The Plan chapter 1

Hello my fellow readers. *cackles* sorry for such a long wait but excuses aside I have simply been just putting this off. However the time has coooooommmmmmeeeeee! I am redoing this whole story! After rereading it again it seemed to lack the depth I have gained in writing with Tempest Jewel and I was sadly disappointed in myself for not writing better. So I am fixing all my mistakes and making new ones! Read on my readers and prepare for FEEEEEELS! (Not yet though. Just prepare.)

Zim cackled in a Frankenstein sort of way clapping his hands and jumping up and down in his excitement. His plan was ingenious. "With this plan Zim is for sure going to destroy the Dib beast and make way for the armada! MWAH HA HA HA HA-hack-Ha-huff-ah-cough-ugh." Zim groaned after his sudden coughing fit which prematurely ended his evil laugh.

Grabbing paper to sketch out his AMAZING plan Zim asked the computer wheezing slightly still "co-computer didn't Zim tell you to get rid of Gir's blasted fur beast in the vent shafts!" laying out the papers Zim picked up a pen but hesitated to uncap it.

Tilting his head Zim raised an invisible brow at the lack of response. "Weeeeeeell?!" Zim asked the computer emphasizing on the e's in well.

If a computer could look ashamed Zim would have seen it looking at its imaginary shoes like it's the most interesting thing in the universe. However this was a computer so Zim couldn't see it looking like a young boy getting asked if he ate the cookies while there is a chocolate ring around his mouth. "Well you see... The thing is…" the computer stated slowly.

Zim just groaned throwing his hands into the air. "Gah! Stupid machine! Stupid Gir! Stupid evil fuzzy fu-cough-beast!" Zim shouted while starting to cough again.

"My apologies sir but I couldn't say no to those cyan eyes." The computer tried to redeem himself with his very logical reasoning for letting the feline stay in the air vents he didn't want to be powered down again like the last time he didn't do as told.

Zim just groaned again at the excuse. Gritting his teeth Zim just growled out "just make sure that THING gets out of the vents." Zim couldn't afford to power down his computer due to needing it for his GLORIOUS plans so Zim would just have to do just as the pathetic flesh bags say and "deal with it" for the time being.

With a slight sigh of relief which was weird coming from a computer; the computer then responded with a "yes sir". a pipe hole already forming under the feline sending it to Gir's claimed space. At least a crying Gir would not be on the computers circuit conscious.

Zim started sketching out his plans. Under title Zim wrote "Dib DESTROYER" sketching out the design was easy. However to make a realistic "Dib destroyer" Zim had to condense his plan and create a design that was more likely to do its job of destroying the Dib. Which meant no caged eye pecking birds or shrunk moose's or anything of the like.

Thinking it over Zim decided that a simple single beam will work. Sketching out the knob that would power the "Dib destroyer" Zim started will an "Off" setting, to its left was sketched a "Kill" setting, and after some thought a "Reverse" setting was added to the right of "Off". Zim did not want this to end up like the sausage experiment mishap.

Humming in remembrance of the mishap of turning into sausages with the Dib beast. Snapping his claws Zim had what they call a light bulb moment "Zim will just add some of the baby fleshes D and D. that way it will have no effect on the AMAZING Zim even if the Dib beast gets his grubby sausage fingers on the Dib DESTROYER!" Zim shouted out while franticly writing and sketching his ingenious idea.

"I believe you mean human DNA. D&D is a game call dungeons and dragons which is not the genetic makeup of human kind." The computer commented at Zim's mistake. Zim just waved his hand in an uncaring manner. "DNA... D and D... close enough."

After finishing his sketches Zim turned to his computer. "Now computer let us see which disgusting dirt filth's D and A will work for Zim INGENIOUS plans." Zim rubbed his claws in anticipation as pictures of people flashed in nanoseconds to find the perfect candidate.

Soon the pictures started to slow and one picture stood out alone on the screen. Zim's lips curved into a wicked smile. "An excellent choice."