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Third Person POV

A small child lies crying in his crib, being woken by the sounds of chaos downstairs.

A man with sea green eyes picks up the child quickly, not wanting the monsters from downstairs to know he was taking who they have come to retrieve.

Poseidon's POV

I enter the thrown room cradling my now sleeping son close to my chest. He was only six months old and already his life is in danger. My body fills with anger at thought of anybody laying a hand on my son.

"This is him?" My brother Zeus asks as all of my fellow Olympians eyes fall upon him.

"What is his name?" Aphrodite asks as I set in my thrown.

"Percy." Is all I say, as his eyes flutter open looking at me with curiosity.

"We have to decide what to do with him now. He is far too powerful to be left with the humans. If Athena is right then this child is far more god than he is human, we can not leave a demigod of that power in the hands of humans. Just imagine what it would be like if our enemies get a whole of him. He might be the down fall of Olympus!" Zeus yells glaring at my son. Percy's eyes fill with tears just as I sense the seas getting upset as well.

"I think we should just get rid of him. He wasn't even supposed to be born anyway." Ares says looking bored with this whole discussion.

"No! He will not be harmed! I am not the only one to have broken the oath. Zeus has as well and just because my son is a little more powerful than most demigods that does not mean he should be killed. It is not his fault! I will raise him. He will remain under our care, that way we can protect him from our enemies and train him." I argue glaring at Zeus and Ares, as I try to resist the urge from launching myself at them in fury.

"Seaweed breath is right. This could work to our advantage. He has to be quit powerful if both Gaia and Kronos want him. Plus we will be able to figure out how much god he really is." Athena says looking with interest at my son as he stops crying and his gaze falls on Athena.

"Plus it might do us some good to have some youth in this place and he is just so darn cute!" Aphrodite squeals happily gazing lovingly.

"Fine but he will not just stay in Atlantis I want to keep an eye on him as well and if we want to train and protect him then he will have to be under all of our care. But he may spend a week in Atlantis and two here on Olympus. All that agree to this raise your hand." Zeus tries to look unhappy but I can tell my sons giggling is getting to him.

All hands raise and it is official Percy will be raised here.