Fox, Weapons & Wind

By: Sheltie

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Chapter 6

It was the day of the chunin finals and there was excitement in the air, though to team Firestorm they were tense since they also knew that today the invasion would happen. They all checked and made final preparations. Kin was ordered to stay inside the compound. She sulked a bit since she hated being cooped up inside.

"When do you think the invasion will start?" Temari asked.

"Don't know, even Kin didn't even know that. We're just lucky that Orochimaru loves to monologue before he kills someone. He gave Kin a lot of his plan" Naruto said.

"Come on, we better get going" Kankuro said as he shifted the puppet on his back.

Haku and Gaara shared a hug before parting.

"Be safe Gaara, I know your sand will protect you, but I still worry" Haku said.

"Be careful yourself Haku. I don't want to lose you" Gaara said as he caressed Haku's cheek.

"It's so cute. Gaara has grown up so much. I'm so proud" Temari said.

Tenten smiled too as she watched the scene.

Haku was stationed in the stadium to be part of the medic staff.

/Scene Break/

Team Firestorm sat there in the stadium waiting for the matches to start. They tried to calm themselves so they wouldn't be suspicious. The matches began and the five watched each of the fights getting into them.

"Ugh, that lazy bum. He gave up" Temari said as she watched Shikamaru forfeit his match.

"Well, he is a Nara, but I think he figured something out" Naruto said.

"I still say he's a lazy bum" Temari said.

"He was a bit out of his league facing that waterfall nin" Tenten said.

The matches continue then the wait for Sasuke's match.

"Well, he's out of the running to be a chunin for being this late" Gaara said.

"Yeah, but a part of the blame is put on Kakashi since he's making his student late for his match" Tenten said.

Soon Sasuke appeared and the match began, but the match didn't last long since feathers began to fall.

"Genjutsu. It begins" Gaara said as he dispelled it.

The others nodded as they dispelled the jutsu too.

Smoke erupted from the Kage booth.

"Shit, you guys help wherever you can. I'm helping the old man" Naruto said dashing off before Tenten or Temari could even make a move to stop Naruto.

"Damnit Naruto" Temari growled.

Fights began to break out all over the stadium as well outside it too.

/Scene Break/

"Today's the day sensei. Today's the day you die" Orochimaru said after he revealed himself from his disguise.

"That ain't going to happen" Naruto said.

"Naruto, what are you doing here?" Hiruzen asked shocked.

"Helping you old man" Naruto said.

"Naruto this too dangerous" Hiruzen said.

"I'm just here to back you up old man" Naruto said.

"A little brat thinks he can take on the mighty Orochimaru" the snake sannin crowed.

He then did some hand signs and four coffins rose from the ground. One coffin had a kanji of a one, the second had a kanji of a two, the third had a coffin had a kanji of a four and the fourth coffin had a red swirl.

"Orochimaru, you fiend. How dare you defile the dead!" Hiruzen shouted.

"What's going on old man?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto, the jutsu Orochimaru is using was created by the Second Hokage, one of my teachers. It's a vile jutsu that brings the dead back" Hiruzen said.

"Now time for you to meet the past sensei" Orochimaru said with a sinister smirk.

But some unseen force struck the third coffin with the kanji of a four on it and the coffin was obliterated til there was nothing left, not even a shard of wood.

"What the?" Orochimaru said shocked.

/Scene Break/

Meanwhile throughout the village fights were going on all over. Konoha shinobi were fighting sound nin. But on the wall there was more trouble.

"Sir, Iwa nin are trying to breech the wall" a chunin reported.

"Damn that Orochimaru" Ibiki said.

"How are Iwa nin attacking us?" a chunin asked.

"Orochimaru must've made some kind of contact with them" Ibiki said.

"What are we to do?" the chunin asked.

"I'll take care of it" Gaara said. He then got on the wall and began to defend the wall with his sand.

He was using his sand to deflect against the boulders Iwa nin were hurling at the wall. The sand would stop the flying boulders and then hurl them right back at the throwers.

"Tenten, I need some help here" Gaara called.

"Got it" Tenten said.

She ran up the wall and then opened one of her sealing scrolls. She unleashed a huge barrage of kunai. But they all landed at the feet of the Iwa nin.

"You missed" Gaara said.

"Did I" Tenten said with a smirk.

Soon those kunai exploded knocking back the Iwa nin into the trees hard.

"Naruto's explosion tags?" Gaara asked.

"Yup" Tenten said with a smile.

Gaara was still looking at Tenten when a sound nin tried to sneak up on Gaara. He lunged to attack, but was stopped short and fell to the ground. Gaara turned and saw the downed sound nin with senbon needles in his neck. He turned to find Haku standing there with senbon needles between her fingers.

"Haku, I had it covered" he said.

"Gaara darling, I know you did. But isn't it better for me watching your back than your sand?" Haku asked.

"You can always watch my back Haku" Gaara said.

"Good answer Gaara" Tenten said.

/Scene Break/

Temari was swinging her fan blowing away sound nin. But then an explosion was heard and a giant snake was causing havoc.

"Oh great, more bad news" Kankuro grumbled.

"Never fear, for I the great Gallant Jiraiya is here!" the Toad sannin announced.

"I don't know whether to be happy for this or not" Temari said.

/Scene Break/

"How could this happen?" Orochimaru asked still shocked that one of his coffins had been destroyed.

"You tried to mess with Death my old student. He doesn't take too kindly in taking what is his" Hiruzen said.

"It doesn't matter, I have more than enough still to kill you and that brat" Orochimaru said arrogantly.

The coffins opened and inside there was Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju and Kushina Uzumaki.

"Mom!?" Naruto said stunned.

He had seen pictures of his mom in the compound. His sight then turned black and when Naruto's vision cleared he was somewhere he didn't know.

"Where am I?" he asked.

"You're in your mind kit."

Naruto turned to find a huge fox in a cage.

"Kyuubi" he said.

"Hey kit" the giant fox said raising one its giant paws in greeting.

"What do you want fox, I am kinda in the middle of something?" Naruto asked.

"Kit, I sensed some of my lingering chakra in your mother and I know a way to bring her back" kyuubi said.

"Why should I trust you?" Naruto asked.

"It's either trust me or fight against her and I can tell you that you have no way of beating her. Even though you're quite strong she's in a different league all together" kyuubi said.

Naruto decided to take a risk.

"Fine, but this better not be a trick" he said.

"I swear on my nine tails that I am being truthful" kyuubi said holding up its paw like it was taking a solemn oath.

"So, how should do we go about this?" Naruto asked.

Real World

A dark red aura surrounded Naruto and Hiruzen got frightened since he felt the malicious intent of the kyuubi. Even Orochimaru feeling the malicious chakra was getting a bit edgy.

"Naruto?" he asked.

"It's alright old man, still in control. Just going to take care of something" Naruto said.

He then dashed off quickly to only be seen as a red blur. He snatched Kushina from her coffin and then the red chakra began to pour into Kushina's body. Kushina started to move and then she woke up. Her eyes opened.

"Huh, what, what's going on?" she asked tiredly.

"Hi, mom" Naruto said with tears in his eyes.

"Naruto?" Kushina asked weakly.

"Mom, you're still pretty weak from being brought back from the dead" Naruto said.

He knew he needed to get his mom to a safe place. So he sped off with one of his tails holding her. He ripped through the barrier, which shocked everyone. The barrier barely had time to reconstruct itself when Naruto returned though he just made another hole instead of using the same one. This put a lot of strain on the barrier with it being ripped open twice in a matter of seconds it seemed.

"Alright, now that that's settled we can begin" Naruto said.

"Naruto, what did you just do?" Hiruzen asked stunned.

"I just got my mother back" Naruto said with a smile.

Orochimaru was quite shocked by all this. He had never seen anything like it. But he'd think about it later. He pulled out two kunai ready to insert them into the two dead kage. But before the two dead former leaders could even move two red tails flared out and wrapped around the two former leaders and the corrosive nature of kyuubi's chakra destroyed them.

Orochimaru was shocked seeing this and glared at Naruto.

"Now that's quite unfair" Naruto said as the two red tails disappeared.

"Naruto?" Hiruzen asked a bit scared.

"Don't worry old man. I'm still in control. Now lets take care of this snake bastard" Naruto said as he got into a fighting stance.

/Scene Break/

Gaara was still manning the wall with Haku. Tenten had left to help elsewhere.

"Gaara dear, we're going on a real date after this" Haku said as she flipped her sweaty black hair back.

"Of course dear" Gaara said as he created a wave of sand to swallow up some Iwa nin.

"I want to go to a nice place" Haku said as she hurled a couple of senbon knocking out more Iwa nin trying to break the wall down.

"Yes dear" Gaara said.

Several boulders flew by and were on their way to hit Haku. But Gaara grabbed Haku with a tendril of sand and pulled her out of the line of fire before she was crushed.

"Gaara" Haku said.

Gaara smiled as his sand swallowed up the Iwa nin that tried to crush his Haku.

/Scene Break/

"Heh, look boys, a little kunoichi. Lets have some fun with her before we kill her" a Sound nin said with a smirk.

His companions shared his smirk.

"Oh dear me, what am I to do?" Tenten asked in the fakest damsel in distress tone.

The sound nins moved in grinning like jackals til they all got tied up like turkeys ready to roast. Tenten had placed seals that contained traps and let herself be bait for the idiot sound nin that thought they could take her.

"Now, I think you were talking about a little fun, well, I want my fun too" Tenten said with a vicious grin.

The Sound nins all shrank with fear as Tenten descended upon them with a big ominous shadow. The sounds of their scream could be heard all over the village.

/Scene Break/

Jiraiya had summoned a huge toad to take on the invading snake. He himself was fighting several sound nin.

"I think all of Sound is empty, this has got to be all of their forces" the sannin said.

"He's nuts to think we can destroy the village with an overwhelming force" Temari said.

"My old teammate was always a bit screwy in the head. All powerful shinobi are" Jiraiya said.

"Even Kankuro?" Temari asked.

Jiraiya hesitated on this.

"HEY!" Kankuro shouted as he was insulted.

/Scene Break/

"Sir, the evacuations are complete, every civilian is in the bunkers" a chunin said.

"Good, now we can start letting loose" Ibiki said with a grin marring his scarred up face.

/Scene Break/

Naruto and Hiruzen were having a very hard time fighting Orochimaru, but the snake sannin had underestimated Naruto very much and now was paying for it. He was getting tired and knew he couldn't go on much longer. But he had one sole task and he was going to do it. He opened his mouth and Kusanagi came out and shot out right at Hiruzen. Naruto leapt in front of it taking it in the stomach.

"NARUTO!" Hiruzen shouted.

"Hey, saved ya old man" Naruto gasped then coughed up some blood.

Orochimaru wasn't pleased he hadn't killed his sensei, but he had eliminated Naruto so that was something. He just knew Naruto would be a pain in his rear if left alive. He tried to remove Kusanagi from Naruto, but the boy had a firm grasp on the blade. He had to let it go of the sword and it angered him so since he liked that sword a lot.

"We're leaving" he announced to the four Sound nin holding the barrier.

The four sound nin were happy to hear this since they weren't sure how much longer they could've held the barrier since Naruto's exit and entry he had done took a lot of chakra out of them.

/Scene Break/

All over Konoha was fighting back and winning. They killed all the sound nin that had invaded their village and took out the Iwa nin too. Now it was time to recover and rebuild.

Tenten and Temari immediately rushed off to see how Naruto was doing since they felt a shiver down their spine. They knew something happened and it was something bad. They found Naruto in Hiruzen's arms. Kusanagi had been pulled from Naruto and Hiruzen had done a bit of healing to stop the bleeding.

NARUTO!" the two girls shouted.

/Scene Break/

Naruto laid on a hospital bed with tubes and wires all attached to various parts of his body. He looked so still that it appeared that he was asleep or dead. It scared both Tenten and Temari to see Naruto so motionless and pale. They held onto Naruto's hands in hopes of reaching him somehow. Gaara was leaning against the wall keeping a watch on the room. Kankuro was doing the same.

In the same room was Kushina, who was recovering from her being brought back to life. Team Firestorm was shocked seeing Kushina alive and knew Naruto had something to do with it, but they knew they wouldn't be able to get any answer til Naruto was healed. They would just have to wait.

Haku entered looking tired.

"What is it Haku?" Gaara asked.

"The poison is beyond my expertise. The only one that can figure it out is Lady Tsunade" Haku said.

"Then we drag her back to heal Naruto" Tenten said standing up.

Temari nodded furiously as she stood up too.

"We need to find the pervy sage" Temari said.

"Hey, I'm right here" Jiraiya said poking his head in.

He was just outside the wall by the window of Naruto's room.

"Then what are we waiting for, lets go" Tenten said.

Gaara nodded and was going to get ready too.

"Gaara, I want you and Kankuro to stay here and watch over Naruto til Tenten and I get back with Tsunade" Temari said.

"Are you sure?" Gaara asked.

"We're sure Gaara, we need to do this" Tenten said.

Gaara just nodded.

"Let's go" Temari said.

She and Tenten left with Jiraiya grumbling about being bossed around, but followed them out knowing that he had no real choice at all. It was either follow them or receive a beating and then follow them.

/Scene Break/

Jiraiya, Tenten and Temari were on the road. After Jiraiya cleared the mission with Hiruzen they left.

"So where do we look first?" Temari asked.

"Wherever gambling is and alcohol flows" Jiraiya said.

"You can't be serious" Tenten said.

"Heh, Tsunade does have that great nickname" Jiraiya said.

"What is it?" Temari asked.

"Legendary Sucker" Jiraiya said with a smirk.

Tenten groaned. She idolized Tsunade and so she knew all about Tsunade's obsessive gambling and how bad she is at it. She had forgotten about it til now since she had been so busy and everything, but now it was all flooding back to her.

"That can't be it" Temari said.

"It is. Tsunade Senju is a terrible gambler. She has the worst luck" Tenten said.

/Scene Break/

"Well, here we are. Feeling nostalgic?" a tall man asked.

"No, why?" a shorter man asked.

"Don't know, you are back home" the tall man said.

"I don't care, lets get this over with" the shorter one said.

/Scene Break/

"We'll be staying here for now. I need to check on one of my sources" Jiraiya said.

"You mean go spy on naked women" Tenten growled.

Jiraiya shrugged and off he went.

"I wish we didn't need the pervert to find Tsunade" Temari said.

"Me too, but this is for Naruto" Tenten said.

"I know" Temari said.

They then headed to their room.

/Scene Break/

Meanwhile back in Konoha Gaara and Kankuro were stopping to get something to eat.

"Hey you two."

Kankuro looked up to see Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yuhi.

"Hello" Gaara greeted.

"So how is Naruto holding up?" Asuma asked.

Asuma knew team Firestorm well enough since his father, Hiruzen Sarutobi, has spoken about them a lot and of Naruto.

"He's holding up, but we really need Tsunade Senju here" Gaara said.

Asuma nodded as he lit up a cigarette.

"We best get back, we shouldn't tarry from our post long" Gaara said.

"You just want to get back to Haku" Kankuro said with a grin.

"Yes I do" Gaara said honestly.

So the two left.

They got to Naruto's room and found mayhem.

"What the?" Kankuro asked.

Inside Kushina had awoken and was fighting two men in black robes with red clouds on them.

"You're not taking my baby you bastards" Kushina growled.

"Damn, what are we going to do?" the taller figure asked.

"We must retreat. We're not strong enough to fight her" the shorter figure said.

"But she just got up, how much trouble can she cause us?" the taller figure said.

"Then by all means, go and try it" the shorter figure said.

What the tall figure got was a shellacking he'd never forget. He was beaten with Kushina's bare fists since she had no weapons. The taller figure limped back to his partner.

"Told you, now we must leave. Our presence has probably already been noticed" the shorter figure said.

"It has, Sota Uri" Gaara said.

The shorter figure turned to see Gaara and Kankuro standing at the door.

"Gaara, it has been a long time. I'm glad you're well" Sota Uri said.

"And you look well too, Sota" Gaara said.

Now team Firestorm knew Sota since was one who used to watch over them when they went out on missions early in their team history.

"Who's his the shark face?" Kankuro asked.

"Heh, name is Kisame Hoshigaki brat" the tall figure, Kisame, said.

Kushina looked at the four in front of her not knowing what was going on, but that didn't matter. She was going to protect her son. She glanced at Naruto laying in bed and felt her heart strings get pulled. Just what happened to him to end up in this condition?

Back with Itachi, Kisame, Gaara and Kankuro. The four were just staring at each other.

"We must leave Kisame, Anbu will be here soon" Sota said.

"Che, fine" Kisame said.

They rushed and broke through the window.

Kankuro ran to give chase, but stopped when he noticed Gaara wasn't following.

"Hey Gaara, what's up?" he asked.

"We're in no shape to go after them. Sota is still stronger than us, and Kisame is an unknown. We could be running into a trap" Gaara said.

Kankuro paused for a moment and thought about it then nodded. His younger brother was right.

"Who are you two?" Kushina asked.

"Oh boy, this is going to be a long story" Kankuro said.

End of Chapter

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