The girl invader 11- The Zamantha trial and error

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Zim point of view-

By the time the bell rung I had already went through a whole notebook trying to come up with a cure for this horrible transfiguration.

I was stumped.

How is the GREAT, POWERFUL, not leaving out WONDERFUL, mighty ZIM being stumped by this cruel and unirken fate!? But never mind my fa- no I and ZIM I will NEVER admit a failure! Never mind my difficulty in solving this predicament, I will have to figure out this dilemma at a later time for now it was time for REAL SCIENCE!

Meaning science class.

This is zim's-I mean my-I mean Zamantha's favorite subject. All of the chemicals! The equations! The science! Who wouldn't love science?

I was extremely excited for science class. I even practically ran to class… Ok my little irken legs jogged to class.

It was all fine until I saw him. The dib stink.

He will ruin my whole plan! Know that I am in this human/irken filth he will be able to see through my disguise easily…..

Or will he?

I am the mighty ZIM! My disguise is impeccable! He will be easily fooled just like the other earth monkeys! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

But. Just in case I will make sure the dib stink will not get a good look at me. Then he will just assume his mind is becoming idiotic and his brain mush is failing him. Ha! Ingenious!

Now just to get to that seat on the other side of him. Then he will not be able to see my beautiful face that could never be covered by an ugly earth monkey disguise.

Please go to my poll on my profile page and vote for who you want to have a short romance in the next chapter.

Lucky the dib stink is consumed with as my irken eyes can tell doodling a variety of ways to experiment on a poorly drawn me. Oh the dib stink and his poor drawing abilities. Are irkens so advanced that we even excel at drawing compared to the earthlings.

If my irken training has taught me anything I will easily be able to snick past the dib stink without even being noticed.

I inch by the first few chairs. However if I want to get to the chair where the dib stink can't see me I will have to cross the whole room. Even going right in front of him.

I sneak even closer to the dib stink hoping to irk that he wouldn't look up.

As I start to pass the dib stinks chair he looks up from his note book. Quickly I look away.

Dib point of view-

As I waited for science class to begin I decided I would doodle some of my Ingenious plans of what to do with the irken scum Zim after I finally foil his plans and capture him. Ooo! It would be gruesome. Sometime I understand why I am constantly being sent to the guidance counselor.

Due to my constant investigating on Zim. It wasn't staking! I was able to hear the almost inaudible click of boot heals on tile.

I look up to a flow of gorgeous black hair. Ah! It must be the new girl from first hour.

"Wow! She looks absolutely beautiful." I thought my mind going blank.

Her magenta dress hugged her in all the right places. The bangles on her wrist dangled making it sound like angels were playing a tingling tune. And her hair, it flowed like a waterfall over her shoulders.

Seeing the opportuning to get to know the girl more I quickly said

"h-hey! You want to-wanna you could I don't k-know if but we c-could possibly if you w-wanted to."

I stuttered! I completely failed! Gah! I'm such an idiot!

Kids started to pile in making her blend in to the mass of students.

But I was able to hear her chuckled softly and barely audible said

"No think you I'm sitting over here."

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