A/N: Welcome to my new story everyone. I've been watching Young Justice on Saturday morning tv and that, combined with my current obsession (seriously, when is it going to stop?) of Harry Potter crossovers, resulted in this story. I should have been working on Respites, but I couldn't be bothered (what? Blasphemy!) so I typed this out instead.

Each chapter after this prologue is going to deal with the events of one episode of YJ (because I finally watched Independence Day yesterday and it made me sad) so if you don't like spoilers (I'll be writing these as I watch, essentially, so if I somehow change the future unknowingly, the story will become slightly less canon as it goes) then it's, unfortunately, probably better if you turn away now.


Harry Potter had been born to save people. It might as well have been written into his genetic make-up with the way it always – intentionally or otherwise – fell upon him to step up and save the day. Only very occasionally was it even because there was someone he truly wanted to save. People expected him to be the hero. He was the Boy-Who-Lived, and then he was the Man-Who-Vanquished-Voldemort.

If he wouldn't save them, then who could honestly be expected to take his place?

It was absolutely ridiculous, and Harry hated the position they forced onto him. Yes, he defeated Voldemort and demolished his revoulting regime, but that hardly meant he wanted to be thrust into the Auror Academy and dubbed the 'People's Hero'.

Despite popular opinion, he didn't kill Voldemort because other people wanted him to; he did it for revenge for all of the shit the dark wizard had put him through during his reasonably short life. That wasn't to say he didn't enjoy saving people. He simply preferred doing it on his own terms, rather than because the Wizards couldn't be bothered having anyone else do it.

Harry enjoyed saving people who were truly in need. This tended to involve muggles. Wizards were almost always perfectly capable of saving themselves. He didn't even want to be an Auror. Harry skipped work most days and no-one ever called him up on it – they all just assumed he was out saving people or heading off crimes off-the-clock.

The lazy inhabitants of Wizarding Britain were fraying Harry's well-meaning patience.

That was why, when Harry turned 19, he high-tailed it out of Britain and went in search of somewhere where he could truly be of use to those in need.

Stepping out into the muggle world properly for the first time in a while had been truly eye-opening. In 1999 it may not have been much, but there were tales of superheroes who, while in what Harry found as somewhat ridiculous costumes, spent their time saving people.

It was the only thing Harry was truly any good at, and the one thing he thought would make his life worthwhile, and they proved that he could do it too.

As the years passed by Harry travelled, catching up on the world and learning, saving people as he went. And the stories. Oh, the stories!

Harry learned about the Justice League, a legion of superheroes centred in America.

It was through the Justice League that Harry realised he could easily use his magic to help save lives without breaking the Statute of Secrecy. The Justice League had an alien in their ranks! An honest-to-god green skinned Martian. Harry would simply be another unique human playing hero; no-one would look at him and think "Oh my god, there's a whole race of magical beings out here somewhere" because the public was becoming so used to seeing strange and unusual things.

They even had their own sorcerer, although Zatara's magic was unlike any Harry himself was familiar with.

These people saved the world every day, protecting Earth from villains and creatures Harry had never known existed. They were large, and they were growing, and yet Harry felt they could use all the help they could get. The world was a pretty big place, after all, and it was only going to keep growing.

And so Harry endeavoured to one day join the Justice League.

Choosing Gotham as the place to start was both a blessing and a curse. Gotham City was overrun by crime of all magnitudes, and Harry was quick to offer up his assistance. The resident crime-fighting vigilante wasn't so welcoming.

Harry's first up-close encounter with Batman had been intimidating to say the least. The masked man had searched Harry out in the middle of the night and cornered him in an alleyway.

Batman was suspicious by nature; he had to be, living in Gotham. In the beginning Batman feared Harry was another super-villain or some raging lunatic come to destroy his city. Despite Harry's constant reassurances it took months before Batman let go of his suspicion.

Harry did discover, though, that Batman thought it odd that he fought crime in his civvies. He had no secret identity, no hero alter-ego to hide his personal life behind. To be frank, Harry didn't want one. He didn't want to hide.

He had no family – the Dursleys never had and never would count – and there was no-one of any importance to him that could be tracked down by his enemies. Harry had nothing to hide, and he definitely didn't want to wear any sort of Lycra or tights, as appeared to be the norm for many members of the Justice League.

Harry was perfectly fine with just being Harry, on and off the crime-fighting scene. And that was all anyone knew him as. Harry. He didn't use his last name any more, because it was a link to Wizarding Britain that he really didn't want. Harry Potter was the saviour of the wizarding world, Head Auror, much-loved celebrity, sole problem solver of the Ministry of Magic. Harry was a young man looking to do some good in the world the only way he knew how; by fighting crime.

To some there wouldn't be much of a distinction, but to Harry, it was an important one.

Eventually Batman realised Harry was a pretty persistent bugger, and Harry was inducted into the Justice League.

While Harry loved being a part of the Justice League, most of the members were a bit on the up-tight side of things, and Harry didn't really get along with many of them. They were fine to work with, no problems with teamwork, but they just weren't easy to relate to.

Outside of crime-fighting Harry was ignored by most members of the Justice League, and vice versa. Zatara liked questioning Harry about his magic and they had long discussions about the differences between the two, although Harry always remembered to be extremely vague when it came to more personal talks such as how he learned to control it. The Statute was still the Statute, even if he was all over the muggle news using his powers.

Captain Marvel, on the other hand, was almost too hyperactive and childish for Harry to handle. He was just so... interested in everything. It was hard to keep up.

In the end Harry avoided most of the Justice League like the plague, and took it upon himself to get to know some of the apprentice superheroes instead. Kids, fighting for what they believed in. It reminded him somewhat of his own childhood, expect they were doing this because they wanted to, not because that's what society expected.

Harry was 29 when everything essentially went pear-shaped. He probably should have seen it coming, knowing first-hand what some of the opinions of the young teens were, but he would berate himself over it for weeks for not foreseeing it.

But when the shit hit the fan, Harry swore to be the one person who was always on their side. The kids needed someone in the League to stick up for them, and Harry knew better than anyone what it felt like to be ignored.

They were like his new, dysfunctional family, and he would do whatever it took to make sure nothing disastrous happened to ruin it.

A/n: So there you have it, the prologue. Chapters will be sporadic, definitely not keeping with my organised Respites timetable. And I'll have to watch the first four or five episodes again. Oh well. I hope someone out there will enjoy this fic. At least it will give me emotional stability while I watch YJ.

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