The Zamantha plan part 2

Sorry my lab top broke so I had to get it fixed. For a while I was texting it to myself. But now it's working again. Yea! So I've been doing well with keeping up on writing on it. J Now back to the show! (Just a reminder if you have forgot. I don't own invader Zim. Because if I did, it wouldn't be canceled.) reminder Keef will look like the Keef from a comic called self discovery by NotYourTherapist from deviantart. Again thanks to NotYourTherapist from deviantart for letting me use Keef's looks!

ok… why did no one tell me I was spelling Keef's name wrong. Who the crap is Keth?! :'( this whole time! But do not worry! I will correct it all! :D

Zim pov-

As Zamantha and the girls entered the home economics class room Zim saw the person he thought he would never see again. Zim stopped inside the door way of the class room and a look of pure terror was plastered across his face.

"Zim?! Is that you?!" The boy or should I say teen said as he walked over to Zamantha.

"Ha good one Keef! No this is Zamantha. Zim's way hotter cousin." One of the football players said draping his arm around her.

"Come on Zamantha you can sit with me at my table" the jock continued, leading a shock ridden invader to his table.

However the red haired, rainbow shirted, punk rocker wasn't going to let the way hot cousin of his former best friend escape his side. No sir, Keef wasn't going to aloud that.

"Jacob you already have three people in your group. And the only group left is MY group. So Zamantha you can sit with me." With that Keef gladly slipped the jock arm off of Zamantha and replaced it with his own, leading her over and to a chair he gladly pulled out for her.

By that time the teacher walk in so there wasn't time for an escape from his worst night mare THE RETURE OF KEEF! As the class continued Zim couldn't help but feel that Keef was way too close to him, well her.

Slowly glancing over to see why his body heat felt so strongly close. She saw elbows on the desk, head on his hands, staring at her with the human love dog eyes. Not only that but he was only an inch away from her face.

Keef pov

Seeing the new girl Zamantha glance to him a give a small gasp, he choose to make his move. In a deep, sexy as he could get voice I said "hey."

At that moment the bell rung and before I could get a chance to say anything the girl was gone. "dang it!"

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