and looked at Naruto since they didn't think that he'd be related to two of the greatest shinobis that Konoha had ever had. Naruto was just plain shocked. He knew his parents' names and the fact that they were so famous. He didn't know what to say.

"But that isn't all I am afraid. The history of the night the kyuubi attacked is only partially right" Hiruzen said.

"What do you mean?" Tenten asked knowing the story.

"Due to the kyuubi being made of pure chakra there was no way of destroying it. So the Yondaime, Naruto's father, did the next best thing. He sealed it away into a newborn" Hiruzen said sadly.

Somehow Naruto understood this right a way. It explained all the dirty looks, being spat on, the reason why none of the other kids played with him, why he got the random beatings from the villagers. He held the kyuubi.

"It's me, I hold the kyuubi," the small blond said softly.

"Yes Naruto, but it wasn't something that your father wanted to do. If there was any other way he'd of done it. He wanted you to be looked at a hero, but the village disregarded his last wish. It sickens me" Hiruzen said frowning at the end.

Naruto was about to open his mouth, but Tenten tighten the grip she had on Naruto's hand.

"Don't say it Naruto. You aren't the kyuubi at all. You are Naruto, my best friend and nothing will change that. A kunai sealed in a scroll doesn't make it a kunai still. No matter what" Tenten said with tears in her eyes.

Naruto looked at his best friend and hugged her. Tears were in his eyes as the two hugged one another. Soon they parted with Naruto whispering a 'thank you' to Tenten. Tenten smiled at Naruto as she wiped her tears away.

"I am afraid that is not all. There is much more" Kenchii said breaking the silence.

Soon the five kids' world was rocked again. They found out about Gaara and both of his siblings, Temari and Kankuro, stood by their little brother as he cried for probably the first time in a long time. There was hugs shared by the three siblings. Once those tears were dried up the news about Temari's being engaged to Naruto was thrown out with Tenten's engaged thrown in for good measure. Naruto's eyes were so wide they looked like they'd pop out of their sockets.

Tenten was shocked. She had no idea about her parents except a few scrolls they left for her. They mainly told her about her heritage, but nothing in great detail especially the fact she was engaged to her best friend.

Temari was also shocked since she had no idea either. She didn't know really how to feel since she did like Naruto as a friend, but to find out he was going to be your future husband was a lot to take in. Heck, she wasn't like most girls who ogled the cute boys and talked about, well, girly things. She was more of a tomboy and that's why she related to Tenten so much. They were both tomboys though they still had their girly moments. They were just far and in-between.

Gaara and Kankuro were just plain shocked. Their sister was engaged, and to Naruto of all people. They liked Naruto and all, but this was something that was right out of left field and they didn't really know what to think at the moment.

"Now with this we've come up with a plan. Though it will be very unusual and unheard of we've decided to place the five of you in a team" Kenchii said.

"How can we be a team? I have always read that all shinobi teams are three man teams except for certain missions" Tenten asked.

"That is true, it's highly unusual to have a five man team. But this is a special case we have decided on doing this for a few reasons. One, we didn't want to split up the three siblings or split up Naruto and Tenten so this was the compromise. Plus we wanted to have Naruto with both Tenten and Temari so he could get to know his two future wives. We've also decided to train you early. I have already lined up instructors for you when you return to Konoha" Hiruzen said.

Tenten and Temari blushed at the word wives since they knew what that meant.

"When we return?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Yes, you and Tenten are going to spend time here to start your training" Hiruzen said.

"Yes, you five are going to spend time split between Suna and Konoha. You'll be the first joint team of Suna/Konoha" Kenchii said.

The five kids looked at one another and they came to a decision. They each nodded to one another and this led Naruto be speak for them all.

"When do we start?" Naruto asked.

/Scene Break/

The training was brutal to say the least. The instructors Kenchii lined up for the quintet kept them all on their toes as they learned what their strengths and weaknesses were. They also learned chakra controlling exercises, taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu, and other shinobi skills they'd need. They also learned history, military tactics and other special courses Kenchii had lined up for just the five.

Now usually since the were still young they wouldn't be pushed too hard, but Kenchii and Hiruzen both agreed that this was needed for the five to become strong early. They had several plans for the Suna/Konoha team. But they also knew that the five needed to be kids so they made sure to give the five days off to relax and be their age.

Gaara was long range and the main man on defense. His sand could be used to protect not only himself, but his teammates. He also could use his sand as an offensive weapon. What also happened was the great seal master Jiraiya of the legendary sannin checked over Gaara's seal and reinforced it so Gaara would be more sane and be able to sleep now. It did make him have to relearn how to use his sand, which took some time since he had to focus harder when it came to using his sand then before. But it would soon become second nature to him like before.

Kankuro learned the ways of puppets from Chiyo, who was the top authority in the art of puppetry. She hadn't trained a pupil since her own grandson, who is now a missing nin. But she was ordered to by the Kazekage and she had no choice. But she actually found new life with training Kankuro, his siblings along with Naruto and Tenten. They actually made her smile and her outlook on life became brighter, not so bitter. So Kankuro learned puppetry and became very proficient in it. He'd be another long range fighter.

Temari would also be a long range fighter when she showed she had a wind affinity. She was given her mother's fan and learned many wind jutsus since they found she had a wind affinity. She also learned taijutsu to complement her skills with her fan since they drilled into that she might lose her fan in battle and needed to know how to defend herself without it. She learned taijutsu as well as ninjutsu using her fan and without.

Tenten would be their support with her amazing accuracy with kunai and shuriken. Not only that, but she had amazing natural ability with kenjutsu. She was so good that it shocked the instructors. Though after learning about Tenten's parentage they understood. Tenten's parents were not only the best blacksmiths of Whirlpool, but the top of kenjutsu experts and were feared and revered. They could practically pick up any weapon and know how to use it in a few tries. It seemed that Tenten had inherited this ability from her parents.

So Tenten's training was focused on learning more weapons and along with that she learned fuinjutsu so she could carry all of her weapons without being slowed down. Jiraiya stayed a while to help Tenten with this since he was the master in this area. The budding weapons mistress also was taught taijutsu and ninjutsu so she had other skills to fall back on in case she needed it.

As for Naruto, he was a jack of all trades really. He had a huge chakra reserve so that meant he would be the team's main ninjutsu user though with parentage he had an amazing grasp on fuinjutsu and ate up all the books Jiraiya gave him. Both his mom and dad were great with seals. His father was a master and his mother, well, Uzumakis had fuinjutsu in their blood really.

Naruto would be the next seal master and Jiraiya, who the five kids found out was Naruto's godfather, predicted that Naruto would surpass him. Naruto needed much work on his taijutsu since he seemed to be a brawler and that wouldn't do even with his amazing healing ability thanks to the kyuubi. So he was taught a form that suited his hard hitting and speed. They found he had no grasp for genjutsu thanks to the kyuubi so worked with him to identify and dispel them. That was all they could do.

So with the training the five grew even closer. It was also found that none of them really cared for genjutsu. Mainly since Naruto and Gaara had too much chakra to even perform genjutsu. Tenten didn't care for the illusions, Temari preferred her wind jutsu and Kankuro was too obsessed with dolls, I mean puppets at the moment to even care about genjutsu right now.

Naruto, Temari, and Tenten got used to the fact that they'd be married to each other. Though it was odd since they still had no idea how this would work. But they decided to worry about it later since the contracts weren't going to kick in for years.

/Scene Break/

A few years later

Hiruzen sat back as he read the progress report he had on the quintet. They were progressing in quick fashion. They could be genin ready for the chunin exams with their skills. But what they lacked was experience. But he and Kenchii had a plan for that. They were going to give the five missions right after the team was done training in Konoha.

"Hey old man, we're here" Naruto announced.

"Naruto show some respect to the Hokage" Temari said as she whacked Naruto over the head with her fan.

Naruto yelped and fell to the ground rubbing his bruised head. Kankuro sympathized with the blond on the floor since he was usually the one to get whacked with Temari's fan for saying something stupid or perverted, usually both at the same time if you can believe it. You'd think getting whacked in the head with Temari's fan would teach him, but maybe all those hits made him lose brain cells instead?

Tenten sighed and helped her friend/fiancée up.

"It's alright Temari, Naruto calls him that all the time. It's his own affectionate name for the Hokage. Just like he calls Jiraiya pervy sage," the weapons mistress said.

Temari just sighed and rolled her eyes. Only Naruto could get away with this she thought.

Gaara and Kankuro bowed to Hiruzen.

"It is great to see you all. You have grown so much" Hiruzen said.

"We have. We've learned much in Suna and we hope to learn just as much here in Konoha" Gaara said.

"I hope we will match Suna in their pace of training. Now as to where to place you. I am sorry Naruto, Tenten, but your apartment is much too small for the five of you" Hiruzen said.

"Then where will we stay?" Tenten asked.

"I have a small home that should suit you all" Hiruzen said.

"Thank you Lord Hokage" Temari said.

"Yeah, thanks old man" Naruto said grinning big.

Temari and Tenten sighed. This was a habit that would never be broken.

/Scene Break/

The training the quintet got in Konoha was on par of the training they got in Suna. Their instructors got the reports of what they knew from Suna and just went from there. They were surprised at how advanced the group was. They'd be the most powerful team ever was on the mind of many of the instructors.

Gaara had now an almost unstoppable defense and could block just about anything and everything that came at him or his teammates. He found he had an earth affinity, which wasn't surprising given he had control over any and all sand. Though his earth affinity didn't come from his biju. So Gaara learned what earth jutsu they had available added to what he already knew. It was also found that he was a natural sensor and this wasn't because of his tenant at all either.

Kankuro didn't have much to do since he specialized in puppets and no one in Konoha knew puppetry. So what they did was teach Kankuro taijutsu so just in case he lost his puppets or something he could still defend himself. It was to be used as a last resort, but would be helpful to the puppet user since he wouldn't be useless at all. He didn't have the chakra capacity to do ninjutsu so they decided to teach him some genjutsu instead since that didn't take as much chakra as ninjutsu do. Plus he has perfect chakra control and that was a must when it came to doing genjutsu. Kankuro was working on mixing both genjutsu and his puppets in a deadly combination.

Temari learned more wind jutsus with and without the use of her fan. Her taijutsu was also brought up since it was still way below the level of her ninjutsu. So she was stuck training mostly on getting her taijutsu up to snuff. Temari didn't hassle with genjutsu at all, but the teachers wanted Temari know how to identify a genjutsu and break it.

Tenten got more kenjutsu instruction and excelled at it. Her ninjutsu and taijutsu had improved greatly from when she had started Though not on par with her kenjutsu. She also was the best in projectile weaponry. She always hit her mark. Not to mention she had a small armory of weapons that was growing by the day it seemed. All of them she knew how to use. Her skills in fuinjutsu was pretty good and she had a bit of an obsession with explosive tags that frighten Kankuro at times. The girl loved explosions. She also learned that she had an affinity for water and began learning water jutsus.

Naruto was skilled at all areas and showed it. His work in fuinjutsu was incredible and all of his instructors were in awe of what he could do with seals. His taijutsu was much better now that he wasn't a brawler though he still had though tendencies and that couldn't be broken. His ninjutsu was amazing and it helped since he had huge chakra capacities and could use many jutsus without getting exhausted. Naruto grudgingly did kenjutsu to please Tenten since she wanted Naruto to and he could never say no to her. Naruto's elemental affinity was found to be wind and he had Temari help him work on that.

When they were done with their training they got their first mission. It was a real test. They were to take out a bandit camp that had been terrorizing a few nearby villages. The new team's objective was to wipe the bandits out. That meant they'd be killing them. The team knew that as ninjas they'd have to do this, but they were hesitant. They were young, but both Hiruzen and Kenchii both knew they were ready for action. They as felt that this was needed. To get the five's first kill out of the way and deal with the emotional healing needed after then deal with it later when they aren't as prepared.

It was decided by both kages that the joint team would be labeled as special genin. A term they both made up. They'd be just above the regular genin, but not high enough to be chunin. It was the same as the special jounin position. It would work with the special circumstances this team was made of. Before the team left on their first mission they got their headbands to signify they were now shinobi. Their headbands had both the Suna and Konoha symbol on them.

/Scene Break/

"Fox in position" Naruto said into his mic.

"Raccoon in position. I'll get you for that Naruto" Gaara said.

"Make up boy in position. I hate you Naruto" Kankuro said.

"Panda in position" Tenten said.

"Windy in position" Temari said.

"Right, lets go" Naruto said.

The five jumped from their positions around the bandit camp. There were two jounin there, one each from their respective villages, hidden just to make sure everything went all right and if any trouble came about they'd step in.

Naruto pulled out a katana from his back and slew what bandits he saw. Temari attacked from long range with her wind jutsus as did Tenten with her kunai and shuriken. The two worked in tandem with one another Temari's wind jutsus would help increase the power of Tenten's projectiles. Kankuro let out one of his puppet to play and Gaara used his sand and crushed any bandit that got in his way. It didn't take long since they had the element of surprise on their side. Once done they were tired and green in the face. All around them was dead bandits. They all threw up from the sight and smell of death they have wrought.

The jounins watching over them felt for the team since they were so young to have killed, but knew they'd have to kill sooner or later. The two shinobi just hoped they wouldn't change too much and not for the worst.

/Scene Break/

After that the team got more missions and were one of the best teams despite their young age. There'd always be two jounins to watch over the five during missions to make sure everything would go alright. They had gotten over their horror of their first kills after some talks by some jounin along with the Hokage and Kazekage, who came to Konoha to check on the team. The combined effort of the two kages and the jounin telling them that they should fight for those they hold dear, not for power, not for greed, not for the fun of it. But to protect their precious people.

This just drove them all to train harder and work harder to complete their missions. They got missions from both Suna and Konoha and they had a great success rating. They now stood in the Hokage's office waiting for their next mission. It was decided that since Temari would be living with Naruto once they married that meant the team would be solely based in Konoha and the Kazekage would push Suna missions he wanted the team to do to Konoha. Though the team always had a place to stay in Suna if need be.

One of their mission went a little chaotic. Tenten had some explosive tags and she went crazy with them. Sadly these explosive tags were different from the usual ones. Naruto had broken down the seal of an explosive tag and found ways to cause a bigger boom. This of course made Tenten want to ravish Naruto and it was kind of amusing to see Tenten chasing Naruto around. Her wanting to ravish him and he running away in a total panic.

Kankuro was laughing his ass off while Gaara stood there with amusement written all over his face. Temari just watched til she got tired and stopped Tenten claiming that they were still too young for that and they should save that for the wedding night. Tenten was embarrassed by her behavior and Naruto kept his distance from Tenten for the rest of that day to be on the safe side.

But back to the mission. They were tasked in taking out a village that was taken over by a huge number of bandits. So the team came in to wipe the entire village out since there was nothing there except bandits. This gave Tenten a gleam in her eye. She could use explosive tags without harming any innocents. Naruto held all the explosive tags and handed them out to the entire team. Sadly he accidentally gave Tenten his new and improved ones. And he gave her a very nice stack of them too.

Let just say that there was nothing left of the village after Tenten was done with her hell raising. All that was left was smoldering wreckage and mini craters. Naruto and the others had to jump back to keep out of range. Kankuro cursed both Naruto and Tenten since one of his precious puppets had be blown to pieces.

It was agreed after that Naruto would be extra careful with handing out explosive tags and limiting Tenten to just a few of them and never giving her more once she ran out and make sure they were the regular ones and not his new and improved ones. They didn't need a repeat performance.

/Scene Break/

Years Later

Each of them had grown since they all looked like proud experienced shinobi. They were all now 12 to 14-years-old. They were still special genin, but that was because they spent most of their time training and only just in the recent years became shinobi and special genin. They still had much to learn and both kages didn't want to push them through the ranks.

Gaara wore a brown tunic that covered a mesh shirt with grey pants. He had a dark red practically burgundy long sleeve shirt that was under his tunic. He had a black sash going around his waist. He carried a gourd on his back. He no longer had the dark circles under his eyes due to now being able to sleep at night. He kept his red hair short like he always did.

Kankuro wore the same outfit really along with his war paint his main puppet on his back wrapped in bandages. He kept his other puppets in scrolls he carried.

Temari wore a light blue battle kimono that covered a mesh shirt; her battle fan was strapped to her back along with two mini fans on her sides. A gift from Naruto. Her hair done up the same with four pigtails. She also had shin guards on as well.

Tenten wore a pink sleeveless Chinese shirt with green cargo pants. She had a weapons pouch on her right hip and had storage scrolls and seals hidden everywhere on her person. She had her katana on her back and her hair was done up like it always was. Two buns.

Naruto's outfit was drastically different. Due to his two fiancées' pleading he ditched his beloved orange jumpsuit. He now was wearing Anbu style pants a short sleeved green shirt that covered a mesh shirt and to top it off he wore a brown jacket with several pockets for him to carry scrolls in. On his back was a katana that Tenten insist he buy. The sheath was actually build into the back of the jacket though it could be removed if needed. His hair was as blond short and spiky as ever since both Tenten and Temari commented how they liked it like that. Naruto wasn't one to refuse the two.

"Ah, team Firestorm. Here's your new assignment" Hiruzen said with a smile.

"What is it sir?" Temari asked.

"You are to report to the academy and watch over the class of new genin. They are mostly all clan heirs and in need of watching" Hiruzen said.

"What, why do we have to do that?" Naruto asked in a bit of a whine.

Hiruzen sighed.

Even after all this time Naruto was still Naruto. He may have calmed down and used his head more, but there were still times he was hot headed, brash and acted somewhat childish though not as often. He was also considered the leader of the team though there was never an official vote or anything. It was just assumed.

"Naruto, this is an assignment that I can only entrust to your team. You may be all more experienced than the class, but you are also the same age as them and can blend in easier. This will be a long term mission til the class graduates," Hiruzen said.

"I guess" Naruto grumbled.

End of Chapter

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