Our Baby

By: dirty souths sweetness

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Our Baby

"7:30 am....already?" mumbled a blue haired teen from underneath her covers. From downstairs she could hear her mother happily humming and cooking breakfast. It was Monday morning, Bulma's first day of her senior year. She sat up in bed and tossed the covers off of her and then threw her self out of bed.

....Great another boo boo ass year at Millstone High.... she thought to herself.

"Bulma-chan...you up?" her mother yelled up the stairs.

"Yes, mother," she yelled back.

She walked lazily to her bathroom to take a quick shower. Maybe that would help her to get her going this morning. Ten minutes later she stepped out the shower wrapped in a towel and drying her hair with another one. She then pulled out the curling iron and turned it on.

"Now to get dressed," she said to herself. She felt a lot better after talking a shower. Bulma stood in the doorway of her huge walk in closet and peered in side. She sat there looking inside for a while then, fifteen minutes later she chose the outfit for the day. It was a short red and black plaid school girl skirt with a small split up the right leg. The skirt, she thought, fit her just right, showing off her long smooth legs and hugging her cute little butt. The shirt she chose was a black short sleeve shirt that hugged her upper body, written across the breast part in cursive red glitter was "BAD GURL". To finish off the outfit she put on some black boots that zipped up the front just below her knees. She glanced and spun around in her full body mirror about a hundred times until she felt satisfied with the outfit she chose. Finally she went to the bathroom to work on her hair. She chose to put her hair in to a curly ponytail at the top of her head with a loose curly falling to the front. She checked herself onetime in the full body mirror and sprinted downstairs.

" Good Morning B-chan," her dad said from behind a newspaper.

" Good Morning daddy. Oh mom...I'm sorry but I don't have time for breakfast...I gotta go...bai" and she ran out the door. She jumped in to her shiny red convertible corvette and sped off towards the school.

" Bulma!!!!" yelled a blonde form across the parking lot. Behind her was her boyfriend Krillin, and their other two love bird friends ChiChi and Goku. Behind them was another teenage boy.

" Hey guys! I haven't seen ya'll all summer, how was camp?"

" Horrible," replied Goku and Krillin at the same time.

" It wasn't that bad you two," said ChiChi smiling

" Anyways Bulma you look great," complimented 18

" Thanks...hey...whose that guy back there behind ya'll?" They all turned to where their best friend was looking. Then they turned to face her again.

" Oh that's my cousin Vegeta. He moved in with me at the start of the summer."

Bulma nodded and walked over to him. He just glared down at her.

(a/n: in this story Vegeta is taller than Bulma but shorter than Goku. U get it? -k-)

" Hi. I'm Bulma," she said smiling at him.

" Like I care who you are," he said rudely and walked towards the school. Bulma stared after him angrily.

" What the hell was that all about?" she said pissed.

" Ah...don't worry about him he kinda has an attitude problem that can't be re-adjusted" ChiChi stated.

" Whatever," Bulma said and she started off towards the school pissed.

Every one just stared after her. Then they started their journey towards the school.

" Did you guys notice that Bulma and Vegeta are just alike?" Goku said thinking out loud

The other three teens nodded and smiled to their selves.

.…'Homeroom with Mr. Asshole again'...she thought angrily, already her day was starting off bad. Down the hall way she spotted her ex boyfriend Yamcha drooling over some red head. ' Don't slow down. Keep walkin'…there's nothing to see. You've been there…remember he cheated on you.' Yamcha stopped flirting with the girl and watched in awe as his former girlfriend walked right past him like he never existed.

"Hello….Yamcha you're supposed to be trying to get MY number?!" she stated angrily and walked off flinging her hair behind her. Yamcha shrugged her off and ran after Bulma.

" Hey Bulma, wait up," he called after her. ' Don't stop…don't stop' but her legs weren't working with her brain and she stopped and let him catch up. ' Kuso'

" What Yamcha," she said coolly even though her heart felt like it was running a race.

"You look nice today," he said looking her up and down smiling.

She turned her nose up in disgust. " Ewwww….that's an insult coming form you, baka." With that she walked of in the wrong direction to where her class was.

' Where tha hell….grrrr…it would be Yamcha to be tha one to fuck up my day' She turned around and headed to her home room.

Bulma finally arrived in her home room just to see the two people she wished would fall off tha face of the earth. Vegeta and Yamcha. ' Damn this is goin' to be the worst year of my life…okay I'm goin to try and talk to Goku's cousin one more time'

" You must be Miss Bulma Briefs. You of all people should know that. Now go take a seat back there by Mr. Ouji."

" Whatever," she mumbled other words under her breath and took a seat next to the sayian prince.

" What do you want?" he grumbled.

" Well if you were listenin' then you would have heard him tell me to sit back here. And plus, I wanna know why you're being such an asshole and I haven't done anything to you." she asked looking at him intensely with her big blue eyes.

" Just leave me alone. I'm already pissed that I have to live on this bullshit planet. And I don't need some human female feeling sorry for me." he spat gazing at her with anger in his dark eyes.

" Well excuse tha hell outta me…I'm just tryin' to get to know you…if you didn't know, I am one of your cousin's best friends."

" I don't give a damn…I will make my own friends and will not be hangin out with the likes of weaklings like you." Bulma gazed at him wide eyed at first and then turned to face the front pissed and hurt at the same time.

' What the hell….that was rude…I don't even like him, then again why am I so hurt?' she thought. Bulma laid her blue head on the desk till the bell rang.

Finally, homeroom was over was and she glanced at her schedule as she walked to her locker. ' First period…Pre-cal? Ah…hell…this class should be boring.' She slammed her locker and walked off to class.

First period- Pre-Cal

Bulma went to go sit in the last row and the last desk by the window. She was the first person in the class besides some goofy looking nerd sitting in the front row. The young girl looked out the window and sighed. She counted all the happy couples that walked past.

' Every ones so happy….no fair…' she thought.

"Bulma? Hi!" someone said walking towards her. Bulma turned her head in the direction of the voice and smiled.

"Goku! Hey! I didn't know you were in this class?"

" Yeah…I'm more of a book smart type of person. No common sense at all."

They laughed at this for a minute. " So where's ChiChi?' she asked.

" Oh she has first period gym with 18"

" Uh huh. Hey I have class with your cousin."

" Really…Vegeta's really a cool guy…you just have to get to know him," he said sounding apologetic. Bulma just smiled as the tardy bell rang to start class.

" Hello class, I'm Mrs. Dough. Your Pre-Calculus teacher for the year." said a pudgy little women.

" More like Mrs. Dough Boy!!" replied some spiky haired kid. The class giggled.

" How lame. Nice to see you for the third time Scott." she smiled brightly at him. Everyone in the class covered the mouths then burst out laughing. Scott turned beet red and sunk down in his seat. The teacher held in her own giggles.

" Okay, okay, class settle down please." She then began to scribble on the board. Bulma turned around in her seat to face Goku.

" So why did he come and move in wit you anyways?" she asked curiously her blue eyes twinkling.

' She must like him' Goku thought happily." Oh…umm…our planet just recently exploded. They sent Prince Vegeta here before he could be killed by the explosion."

" He's a prince? Wow….so are his parents umm….you know…"

"Miss Briefs, Mr. Son. Is there something that you would like to share with the class?" the teacher stated cutting Bulma and Goku's conversation short.

" No ma'am," they said together. For the rest of the class Bulma thought about Vegeta and Goku was knocked out. ' Why can't I get him outta my head? He's rude for one, mean as hell, handsome, sexy, arrogant….sigh….what's wrong with me? Am I that desperate?' she thought confused. ' I haven't even known him that long or barely at all.'

" Miss Briefs." the teacher said a little to loud for her liking.

" Huh…." she replied.

" Umm…the bell rang already sweetie." Mrs. Dough said smiling.

" Oh umm…thanks," she turned beet red and took off out the door. She could hear her teacher giggling at her. ' She must think I'm some kinda idiot or sumthin' she thought still embarrassed.

' I hate this crummy ass planet' Vegeta thought angrily walking down the hall. ' Hey there's that girl uhhh…Bulma. She looks flushed about sumthin'. She's so cute like that. Beautiful more like it. Ugh…what am I thinkin'? She's a weak human female.' He stared at her as she passed by him, but she was to deep in thought to notice him.

" Hey, Vegeta!"

" What Kakarott?" he asked his cousin, trying to sound annoyed.

" Bulma was askin' about you in class this morning" he said with his trademark smile on his face.

' So she does have a thing for me' he thought smirking and walked off to woodshop leaving his goofy cousin there.

Second Period- Japanese IV

" Oh my baby Goku's in here too" ChiChi said happily.

" What's up ojochan, Krillin, and 18!" he said cheerfully.

" Hey Goku." Krillin replied smiling.

" I have good news guys!"

ChiChi looked at Goku like he was sick. " You have news? Are you sure it's important babe?" Goku rolled his eyes. That shut ChiChi's mouth.

" Like I was trying to say. I think Bulma and Vegeta like each other." he stated proudly like he achieved something.

ChiChi and Krillin smiled at him and 18 burst out laughing. Goku looked at them with a pout. " What's so funny?" he demanded getting kinda angry.

" It's just that we knew that they would be perfect for each other." 18 said as soon as she calmed down a little.

" Yeah and they act just alike…little do they know. This is good news Goku baby!" she kissed him on the cheek and gave him a hug.

" So can we hook them up?"

" Of course we Goku. They need each other." 18 said thrilled about finding Bulma a new boyfriend. " Yeah love at first sight even though they don't want to admit it" Krillin added. They four off them sat there thinking of how to get this new couple together.

Meanwhile in Physics AP

" Welcome to Physics AP. I am Mr. Twitter," said a tall and skinny man with oversized glasses. " This class will be easy if you make it easy."

In the back of Yamcha was annoying the hell outta Bulma trying to get her attention.

" What asshole…damn." she said thru clenched teeth, fighting the urge to slap the hell outta him.

" Rudeness? Those are some ugly words coming outta that beautiful mouth of yours."

"UGH….SHUT THA FUCK UP YAMCHA!!" Bulma yelled. The class turned around and stared at their two classmates.

" Bulma…is there a problem?" Mr. Twitter asked her calmly.

She looked at him then at Yamcha and shook her head. " Good. Now watch your language and no more outburst." he said go back to his endless lecturing.

' Stupid ass Yamcha. Geez….why won't he just leave me alone? I wonder what Vegeta's up too.' Mentioning his name just made her smile.

Woodshop (same period)

" Hey, sexy, what's your name?" some punk looking girl form behind him said. Vegeta turned around to look at her. She had pink spikes all over head but she was really cute in the face. Vegeta noticed she had violet eyes. Vegeta gave her a approving smirk. He liked these types of Earth females. They were wild and reminded him of the sayian females.

" The name's Vegeta," he said still admiring her eyes.

" What's up…I'm Ro'Tasha…people just call me R.T." she said smiling big at him and pulling up a chair next to him.

" You don't mind if I sit here do you?"

" No…suit your self." he said shrugging

" I'm guessing that your new here?" Vegeta just nodded. " That's cool. I've been going here since I was a freshman. So you found any girl's that catch your eye yet?" Vegeta looked her like she had a booger in her nose. "Oh… I guess that's a no." She laughed. " I'm surprised you aren't drooling over that bitch Bulma Briefs. Man I hate her."

' Bulma a bitch? Figures. No matter. That makes her even more attractive' he thought.

" She can't be that bad…she hangs out with my cousin."

" Who's your cousin?" Vegeta unraveled his tail form around his waist.

"Oh Goku. I guess. I don't any of them. Especially Bulma. She thinks she's so fine just because she is rich and dresses nice. Okay so she has pretty natural aqua blue hair, that can't anybody find the dye if they wanted their hair that color. Trust me I've looked."

' This girl is trippin'" Vegeta thought listing to the jealous female go on about Bulma who he planned to make his girlfriend by the end of the day.

" And then she has blue eyes that can change to every shade of blue you can think of depending on what's she's wearing or how she feels. I HATE HER SO MUCH!!!!" she yelled huffing and puffing from anger. Vegeta just cocked an eyebrow at her and laughed.

" Seems like you are jealous of her." he said after he stopped laughing.

" You don't understand…she's just so beautiful…she's tried being my friend but I look like who-done-it-and-why-isn't-dead next to her."

" You're not that ugly" he stated gruffly." And your not her friend because she's gorgeous?" he asked like it was nothing important.

" Well…yeah." she said.

Vegeta just shrugged and listen to the teacher talk about safety procedures. ' I wonder if she even likes me? Of course I'm the sayian prince…won't she?' Vegeta frowned.

Finally third period was over and Bulma was so glad to get out of that class. ' I think I need my schedule changed. Mechanics next…sounds fun' she thought and sped walk to her next class.


" Oh…hey Chi and 18" Bulma called to them waiting for them to catch up.

" Say can we ask you something? 18 asked as ChiChi caught her breath.

" Go ahead "

" You like Goku's cousin right?" Bulma just smiled and walked off to class. " I thought so" 18 thought out loud.

" Why does she just leave like that?" ChiChi wondered aloud.

Mechanics third period

' Wow a class full of boys! And form the looks of it I seem to be the only girl' Bulma thought smiling to her self. She sat at a table doodling on a piece of paper lost in her own world.

" Isn't this class a little to messy for you to be in?" came deep, gruff, but sexy voice.

' Oh…my…god!! It's him!!' She turned her head up to look at the muscular teen in front of her. " Uhhh…n-no. I-I like to get messy…and stuff like that." she stuttered. ' Way to go me. Now he must think I'm some kinda ditz that can't even talk straight let alone try to repair anything.' she thought doodling nervously on her paper.

Vegeta smirked to himself. He made her nervous. ' That's a good thing.' he thought. " Do you mind if I sit here?" he asked. ' What?!?! Politeness? ' she thought.

" I guess not. You can sit here." she said smiling. Vegeta sat down and smirked at her.

Just then R.T. burst through the door. " Sorry I'm late….hey where's our teacher?" she asked looking around.

" He's not here. R.T. nice to see you too." said a tall skinny boy with a green Mohawk .

" B.J., my man!! I haven't seen you all summer!" she ran to him and gave him a hug. Vegeta didn't even notice her come in because he was to busy talking to Bulma.

" Vegeta. I didn't know you were in here." she looked at who he was sitting next to and turned a dark red make her eyes look like they were glowing. " Is this your girlfriend, Vegeta?"

She asked pissed walking over to them.

He looked at Bulma and smiled. " Maybe." R.T. look like she was going to faint. " You couldn't tell I liked you?" she asked getting madder. Vegeta nodded his head. " That didn't mean I liked you." he replied smirking. Her eyes nearly bulged out of her head.


" I didn't even think he liked me back R.T. He treated me like shit today too." Bulma said calmly. She was trying not to get mad because this was her happy moment, finding out that Vegeta did like her.

" I'm going to get him Bulma, if it takes all year" she said thru clenched teeth. Bulma just smirked at her and R.T growled and stomped off.

" You know how to piss people off don't you?" he asked smirking.

" Just learning quickly from you." she said crossing her arms. ' Yep we're going to get along just fine.' he thought happily. " Well I guess I have came to the decision that I want you to be my mate". Bulma just looked at him blankly.

" Mate? I think not. How about I try being your girlfriend first. ChiChi and Goku are mates. Krillin and 18 are mates. We don't even know each other." she said.

' Little does she know sayians know when they meet their mate.' he thought rolling his eyes at her. " Fine if you'd like to wait and see. You may prove me wrong." he said looking at the clock.

An hour of the class had passed and they still didn't have a teacher.

" Are you going off campus for lunch" Bulma asked about ten minutes later. Everyone had just been sitting around waiting for time to past.

" Mostly likely why? You wanna come?" he asked gently touching her cheek. Bulma shivered from his touch. R.T just happened to see this and boy was she pissed.

" I wish I could but I haven't seen 18 and ChiChi all day today" she said looking up at him with flushed rosy cheeks. He shrugged.

" Okay suit your self. But since were a couple now you have to start designating time for me too." he said softly.

" Vegeta? You don't think we're moving to fast? I mean we just met today."

" If you don't want to go with me then……"

" NO! That's not it? I just never went with someone I don't even know." she said shyly.

" Fine. You want to get to know each other. I'll come pick you up and then we can go…I don't know…"

" Talk." Bulma said finishing his sentence.

" Sure whatever," he said gruffly, sounding like Vegeta again. The bell rang for lunch and everyone went their separate ways.

Bulma walked quickly to the lunch room. ' I can't wait to tell them all this news' she thought happily with a kool-aid grin plastered on her face the time.

"ChiChi! 18! Guess what?" Bulma practically yelled at them.

" What Bulma?" 18 replied covering her ears.

" Vegeta and I are the new couple in school" she said grinning like an idiot. ChiChi and 18 just stared at her. Then huge grins spread across their faces.

" That's great Bulma!" ChiChi said giving Bulma a hug. 18 gave her one too.

" What's so great?" Krillin asked.

" Yeah we wanna know too" Goku whined. ChiChi gave Goku a light kiss on the lips and he gladly returned it.

" Well…the great news is…I go with your cousin Goku" Bulma exclaimed. Goku looked hurt. The gang looked him like he was on something.

" What's wrong ojochan?" his girlfriend asked.

" It's just that I wanted to play cupid," Goku said pouting. ChiChi,18, Krillin and Bulma burst out laughing.

It was a whole other story with Vegeta in the parking lot.

" VEGETA!!" R.T screamed at him form across the parking lot. ' Damn. What the hell does she want now' he thought angrily.

" WHAT. DAMN" he yelled back. She ran over to him looking very pissed. He glared down at the girl. His black eyes burning into her violet one.

" Vegeta just give me a chance to see if you like me in the least bit." she asked him.

" I do like you. You are going to be a coo' person hang with. I like Bulma and that's all I have to say on that," he stated. R.T. just stared at him and let him go on about this business. ' I going to prove to you that I'm better than Bulma. You just wait…..'

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